A Jungle Healing Technique You Can Use Anywhere…

By Nick Polizzi

A common question that I am asked after screenings of The Sacred Science film is, “Do I have to take a trip to the Amazon to get this type of healing?”.

My response to this, believe it or not, is that many of the techniques seen in the film can be applied in just about any town or city on the planet. With a little creativity, you don’t necessarily need to seek out a pricey jungle healing center or track down a traveling shaman in order to heal using these methods.

Below is one of the fundamental strategies that the shamans used in our film. Don’t be deceived by how simple it is!

Full Immersion In Nature

One of the most overlooked tools used in traditional jungle medicine is full immersion in nature. I’m talking about isolation in the middle of the woods, surrounded by nothing but trees, grass, rocks, and the occasional furry passerby.

What happens when we rid ourselves of all modern day distractions? Our televisions, our computers, the radio, even newspapers and books – things that certainly have value but also take focus away from ourselves.

If you’ve seen The Sacred Science, you have a good idea of what I’m talking about. The patients we brought into the Amazon packed a ton of extra stuff including iPods, laptops, writing instruments, painting tools, you name it. And to their dismay, each of these items was taken “for safe keeping” by the support staff upon their arrival.

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You see, in this type of ancient medicine the key is to rid yourself of any outlet that you can distract yourself with, regardless of how beneficial you might think it is.

This notion may seem odd to many of us who keep journals or take painstaking notes when learning something new. After all, how will we remember what transpired and what needs to be worked on moving forward? A medicine man might answer that the act of hastily recording your thoughts indulges your rational brain which is part of what got you sick in the first place.

The indigenous healing practices differ from modern medicine in that much importance is placed on investigating the underlying thought patterns and emotional disruptions that lurk beneath the surface symptoms of our illnesses. The sacred plant ceremonies can catapult you into this unpredictable realm alarmingly fast which can be very beneficial, but also a bit horrifying. Another way to get here, which requires awareness and peripheral inner vision, is through solitude in nature.

“Our bodies are mirrors of mother nature.
Mother nature is the mirror of our inner nature.
In that way each of us are our own best doctors.”

– Roman Hanis, Medicine Man

If this strategy resonates with you, here is an exercise that you can try no matter where you live on this beautiful planet. This can be used to supercharge whichever healing methods you are currently implementing.  A word to the wise, don’t be fooled by how simple this practice is.

The 90 Minutes of Solitude Exercise:

A.) Schedule 90 minutes this week to gift yourself. You will be embarking on a short voyage.
B.) Before leaving your house, remove all items from your pocket / backpack that could be a distraction – including cell phone, computer, magazines, newspapers, iPod, notebook, etc.
C.) Find a local forest or park and travel to it.
D.) Upon arrival, walk until you find a space away from any manmade stimuli, including other people.  And sit down. There is no need to close your eyes, just be still.
E.) If possible, remove your shoes and socks, letting your feet touch the earth.
F.) Begin to watch the ticker tape of thought and notice how it fluctuates over the course of 90 minutes.

Some things you may want to pay attention to:

– How long does it take for your mind to become extremely quiet?  If at all..

– What triggers your mind to become hyper active?

– What thoughts, positive and negative, begin to come up?

– What can you sense about your immediate environment?

– If you are working through a particular health challenge, what thoughts are coming up around this?

This type of practice is obviously not an overnight cure. But if you take 90 minutes of undistracted solitude once or twice per week, information about who you are and where you need help will begin to present itself. This hard earned information is what many healers use to help plot out a medicine map.

This inner map can be a crucial aid to ones recovery.

Until next time,

Nick Polizzi

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74 Responses

  1. In my experinces in the natural environment, I found that it took some time to unwind as my worldly thoughts subsided, then I became receptive to the energetic presence of the forest, sky and ocean. This was in Hawai’i on the island of Kaua’i, up in Kokee park, where there are several trails. This particular area was commonly known as having a very powerful mana – energy.
    My partner and I decided to part seperately and meet up at the trail end, on the cliff 3,000 feet above the ocean. He started fist then I waited 30 minutes before I started.
    It was not only magical, but nourishing in an energetic, non-verbal way. The forest began to reveal some of its’ secrets to me. Then, suddenly, I looked up and over to my right, I beheld a Menehune looking at me, as if when walking along a sidewalk, we ocasiocally catch some passerby’s synchronistic glance, with a certain ‘brightness’ of presence; indeed a magical moment. He stood, brown-skinned about 18″ to 24″ tall and held something in his hands. Our subtle connection was possible as long as I remained in that empty-minded state. However, as soon as I began to try to understand this experience, he disappeared. It was as if I had tuned out of his frequency, like a radio dial, the setting having been moved slightly, we lose the signal of the station we were listening to. However, something had changed inside me; I was left in a new state.
    It was almost as if I had just been initiated into the spirit of this magical place. It was mysterious and marvellouos. I was not afraid. I knew then that I could learn to rely upon other secrets of the forest with all its plants and animal life. There are species of plants and flowers that grow there and nowhere else on Earth.
    I felt blessed. and honored to have had the darshan of a form of being that dwelt in another dimension.
    Thus, I learned something more about myself and my inner dimensions, opening me to new possibilities, including healing, creativity and inner resourcefulness for anything that might arise in the future.
    My humble saulutations to Kokee and all its mysteries and sacred offerings to me and all humanity if onlyh we could become humble nough to empty our minds, by the grace of the presence of such a forest. Mahalo.
    Many other wonderful experiences came during the 14 years I lived in Hawai’i, which I still call Home. Peace

