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“Tears flowed with emotion. Thank you very much. For sure I will do the course and hope to help other people with this beautiful sacred science. No words to express my grateful feelings."


“"Thank you ever so much for this info. I am a retired family doctor and truly respect the older amazing cultures that know real healing methods. I am so grateful that you have taken the trouble to bring this to the public."


“I wouldn't have wanted to miss this beautiful offering! I just ordered it. Thank you Nick! And thank you to all of those wonderful shamans and healers for sharing this Sacred and important knowledge with us."


Hi, i'm Nick POlizzi, director of The Sacred science.
Happy you’ve made it here! WE’ve created something for you.

After every screening of the "Sacred Science" documentary, we
receive a ton of requests from viewers who are yearning to visit these remote cultures and experience firsthand the traditional medicines
of our native brothers and sisters.

Until now, our answer to these heartfelt inquiries has always been a friendly warning. Seeking out these ancient medicines costs quite a bit of money, often involves danger, and even after weathering the voyage you may not ever make contact with a tribal healer who will take you under their wing. Bottom line, this is not an easy thing to do.

What is a good next step on this path then? Well, I'm excited to announce that your messages and calls have inspired us to create something truly revolutionary for you.

The brave members of our film team have ventured deep into remote regions of North, Central, and South America to seek out indigenous elders who keep powerful healing traditions. Our goal on this natural medicine quest has been to bring back an unprecedented learning experience that is equal parts retreat kit, Discovery Channel series, and interactive herb encyclopedia.

These forgotten cures have never been documented before and tracing their origins across the western hemisphere was a huge undertaking! But after months of dedication and vigorous research, we are honored to present you with the Secrets of the Ancient Healers mastery program!”

This Dynamic Online program features teachings from
indigenous elders, leading enthnobotanists and
archaeologists, and little-known wisdom keepers
who are stepping forward for the first time.

30 Information-Packed Lessons Covering the 9 Focus Areas Below.
More Than 6 Hours Of HD Video In Total!

Section 1:

Herbalism 101

  • Begin your medicine journey with the dos and don’ts of herbal medicine, presented by a renowned herbalist and ethnobotanist.
  • Become initiated into an ancient detoxifying and rebirthing
    ritual, and learn how to harness its power at home.
  • Meet a medicine man who reveals the untold healing power
    of garden-variety herbs.


Mesoamerican Medicine

  • Experience the secret methods of the ancient and living
    Maya and learn how these can be used to restore health.
  • Meet the esteemed Dr. Rosita Arvigo, as she shares the
    wisdom she gained from one of the last great Maya h’men elders.
  • Encounter the mysterious school of Ch’orti’ medicine from a
    healer who reveals for the first time the secrets of his lineage.


Herb Craft Intensive: Part 1

  • Learn how to make the top 5 most common herbal preparations, and how to use them for specific conditions.
  • Meet an order of native herbalists who share both simple and advanced remedies using common herbs.
  • Discover how to connect more deeply with green medicine, as two renowned field botanists teach us the sacred language of plants.


Native American Medicine

  • Join a respected Native American elder on a medicinal plant
    walk and learn how to identify good medicine.
  • Learn how to harvest your own wild medicines. It’s easier
    than you think!
  • Find out the extraordinary benefits of a specific “prickly
    powerhouse” revered by healers throughout the Americas.


Women's Health

  • Discover the age-old key to uterine health and fertility.
  • Journey to Guatemala to learn about the “beauty nut” that heals everything from stretch marks during pregnancy to arthritis
    in old age.
  • Learn how to create edible facial masks, and a coffee body
    rub for enhanced circulation.


Sacred Foods

  • Explore ancient power ingredients, and how they can be used
    to enhance the healing properties of any meal.
  • Learn how to make authentic Maya drinking cacao, and a delectable medicinal soup that is more than 1000 years old.
  • Venture into the Costa Rican jungle kitchen of Stephen Brooks who explains the fundamentals of permaculture-based food.


Herb Craft Intensive: Part 2

  • Discover the top 12 herbs that indigenous healers call on to
    heal themselves and their loved ones.
  • Take a plant walk through a region dedicated to the Maya
    moon goddess of medicine and fertility.
  • Meet the youngest herbalist we’ve discovered in our travels,
    and the powerful stinky super fruit she swears by.


