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Did you know: that over 25% of all modern pharmaceuticals come from plants in the Amazon Rainforest?
Did you know: that the Amazon is home to over 44,000 species of plants?
(Most ethnobotanists agree that this region is the most obvious place to look for the cure for cancer, M.S., Alzheimer’s, you name it!)
But here is the most unbelievable fact...
Did you know: that, believe it or not, only 1% of these Amazonian plants have been studied by scientists for their healing potential?
Here’s the kicker:

Even though there is documented proof that these jungle medicines are extremely effective, the research and patenting process takes so long that most of us will not live to see them used here in the modern world. That’s where my team and I drew the line. We decided to take action.

The medicines wouldn’t come to us, so we brought eight patients TO THEM in our new documentary film, The Sacred Science.

After a ton of preparation and research, we decided to bring eight people with eight different illnesses deep into the Amazon Rainforest to work with indigenous healers for 30 days. Once we put the word out to the public, we quickly had over 400 applications from people around the world, each desperate to find an answer to their illness.

The patients we chose were suffering from the following illnesses:

Parkinson's disease, breast cancer, Crohn's Disease, diabetes, depression, prostate cancer, Neuro-endocrine cancer, IBS, and more.  I won't spoil the ending but I will say this - the healing breakthroughs in this film will surprise you!

Our mission is to bring this ancient healing knowledge to the people who need it most - while at the same time, honoring the indigenous communities that still hold this sacred healing wisdom. The regions of the world where this medicine still exists are being destroyed at an alarming pace and these tribes need all the support they can get. 

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