10 Signs You’re a Shaman & Don’t Know It

By Lissa Rankin
Woman Looking at an Eye in the Sky

As I feel indebted to the shamans who saw themselves in me and helped me understand why I have always felt like I don’t belong in mainstream medicine, the intention of this article is to respectfully honor the shamanic tradition, and not to violate it in any way.  

Because modern culture doesn’t have a role for the shamanic archetype, many people who grow up outside indigenous villages are shamans and don’t know it. Many naturally wind up in overtly healing professions, such as medicine, psychology, or life coaching. But some wind up in professions where they may feel like they don’t fit in at all. Even those who enter the healing professions may feel out of place, because the systems of Western medicine and psychology leave little room for a shaman to practice his or her natural healing art. But many will wind up in various forms of sacred activism, healing the planet, for example, rather than healing people.

Are you a shaman and you don’t know it? Here are some telltale signs that you might fit the archetype.

1. You sense that you’re meant to participate in the global shift in consciousness that is currently underway.

We can all feel it, this impending shift that New Agers have talked about for decades. But those with the shamanic archetype don’t just feel it, they feel it pulling them, like a magnet, towards leadership positions that help facilitate this transformation of human consciousness and evolution of the species.

2. You’ve been through a difficult initiation, which has prepared you for this leadership role.

In indigenous cultures, the village knew who the shaman was because he or she was struck by lightning and survived. In modern culture, you may not literally be struck by lightning, but you may have survived some other life or heart-threatening ordeal. You may have experienced childhood abuse, sexual violence, a near-death experience, or some other trauma that put you through the crucible and forged you into the healing earth shaman you are becoming.

3. You are an introvert.

Shamans are multi-dimensional beings who dance between the realms of the seen and unseen worlds, so if you’re of the shamanic archetype, you may have a hard time navigating the 3D realms of this dimension, which may cause you to withdraw into yourself so you can visit the realms of consciousness where you feel most at home.

4. You feel most at home in nature.

The shamans of a culture are the bridges between nature and humans, serving as translators between the mountains, oceans, rivers, animals, and people. You may sense that nature is talking to you or that you get your most tuned in downloads when you are surrounded by the natural world.

5. You’re very sensitive.

You may feels things others don’t feel, see things others don’t see, hear things others don’t hear, smell things others don’t smell, and sense things others don’t sense. This may make it hard for you to be out in public, where you may feel accosted by over-stimulation of your senses. If you embody the shamanic archetype, it’s likely that you’re the kind of person others may feel is “too sensitive.” But this sensitivity is a blessing. It’s part of your gift.

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6. You feel a sort of spiritual calling to ease the suffering of people, animals, and nature.

Many health care providers are called to medicine the way priests are called to the priesthood. But you don’t have to be a health care provider to have the shamanic archetype. It may transmute itself into healing service to animals, sacred activist causes, or conservation of Mother Earth.

7. Physical ailments that fall under the category of “shaman sickness.”

In the indigenous cultures, shamans who have been called to service but haven’t yet said “yes” to the call often wind up struck with physical ailments. In modern culture, these shamanic sicknesses may fall into difficult to treat categories like chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, chronic Lyme disease, chronic pain disorders, and autoimmune disorders. Acceptance of the call to shamanic service often resolves the symptoms of shaman sickness. If you’re suffering from one of these illnesses, ask yourself, “Am I a shaman who hasn’t said yes to my calling yet?”

8. You tend to have vivid dreams.

The unseen realm may be communicating with you through your dreams, so try analyzing your dreams. Pay particular attention to any animal totems that may appear in your dreams. Google search the animal and “spirit totem” and see if you can find any messages from the animals in your dreams. Or try a Jungian analysis, like the one described here.

9. You may discover unusual spiritual superpowers, or what the yogis call “siddhis.”

You might be psychic. You might get healing visions like the one in my previous post about the meeting of Western medicine and Shamanism. You might realize that you can heal people with your hands or that you can telepathically communicate with animals, people, or even inanimate objects.

10. You’ve always felt like you don’t quite belong anywhere, because you are a bridge.

Shamans tend to live on the outskirts of the village for a reason. They are not like the others – and this is a blessing! In village life, this is understood and recognized. But in the modern world, it may leave those with the shamanic archetype feeling like they don’t ever fit in. But don’t despair. You DO fit in. Your role is essential. You may find that you fit in best with others who share this shamanic archetype. Among your fellow shamans, you will feel like you are with family.

Embrace Your Bridge Work

Because shamans are always operating between worlds, you may find that you’re connecting mainstream culture and the culture that wants to be born in the new consciousness, and this may feel uncomfortable, as if you don’t quite fit in. When I realized that I am a bridge between mainstream medicine and the new world of medicine that is being co-created by others who share the shamanic archetype, it brought me such a profound sense of relief! This relief is shared by the health care providers who participate in the Whole Health Medicine Institute, which I founded for doctors and other stealth shamans. If you’re one of those bridge workers, please know that you belong with all the other stealth shamans in this program, designed to merge medicine and spirituality, and we’re enrolling for the 2016 class now.

In our culture, it can be quite challenging to be a stealth shaman. Yes, it’s a blessing to have the opportunity to help people end the story of separation, to dissolve the apparent duality into Oneness, to fulfill our callings to bring the worlds together, to heal people, animals, and the planet. But it can be lonely and disheartening and scary and isolating. I sense that many of us stealth shaman bridge workers have scores of past lives during which we were persecuted for our attempts to connect the worlds, so no matter how much we know in our hearts that we are all One and we DO belong, we have cellular memories of past traumas, during which we were literally killed because we refused to fit in. So it takes tremendous courage to come out of the spiritual closet as someone who embodies the shamanic archetype. In order to keep being brave, we need to feel safe. To feel safe, we need to foster a sense of belonging so we don’t feel isolated on top of feeling scared. In order to feel safe enough to keep bridging, we need each other.

Are you a shaman who is still in the closet? If so, please know that there are many of us, and we hold you close in our hearts while you muster up the moxie to claim your place in the world.

To begin embracing your purpose, please feel free to check out my new book The Anatomy Of A Calling. Click the link below to see if it’s for you:


Here’s to bridging the realms and healing our world!


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      1. Because there IS such a thing as the devil, that’s why we have to spread the light. Take a look at the Cerne Tunnel Satanic Ritual opening ceremony on Youtube; they thought of doing it, supposedly, because Saturn was at it’s closest point to the Sun on June 1st 2016 and because of the ancient myth of the mountains–at least that’s why they THINK they did it! But they were heralding the return of the Dark. We have to reassure people that it is all part of the great shift that is happening. The symbol for this coming Lunar Eclipse on 11th Feb is ‘The Message’, and the message is that hope and love are going to win through, (there’s even a comet to accompany it)!

    1. Exactly – any schaman knows that the literary entity, “Devil” is based on the concept of “Lervoratatory light refraction”, specifically as depicted by Rhodedendron honey, (which has lervoratatory properties. Why is this type of honey important to traditional shamanic healers? Because after administring morphine as an analgesic to a wounder hunter or warrior, whatever, you would need to rehabilitate with a lervoratatory agent and this type of honey fitted the bill. In Latin it was called Levulose, (Devilose), sometimes Ponticum sometimes Madhoney. The specific sugar is Chiral sugar, (as opposed to glucose, fructrose etc). That´s why mythological characters with names like Pontius, Madonna and Devil turn up times in well crafted shammanic literature. But, lets keep this to ourselves guys – I guess we´d hate to spoil the party!

  1. I am shaman and healer in Norway and my main goal is to help souls a live or dead.I also help animals and balanse houses

      1. Hey, this article was full of LOVE, lets connect on Facebook Benny Michel Smeds and all more. o love in Finland, just came from Lapland where I was discovering the Sami culture and the pure air ❤️

    1. Hey, this article was full of LOVE, lets connect on Facebook Benny Michel Smeds and all more. o love in Finland, just came from Lapland where I was discovering the Sami culture and the pure air ❤️

    2. How did you become a Shaman healer? I know I have all the signs that explains in this article, but dont know yet how to find my bridges. Here is my email address if you want to connect Thanks

    3. I also was trapped into a relationship with a narcissist and yes, I too came close to death on more than one occasion because of it… Although it will be near impossible to trust what I say, when/if you truly are at rock bottom that’s when it’s time for you to change it.. Bear with me because when it hit me I thought for sure I must be going nuts so I know it will be hard to do at first. First, I wish I could send a supportive hug to you and assure you that even if you don’t believe it, you’re stronger than you think. Now to be blunt…. Until you take responsibility for allowing it to continue, nothing will change.. when it hit me it was literally an insight “at least if I own it, I can change it”. I know, why should the victims have to take the fault… But it’s really not about that.. it’s a wake up call that unless you change it, nobody is going to do it for you. Partly because yes, victims can be looked at as if we’re the bad guys. My youngest son’s father is the type that promises his disabled child he will be here to pick him up and then disappear for months and then out of the blue ask to see him and when I refuse out of safety concerns, tells other’s that I’m refusing to let him see his son… So I know how the game is played, how they are like the lifeline that snaps at the very last second, how they portray themselves as the hero even though the reason was caused by them…
      I know, and I was trapped until I was finally done.. done asking for help, done walking on eggshells, done with it all.. and even though I was terrified with not knowing what would happen next, would I be in danger number 1, staying was no different and at least I could have a chance…
      It wasn’t easy, yes I struggled, was homeless, lost everything,.. but slowly my life became my life and little by little better things came to be.
      So, I don’t know if that’s what it takes for all, some or maybe just what I had to do, but I hope you find the help you need. With love and light

    4. To those who suffer and have tried to get healed, that maybe it worked for a small time but ultimately the horror returned. A Shaman can not stop a lesson the great mother is trying to teach. A “healer” only cures the symptoms, not healing the source. And for those God fearing people, Jesus ,by all accounts, was a shaman. He stayed away from cities unless called there, he went through his own trials before going forth to heal.

      I suggest people read the Gospel of Thomas. Those with the gift will see beyond the writings and understand beyond the words.

  2. I just finished reading this great article. You answered me. I can’t thank You enough for this article. Is there a headquarters. Will look more into this. Thanks again. Irene

  3. Thank you to those of you who resonated with this post. The world needs all of us stealth or not so stealth healers to say YES to what we are called to do, in service to Mother Earth, the animals, the plants, and each other.

    Blessings to you all
    Lissa Rankin

    1. Yes we have flushed our shamans down the drain and have created unmanageable belief systems that have exploited the earth and its inhabitants … it is time for us to come back to our mother through our breath and our hearts may we grow together she is here she is love she will guide our way … GROW with the growl of the lion be like the peace of a bird and sing like the joy of a girl .. we are here… we have returned and we are awakened

  4. 1. You sense that you’re meant to participate in the global shift in consciousness that is currently underway.
    Yes. Much.
    2. You’ve been through a difficult initiation, which has prepared you for this leadership role.
    Yes. Many.
    3. You are an introvert.
    Social hermit. Need lots of time for self.
    4. You feel most at home in nature.
    100%. Since I was a kid. I love nature more than most people.
    5. You’re very sensitive.
    6. You feel a sort of spiritual calling to ease the suffering of people, animals, and nature.
    Yes. I do.
    7. Physical ailments that fall under the category of “shaman sickness.”
    Yes. Absolutely.
    8. You tend to have vivid dreams.
    I do. And in them, my totem is always a huge, strong, brown bison who is as close to me as a lap dog would be. A strong and loving, wonderful bison. There are others too, but the bison is the closest.
    9. You may discover unusual spiritual superpowers, or what the yogis call “siddhis.”
    10. You’ve always felt like you don’t quite belong anywhere, because you are a bridge.

