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Nick Polizzi has spent his career directing and producing feature length documentaries about natural alternatives to conventional medicine. Nick's current role as executive producer of "Remedy: Ancient Medicine for Modern Illness" and founder of The Sacred Science stems from a calling to honor, preserve, and protect the ancient knowledge and healing technologies of the ancient world.

A Delicious Remedy for Cold and Flu

I have a special treat for you today – a recipe for a popular herbal remedy that combines gut-supporting apple cider vinegar with powerful herbs to give you a full-body immunity boost… I’m talking about Fire Cider! The base of this amazingly healing remedy is apple cider vinegar, which is incredibly good for you! It’s a jack-of-all-trades that brings your body back into homeostasis by introducing healthy bacteria to your gut flora — your key to immune system, ... [Read more...]

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4 Sleep Secrets for Better Zzzs

As the winter solstice approaches here in the northern hemisphere, we’re seeing fewer hours of daylight – with the darkness arriving earlier each day. These months are nature’s way of taking a rest. Trees slow down and lose their leaves. Mammals go into hibernation. We, too, are mammals. And our ancient ancestors, who woke and slept with the rise and fall of the sun, used these months for deep rest and reflection. My family abides by these natural rhythms as well, and we’ve come to ... [Read more...]

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3 Simple Meditations To Improve Your Life

As meditation becomes more mainstream these days, people are finally beginning to experience not just the mental benefits of this ancient practice, but also the positive effects on their physical health. With so many different styles geared toward specific goals and outcomes, it’s not always easy to pinpoint where to start. To help you choose a meditation that is right for your unique body and mind, we’ve shared 3 simple methods below: Focused Meditation The first kind ... [Read more...]

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A Heart-Healthy Holiday Beverage [Mulled Wine Recipe]

Today I want to touch on a fermented drink that has been consumed worldwide for centuries. It’s actually hard to find a modern culture that doesn’t have a place for it… I’m talking about wine, and it’s a central ingredient in the herb-infused holiday beverage recipe that we’ve shared below! Now, I don’t really drink much alcohol but I do enjoy a glass or two of wine every now and then. I found myself curious if wine is as healthy as some folks claim, so I dove deep... [Read more...]

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A Delicious Healing Food From The Ancient World

Is there one aroma that takes you back to your childhood? For me the answer is simple — it’s the delicious smell of fresh garlic sizzling in olive oil. My love for cooking (and healing with food) grew from my Italian roots. My grandparents started teaching me kitchen basics when I was 10 years old! That’s how important they believed food was. And the one key ingredient to nearly everything they made was olive oil. Not only does fresh olive oil add incredible flavor, but it also has ... [Read more...]

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3 Homemade Remedies Everyone Should Know

Autumn is finally starting to take hold up here in the northern hemisphere and you can just feel the brisk days ahead! As the season continues to change, it’s an important time for us to begin focusing on the core of our health. Between busy work schedules and school starting back up for the kids, getting sick seems kind of inevitable. But it doesn’t have to be. To keep myself and my family healthy all season long, I make sure to always have a few homemade healing remedies stocked up in... [Read more...]

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A DIY Herbal Kombucha Recipe

Why is it that almost every culture around the world eats fermented foods?  Is it an inherent love of the tangy and sour? That’s part of it, but there’s an evolutionary reason that our taste buds crave these flavors… it’s because fermented foods are extremely good for our digestive health, which plays a HUGE part in our overall well-being. Your digestive health rules over your immune system, detoxification processes, cellular respiration, skin quality, and mental ... [Read more...]

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The Golden Herb of Hawaii

There are thousands of medicinal herbs on this planet, but one in particular seems to be all the rage these days… I’m talking about turmeric, also known as the “Golden Goddess” in India. Today, we’re going to bring you all the way to the small Pacific island of Kauai to give you an up close look at this powerful “heal-all” herb. A number of years ago, my friends Genna and Doug moved their family to a large and lush farmland in Kauai, Hawaii to start ... [Read more...]

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The Hidden Power Of Fasting

Why did our ancestors fast on a regular basis? If you think about it, every major religion — from Christianity to Buddhism to Hinduism (to name a few) — holds the practice of fasting to be sacred and necessary. Is it just a way of showing reverence to the almighty or is there more to it than that? When we look beyond the religious texts, it becomes clear that this customary practice is not only good for our spirit, but is also highly beneficial for our health and longevity. Fasting is an ... [Read more...]

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3 Superfoods For Better Digestion

Gut health controls the vitality of your entire body. Your digestive system affects everything from your immune response, stress levels, sleep patterns, skin clarity, energy reserves… and the list goes on. Scientists have even dubbed the GI tract the “second brain.” So, if this system is so crucial for a thriving body — why do so many people mistreat it? Perhaps the biggest culprit is a collective blindspot when it comes to food. Many have been desensitized to how their diet affects... [Read more...]

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Uncovering The Truths And Myths About 3 Superstar Herbs

My wife Michelle and I are deeply involved in the care of our two small children, but like many families out there, we sometimes need answers to things we just don’t know how to solve. Yes, it’s convenient to surf the internet to find these answers, but you can’t believe everything you read. Every day, natural medicine advice is published online by well-meaning individuals who aren’t qualified and who haven’t done the proper research. This can make it hard for us to know which options... [Read more...]

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The Hidden Benefits of Meditation

Like many other indigenous forms of wisdom or knowledge, meditation has been around for thousands of years, helping those who use it regularly, to achieve a better sense of balance and control in their lives. One of the oldest recognized practices in the history of humankind, scientific studies and research are only now beginning to verify its benefits. While it has many different forms, each with their own nuances, meditation is essentially all about creating and then maintaining an alert, but... [Read more...]

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