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2 Remedies for a Chaotic Mind

We certainly live in unusual times, don’t we? When the news headlines are filled with fear and uncertainty, it’s easy to be thrown off keel and get into our heads. But the elders have taught for thousands of years that personal evolution doesn’t occur without a little ruckus, just like new seeds won’t...

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A Delicious Healing Flower And 3 Ways To Eat It

Spring has sprung up here in the Northern Hemisphere and it does the heart good to hear those birds chirping again outside! Today, I want to talk about one springtime flower that grows in almost every state and contains highly medicinal qualities, but is often considered a ‘weed.’ Ever wondered why ...

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How To Stay Healthy This Month (14 Tips We Live By)

Over the past week of fearsome news headlines and mind-numbing statistics, two famous words from Douglas Adams’ famous novel Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy have been looping through my mind… “Don’t Panic.” When I first read that advice in high school, I didn’t realize how profound it was. ...

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8 Herbs That Calm Your Mind

When we filmed Remedy, I had the honor of sitting down with the godmother of American herbalism, Rosemary Gladstar, at her magical home in Vermont. I have to admit, I was nervous going into this interview because she’s, well, one of my heroes 🙂 Today, I’d love to share a quick video from our ...

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Did You Know That Cinnamon Could Do This? [RECIPE!]

Today I want to reveal a secret about a well-known herb. It’s a  yummy spice that people associate with desserts and sweets, because of it’s warming and mouth-watering taste…. I’m talking about cinnamon!  But cinnamon is so much more than a key ingredient for holiday festivities — it’s also ...

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3 Wonder Herbs for Autoimmune Disease

Twenty years ago, the term “autoimmune disease” was virtually unspoken of. It certainly wasn’t something you would see in the big news headlines – like cancer, AIDs or heart disease. Well, the world now knows better… according to the National Institute of Health, “approximately 23.5 million ...

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DIY Herbal Broth for Balance [Video]

I’ve got a delicious and nutritious treat to share with you today! Our resident herbalist Tara has put together a video for an easy-to-make medicinal broth that’s packed with healing ingredients. (The best part is that you can tweak it to fit your family’s dietary needs and tastebuds, which is always a ...

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A Powerful Exercise To Boost Your Energy Now [Video!]

I’ve got something really cool to share with you today. Last week, my friend and Taoist Grandmaster, Pedram Shojai, showed me a powerful secret to calm your mind and tap into the infinite life-force energy that surrounds you. This might sound a little “out there” to some, but there are things you simply...

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Sacred Medicine Trees of North America

A few years ago, I took a trip up to the coastal wilderness of Northern California to meet with  Native American elder, Dennis Martinez. Born of O’odham and Chicano heritage, Dennis has spent his life educating both native and non-native people in the practices of indigenous reforestation and wild ...

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Herbal Tonics for Stress and Anxiety

“Sometimes all it takes is a warm cup of chamomile tea and a hug to make a miracle’ ~  Amanda McQuade Crawford, herbalist Do you recall the last time you felt really peaceful?  That deep calm feeling when you “Woke up smiling and the world smiled back. ” Are you one of those rare people who have ...

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What Is Your Pain Trying To Tell You?

We all experience physical pain at times in our lives. Have you ever wondered why? It’s an ancient and puzzling question. Why does pain have to be part of the human journey? From a spiritual point of view, the answer may be shrouded in mystery. But we do know a few things, from a purely physical ...

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3 Sacred Practices To Open The New Year

What an exciting time it is to bring in a new year. In the opening days of the new year, many of us are looking back to find the areas of our lives that can be improved upon in the coming months. In this annual phase of introspection, a common practice is to list out the things we are determined to do ...

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