  5. working on it;in the traditions i’ve been taught,i must keep my ego from swallowing me,so it’s not for me to decide to call myself shaman/Medicine person,it is others who verify it.peace to all of us who walk between worlds/realms

  6. Wow i was allways wondering am i special or different and why most of my vishes come true and today i just looked at a dog from my aunt he was lieing on the floor and i looked at him and said im my mind come here and he stood up and came to me like i was telepatically calling him and it worked and so many strange things i couldnt explain happened to me and now this helps me on my way i allso saw on tv that people can heal with their hands and energy and i tryed a bit of that and it sorta worked and i also love the supernatural and spiritual people and things it fascinates me add me on facebook fosho mynig or write me an e mail maybe together we can guide our selfs better and enhance and make this world a better place for all living beings to live

  7. Your article brought me to tears! I have struggled for so long not always understanding why I going through all this and having the strongest desire and often telling people that I felt like a bridge. Only to have mock me or pass me off. Please let me know where I can start. I am ready!

  8. I believe that I am an “indigenous medicine healer.” Great Spirit has been calling to me, giving me visions and past life memory flashbacks. I have consulted with several other psychics, healers, astrologers, the works and everyone agrees that I am a healer who has reincarnated multiple times to heal the Earth and the people who walk it. I also have doubts about all this and feel that I just believe what I want to believe or that I am going crazy. But if we look back through religious history we can see that Jesus called Himself the Son of God, and the world killed Him because they thought He was crazy. In the end, was He really crazy or was He actually the Son of God? Are people who have shamanic callings just believing what they want to believe, or is the Universe really asking for their help? Being a medicine healer is not a choice, it is a calling that cannot be ignored. Am I offended that there are people using “shamanism” to make money, yes. Just like there are bad Christians and bad Muslims, there are bad shamans. Am I offended that people are taking weekend workshops and online classes to be shamans without putting in any real effort into becoming one? Yes. But am I grateful that these opportunities exist so that I may go through retraining and reeducation to relearn multiple lifetimes of information that I lost when I reincarnated into this lifetime, yes. Great Spirit does not choose where it sends you. It didn’t make me Native American, it didn’t make me Native South American. I have ancestry with Celtic shamanism and druidery, but I prefer Amazonian medicine over European. So I really enjoyed this article as it has helped me reaffirm my beliefs of who I am and why every time Great Spirit asks me to answer Its call, I get really sick, exhausted, and experience severe back/shoulder pain. We all need to realize that the Universe works in mysterious ways, influencing people to connect in a manner to others that may need this. We live in the future where shamanic societies don’t exist anymore outside of small tribes. If we were all living in ancient times, nobody would be arguing about whether this is good or not. So please, think hard about everything before any judgment. (Some of this is in response to Facebook comments). The last part I enjoyed reading because I had to give up shamanism in my past lives to become a Buddhist because of all the wicca/pagan witch hunts. I was a shamanic priest-king who was executed and beheaded by order or my wife, the queen because she thought my beliefs were ridiculous. I was a Native American healer when a group of foreigners and “ghosts” came through our land bringing suffering and death. I have past life memories of this, and my spirit animal has been by my side since the beginning. The purpose of my incarnation in this lifetime is to come full circle, and to be a shaman again after so many years hiding from it.

    1. Beautifully put….. Couldn’t have said it better myself…. Bless you and your journey… Good luck my fellow light worker.

    2. Let your inner teachers and your inborn wisdom teach you. Observe and listen to others but do not assume they know more than you. Witness and access. May your path be blessed. I would love to hear more about your journey as it progresses. All the best to you.

    3. I think we might have something in common brother…

      Your journey feels almost like a parallell…

      Save this journey might be different…

  9. Reading your piece was like looking at myself. In church many have tried to call me a prophetess, but I have pushed such a title away. Perhaps those persons were picking up these 10 qualities about me? Now if only I could find a true mentor… Be blessed!

  10. This was so enlightening to me I am in shock. I have been through sexual abuse and have Ben through a very traumatic divorce at which time a psychic ability came to light. My parents told me I talked to people in the other side since I was a child but was told this was evil and to stop this. I have had fibromyalgia since shortly before the divorce. I can’t believe how all of this hit home for me. I would love to know more. Thank you Bonny

  11. I have been like this since I was a very young child, but was discouraged in using my various gifts. I started accepting and using my gifts when I tuned twenty, but in my mid thirties my father and my grandmother who were my biggest supporters died and I was also going through a bad divorce. I turned inward and quit using my gifts. For the next 30yrs I was miserable and always physically very ill. 4 yrs ago I let go of all my pain and hurt and embraced all my gifts and healing powers., I reconnected with nature and the universe and started practicing again. Growing up Catholic made it very difficult and into my 30’s most people thought I was out there . Now I embrace my life and my gifts and feel blessed to be able to share it with others.

  12. Yes all so true… I was born a shaman…, was aware of it through my teenage years.. Ten denied it fir along time …. But my dreams never ceased … It has always been my calling…. And now it is great to be around so many other healers… So many more people seeking and understanding… The world consciousness is changing….its a beautiful thing… The greatest feeling is when you discover that you feel comfortable in your own skin because you are doing what you were called to do! Thank you again… Hozho… Navajo saying for”walk in beauty” .. Meaning be one in balance with nature…

  13. Hmmmm… Sounded like you wrote my biography. I’ve been told by several that I am a Shaman but not sure what to do with it.

  14. Thank you so much for your words, which resonate so strongly with me. Particularly as I am bridging my father into the next world at this time. I am thankful to be a holistic nurse practitioner who does healing work in my practice, yet walks in the conventional medicine world also. Always integrating!

  15. I am what I have always been ! It makes sense ov my life ! I feel a power in me and now use it for heeling ! My life is amazing! My name was sent to me ( red hawk ) I am ready for what I was sent for ! It’s strange I have always felt I was broken and not ment for this place ! So glad I understand now ! Time for me to do my work . Love and light

  16. Ah I so resonate with this since I was a little girl. Now at 25yrs old I’ve been through over a decade of diblatating chronic pain ailments. Feeling so lost.

  17. This is an excellent example of the worst kind of “plastic shamanism”. If you read this article and now think you’re a shaman you’re deluded. You’ve just demonstrated you have no understanding of shamanism. Shamans aren’t someone who suddenly decides “oh, I think I’m a shaman, must get some beads and stuff.” For everyone’s sake, stick with your day job.

    1. what if it raises a question in your head because of a feeling you get, and causes you to heavily research shamanism of many kinds and cross reference your life with what you learn, eventually it still leads you to the same conclusion…will you give a short vague simple uplifting and positive natured and question raising article intending comfort and using positive vibes, like this one, credit at all? the only negative thing here is haters like you guys trying to defend the immensity and seriousness of being a shaman, trying to take away what you dont understand can still be a positive thing that exists to point possible candidates towards the knowledge seeking that makes it so clear that you are, or not? not helping! only spreading negativity……just letting you be aware of either side of attacking such a simple article that it could be fluff or just that, a simple article that doesnt go into detail but is definitely true of what a shaman knows and feels. it feels like it would make a suitable first page in a giant book on shamanism and its complexities……

  18. The author of this article deliberately vaccinated her own child after researching the dangers. Obviously she’s a bit of a fraud and not to be taken too seriously.

  19. No shaman would have written such a thing as this. The author has no clue what becoming a shaman entails. She seeks attention and to make money. 2 other readers’ comments down below are on target regarding what I described yesterday as tribal shamans who are chosen and trained by the tribe’s shaman to replace the tribe’s shaman. People who go to tribal shamans for training, intending to leave and go back into society and be shamans, and make a living at it, tend, in my experience and observation, to be not what they think, or wish, they are cracked up to be. Shamans chosen and trained by the Spirit World (angels), are something else entirely, Jesus for example. Hope you are feeling better. Sloan

    Mykael David
    January 18, 2016 at 7:55 pm
    Wait… what?? With all due respect to the superficial intention of this article… In my opinion, this is incredibly insensitive and disrespectful. A Shaman is a person who was first selected by the tribe or community as clearly connected, and then underwent a near lifetime of training and focused tutelage under an elder of their tribes shamanic/spiritual traditions. I am quite fed up with this Facebook click bait nuevo spiritual BS that we are All Shamans just because of a list of things that nearly every normal human being (including the ones that aren’t self-centered) shares with one another. I am calling out everyone to be consciously respectful of a great tradition.

    Rod MacKinnon
    January 19, 2016 at 10:19 am
    This is an excellent example of the worst kind of “plastic shamanism”. If you read this article and now think you’re a shaman you’re deluded. You’ve just demonstrated you have no understanding of shamanism. Shamans aren’t someone who suddenly decides “oh, I think I’m a shaman, must get some beads and stuff.” For everyone’s sake, stick with your day job.

  20. I have to be a shaman. I spent much of my teenage years and a mountain called storm King in Cornwall New York. I was there to communicate with the spirits that are present in a powerful place like this. The site where I used to sleep is said to be an old Indian graveyard which has been totally effaced this point but it was the place that I found to sleep. I pursued education and Western medicine and I find it to be somewhat of a joke. Even as a family practitioner it’s very hard to be The type a holistic healer that I had long to be. There are many other things that make me know I have been a shaman all long. I feel a strong need to pursue this part of myself in a way that is more formal as to this point I have been self taught. The mountain gave me more insight and knowledge than any other type of education I have received. Thank you for putting this site up.

  21. Wow, this is akin to reading my biography! I work using intuitive insights, kinesiology and homeopathics to heal people’s stresses. I see people’s past lives and any stresses that are being held onto which are affecting the persons health and wellbeing in this life. I’ve always seen things others can’t and feel so strongly that mainstream medicine is lacking. Combining mainstream medicine with ancient and intuitive medicine is how medicine should be, not one or the other.

  22. This is exactly why I named my practice Reindeer Bridge Holistic Health. I know I am supposed to provide a bridge for people to safely pass back and forth between the two types of medicine. I specialize in clinical herbal medicine, clinical aromatherapy, holistic nutrition and shamanic reiki. My community doesn’t quite know what to think of me yet but they are slowly remembering while their DNA recalls what a healer is. I’m on a small island so I am a little isolated since I cannot find anyone who does all that I do. I thank you for ‘sending up a flare’. 🙂 we do need each other.

    1. The sickness that brought me to shamanism in 2010 was unbelievable. I can’t even imagine what my life would be like right now if I hadn’t said yes. I trained with Hank Wesselman for 5 years and it has been amazing. it transformed me into who I am and I am living my destiny.