Amazonian & Andean

  • Travel to the high jungles of Peru to explore a groundbreaking Amazonian treatment to cure addiction.
  • Meet a highly respected female shaman who reveals her
    cancer treatment to us.
  • Learn how to clear your space, bless your plants, and honor Mother Earth the Q’ero way. You don’t want to miss this!


Caribbean Bush Medicine

  • Meet a legendary granny healer who is known throughout
    the Caribbean Islands for her potent cures and fiery personality.
  • Set off on a bush medicine walk with a local herbsman who
    shows us three exotic medicines that are making headlines.
  • Meet a young woman who shares the healing wisdom of her
    ancestors as well as some time-tested beauty aids.

This course is unlike any other healing tool you have ever seen. With over 6 hours of beautifully filmed,
information-packed video and a dynamic and easy-to-navigate course guide, Secrets of the Ancient Healers
gives you unprecedented access to some of the most ancient and effective healing remedies ever discovered.

The Secrets of the Ancient Healers program not only illuminates a whole new world of natural medicine, it also shows
you how to turn your home into a personal retreat center for health and happiness.

You hold within you all the wisdom of your ancestors. We’ll help you access it.

To celebrate the official release of this long-awaited course, we are making it available today at a special discount of 25% off!

Digital Course

With the digital course, you get:

  • Instant access to all of your course materials online.
  • Take your training with you...
    the lessons stream on all your mobile devices!
  • Lifetime access to the courses...
    never worry about losing a disc or manuscript
  • 3 live Q + A calls with our team.

Regular Price: $97

Now: $74


Plus, the course includes
three free bonuses.

All Secrets of the Ancient Healers students will have exclusive access to:

A monthly Q and A 3 calls in total We will be hosting a call each month to talk in more depth about the concepts covered in the program and will also answer any questions that are mailed in to us from you.
The Sacred Science film Free digital copy

The Sacred Cookbook Free digital copy

Money-Back Guarantee

As fellow seekers, we have done our absolute best to provide you with practical wisdom to serve you on your path. We are proud to share this knowledge with you, and feel it will be of immense value to you, as it's been to us. However, if you are not completely satisfied with any of our programs, we offer a 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee.

You can request a full refund by emailing [email protected] within 90 days of receiving your package if you feel the product is not for you. No questions asked.


Here are a 5 quick questions that will give you some insight on whether or
not the Secrets of the Ancient Healers course is a good fit for you.

  1. 1.
    Does your heart give you an inner "yes" when thinking about the herbal medicines and ancient healing traditions of
    our ancestors?
  2. 2.
    Were you inspired by the traditional healing methods
    you witnessed in the Sacred Science documentary?
  3. 3.
    Would you like to learn how to tune into your body and diagnose the “root cause” of health issues?
  4. 4.
    Are you looking to connect with like-minded people who share your passion for natural medicine and the
    plant path?
  5. 5.
    Are you interested in exploring the forgotten ways of
    the ancients and applying them in your daily life?

You can see where we’re going wth this. If you want to take your understanding
of ancestral medicine to the next level, this course is for you!

Digital Course

With the digital course, you get:

  • Instant access to all of your course materials online.
  • Take your training with you...
    the lessons stream on all your mobile devices!
  • Lifetime access to the courses...
    never worry about losing a disc or manuscript
  • 3 live Q + A calls with our team.

Regular Price: $97

Now: $74


Giving Back To These Endangered Cultures:

We are dedicated to bringing this incredible healing knowledge forward to those who need it the most, and to giving back to the cultures where this time-honored wisdom is held. It is an honor to have been welcomed into their communities and bestowed with their knowledge, and we believe in giving back in a big way. We will be donating 10% of the proceeds from the Secrets of the Ancient Healers program to organizations that are helping to protect and empower these native cultures. We are all members of the same global community, and together, we will continue to make this knowledge accessible to all of us who walk the healing path together.

Thank you for putting your faith in us. Our mission is to spread this ancient healing knowledge to the people who need it most.

Your support allows us to continue fulfilling our sacred contract to serve others and honor these ancestral traditions.

We are honored to have you in our tribe!

Nick Polizzi