    1. I have also sensed the presence of Menehune while living in Maunawili on Oahu a couple of years ago. Hawaii is indeed a place for magic, healing and inspiration and I feel so blessed to have had that opportunity to become rebirthed there. Aloha!

  2. I’d love to do this, but in Australia it’s common knowledge to never remove your footwear in the bush unless you want to die! X-) all seriousness though I’m gonna look for a quiet spot to get away in. This sounds like it’d be an amazing way to unwind.

  3. I used to do this years ago; then I got a job working in a large city too far to get away from it all. The world has twice as many people in it now than when I first started too. It is helpful to me only if I can remove myself from all human noise: car traffic, people, airplanes. City parks don’t work for that reason. It has been years since I could get ninety minutes every few days to be totally uninterrupted, twice a week or even once. Now I have health problems like everyone else For a long time I was convinced that my health would have stayed good, had I the luxury to get away from it all with mother nature once in a while. It’s hard to get back to basics, a lot harder for big city dwellers and even smaller cities with the over-crowded conditions we live in.

  4. It is so compelling of our lives in this day and age that we have to be reminded how important nature and solitude are to the very being of we humans. Thank-you for this reminder and all your wonderful articles.

  5. Very helpful as are many of the comments. When I was young, in the 50’s here in the UK I used to go off by myself and lie in the meadow on my back and watch the clouds. I was surrounded by insect sounds, which so rarely happens today and a deep, deep silence that is totally absent and difficult to recall today so many years later.

  6. Another variation of the practice you are describing in the sit spot where one spends 30 minutes a day in a natural setting and observe the plants, trees, animals, birds and weather patterns. This is a deeply spiritual and healing practice that has been part of indigenous cultures for thousands of years. It is a shame that our modern lives have become so complicated to not allow most of us to spend this valuable time in contemplation. However, I think it is incumbent for each of us to make the effort to do this at least several times a week and to get back to our natural roots and reconnect with the earth.

  7. Immersion in nature is therapeutically beneficial for me in mind,body and spirit.In stillness I feel the presence of Divinity within and sense the rhythm and nature of my heart song and settle into its healing piece

  8. nature is a wonderful thing. Imagine the branches that rub against you are taking away negative and toxic thoughts. There for de-toxing yourself right down to your cells. Breath deeply expanding your belly with every breath in and the opposite on the breath out. Listen to sight walk, your questions will be answered.

  9. A few weeks ago I saw a website about subliminal advertising. It showed about 25 photos that would calm anxiety. Over 75% of them were of trees and son-topped mountains.
    Great article.

  10. I am totally inspired by The Sacred Science.
    I have read all your articles and your sign off ‘ Stay curious ‘ is spot on. There is so much in nature that we can learn from if only we took the time the time to stop and listen and absorb. My, how we would begin to see how much of our present sickness is healable ( if there is such a word). Thank you for your articles and the wisdom they impart. X

  11. I’ve watched your sacred science documentary, and would like to know, if possible, how the individuals with Parkinson’s and Crone’s are doing today. I’ve been diagnosed with Parkinson’s and my friend with Crones. Thank you so much, Robert.

  12. Thank you for this, I, as a child, never wore shoes or socks, I found it comforting. Now 50+ years into my adventure I still don’t wear shoes and socks, unless I truly have to. I like to be grounded and at peace, highlight of my week is a trip to the forest, and if I’m lucky I see more than our furry brothers and sisters, bright blessing

  13. This very true. When I need to be grounded…I usually go into nature. Thank you for the insightful.suggestions. I will give it a try. Somewhat challenging in the the wintwr months as its so cold. Tendency to hibernate. Thank you love your work!

  14. I wholly agree via direct experience in Nature. Eco-Psychology is wellness and fortifies consciousness in the great web of being. Immersing in Nature “bridges gaps in Consciousness.” It is how I bring inner congruency or produce alignment that allows me to integrate the higher levels of my being and amplifies my senses in order to do so. Grounding in Nature’s realities is Earth Medicine!

