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April 26, 2015 1 Comments

I was just in a ceremony with a legendary Maya medicine woman, and when someone asked her what the most powerful treatment she knew of was, she answered simply, “Not getting sick in the first place.”

I think we all intuitively know the key to keeping the doctor away, but I’ll say it anyway – OUR FOOD.

Yes, there are lots of factors that are out of our control when it comes to our health. But one thing we CAN control is what we put into our bodies, specifically the kinds of food we eat. With so many brands of food available these days, and with so many mixed messages from medical professionals and organizations, it has become extremely difficult to make the right choice.

Perhaps the best way to begin the discussion is by removing as much complexity from the issue as possible.  Let’s start with simple common sense. Here are 3 general tips to get you started:

1) Eat what you can recognize. To me, it’s not really food if it’s got more than 5 or 6 ingredients, or it comes with lots of fancy packaging. It doesn’t take a degree in nutrition or medicine to figure out if something can be classified as fresh produce, meat or grains. If it looks and smells like it just came from a farm (preferably an organic one), you’re halfway there. However, if you were to show this item or product to your grandparents and they have no idea what it is, then it’s a pretty good sign to avoid it altogether. Just remember that the more preservatives or additives it has, the further it is from being real food – as in the actual fruits and veggies that grow out of the ground, or well raised meat from a farm or fish from rivers, streams, lakes, or the sea.

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2) Sugar and gluten (wheat based foods), If they’re hard to find in nature, why should they be easy to find in a store? I’m not talking about the raw ingredients this time – I’m talking about what’s actually in the food itself. When you’re outside, whether your a human or a monkey, a lion or a lamb, a bird or an elephant, you actually have to look for and work for the stuff that tastes good or that’s pleasurable to your palate. There’s a reason why sugar and gluten aren’t available at the drop of a hat in nature, that’s because our bodies aren’t designed to process a lot of them at once. But at some point, scientists figured out what that “sweet spot” is, the perfect balance of sugar and gluten to not only keep our taste buds satisfied, but our minds hooked – to the extent where even cigarette companies and their executives have acknowledged how effective these guys were. So if you can lay off the salt and gluten, the stuff that’s not served on a platter by mother nature, then you’ll be going strong out of the gate.

3) Quality NOT Quantity. While finding quality food may not be a simple task these days, one thing you can do that IS simple is cut back on the quantity of food you eat. And not specific types of food either, just food in general. One thing you can do to cut back includes actually slowing down while you eat. Chew more so you can not only give your digestive system a little break, but also enjoy every bite. You can also pre portion your foods, and do so in smaller containers, so you’re never indulging by eating out of a box, a bag, or a large container or dish. And make note of any food weaknesses or constant cravings you have – heck, you can even treat them like a bad ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend and give yourself hints and reminders not to go backward, and instead go forward in your life by cutting them out altogether.

These are just a few suggestions to help you start making the right choices when it comes to deciding which foods, and how much of those foods you consume. Remember, these are based on common sense, so there isn’t any rocket science or profound methodology behind them. Many times, you can learn a lot more and do a lot more when you keep things simple and go one step at a time.

Last, but not least, if you want more tips like this to help you navigate today’s dizzying array of food choices, check out the 2015 Food Revolution Summit:

Stay Curious,

Nick & The Sacred Science Team




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  1. Nikki says:

    Thx for the tips. I totally agree with you. Your body knows all. All you have to us to get in tune with your body and t will tell you. Awareness is the key to everything.
    God bless
    Have s good day.

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