  23. I believe that a better term that would better describe in the 21st century is “Healer” oppose to “Shaman”. I have great respect for the indigenous people in our country (US) and it appears that Shaman is a very sacred way of life and special hierarchy in the Native American tribes.

    Yes, I do believe there are very few people that are blessed with a healing gift. I also believe that because of God’s love is so powerful that people can be chosen that is not a part of a deep rooted culture with teachings specifically on natural healing. This uniqueness is a gift so it is up to the “Healers” job to learn and better themselves as much as possible of what goodness that speaks to their heart. All powerful “Shamans” and/or “Healers” of the past sacrificed themselves to make it better for us. I mean using themselves with “Highest love of light” as a medium to “Heal”.

    I enjoyed reading positive remarks. Thank you.

    1. It’s a beautiful article, but I do agree, ‘Healer’ is a better word to use for us ‘Braves’! A Shaman is a ‘Chief’, which we cannot all be, but that a few of us may become.

  24. Thank you so much for the enlightenment. I have felt this all of my life. I am currently an ICU nurse. Always love my patients and families. I’ve always felt that there is so much more to just medicinal healing. Please send info on any classes you may have. Thank you.

  25. I am scattered about taking in knowledge from all kinds of stuff I will keep my reply simple explain later if need be but I see a teacher a story teller in ur words whatever label u choose so I guess I am say please tell share with me what you know I would like to and care to know listen and learn 🙂

  26. The above information is amazing.. I am considered to be a Healer,many people come to me and have cone the here and when I lived in different countries abroad Hypnotherapist, artist, musician.

  27. Feel-good fluff and nonsense. I’m sorry, but there’s a LOT more to being a Shaman than your list. You’re obviously referring to a ‘New Age’ Shaman—where all you really need is the right hat! A true Shaman needs to have gone through decades of strenuous physical and psychological initiation under the guidance of a spiritual master. This process invariably involves the ingestion of psychoactive plants in a ritual setting, exploring and mastering different realms of reality and the beings that dwell there, and perfecting psychic, intuitive and healing powers.

    1. I am somewhat feeling a certain way as well about the things I’ve read about this calling. I was wondering what you think about timeless lessons being taught to you both physically and mentally by a “actual (spirit) guide not a living being? Do you consider this to be above all the best teaching and guidance?

    2. if i acknowledge that there is a lot more to it but can find no room to deny that i am going to pursue this because it put every unexplained experience to rest spanning my whole life……what would you advise somebody starting their journey do? i plan on giving care and dedication to shamanism respecting and honoring it and admitting im new to what it means i am embracing and inviting into my daily life, although ive already accepted the warnings of what we must overcome and endure. if you feel like you want to respond, i will take advice or opinions respectfully. my email is bakanekonei at yahoo dot com

  28. Answered ” yes” to most of these. Fascinated with shamans. I have too much humility to consider myself. a shaman but would to meet one!

  29. I feel like this and I’m mildly autistic. It’s my belief that autistic people just don’t have a place in western culture and the constant sensory overload is too much for sensitive people. If we could live the life we are meant to have ie in nature, in peace and quiet, helping people, we wouldn’t be pathologised. This article makes me understand why my life is falling into place since my first reiki attunement.

  30. This is really interesting and spot on for me. Do you have any recommendations for me? I’m a nurse and a mom and spread pretty thin as of now on time and money. Any available outlet for investigating this that doesn’t cost money and that I can do on my own time? I have always felt a pull towards medicine and being a healer.

  31. Thank you so very much I needed this. The The fustration that I feel as a Nurse, you touched on so much in this article thank you again very much

  32. thank you for the post. i myself feel like i am tearing apart, because i know, tat this is my calling, but i know no more shamans or havent yet met them in may way, but i know it will happen soon

    1. Take a trip to peru, doesnt have to be some expensive western romanticized huasca ritual. Their are healers and sorcerers everywhere down there. someone will come into your life. or something will call you…

    1. I truly would love to be a shaman, and all of these things are true about me, one problem, I am a Christian and from what I have heard, being a shaman goes against Christianity… I believe I would truly enjoy it and that I could be one, but I can’t… any tips on what I should do?

  33. I’ve never lived in a city, I grew up in the forest drinking water from a creek and eating animals that were raised on the property. I’ve always had a gift, and always knew there were more like me. I’m now a light healer, with a special gift to the world, and other worlds like and not like earth. Thank you for your kind words Lissa, keep inspiring people and one day the world will wake up. Your’s truly Scott.

  34. Hello, my name is jade 🙂
    I have read about being a shaman as I feel, hear and communicate differently to others. I feel I can change the world and I need people to help me. I have had things like you have wrote about, happen. I can’t stomach certain food, I can hear people’s thoughts and also emotions and I also have had two car accidents where I came out fine, but I’m still perfect and happy. I literally am needing your help as I feel I can’t go anywhere, I can’t be around people and I want to embrace my gifts. I will not change for anyone but only for love and divine light of God and our world. It’s too beautiful 🙂 so when you are not busy, if you can send me a message in regards to help working with you! The more people to work together the more we can change the world. I see the good in everyone yet, hear all the bad. And feel as if it’s getting taken out on myself. I feel like a joke. And I feel how other people feel emotionally and everything else. It’s not the best and I feel as if I want to be isolated. I look forward to hearing from you too!
    Kind regards, jade (:

  35. Well..thats me! I was born that way, and without one organ. Everything you say here describe me. But thats just not enough for me to except that means I’m a shaman. 🙂 It’s kind of funny. I have heard that before..but still. I would like to speak with you if thats possible, I’ll try to contact you somehow. Until then, stay the same. Namaste

  36. Thank you for posting this blog post.
    I am a Völva / Hedgewitch (Haegtessa), Reiki healer, and dream worker.
    I have suffered from fibromyalgia (which is hereditary, my Nana has it), bipolar depression (bipolar 2), and nightmares, some of them so severe that I have woken up in physical pain associated with what I was dreaming I suffered– for instance, bee stings. Definitely, accepting the role as a shaman, or type of shaman or healer, helps to alleviate some of the “shaman illness” or psychic illnesses that shamans suffer. A lot of this has to do with the wellspring of support that becomes apparent from your deities and the ancestors you work with. But the suffering never completely goes away. Rather, it assimilates and becomes mixed with your joy and your path. You learn to tolerate it, even understand it a bit.
    What I find interesting is that, the vast majority of the time, a true shaman rejects their role for years before they are initiated into the tradition. For years, I considered myself a witch, a healer–many things– but I refused to associate myself with the word shaman. I never understood why that was, until I realized I was trying to avoid my own pain. A true shaman knows that being a shaman means pain, hardship, and a relationship with the cycles of death, life, pain, and joy. You experience overwhelming hope and light, but also overwhelming pain and sorrow and death, sometimes your own, and oftentimes that of others. That is part of the job description, so to speak. It takes a long time to come to terms with that reality.
    Many people who idealize or glamorize the Shaman’s path, want to be shamans but do not realize what it takes. I don’t say this merely to be dismissive or to lecture. It is just reality. Too many people like the idea of the path, read a book and buy a bunch of paraphernalia, host a workshop or two, and thinks that this makes them a shaman. The truth is, that in order to be a shaman, you have to have suffered. People think it’s all about drumming, humming, groovy vision quests, and spirit animals. That can be part of it for some shamans, but that is not the core of what being a shaman is. If you do not know what the core is, you were not meant to know, because it can not be described with words alone. It is a deep feeling, that most people simply don’t have.
    I’m not saying this to disrespect people or to try to dissuade them from pursuing the things which interest them. You might find drumming, journeying, and animal spirits to be very helpful. Many people who feel drawn to shamanism are in fact drawn to paths and works that come from traditionally shamanic cultures– or cultures that were either lead by or at least valued shamans in their community. But you don’t have to be a shaman to find healing in drumming, drawing up runes, and contacting your guides and ancestors. All I’m saying is, that this is a different path that is related to shamanic cultures, but is not shamanism in and of itself.
    The fact is, if you are a Shaman, it is not a matter of choice. You can not choose to be a Shaman, and you can not choose to not be a Shaman. You either are or you aren’t, and it’s as simple as that. Do not go looking to create an ordeal in the hopes of becoming a Shaman. If you are meant to follow an ordeal path, that is your prerogative, and such a path can be meant for many types of people, but it does not ensure that you will become a Shaman.
    One last thing I’d like to say, is that not all shamans practice the same way. So, if you see or hear of someone else’s practice, saying that it’s not for you, and use that as an excuse to deny your own path as a type of shaman, then you are not doing yourself any favors. I know, I’ve been there. If you are a shaman, it can’t be avoided. I do not, for instance, “horse” or allow myself to be possessed by a spirit (at this point in time, at least, although one of my deities has tried to convince me to give it a try with him). The idea of being possessed is too painful for me at this point in time, given my history with human beings who were abusive and possessive towards me. Many, if not most, other Shamans, and people who call themselves shamans, do “horse,” especially practitioners of the Norse path who are notable for coining this term in the first place. Whether you horse or not does not guarantee that you are or are not a shaman. Whether or not you do dream work or spirit work the same way I do is also immaterial. If you are a shaman, your spirits, ancestors, and the constant stream of people asking for your help with healing and for advice, will be the ones to tell you, even if they do not use the word shaman. Trust me, you will know. Listen to the signs, listen to the whispers. And above all, listen to what your own subconscious, your instinct, your intuition is trying to tell you. It will be the one most brutally honest with you, and will tell you you are when you don’t want to be, and you’re not when you do want to be. Listen to that voice. It will spare you some suffering. But only some.

    1. One more thing I’d like to say is, do not listen to anyone in this comment section or on any forum, virtual or real, where someone is trying to tell you you are not “qualified” to be a shaman because you don’t meet their personal list of criteria, based on whatever information they were fed.
      If you are a shaman, you and you alone are the one who can confirm this with your soul. The soul of a shaman is different from all others, and your own inner knowing and the voices of your spirit contacts are higher knowledge than internet trolls and academia combined.
      You do not have to be Mongolian or Siberian to be a “true shaman,” just because that is where the word comes from. You can be a Miko, a Völva, a Wichasha Wakan, or any other name from any culture that is a name for shaman. Whether you use a particular method, or use a particular name does not matter. You may or may not have been chosen by your community. You may or may not come from a hereditary line of shamans. You may or may not have a day job in addition to being a shaman. You may or may not have a spouse and children of your own. You may or may not have an official title you go by, or have official recognition as a shaman. None of this matters, on the spiritual level. What matters is that you have access to the many layers of worlds and spiritual illnesses because of what you’ve been through, and this enables you to be a healer in ways all other people can not be. Even this is not full proof criteria. The only completely honest evidence is your soul. You will know, and anyone who declares that what your soul knows to be true is wrong, is either lying or doesn’t know what they are talking about.
      Being a shaman isn’t a matter of being respectful to culture or not. Just like a person can not help the language they were raised to learn, or how tall they are, a person can not help whether they are a shaman. There are people who try to be shamans who aren’t, who may “appropriate” purchasable goods and hold workshops. This is meaningless, and is ultimately not worth arguing over. You can be a shaman and still participate in buying such goods or books, or what have you. This will not make you any more or less of a shaman. If you are a shaman, you don’t need permission form an academic professor, an online blogger, another shaman from another culture, or Mongolia or Siberia. You can’t help whether or not you are a shaman. It’s as simple as that.

