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“Entering the heart of healing in the heart of the amazon, 
we find that saving the rainforest really does mean
saving ourselves.”


How far would you go to heal your illness?

We all dread the words “terminal”, “chronic” or “untreatable” when we’re waiting for doctors to give us their take on our health conditions.  Maybe it’s time for us to get a second opinion.  I’m Nick Polizzi, director of the new film “The Sacred Science” and I’m happy to report that your doctor’s words may no longer be a life sentence. A group of experts has recently discovered a powerful ancient healing technology in the Amazon Rainforest that may just put an end to our most dangerous diseases. This is absolutely no hype – in fact this is the subject of our most recent documentary film. In The Sacred Science, we take eight people with eight different illnesses (including cancer and Parkinson’s disease) deep into the Amazon to put these secret medicines to the test. If you think that’s exciting, wait until you see the healing results they achieved.

A race against time.

Nowadays there are too many diseases and not enough time for modern scientists to find the cure. How long have we been searching for a cure for cancer? Parkinson’s disease? Depression? At the rate we’re going, it could take decades for our doctors to have an effective treatment for these ailments, which is great for our grandchildren but not for our family members who are sick NOW.

Hope lies in the Amazon.

It is a known fact that over 25% of all our prescribed medical treatments come from plants in the Amazon Rainforest. The Amazon is home to over 44,000 species of plants and most doctors agree that this region is the most obvious place to look for the cure for cancer, M.S., Alzheimer’s, you name it. The main problem that scientists face is that there are too many plants and too little time to study them. Believe it or not, less than 5% of these plants have been tested for their healing potential!

An ancient culture holds the healing knowledge we’ve been looking for.

After hitting their heads against the wall for decades, scientists have begun to realize that the indigenous Amazonian tribes have spent thousands of years studying these 44,000 + plants and already know which ones hold the cure. In fact, they’re already using them to heal their own people!

Here’s the kicker:

Even though there is documented proof that these treatments are extremely effective, the research and patenting process takes so long that most of us will not live to see them used here in the modern world. That’s where my team and I drew the line. We decided to take action.

The medicines wouldn’t come to us, so we brought eight patients to them in our new documentary film, The Sacred Science.

In October 2010, we brought eight people with eight different illnesses deep into the Amazon Rainforest to work with native medicine men for 30 days. We had over 400 applications from people around the world, each desperate to find an answer to their illness. The selection process was grueling, but we eventually made our decisions and embarked on what would become the adventure of a lifetime. Best of all, we had a world class documentary film crew capture the entire journey!

The patients we brought were suffering from the following illnesses:

Nicola Dale Parkinson's Disease
John Wood Prostate Cancer
Jessica Stenis Crohn's Disease
Joel Davis Diabetes
Juan Oraca Alcohol Addiction
& Depression
Gretchen Stasey Irritable Bowel
Gary Thompson Neuro-endocrine
Melinda Elliot Breast Cancer


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