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4 Sleep Secrets for Better Zzzs

As the winter solstice approaches here in the northern hemisphere, we’re seeing fewer hours of daylight – with the darkness arriving earlier each day. These months are nature’s way of taking a rest. Trees slow down and lose their leaves. Mammals go into hibernation. We, too, are mammals. And our ...

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3 Simple Meditations To Improve Your Life

As meditation becomes more mainstream these days, people are finally beginning to experience not just the mental benefits of this ancient practice, but also the positive effects on their physical health. With so many different styles geared toward specific goals and outcomes, it’s not always easy to ...

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A Heart-Healthy Holiday Beverage [Mulled Wine Recipe]

Today I want to touch on a fermented drink that has been consumed worldwide for centuries. It’s actually hard to find a modern culture that doesn’t have a place for it… I’m talking about wine, and it’s a central ingredient in the herb-infused holiday beverage recipe that we’ve ...

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An Herb-Packed Soup To Nourish Your Body [Recipe]

No matter the weather, my family and I are pretty committed to going outside and having a blast year round. I’m a firm believer in not getting stuffed up in our house for two reasons: Fresh air, no matter how cold it is, is vital to our health and our children’s development. Getting outside fights off the...

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3 Herbs To Heal Your Gut (And Recipes!)

A few years ago when we were filming the Remedy documentary, my friend (and interviewee) Daniel Vitalis offered a profound bit of wisdom about gut health: “The understanding of the human microbiome is going to overturn everything that we think we know about health, that we know about nutrition, that we know...

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A Delicious Healing Food From The Ancient World

Is there one aroma that takes you back to your childhood? For me the answer is simple — it’s the delicious smell of fresh garlic sizzling in olive oil. My love for cooking (and healing with food) grew from my Italian roots. My grandparents started teaching me kitchen basics when I was 10 years old! ...

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3 Homemade Remedies Everyone Should Know

Autumn is finally starting to take hold up here in the northern hemisphere and you can just feel the brisk days ahead! As the season continues to change, it’s an important time for us to begin focusing on the core of our health. Between busy work schedules and school starting back up for the kids, ...

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3 DIY Practices To Pamper Your Body And Spirit

We all get a little worn down now and then, and this is when those not-so-great habits can begin to form. I’ve found that it can be extremely helpful to have some self-sooth practices in your back pocket for times like these. Today, I want to show you 3 tried and true ways to rejuvenate your body and spirit...

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A DIY Herbal Kombucha Recipe

Why is it that almost every culture around the world eats fermented foods?  Is it an inherent love of the tangy and sour? That’s part of it, but there’s an evolutionary reason that our taste buds crave these flavors… it’s because fermented foods are extremely good for our digestive ...

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The Golden Herb of Hawaii

There are thousands of medicinal herbs on this planet, but one in particular seems to be all the rage these days… I’m talking about turmeric, also known as the “Golden Goddess” in India. Today, we’re going to bring you all the way to the small Pacific island of Kauai to give you ...

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This Calming Flower Medicine United Ancient Cultures

What is the first herb you ever learned was actually medicine? It’s easy to get caught up in all the articles and new studies on promising natural remedies, but what about that first piece of herbal knowledge you came across? Maybe in your grandma’s kitchen… or in a novel you read as a ...

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The Amazing Adaptogens & Tonic Herbs

Adaptogens… this word is the new buzz word in herbalism and herbs classified as adaptogens are the new super stars of the herbal world.  And for good reason. Adaptogenic herbs boost energy, restore vitality, and help raise the body’s ability to deal with the stresses of modern life ~ and, as an added ...

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