      1. Good stuff. Shamans are a part of every culture. The Celtics and Druids had powerful magician/shamans. The Egyptians also had powerful magicians. Shamans and magicians are really struck from the same lighting bolt. They both use rituals, potions, meditations, and journeys to heal people and to work magic for the betterment of the community. Shamans tend to be more connected to rural areas and work with nature spirits, while magicians tended to be more connected to cities and towns and used ritual magic and communed with angelic and demonic beings. In a nutshell it’s the same kind of power, although I believe shamanism takes a person a bit deeper into spiritual realms. Aliester Crowley studied all kinds of ritual magic, but he also spent a year in the Mexican desert taking peyote with shamans. Most spiritual or magical people will become shamans, or they will have a period in their life where they turn to shamanism, for a certain time period, in order to heal themselves or discover deeper spiritual truths.

    2. Hello I have been reading your comments and would like to thank you. I am currently following my gifts and have recently discovered that I am a Shaman and Wizard. I also am a clairvoyant, psychic, medium empath and healer. (That of which I believe is because of the Shamanic calling). I am still learning as I have much to learn. If you wouldnt mind helping me or give me any advice you have I would appreciate it.

    3. is it okay for somebody finding that what a shaman should expect from pursuing the path, what they will encounter and experience and see and do as a shaman, because upon researching celtic shamanism as a witch they found on paper word for word sometimes that described the unexplained experieces of their lives? that in having these things happen to them from a super early age before metaphysical things were even a thing to them, and without seeking power because of its glamour, but identifying with it more than any other thing found previously? this article being read by somebody who was just forced to have unexplainable experiences without ever looking for them, only following their gut and not knowing why that feeling had guided them there or even expecting something had something unexplainable happen? by a person who is skeptic first, and had searched for ways that could discredit or disprove what happened and proven that it was their own complexity of the human brain that invented a falsely metaphysical experience? what happens when said person is so against reaching for answers to explain it in fear that they would be stupid enough like most people to make something fit for them to explain it but reaching so hard that they were finding wrong answers?

      Look, im going to stop talking like im not talking about me. but when i started to fully educate myself on the older origins of what i followed with my heart, i found a book outlining sometimes word for word but always outlining what id felt, thought, and experienced in my life. not just one thing id experienced, it was 4 strong experiences id had while not looking, things id been slapped up the head with unsuspectingly that left me bewildered and shocked, these experiences that started when i was 11 that id given up on finding meaning to years and years ago, 20 years for the first thing that happened. and the book i was reading that outlined the basic concepts of abilities and personality traits as well as even saying that you will accept the torch that will light the way for others to see through the dark so they may find a way out of it and into the light. or a similar way of saying something i always called my glimmer, my special calling and ability to shine a light through a persons darkness, so they had a beacon to find their way out. now its quite undeniable to me that a past life of shamanism has been resurfacing my whole life, sometimes in very powerful ways that cause me to be in shock after, or to question was that something i did or was it just perfect timing? or what the hell did i see when i touched that tree?

      so in learning about shamanism, i had asnwers to something that i had for years no way to explain but unable to deny. and in learning about the path, id had every impulse ive followed proven justified, ever impulse that felt the same way that i didnt follow led me to wish i would have, every calling ive ever felt be considered normal and standard for a person suited to this life path, positive personality traits i endulged be identified as something i always found to be a step further in intensity than others that felt the same things but in a more common way, willing to put up with less or help less than i was, more something they were willing to do than felt the need to or calling to, feelings i had when i thought about certain things, senses that i seemed to have that i was very sensitive to…..that nobody has or they denied it, abilities id just stopped denying as made up and started really undienably exhibiting and growing and certain aspects becoming undeniable in intensity, every philosophy i have and uphold as a moral ground to conduct myself and police myself and the idealistic giving and healing nature i see being the thing the world is missing, seeing the ideals that i have as a solution to a lot of problems, if there weas just more people like me, and every vision ive been blindsided with explained all in detail and 100% on point not causingme reach to make anything fit but being right there like id wrote the book myself, just reading the most basic introduction to the history of celtic shamanism with very standard non advanced knowledge intended for the beginners to know if they are suited to pursuit of the path, to weed out the flimsy ones lacking the necessary qualities or interested for the wrong reasons, all the while letting them know how to start on it, how to do the most common things a shaman does, outlining things like meditation methods and what you can expect when an animal decides to be your guide. what the initiation ritual is and what you will find along your path if you work hard at it and always stating that its a lifelong pursuit that takes a great deal of dedication to get anywhere with. now, id be willing to say that your assumptions that the book was worded in such a way to be able to apply it to myself and play upon the unaware searching for it to apply to them or snare them with promises of what you will gain falsely. it speaks to the reader at first very cynically, as if it assumes every person that pics it up does so for thr wrong reasons, the entire time causing the thoughts that should ideally cause a lot of people to just put the book down and shift their focus to something easier and more appealing, but id say id read books before that allowed me to see how it could answer my question of what was that and why? as long as i found a way to apply it to myself and not feel how the answer made me feel, using my gut and only my brain and pattern forming tendency, sure ive found what could be answers, but it never felt right and i was accepting that i hadnt found any answers to any of it minis just having some remarkable abilities and even that i rejected as i was aware of human nature to claim such things when the appeal of having special powers was glamorous and allowed them to feel special, and unique and thats something all humans do. but being aware of every human doing that to varying degrees and not being convinced with other peoples claims, even though i felt like i had been exposed to a few different powerful experiences because of some ability i had and was born with, i rejected having innate senses and abilities that mde me special because i conduct my search as a scientist, and if it couldn’t be repeated or if its something that never was gonna happen again or could be coincidence, mainly if it never happened again, it wasnt a fantastical thing, but my rational brain begged it to be honest with myself and rational and logical and instead it got filed under my human search for feeling special and unique and then rejecting it because it didnt fit other things or feel quite right. good thing it has happened to me two more times, years apart, always when i was unsuspecting and always without consent and willingness i might add! just blam drive by experience. and i spent an entire evening the night i opened this book finishing it because the more i read applied to my life, and questions, some of which iid had for 20 years answered in such detail leaving out no part of it and also not saying anything that was supplimental extra info. everything that was included was relevant and part of what i had experienced, short and to the point while also not leaving anything out, the book as well as addressed a lot of things that i enjoyed or welcomed in my life that i wasnt asking any question about and finding that id always thought it human, and caring, and just part of me, not assuming a role alongside this part of the things that a shaman embodied and felt calling towards, that heavily singled you out as a candidate or not. the things that my book asked me in the beginning in order to make the reader realize it wasnt for them.

      and if it had been one or two things that gave me an answer to a years old question id know that there was a deeper reason for me having experienced these things in a sudden shocking drive-by way, but id stay realistic and not say this is undeniable. what makes it undeniable is that it was all 4 major and powerful experiences in my life that id never been able to explain or had told myself it was something i had created i had not been witness to experiencing something wondrous of the metaphysical nature. there they were outlined and explained in what a shaman could achieve or expect to be a part of in their following this path, and for the first experience i had, i was 11 being shown a vision and automatically writing something that couldnt have come from an 11 year old, which the last part of just this week became relevant . but what i wrote was that i should welcome and explore the knowledge that seek and attain accepting that i have known it before and finally in closing it stated that i had been given a mission in life, fullfill it as though needed, it is.” so many things didnt make sense in it for a very long time but it id provide strength for that which was the hardest year of my life. and the vision i saw was outlined word for word on helping you identify what will be an indicator of the wolf aligning with your path and following you guiding and leading when you needed it. now ive always felt a magnetic draw towards wolves, and since that moment became very interested in them, as its so common, i tried to use logic to tell myself id just gotten an idea for a drawing ( as im also an artist, but only after i wanted to be some kind of medic or nurse but realized id rather pursue art, feeling myself shy away from the reality of seeing horrible injuries), while trying to be realistic and not reach for the more appealing or “cool” explaination of what had just happened, which would be leaning towards my own brain finding a way to cope with hard times, and telling myself exactly what i needed to hear at that moment to comfort myself and i had picked the wolf not the other way around. being so common a favorite animal, liking that animal made me feel more comfortable with accepting that i experienced something common and there was some logical answer to it. i could never explain the experience in a way that laid to rest my mind as when i find proven and cross referenced conclusions. if i was saying it could very well be rational and logical to assume it was and ordinary and the imagination of an artist. but without finding some facts that follow logic and fact and science and proof, it was just as likely to be metaphysical and amazing i put it to bed, and found lots of ways to rationalize it into nothingness and logically think and not allow myself to believe something that may be false, i would explain it away thinking it ordinary but the last thing that begged to be accepted was that what i had written lied beyond my 11 year old self, that it was anything but invented because always knew nothing of that complexity ever came out of me especially at that age and at the speed in which it happened and passed. all in all it took about a minute and a half to write the whole thing down. without stopping its about as long as it took to draw out the letters and get it on paper. i could barely keep up with the speed it was moving at. let alone just come up with a complex message in that time as well as get it own, using vocuabulary that was unusual and all at a speed that would be impossible for me at 11 years old to create without at least 20 minutes. minute and a half? that goes past unlikely. i couldnt do that again with such meaning if i tried.

      so i am realizing that one sign, okay, im still pursing magic, and then 2 and 3 and even 5 things, perhaps in a different time i would have pursued it. but with more than 10 things so clearly described and 20 year old questions being given answers in perfect accurate detail, as well as the feeling i got when reading this information for the first time and it all clicking, and the sense of how momentous it all was and how it was on paper explained sometimes in my own words, not having to think to make it fit, and that feeling of immensity of what i had discovered, it caused a pretty substantial emotional reaction from me the second i read what happens when the wolf picks you, what you will see and where he leads you. that was the information that caused me to read the whole book. and clearly see that every thing i am, everything i embodied, the strength to deal with pain and suffering, made me candidate for a shaman. when paired with experiencing or seeing witnessing and observing mostly all if not every recognizable sign that i was being led here, it became severely real and completely undeniable if i was using rational thought or logic at all. i had been given so many positives and no negatives to say what i felt was anything but realizing that i will pursue this path now until i die.
      so please if you respect the path at all and the virtue of spirit and positive effect required of the path, more than you state this article is superficial in intention, when you act so negatively to something i find in research of my path finding it another thing that all fits even though im not seeing anything to derail me from accepting continuing a past lives purpose in this one, im still trying to find things to disprove it all before im devoting myself fully.

      i wont try to reach for answers still, leading with a clear head because the clear signs and whatnot that are real to me always make themselves known no matter how skeptical i am of everything initially. and i am happy to know that i will be able to help others heal and my existence in this life as well as a past life will again effect the world positively in a way i am proud to be a part of.

