Wisdom From The Women Of Standing Rock

I was sitting in a coffee shop in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, the night it hit me: I had to go to Standing Rock to document all sides of the ongoing #NoDAPL fight. This has happened before, a film choosing me, rather than my choosing it. Also familiar was what happened just four days later, when I realized that the story I had set out to investigate wasn’t the one that needed to be told. The first person I contacted was Pearl Daniel-Means, whose Lakota name is Iyoyanbya Izanzan Win, or “Bright ... [Read more...]

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An Ancient Heartache Remedy From The Depths

When my husband moved out, I found myself depressed, alone, and without a sense of purpose—unless you consider sleeping until noon and then going on 12-hour eating benders a higher calling. For six months, I spent teary nights alone, recreating the pasta sauce he’d made for me on our first date. The kitchen, once the heart of our home and the soul of our national television cooking series, had fallen dark. So, too, had I. Friends and family reminded me that I was nothing if not ... [Read more...]

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