Your Rope in the Storm: Sacred Purpose

“I can’t see a [email protected]#% thing!” I said to my college girlfriend as we drove through a blizzard, making our way south down Interstate 57 from Chicago to Champaign, Illinois, where we were both in school. In the winter, a drive down 57 is a rite of passage for Midwestern drivers.  On a clear winter day, it’s merely flat and gusty, requiring a firm grip at 2 and 10 to withstand the wind’s forceful invitations across the black ice and into the ditch.  But in a blizzard, the wind’s ... [Read more...]

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The Power Of Purpose

Are healing and embodying a powerful life of creativity, self-expression and freedom important to you?  If so, you may be overlooking an essential aspect of your journey.  Soul Medicine is the discovery of your unique life’s purpose as a governing principle for creation, embodiment and transcendence. It joins Body Medicine and Spirit Medicine to complete your tool-set to create a life you love. The good news is that when you combine the realms of medicine – Spirit, Body and Soul ... [Read more...]

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Do You Know Why You’re Here?

First off, thank you Nick Polizzi for the opportunity to share my story with The Sacred Science Community. Four years ago, I was at a crossroads. Despite reaching a place of material “success” or “happiness,” I felt completely empty inside. My body was dangerously unhealthy and my mind was distracted. I had hit a roadblock and my life was falling apart. It wasn’t until later, after 6 months of intensive discovery work with a seasoned master, that I realized my life’s purpose ... [Read more...]

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