  37. I had a reading done recently that said I am a Shamanic Wizard. I have had many hardships in my life and I feel like I am. Whenever I say my doubts I feel negativity coming back but as soon as I say I am a Shamanic Wizard I feel right in the world. Not sure where else to go from here about it. Any help would be appreciated or an email.

  38. Thank you. thank you. thank you. My shaman friend and mentor shared this with me. I’m finding more and more mystics to connect with as I embrace my own path as a shaman, psychic and healer. To say these things out loud is so new that I still cower a little as the words slip through me and onto a public forum. But, I’m so grateful to accept my gifts after MUCH encouragement from many kindred spirits, such as you!


  39. I have been told and it was very specific that I am a shaman. The visions are Getting stronger and I feel terrified and alone and yet I want to know how to carry out my duty and to do it in a way that is the most helpful. Please help guide me as I need an elder or many elders. The images are clear and I cannot stop them nor do I feel it’s my duty to do so. I’m trying to be a leader but there are so many forces working against us all and I need help and support.

  40. Hi every one . I feel I am having a shamanic calling! finding every thing that has been happening a little confuseing. Feel like for the last twenty years or so maybe even long my life has been ripped apart by trauma after trauma that lead me to study spirituality. Since such I have gained a few gifts downloads of information. I feel so alone never have ever fiited in society and always seen has the strange one! But who people turn to in crisis that leave once I have helped them.. Like I said they has been so much if anyone can be of assistance would be most gratful much love and gratitude to you all.xx

  41. I have this strange occurance happen often. I can be thinking about something that I want to mention to some one in the room with me. They suddenly start telling me exactly what I am thinking about to tell them. It blows me away. It happens when I’m watching TV also. I also think of calling someone and my phone rings . It will be the person I’m thinking of.

    1. I’ll think of something to say to someone and they start talking about to me the same as I’m thinking of.i can think of someone and they call me on the phone. I dream of something happening and in a day or so it happens. Sometimes it is good and sometimes bad.

  42. Thank you Lissa, you’re article was very affirming for me. I have been in stealth mode for much of my life, my intuition cautioned me to be discerning and I listened. The following is for anyone that chooses to benefit.

    We are indeed the bridge makers and holders, every gesture we make helps to usher in the continuing improvement of consciousness.

    We are here to overcome our fears both together and alone, life in this material realm is hard because it needs to be in order for lessons to be consolidated.

    Each lesson learned contributes to a more evolved understanding that is instantly shared by all, yet not all are ready to accept and utilise the lesson, over linear time however, lessons do come through.

    Life in this realm is also glorious in moments. Courage, kindness and respectful conduct with all that you encounter will help heal the wounds that bind us all.

    I am grateful for the whole experience and look forward to seeing balance being restored. The spiritual truth with bring sanity back to the material realm and nature will once again feel the peace it deserves.

  43. that may have been the best way to conduct chosing somebody suited to uphold every expectation and whatnot, but i have been either made aware of a path i led in a past life, or the earth is calling to me out of a need it feels. in any case, i have many many clear signs in addition to these and no doubts about what it means for a purpose and mission i will spend the rest of my life following. it doesnt matter what has called to me to wake up this path and purpose, all i know as its been calling my whole life and whatever it is, it has done it out of a need, and no matter how i denied it it still called and i never found answers for what it was until i was doing research and came to shamanism..

    accept that if a person feels a strong undeniable call showing every clear sign, that their path they walk based on a solitary existence of their own, the calls they have felt are no less real because in present day the need for shamans may be very needed and our place in it being stressed for a reason, outside of personal glamour or purpose, none of it is made less real by how tribes and society of old conducted the rituals of selection. when you use logic, when you know, you know. we have already ruled out the alternative as being more rational and logical until half our lives were wasted as we spent many years agreeing that it cant be shamanism or anything other than made up fantasy we created, until you have to use logic and rational thought to NOT accept that youre being called to with an urgency and for reasons you have to accept not knowing, and by untraditional methods. when it becomes all to real and leaves no reasonable doubt any longer, is such a person to reject the call and ignore a need something has to call, because in ancient history they had a tradition? i will dismiss tradition in understanding that in the world advancing daily, that old knowledge becomes antiquated as better more efficient things are achieved. all the while it remaining the same technology or knowledge, we are ever evolving as it is humanity’s nature to do so. failing to honor the call some feel towards shamanism in a world where a tribal villiage is something that can only exist in remote places just because it doesnt follow some old method. dis crediting a person feeling it in so many ways as to not be able to deny it any longer, living in cities yet loving and feeling at home in nature, is very hard headed narrow minded thinking. if whatever is calling to people and not all of them can be putting the term into their google search cause its appealing, some of them have that gut feeling and when researched and weighed with logic, the only logical outcome is that you are going to pursue the path of shaman, in populated areas where you are most useful to as many as possible, in a world that may be waking us up because there is going to be a need for humanity or somebody you meet for you to be able to help and heal them.(im being hypothetical only here) if we have a nuclear war tomorrow or something and it causes man to be without the technology and medicine we have come to rely on…..would you hate on every shaman that didnt get picked by a tribe ritual? would you refuse help from somebody that has accepted this mission and purpose because they felt a solitary call that they had? would you at the end of the world accept that everything evolves creating better more effective and currently applicable versions of everything living on this planet at all times since its beginning, so why wouldnt that include a shaman, earth dweller, forest lover, animal and plant communicating, closer to gaia than most could hope for kind of person wouldnt be evolving if not at the same pace, but more importantly, more efficiently to adapt to our present world? if anything hopes of surviving, it has to adapt. and relying on isolated tribes to have the only shamans where they would feel their need not as big, vs being in cities where they could help the most and where the planet was most sick and needing the shaman to protect and heal the planet because it needs to be taken care of by somebody who will do it out of love and care and purpose alone not seeking the perks or to just feel good about themselves or give to a charity because its a tax write-off? can you be a little more open minded and allow yourself to weigh the probable answer, instead of pushing some negative option? you think one person would do the job……but every person saying its all fake if you found by reading this that your feelings are false, saying the person who read it is fake when she gives comfort, saying if you dont follow to the letter ancient ways of leading this life that the calling and experiences and feeling in your gut that is never wrong, is all wrong and makes you a fake and not really a shaman, making the people doubt what they have known in their souls their entire lives or make it any less positive, if doing all this brings such negativity into such a positive setting, the only thing false about the people on here that follow the shamans path are the naysayers that arent singling out the ones they doubt are shaman, but leaving a comment that is only name calling, and negative, and close minded for all that find this page to read and be offended by. clear to me as the light of day who the false ones are or the ones following their path confused about the important part ranting about the details..about uplifting humanity. its only the place for a false shaman to act according to what clearly as far as ive learned in my research, singles every hater that comments as somebody who is not a shaman, and is acting out in an attempt to tear down the positive flow that you are reading until one of you guys pops up and shows us what a real shaman wont ever do.

  44. Hi Lissa,

    I was wondering if you had any statistics on how many people or what percentage of the population (US, the world) would answer yes to 10 out of 10 signs?


  45. Yes, I am! Finally found the name of my true calling. I am a shaman. Life has moulded me from the days I was born, and I could make a profound tick against each point mentioned here. Thank you!

  46. Great post. The Shaman archetype is a good experience but also a bad experience. How can one have both? Only the shaman knows. I had to check-mark every point that you made. Shamans not only experience these things, but the deeper your call is, the more intense the ecstasy of it, but also the pain. Shamans often feel deep pain when they are mistreated or see others mistreated. They often watch their dreams of fame, money, and cultural respect vanish before their eyes over and over again until finally, at age 50, they give up on their dreams and become the true shaman. Good shamans are very humble because they have been crushed and wounded over and over again by the divine and the spirits that are part of that divine. Many shamans live on low incomes but have learned to be happy because of the joy and ecstasy of the power that resides within them. Shamans often have evil people thrown on their path to rob them, wound then, gossip about them, and injure them. But there’s good news. Shamans often have interesting sex lives. They also get free stuff, such as NFL tickets, from people who appreciate their healing power. They also can become fairly well off in the end because the divine can bless them out of appreciation for their service.
    If you have a calling it’s best not to run from it. You will not find rest or happiness until you embrace it. The powers that you will experience are hard to define and can be very uncomfortable for years, but as the years go by you will begin to embrace that power as the most important thing in your life.

  47. I’m confused everything I have read has matches every feeling or life event and experience I have had what do I do?

    1. Sometimes my hands get so hot .and I can feel this energy on me I once tried this feeling and tried to heal this woman that had multiple people talking to her .I place my hands on her head and asked them to leave her alone knowing they were not just voices in her head but feeling she was sensitive as well I told them stop you don’t belong here leave. Her alone I am saying this with my own mind then she was smiling and brought her complete attention to me .am I losing it ? I don’t know .I have so many things that are so unexplained in my life I need some kind of answer.out of body experience,repeated dreams exact same over and over every year reading people,gut feelings that are as exactly as I envisioned in my own mind etc.

  48. Ithink there are only mayne one of these i dont understand the rest even my husband agreed are dead on!!

  49. This is so weird. I was able to truthfully answer 9 out of the 10 questions.
    thank you for helping me to find my purpose. Now what?

  50. Hi Lissa, I came across this article and somehow, although I never really thought about shaman things… It’s just that everything you’ve written from one to ten is like about me… I’ve never spoken about this to anyone… I tried to tell this several times to my wife but I always get answers that make’s me feel afraid to tell anyone else. There is something different going on with myself and it started with some unexplainable thing since 2011. I started having hallucinations of people coming to my room during the night… I feel some of them are bad while other’s, I feel that they are trying to help me… I started to have visions… which come true… I became super sensitive at a lot of things that even going to the mall gives me some anxiety.. like I get so tired in a few minutes… sadly, I’m trying to blend in even though I feel like shouting inside as to what is happening to me… here in my country, being a shaman is not a good thing… they say that once you accept this… you will be poor the rest of your life and your family will suffer. I did some research, went to my mother’s place in a remote island, found out that my great grandfather’s were the best healer’s of the island… that made me scared more… because I gave them names… names that my mom never mentioned about… turned out, they were names of my different grand-grand fathers… I was not born and never grew up on that remote island. my question is, is it just a coincidence… or I may have hallucinated about the different people in my room.. i’m sorry, i’m just really tired of asking my self about this thing and never get any answers… honestly, what i’ve told here is just a dot of on a white sheet of paper. thankyou, hope you can enlighten me more

  51. Lissa this is amazing, just got back from Standing Rock and a whole big story– is there a way to consult with you or talk to you?

  52. to lisa. i have been drawn more and more to i feel i am a shaman as you described in your list. i fit all critria iv healed others with my energy iv done energy massarge on many saposedly dangerous horses. iv always understood what animals are thinking and want. iv always been a phycic iv always had profetic dreams and had visions of murders before thay happen. iv also got a chronic auto imune desise. and since iv started smokin white sage iv been having even more intense dreams that i know mean something other than my brain unwinding from the days activities. im also always been intrested in herbal healing. but how do i move forward?? i want to embrace my quite obvious shamanic talents but am unclear as to how. any advice anyone?

