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The Transformative Power of Gratitude

A couple of years ago, I’d come to a dead end—a failure I felt sure I could never recover from. I even considered whether my husband, children, and the world would be better off without me. It was bad. And then, in desperation, I grasped at the last straw I could come up with: a 30-day experiment in ...

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3 Delicious Summer Recipes For This Powerful Flower

Ever wondered why certain plants are considered weeds and others are deemed worthy of keeping around? The wise women healers we work with would tell you there’s no such thing as a “weed”, and that often times the wild plants that sprout up in our well-groomed backyards are encroaching on our ...

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An Eye Gazing Exercise For Soul Vision

I have a little challenge for you today that involves a simple, but often cathartic ritual that has been practiced for thousands of years — eye gazing. Our eyes are highly complex organs, capable of distinguishing the most finite details of our surroundings and interpreting the slightest discrepancy in ...

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Cherokee Wolf Wisdom

On a warm summer night a few years ago, an Ojibwe elder in the backwoods of Wisconsin shared a tale to illustrate an important choice we all have to make as we walk through this world. His words have stuck with me ever since and are particularly handy in times of intensity. Given that today is the summer ...

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A Tibetan Mystic Shares The Path Of Transformation

A few weeks ago, I sat down with Tibetan lama Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, and he shared an ancient method for transforming uncomfortable sensations and emotions into pure energy and deep wisdom. If you don’t feel occasional discomfort or pain in our body, I want to know your secret 🙂 For the other 99.99% of...

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How Our Wounds Can Heal Us

I came across a quote a few days ago that stopped me in my tracks. “The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” ― Rumi The poet was probably speaking symbolically when he used the term “wound” above, referring to those places within us that have yet to be healed. But certain ...

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Do We Need a Daily Practice?

Are there benefits in creating a daily practice? Well, I have two answers: the ‘up-level’ answer is, “It doesn’t matter.” The other answer, the one most of us want and need to hear is, “Yes, it’s absolutely wonderful to have a daily practice,” because most of us are embedded very deeply in the...

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5 Ways To Harness The Magic Of Spring

Here we are, in the beginning of yet another beautiful spring. Something is rumbling beneath the soil, a thing of beauty waiting to burst from its cocoon, a promise made long ago that is about to be kept. This is a ripe time of year to reshuffle the deck, shed skins of the past, and give yourself a fresh ...

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Poetic Wisdom From A Sufi Mystic

I came across a poem yesterday that gave me a perfectly timed dose of insight. The wisdom it contained was something I’ve heard spoken before by a shaman, but using different words. The piece below from the 13th century poet Rumi carries within it an essence that is central to many spiritual traditions ...

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3 Powerful Indigenous Herbs From North America

Growing up, I was fascinated by the hundreds of interesting plants that grew in the forests behind my childhood home in rural Connecticut. We would wander down old forgotten trails for hours, lost in the greenery and enchanted by the timelessness of the place. I would later come to realize that these old ...

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