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Backyard Medicine

A few summers ago, I was gardening with my mom in the back of her house when we stumbled upon something that looked too amazing to be true. A gorgeous Reishi mushroom was growing on the stump of a hemlock tree underneath the fence between her and her neighbor’s yard! You know, Reishi, the “king of ...

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The Most Widely Used Herbal Remedy In The World [VIDEO]

I have a potent bit of herbal wisdom to share with you today. We created a short video that explores the most widely used healing formula in the world — which consists of 3 herbs from Ancient India. These medicinal plants work to detoxify every organ in your body, to keep you young and prevent ...

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A Tree in Each Season and the Leaves to Show It

Are You Living In Alignment With The Seasons?

Our modern lifestyle expects us to emanate the energy of a perpetual summer – showing up brightly, quickly and actively to fulfill all our roles and responsibilities day after day, all year long. No surprise that so many of us are “burned out” – even the brightest flame must return to the ...

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A Powerful Mushroom Medicine

During the summer months, my family and I love foraging for medicinal plants in the forests and meadows near our house. Once you start to learn which plant is which, it’s really fun to gather your own remedies. But it’s not just the green stuff that can help us heal — there’s another category of ...

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Bowl of Quinoa Salad with Garlic, Tomatoes and Parsley

3 Delicious Summer Recipes To Boost Your Vitality

As summer approaches up here in the northern hemisphere, a lot of us are hankering for mouth-watering meals and the nourishing presence of friends and family. Eating outside, under the open sky, with the folks you love… it just warms the soul. Today I want to share 3 super nutritious meals that are ...

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5 Delicious Calming Foods (+ Recipes!)

I grew up in my mom’s New England restaurant, and the kitchen has always been my sanctuary. The ritual of making a meal, in and of itself, can bring calmness and deeper connection — but when you prepare herb-infused foods that relax the body, as well as the mind and spirit, you’ve got the perfect ...

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Seated Woman Meditating in Front of Large Crystals

A Guided Mantra Meditation To Soothe You [VIDEO]

Today we’ll be journeying inwards with a simple mantra-based meditation video taught by my good friend Yashoda Devi Ma. Yashoda is an experienced meditation teacher based in Boulder, CO. In the video below, Yashoda will guide you on a brief but powerful practice designed to soothe the nervous system, ease ...

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Dried Lavender and Lavender Essential Oil

2 Essential Oils For Better Zzzs

We usually think of sight and hearing as our main senses, but what we smell has the strongest impact on our emotions. The olfactory receptors in our brain connect directly to the limbic system, where emotions begin. This may be why essential oils — the distilled essence of various plants and flowers ...

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Dandelion Spring Healing Herbs

A Delicious Healing Flower And 3 Ways To Eat It

We’re well into spring up here in the Northern Hemisphere and it does the heart good to hear those birds chirping again outside! Today I want to talk about one springtime flower that grows in almost every state and contains highly medicinal qualities, but is often considered a ‘weed.’ Ever wondered ...

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Moringa Tree and Landscape with Sky, Clouds, Land and Underground

This ‘Tree of Immortality’ Keeps Disease Away

Sometimes this quest for lost healing medicines can feel kind of like an Indiana Jones movie. We come across amazing cultures with such fascinating traditions… and the promise of new medicines that could save lives. You just can’t make this stuff up! And today’s piece is no different. Do you know what ...

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Ashwagandha Leaves and Stem

3 Wonder Herbs for Autoimmune Disease

Twenty years ago, the term “autoimmune disease” was virtually unspoken of. It certainly wasn’t something you would see in the big news headlines – like cancer, Alzheimer’s, or heart disease. Well, the world now knows better… according to the National Institute of Health, “approximately ...

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Green Curry With Vegetables

An Herb-Packed Green Curry Recipe

Have you ever noticed that most of the ingredients in traditional dishes also possess significant health benefits? How did our ancestors know? The truth is that our primal taste buds are naturally programmed to crave certain spices, oils and nutrient-rich vegetables that are good for us. If you think about ...

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