  53. I had a massage at an all woman’s retreat at a Catholic convention center … For the weekend… It turned into a 2 hour healing session …. My chakras have been opened and I don’t know how to handle ..

  54. There is a wonderful book called ‘Dark Nights of The Soul’ by Thomas Moore, (a true Shaman). The Dark Night is a necessary journey for a Healer; Surrender to it’s wisdom but let the signs and the Light guide you through.

  55. I am a shaman I just found out about myself 2 years ago please give me an advice with way I need to go next? I am originally from Thailand and lived in USA
    right now , I am an art of healing hand 🙂

  56. I honestly believe I might be shaman and haven’t realized it yet, and all of these things are true about me, I would love to become a shaman, but, it goes against christianity ☹️

  57. I just wrote a lot down but my phone froze when I went to add email address so don’t know if you received it

  58. Hai, Lissa.

    I’ve so much experiences so I thought that I’m a shaman. But, sometimes I feel being marginalized and my capabilities on healing, knowing, or anything are just being obstacle for my life. Have you feel that’s what I’m feeling now?

  59. This is sad for me to read because before I involved myself with negative entities, I fit all the descriptions. Now my mental state has completely deteriorated because of their presence, I’m losing touch with reality, and I am in desperate need of a warrior shaman because the most powerful evil is out to get me. Someone help me

  60. Ah ha, your article speaks volumes. I have not communicated with any spirits actively, but for the past months, I feel like I know how to, but know as soon as I do, I would always actively have to seal the box for some sanity in our mainstream. So I’ll leave that for another time perhaps.
    We have to embrace empathy in it’s infinite to embrace an infinite existence. This is some real magic right here.
    Everything comes from a seed and then it decreases in potency whether an idea, a construction, or an edible. When you find the source of everything, you wake up to this devolved nature.
    Who gave us imagination though. I guess we did really.
    I’m not too stealthy however and find I am caught out on my ulterior thought patterns. I think of it however as like being a beauty spot on this part of Earths skin

  61. My big question to be quite frank is whether I bring light or joy into this world from now on(I have to some extent already) what difference does it make when I will perish and ultimately everybody else too at some point. I have no faith in there being an afterlife or spirit world, so you could just as well argue that you are doing people a favour by not bringing life or light into this world.

  62. Right on. Just more cultural appropriation by bored suburbanites who need to feel special. All for a price.

  63. Superstitions people superstitions everyone here (except me) seem like those scammers who post comments like “i thought it was a joke but it worked.”,”i just recieved my order today”. In comments of those fake sites where they tell u you a lucky winner today and have a chance to win something great or those fake surveys / offers they tell to complete to get something( to a site most often or a activation key of some product) anyway at least here i am showing light to the people in fog and not darkness.

  64. You have open the door of true wisdom , I only hope I can walk through to gain a more enlightened way. I have never had any direction in life avoiding being trapped in one way or another .

  65. I am Reiki Master but I really want to be a Shaman and I train with dogs and animals it’s very to communicate with them. I don’t yell or scream I just look at them and they know what to do . My dog Finnegan is also a healer he helps the dogs with anxiety issues and calms them right down.

  66. I read your page here. And sounds like you was describing me. Where can I go to learn more? And are there places in Wisconsin that can help me know if I fit this? I am interested in learning more as i said it sounds like you are describing me. Thanks for your help an time reading this.


  67. The people I care strongly for I send my energy to and I know it works I am felt heard and use my power in the best form. For the ones who try and have hurt my loved ones r seen so much from now from all sources

  68. Hi
    I was drawn to paganism some years ago ,& have had many strange experiences over the years,
    nearly hit by lightning as a child & later in life having a near death experience where the pages of my life ,good & bad flicked by only for me to recover my body, i felt one time helping my Gran in hospital as i held her hand a warm glow came over me & in to her. I have had the seen one ghost in my life& as a child recovering from a sickness i was fully awake & went in a trance only to see the grim reaper & his Goblin army , hope this does not sound to daft as i have never rely told this story before ,

  69. Thank you for the powerful and important information. I am a bridge worker and I communicate telepathically with animals, know my guides and work with the Ascended Masters. My book is done and is all about the direct learning I experience with my animal friends on the 4th and 5th dimension. The term stealth is a term I used in my book too. Peace and Love to All.

  70. I don’t know how I got to this article but I’m glad I did. It’s like it speaks to me. I was always fascinated by shamans, the native tribes, ancient civilizations, the spirit world and I absolutely love animals. Does that make me a shaman? I don’t know, maybe. Peace.

  71. I knew who I was, now I know not who I am. I have so many questions though most of the answers I already know.
    What, Where, When , Why and Who ” Am I”.
    I thought I knew until about 4 months back in March. Shortly after my 60 year young Birthday, I was told by my X that I had the eye.
    I was born with it and never knew what I had been given.
    To say the least an eye opening life changing event. Since then I have been methodically searching for answers.
    I go where the path leads me. So now I am here.
    I will stop for now just to hear your response.

    I would like to find the answers to the 5 W s.

    Only the Gods know my path !

  72. I have made things move without touch such the volume on stereo up and down, opened a door without touch, summoned bat, dogs, pigs, birds, telepathically reached out to people, healed people I.e. a little girl handicapped whose arm cusnt lift over her head, someone’s back, a life and death swelling, but I’ve also hurt people with energy too (this one I almost have no control over), so much more…all true all witnessed and some on video

  73. I qualify on 7 counts (except 7,8,9). Even when I was very small (4 to 7 years), I felt that the world is a very strange place and I will never be able to adjust with it. I have a childhood in which the caregivers themselves persecuted me and observed teachers persecuting innocent kids. I hoped that I will die soon or my life will take a positive turn. None of it happened, I have crossed 50. For a passive observer I am leading a successful life. But I am lonely and was lonely for most part of my life, and I am looking forward to my death. I would not think about suicide, since I am afraid that the God may send back me to earth again. If it was within my power, I would have created websites to organize people about mindless corp orates. For e.g. why Bill Gates want to change Windows every now and then? Does he thinks that people do not have any other business other than figuring out how the new system is working? The majority of the folks who works on his system do not use 90% of the applications and is not concerned with the new versions. Instead of Mr.Gates telling the world what they should use, if the people who use his software unite in an online forum and start telling him what improvements he should bring in his product or the need to bring an abridged version of his software it would end the quest for seeking mindless self importance.

  74. Welcome your conected to the network of all who were before and the present . there just as flawed as we can be , be shielded , and carefull, we walk the land of the living and the land of the dead in unison .

  75. Im in need of a Native American Shaman. I feel the calling from within my soul. I need to be healed and taught to protect myself spiritually. I am a natural born empath/sensitive.

    1. we are all naturally indifferent to everything. but for whatever reason we decide to care

      we must be indifferent to see clearly so we can be proper

  76. You can check my Three books by xiong fong one is playing to throne the second is 12 power of the throne and third is path to freedom

  77. I’ve bee struggling for years, feeling completely lost and alone. I recently plucked up the courage to open up to a group of people for help, and many of them suggested I might be a shaman. Having no idea what that is, I was lead to this article.
    I just want to say thank you so much, this has helped me and I don’t feel as alone anymore.

    Blessings x

  78. I am a surgical Technologist. I am very spiritual and I get feelings I. The OR. I have had vivid dreams that I am to help the newly deceased cross over by helping there “soul” move free of their body onto the next plain. I am not sure really how to do this. If a patient expires I do help with cleaning up the body for the family to view. I was wondering if their is a process to assist the soul to move on, that I can help with. Thanks

  79. I have worked in the health care system for many years. Retired July 31/2017.
    I would have to say, The Health Care System, was not the place I needed to be.
    I need to find myself!! Here I am, due to, a woman that directed me to, Shamanism, from facebook.
    At 69 years old this November, recognizing, feeling, a pull in many different directions, and doing my best to focus.

  80. the thing is, i dont agree with this article because shamans are supposed to “show you the way”. so if you dont belong anywhere. figure that one out

  81. I fit the criteria of many of the above 10 Signs of Shaman.

    I will spare you the details…

    I write because I have had an event happen and I am curious as to the meaning behind it.

    I was walking the land near where I stay. (I have always been drawn to this area as long as I can remember). And I had the urge to reach into the ground (it was soft ground), and when I pulled my hand back up I was holding a sphere shaped stone (Moqui/Shaman Stone…I call them earth stones).

    Is this a hint of something…like…pertaining to any native traditions? Perhaps a sign that I am a Shaman?

    Since then I have amassed a large collection of stones. In fact, today I found a pea sized one and it lead me to another, much larger stone of many stones.

    It’s like these stones draw me to them…or I’m drawn to them. I know it sounds weird…but It’s what it is.

  82. I can definitely vibe with this. I did go to the Amazon jungle, alone, to partake in 3 ayahuasca ceremonies with an actual shaman. But the question is, ‘now what’?

    1. Time alone. Severe time alone until all words dissapear and you meet you. From there, you will know if the path is for you and then you will know the way.
      Love and light

  83. As humans for some reason, we don’t realize that we are one.
    And we must remember that in the circle of life, we are one.
    one Soul, one Mind and one Heart.
    All my relations . I honor you in this circle of life with me today, I’m grateful for this opportunity to acknowledge you in this…
    “WOPILA”. Thanks

  84. Amazing how this and other posts are popping up like wildfire in my browser. This is me! Today I cleared relationship issues and made way for forgiveness and love. Through Ho’oponopono I opened my heart to healing. I discovered that I am a rare personality, a type of sensitive. I accept my psychic gifts where before kept hidden to avoid ridicule. I find confidence in my aptitude for nursing and my interest and care for animals.. I finally feel ok for being different. My soul purpose is to seek union with source. None other. I strongly feel that we are one yet appalled at the many divisions. I seek peace in nature, in breeding ragdoll cats and chinchillas.
    I have no idea where this will lead but my depression is leaving and finally I am beginning to be at peace.

  85. Gratitude for each word in this article. It was absolutely helpful in my process of seeing myself as a shaman, someone who wants to heal people and heal people though healing situations. 😃

    Namaste 🙏

  86. Thanks, now my world makes sense to me! Thought I was going mad. I’ve been told before I am a bridge. Didn’t know what it meant.

  87. Although I honesty didn’t read through all of the previous comments, so may be missing a lot, but feel the need to say “as above, so below” also to just throw out there, the things that are wished upon other’s whether good or bad, have a tendency to come back to us.. karma

  88. In which culture does surviving a lightning strike indicate a shaman? This seems like a very broad, bold statement to make as every place around the world has a different shamanic tradition.

  89. I’ve on two occasions met people who were interested in shamanism.
    both times they had unpleasant / dishonest natures. Just to a degree off course, but enough to realise that they needed to work on themselves before anything else.

  90. I hope that you address the time needed to be alone. Without knowing one self, you can never know your true path. Shamanism is a path that finds one. It is the path of no label, no name. We are no one.

  91. Live life and love all 💗 Love is healing and can shead light to any darkness. You must have darkness to understand light and if you accept that you can love all and when you love all you do lift the world up little by little but combined and collectively that is a huge lift! Your hearts light the dark through the love of life and all the magic around us xx beautiful article xx stumbled across it trying to research a recurring theme in a dream 🙂 snakes… Dreamt one bit me as a child while I was a t the funeral of my now (real life soon to be ex husband) and the one that recently turned into a man who called himself mas (interestingly in Somali that sword literally means snake) and told me not to feel guilty about wanting him because we were connected through the lunar faze of our 12th house. This second dream was around the time I just couldn’t take my marriage anymore – I got married hoping to trick fate into proving to me true love exists and ironically I found that it does but my love is for everyone and I struggle being tied to one place and person 🙂 I was looking the dream up again because the name mas keeps popping up now! Not sure it’s a shamanic topic but I have always had full on dreams… To much to try explain…. But something bought me to this sight and propelled me to share! Xx

  92. Thank You.

    Feeling a truth in it, right now alone in it.

    This Blue Moon, perhaps memories of Lifes was not OK. In Orgiva and quite the ‘who is the outsider’ vibe.

    Ready to heal myself others and gaia.

    Within this body, Inside and out.

    Ommm omm om

  93. Y’all should know that everything that you desire for other will return to you. If you don’t know that Then wait and see!!! I am too a shaman.

  94. Help me I need to find other shamans I’m so lonely and going through shamanic sickness I need someone around who understands

  95. Out of Singularity We Arrived
    Made from the dust of long ago burnt out stars which went super nova, where the iron in our blood carries the oxygen to or brains for a thought of awareness that we are still one all formed billions of years ago, brought into the now. By definition the eternal remains the same but from it comes the forces some call OEM others creation salvation and the holy ghost, like a string pluck on a musical instrument with 3 parts attack sustain and decay, but what underlays it all is the eternal. Let us go down and create, so here we are part of a pattern that weaves through the days and nights of space and time. With each breath fell the vibrations, see the lights flicker and be true to oneself this is your time to live in harmony.

  96. I am that I am , All of our mountains and all our beaches are all that ewe are. Please stay close to your family ,even if no good . walk in beauty walk in balance , walk in grace ; no matter what they say!!! If family poision walk far away but not too far! Then as shamen Us will find a soft sweet good way. As shamen we will walk softly close but too close to family . Than as we grow old shamen moves with family to cure out of balance things.”I have spoken and it is so.”Chris Lambert

  97. I applaud your apparent devotion in the face of disbelief and ignorance. It is a sin that Truths have been perverted to suit self centered gains. A focal point a so much illness. Take courage, it IS the good fight!

  98. Hi, I’ve been reading about this schizophrenia and the Shamans view, although I’m understanding everything there is something within me I can’t understand and hopefully you guys would help to reach a answer. I’ve looked for symptoms and I have some although they are not the worst ones, I have lots of voices in my head telling me and give me images of exactly what I should do but in other hand I have my inner self speaking even louder, saying “No, that’s not the way to do”, I have a lot of trouble concentrating in what I’m trying to understand or if I am speaking to someone I can’t explain myself proper to others and if that person is talking about something trivial I keep changing the subject very often and they find me weird, I never had friends because I can’t relate to anyone but I do have a beautiful wife and two kids, but I can’t talk with her, so I end up talking alone, loud, a lot and when I mean a lot it’s literally since I wake up until I fell asleep. I’ve always been curious how I react with the external world but never got to a conclusion. I read a lot about consciousness, theory’s of conspiracy etc. Do you think it’s just like a “side effect” for reading about lots of things or something more? Also I’ve spent mostly of my childhood and teens years locked in a room because my drunk father never let me having any freedom and I’ve spent some physically abuses but not sexually do you think it’s just w phase that will pass? Please try to find a answer for me everyday I feel more confused about myself. Maybe I’m just exaggerating I dont know, but I’m getting more skinny because food tastes bad to me, I feel my health going downhill, I only feel relieved, safer only when I smoke marijuana (I have a lot trouble to fell asleep if I dont smoke) or when I hear african/shaman drummers sounds, but if I listen very closely to a War drumming, it feels like it takes my soul out of my body. Please can you help me?? I’ve posted everywhere this and cant find a answer, I feel very lost. Thank you.

  99. Simply , all life is one. “Source” is within the Absolute Realm. Infinity is just below this that holds all the Souls that have found themselves, or simply all the “Higher Self (‘s)”. Then You and/or Duality. “Source” , Infinity, Soul. One of NUMEROUS Trinities. You can Literally connect to anything as “Self”. Outside of “Judgement” view the person or object as of equal importance as “Self”. Then , place “Self” within that Person or Object. You have to remove the Monkey Mind as it just wants more and more Bananas. This is the basis (Core) of all of Existence. We are the Children of the Universe. GROW UP !

  100. In moments when everything as we know it is shattered and our minds start to fill with fear the only answer is surrender, trust, release and receptivity, so love can enter and fill all the spaces not living any room for doubt or fear to enter. Everything that comes our way is part of our journey to the source of all. I am working on surrendering and trusting. Love starts to fill my ♥. But still a long way to go. I am requesting prayer so I can find inner peace in this very challenging times.

  101. Our beliefs are who we are. As a “Closet Shaman,” I am frequently torn between my thoughts. People get stuck on the subject instead of the meaning the subject is projecting, and of course there are as many meanings as there are minds. All my suffering in life has been from my own thoughts, and not from others as I had thought for so many years. In life there is sunshine and rain, and I always became very sad because I thought my life consisted of more rain than sunshine. Now I have a different thought, and that is- what does rain bring with it? Rain brings growth, and I now understand why there was so much rain in my life. I never truly opened up and gave my whole self to another, as I understand true love to be, until I was 55 years old. I admit I feel very lonely sometimes, because there aren’t that many people who understand life as I have come to understand it, or the healing that comes with that understanding. Thank you for this article!

  102. Hello Divine Soul Beings,

    Thank you Shaman Lissa Rankin for this insightful and clear article. We have been directed to respond to this thread: Infinite Source Love has asked us to donate our Sacred Shamanic offerings from our pure heart energy for a brief period of time. It is our Shamanic practice to always follow Source guidance unconditionally without resistance, self will or fear. So to the courageous of the heart and brave of the mind person seeking free Shamanic help, we can help you. Already your are feeling relief. 🙏🙌💗 We use Conscious energy to shift you out of your Human story/program/trauma/conditioning/limited beliefs/contrast/duality/judgment/habits/violence/anger/reaction and other dense, unconscious, lower vibrational manifestations in your life. You have so much mind energy operating in your field of your human-Soul system. I came upon this thread by Divine hands and feel guided to share this Conscious energy that we have been directed to name Avaala. You are calling in are other mind-driven responses as it serves as a reflection for your inner world. When Consciousness activates our pure heart energy (the name of the energy is called Avaala), our heart first buzzes and twinges and responds. You all have felt this sensation before – you feel expansive, you feel limitless, you feel ultimate gratitude and appreciation for All that is without the need to control, manipulate, judge and dismiss. Your heart feels full – full of compassion, full of acceptance, full of understanding, letting go, allowing, trusting and receiving the energy of true unconditional Divine love – Avaala. It is the energy Source uses to create. There have been many names. This one is activated for 5D – the period of space where humanity rises in Consciousness and awakens energetically to their infinite Godself within. Your true identity, your true origin. Your own Conscious energy heals your human story and regenerates you to your original state of wholeness and well-being. All your Spiritual gifts open and no lower density can pull you down into ego reaction. You come from an energy of calmness and sacred neutrality and this is what you share – this is Conscious Love. Everything else is projection and your endless human loops and stories. It’s not about changing. You change and then change back. It is about total transformation. Transformation into an embodied and Conscious Being – self responsible and self realized in your own personal mastery of energy and subtle energy bodies. Mastering the damaged toddler, inner teenager – the operating system of a Divine human story you and your Soulmates wrote before coming into this lifetime of simultaneous reality. It is here you can live with the purpose of mastering your human energy with your Soul Consciousness. When this happens, energetically and then physically, all of your highest manifestations are possible. You are in Divine harmony with Father Universe and Mother Gaia – Heaven and earth within your energy. This is your true divine identity. You are Heaven on Earth. This is how we use our own Soul energy to heal and regenerate ourselves. You do this for yourself on every level – mental, physical, emotional, energetic, psychic bodies. You master your own Spiritual, energetic hygiene then you are ready to create your new story using this energy. All are welcome to receive and donate what you feel your healing is worth to you. Have and not have is an illusion. You have today, it’s gone tomorrow. It’s ok. It is an infinite Source. Attract and magnetizing money energy into your experience is far more effective than going out and forcing it within your human story. You all hold so many limited attachments to money that holds you a prisoner. Money is an energy that is neutral. Value and human attachments weigh it down but money is called currency for a reason – it’s an energy and it needs to flow. It holds energy so we always clear the money that comes to us with Conscious love and appreciation to the true Divine Source of Money. Your perceived lack is just a story. Shift your story to: I align myself with all resources that will help me to live my Soul Path and fulfill my Divine purpose on Earth. My Soul is guiding me to my highest path and I am a powerful manifestor as it benefits my highest good and the good of All. I trust in the Divine in me. I choose to let go and allow and receive. We honor you for asking for Divine assistance for free. Ask and ye shall receive. We consciously love and hold Sacred space for you AlL. 🙏🙌💕 Contact us via: avaala_regeneration.com
    This is Siddhi Shaman/CEO and founder Avaala, llc . Please support and share – Instagram Avaala_official

  103. White people are not shamans! That’s cultural appropriation to the nth degree. Sorry, white people, but you can’t call yourself whatever you like because you think it’s cool. Call yourself a healer or psychic, but not a shaman.

  104. I’m pretty sure we all were born to help each other evolve spiritually. That is the difficult thing with the human race, they will always see us separate in some way and that is not the true healer. Shaman or not, we all can heal. Learn to heal yourself, you have it in you.
    I help animals and people but I do not call myself any archetype names because I am what I am, not what someone else is. I know that I’m different but I’d like to just call myself aware.

    Remember the best healing can be laughter and that is a big part of my help to others. If you feel lost or have faltered away from your path. Ask your dreams to guide you and look to those close to you who are strong and that live you. We are all in this together, help each other out. I charge very minimal fees for my services because I feel spiritual work should not exclude those less fortunate. But I have helped many for over 30 years for free and I feel as if that is coming back to be in kind.:)


  105. Lissa your light is amazing. I remember reading Mind Over Medicine and being blown away. I have just finished a 9 year awakening thru which I had some extremely difficult times. About 3 months ago a Shamanism retreat came across my path and I knew I had to go. It was preordained to attract only the 30 of us that went. I found out that I was born in a vortex and was a Shaman and a Mystic. This was like coming home, and explained so many things in my life. We were given several gifts, one of which is called Sound Current Healing. I can literally send huge amounts of energy thru my hands (Angel assisted). I am so excited to finally know I am not alone. Love & Light🙏🏼💞🌟🌻

  106. HI there, I have recently come to terms with the fact that I may have been ignoring my calling to the detriment of myself and upon realizing this scary new addition to my already lengthy resume of socially unacceptable personality traits I felt so so alone and took a leap of faith here right now doing this. I need support and information to help me manage this business and live a happy life please do contact me when you have a minute

  107. I am a black shaman…and very confused….
    However…you are a godsend…
    I need to find an oracle

  108. Many are called but few will answer. Many of us have the calling but do not know where to turn and begin the process of helping, guiding, or healing others. Thank you.

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  110. Hello , my name is anonymous got now .. But I thought I would share , I have a special kind of interaction with nature I am able to become, let go, ..I have several times within its connection hear it speaking to my soul almost .yesterday I was walking through the woods clearing my thoughts and come upon a bird funny as it sounds I began to speak to the Bird in a kind way saying hello to it and assuring it that I was no threat. He followed for some time I set my hand out to it because I just knew it trusted me ? This Bird Was not scared or intemidated by me in no means.. Flew down to my hand he hoverd me continusly as close as I would allow it .. I have never fit in .. I have vivid dreams have experienced astral projection .. I had a near death experience when I was five.. My lungs collapsed during a dentist visit . they had to bring me back to life. Within flatlining I achieved. Gifts of many talents musically inclined can play any insterment by ear .. I hear angelic singing.. And monks chanting in silence of my time please help me I need more understanding.. There is more to share …

  111. I practice acupuncture. Many patients have thought I was clairvoyant. Ive always said I was not, only trained well. Recently I on a mission and two different shamans said my energy was very strong, my third eye was open, actually said I was gifted, said I was different, really, it was alot to take in considering I wasnt seeking it out. Upon reflection, I was wondering if I should make some effort to develop whatever it is I have. What steps would you take?

  112. Ok. You know too much about me. What have you been doing? Reading my life’s book. Just joking. I need your help, direction & everything to become what I am meant to be. But I’m on a very fixed income. I’ve been studying herb books for a few years now and I try to soak them up like sponges. I even try out the methods on our pets, family and myself. They’ve worked so far. Praise God for making the herbs we need here on earth. Help! Is all I ask. It’s best to contact me by mail. Charlemayne Sampson-Hill/607 E. Hooper Street/ Wynnnewood, OK 73098-4416. Thank you! Help, pretty please!

  113. I am so grateful for what I just read. I say Thank You with a truly grateful heart and my heart and soul cry out to heal others as much as myself.

  114. I’ve known I am a healer since I was 17. I have laid hands on several who were healed by the spirit. I’d like to pursue a more in-depth spiritual awakening. I believe I am an in the closet Shaman. I have native American ancestry on both maternal and paternal sides.

  115. to Begin I was raised Christian in the south I live in a very small town ,I’ve Always Known things, like words come out I didn’t think to say, Animals follow me , I have a American Kestral falcon who is always in eyesight when I am outside hurt animals are always brought to me by children . I prefer solitude and total privacy but in nature , I have dreams then I have dreams in vivid color with smells and sound and people ,people die and I get messages in my sleep ,I wake up at 2 to 3 am EVERY day ive saved human LIVES ive nearly died a couple of times but mauled by a german shepard at 7 or 8 years old . he tore my ear and scalp off . PTSD years before regular people got it. I saw as a child weird lights and small beings in my house at night .remember its 1970 I was 4 years old and years later I realized it may have be Greys . but I need help cleansing myself of others emotional GUNK ,any suggstions

  116. this is EXACTLY how I’ve felt my entire life !!!!!! not to mention all the rest are spot on , It feels great to understand why im like this
    10. You’ve always felt like you don’t quite belong anywhere, because you are a bridge.
    Shamans tend to live on the outskirts of the village for a reason. They are not like the others – and this is a blessing! In village life, this is understood and recognized. But in the modern world, it may leave those with the shamanic archetype feeling like they don’t ever fit in. But don’t despair. You DO fit in. Your role is essential. You may find that you fit in best with others who share this shamanic archetype. Among your fellow shamans, you will feel like you are with family.

  117. The Sand in Mid East has strong Metaphysical Properties that amplify our individual gifts . these properties and how to use them and how to electronically as well as by Kirlian imagery combined with Radar . observe and compliment these forces I gave to those whom needed it for in my hopes Humanitarian purposes. GOD HELP ME if I was wrong by doing so . January 01 2019 was the beginning of powers with the Financing Means put in into action so to divide the Solar Vortecs into 3 instead of 1 . i trust Intent is for the well being of ALL

  118. What to do from here…have answered yes to all questions…I want to further my gift but not sure who to go to…

  119. I hope everyone visiting this site and reading the posts has a wonderfully enlightening day. You are all loved.

  120. I read the article but I’m still not sure.. Where and how do I begin to explore the possibility that I may be one? I felt drawn to this article for a reason.

  121. Thank you very much, I believe … i went into the comments and my heart jumped @ the comment of bad intention to another of there child. who would want to harm or wish this on anyone is terrifying and heartbreaking darkness. when all i see from what I’ve read is inspiration and enlightenment. there was no love in that comment. May all children be surrounded and protected by the light and love.

  122. Thank you for this post Lissa.
    Here in 2019, 3 years after you posted, I find your heart felt message to unknowing Shamans. I resonated strongly with each aspect you described.
    I commend you for bringing medicine and spirituality together in your work and helping other people in medicine to do the same. Congratulations!
    This post has helped me to feel ok about who I am and how I live and what I do.
    Thank you Lissa 🙏

  123. Shamans and Shamanesses should seek out and befriend Kami (Gods) and Megami (Goddesses) of both Deity and Spirit rank – and Wraiths who are the unreborn and unraised Dead – who are Nonviolent, avoiding aggression, and Nonsinning, avoiding harm to others. This will help our Home Planet Terra rise toward Star Trek’s “Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations (IDIC) and “Nome (All)” and Star Wars’ “May the Force be with you, always”. Then they should do deeds of compassion for their fellow Mortals – passing on the love of these unseen beings – both in Heaven and among Mortals. All will be well. Blessings of Buddha, Tao, Kami, Megami, Confucius, and Zen Masters and Mistresses to everyone on a Mystic and Spirit Quest from this humble little Japanese American Shinto Shamaness. The Cycle is Fulfilled. Cheers!

  124. Wow that comment from End me now was so unneeded and truly showed your cards your playing with!! Even that short statement tore so many layers of what you try to cover up about your flaws or insecurities and it’s shockingly made you very vulnerable and your soul naked

  125. Grate shaman pls look through my life with Ur visioning powers and pls tell me what holds my life to happiness .

  126. Ive been given access to our creation and our being n im in awe n have noone to speak to that can tell me why im seeing these worlds n places.. Plz

  127. Resonates very much with me. Helping
    makes me happy. Seems like I see wherehelp is needed and are drawn to ahelp . A person asked me , when did I become a shaman? I have crystals and I gave him one of my clear quartz. But it was like he knew something I didn’t Kno about myself and he knew. He would draw symbols on the sidewalk. Leave sticks in trees where I stood. Do some strange dancing head bowing motion deal.

  128. I am a “seeker” who feels called to a certain shamanic role/life, and believe I was in at least two past lives. I live in western Washington State, well removed from the Seattle-Tacoma arc, so finding like-minded men is…challenging. Besides exploring your recent book (which I intend to), I am wondering if you know of any groups or men in Washington State to whom you might connect me at THEIR convenience? Whatever your answer, this article was VERY enlightening and only confirmed many things I have seen/heard/felt with the third eye and inner soul. Thank you!

  129. I belong from Nepal it’s practice here as well . Our ancestor has been performing rituals once in a 4 years in full moon day buddha purnima. I strrongly believe although i studied computer science and science in my college years . I see world is different from person to person eyes 🙂

  130. The Powers that be, the Crown temple franchise that makes planets illegal in a largely extortion scam with compound interest scam money as the hammer and the law as an anvil, take your children by force and indoctrinate them (and us all from a very young age) into seeing other humans as an enemy to exploit something to exploit in a travesty called business that is always biased to serve their banks. In this way they destroy our unity. The only thing you have that can free us from them, their enforced disassociation of us from nature and each other so they can control us and literally steal the planet whilst making us pay for it, kill the rightful indigenous cultures or anyone else that they see fit to extreminate. They use the media and Hollywood to dissolve Moral rectitude by design, to destroy community cohesion of even the family to divide and rule. Get wise, and get wise fast. This is how they tax and work you into an early grave. Unite and say no more, just like Harry and Meghan. Break the power of their magical talisman ‘money’ the Lizard’s master tool in the disassociation from nature and each other. Stop respecting the unrespectable. Stop being hedonistic amoral psychopaths and co=operate and unify with each other, and I promise you will take back Power from the British Crown and their Central Bank Scam and dissolve all the burdens they have placed upon you all. Not do this, and you will have a New World Order with viscious greedy eugenicist psychopaths at the helm causing mass shootings to disarm you and all manner of trauma inducing schemes like bush fire that used to be one or two a season, then this year 300 around me alone; Nothing in the Contrails my backside. All the Snow melted from the Mountains here SINCE MOBILE PHONE TECHNOLOGY AND HAARP HIGH AMPLITUDE ELECTRIC DISCHARGE EXPERIMENTATION PUTTING MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF ELECTRICITY INTO THE IONOSPHERE;Of course it will get hot, but its by design not accident to foster a New World Order where your even told what to think. Where they terrorise the kids into marching thinking the world is ending. It’s them. Take control and tell them NO MORE. No more slaughtering of innocent nations and culture. no more living off us like ticks. No more stealing the entire planet when you already have more than you need. NO MORE. Do you really need to be told what is right and what is wrong? I don’t thinks so. Take back your rights and human dignity and tell them NO MORE YOU MONSTERS.

  131. Please can you help me..
    I will make this message as short and to the point as possible. About 4 years ago i was in a very dark place, one day i learned of DMT and spent a few months researching, then a few more months of building the courage and trying to have that ‘break through’ experience. At the same time trying to open the pineal gland, i achieved this in a spectacular fashion, and shortly had my first of many breakthroughs. I felt the light and power course through my body awaking many different things including a deep understanding of EVERYTHING ! I felt as though i had achieved what i set out to do at that time. However the last 2years of my life has come to stop (no work, no woman, no love, no direction) and nothing but a deep sinking feeling has consumed me. I’m not sure what, but something made search for the answer online.. which has lead me to researching shamanism, and as soon as i start to read anything on the matter, i’m overwhelmed and instantly burst into tears and become emotional (VERY unusual for me). I know this is a message screaming at me, but i don’t understand what i’m supposed to or how to move forward with it… and that’s what’s lead me to writing in this comment box.
    Any advice or help you could offer, would be greatly appreciated.

    Kindest Regards

  132. Been knowing this since age 6… I live alone in Dade city Florida and I’m looking for unique and different people like myself…. if you have a page or media source for people like us please lmk asap..

  133. can you tell me how to attune become live who i am?

    I am 7 out of 10 described — i have received some clarity to the empath tendencies .. spirit animals and guides as well as Angels assigned and assisting. I know i have purpose .. requirements for future .. I see -some- spirits tribal .. as well as others. Have most of my life. Can you help me better understand.. .what it is i am here to do? Please Thank you.

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