  15. I was born and raised in Fiji.I believe in all of your presentation.Thank you so much for the contact.Please keep them coming.

  16. Thank you and Bless you for sharing your deep wisdom. This type of activity is my salvation and connects me with the true Self and meaning of LIFE! Not to mention that is fills and restores me and brings SO much joy! As a Holistic Nurse it is one of my prescriptions for Health and Healing.
    You practice good and sacred medicine.
    Om Shanti

  17. I love nature for this,. When I go to the woods, it brings such happiness, peace and tranquility. This is my favorite place. I notice upon arriving in the real world later in the week how much more balanced I am. My being so I’ve noticed actually craves nature. I must be an earth keeper lol. Thank u so much for all the info u share. I have been waiting along time for this info,. ☺️

  18. I can sense the value of isolation for 90 mlns. I am a grieving widow and I need support and guidance.

  19. Thank you so much for this suggestion. For years people have told me to spend time in nature away from everything. I have found all sorts of excuses of why I can’t do it. After seeing the DVD and listening to all the wisdom in the Q&A clip, I am inspired to give it a go. Thanks

  20. I am part of a farm project upstate New York and this is one of the healing practices I want to implement in there, wish we can get in contact and I can learn more about the shamans and herbal treatments . I am an HIV+ and hep c + patient as well . Feel free to email me. Thanks

  21. This is Truth. ..
    For only in the silence of self are we able to find self. Raetiano La Niksteple

  22. I am off to Peru in August to partake Ayahuasca with Shaman, and look forward to the immersion aspect of the experience. No music, no iPad, no tv, no cell phone distraction. It’s like a forced meditation. I think it will enhance the experience with Ayuhuasca. Wish me luck.

  23. I have been studying Shamanism for about 17-18 years and have worked with two shamans who live in New Mexico. They are a wonderful couple whole have a working relationship with a tribe in the Amazon. They have helped and healed many people, me included. I was able to rid myself of horrible anxiety with shaman techniques. I encourage anyone who’s interested to check out their website. Thepowerpath.com. I have been to two of their retreats.. Just simply amazing.

  24. Thank you for the wisdom and assistance with guiding me to my inner peace. You and your team are truly special

  25. Thank you. This is a great practice. i always loved solitude in nature, as a child in France. Now i have lived in India since 45 years, with a large, unruly garden, very peaceful.Now my daughter has come to live with us, and her daughters, 8 y old, are often stressed and cranky during the week, but our greatest joy is, going down to the river to immerse in nature, without do’s and don’t’s, and each of us find one’s own space , or rock, to sit, lie down or play, or pretend to catch fish… the only rule is – stay within sight of each other, because India is not as safe as France. The trip to the river is always a wonder, a magic realm! Healing, too.
    Thank you again.

  26. I am looking to find the true inner peace in my mind and body and to become part of the nature around me.

  27. Wow dude thank you so much. Theres a park near by that fills the bill for this little excercise, Im going to go there right away. Finding your film feels like more sincronicity. Two books have helped me get to this point, if you haven’t come across them yet check out, “The world his as you dream it” by John Perkins and “Plant Spirit Medicine” by Eliot Cowan. Keep this up my friend and let me know how I can help spread the word. So far everyone I try to talk to about this stuff thinks Im nuts but I just smile and tell them I love them. Peace out for now brother.

  28. I have found nature to be a great healer but have not spent enough time in it as this posting suggest, and entirely interrupted. very inspiring! definitely want to start travelling out to more forest and parks and spending good amounts of time in them…

  29. This makes so much sense. Any kind of meditation makes calmer. Getting away from all the noise and confusion is wonderful. Thanks for the reminder.

  30. I have always believe in this sort of healing since i was in my early twenties….but my traveling life had distract me from practicing it.

  31. Living in Panamá (I am from the Netherlands) and I live in a beautiful area, with mountains and lots of nature. I did this type of becoming still once and saw a coati for the first time in my life. It was very impressive!

  32. Going outside to reconnect with nature is not something we should schedule, like a vacation. It is part of our DNA. We are all connected to the energetic vibration of Mother Earth and there is plenty of scientific data to support it. Watching clouds pass, laying in the grass, walking on the earth barefoot, all these things have significant positive influences on our biology. We are healing at a soul level, as well as a physical one. Our bodies are yearning for this connection that we have lost, and I am so happy to see all the comments that support this. Keep up the good work!

  33. Thank you for making such a great movie. You’ve shared great insight and I will definitely keep following.. I’ve downloaded the ebook and will enjoy devouring the article s…..keep sharing. Good health. .

  34. That we are a part of nature is undeniable. That we often live apart from nature is also undeniable. That our health, wellbeing and healing is inextricably linked to being immersed in nature is inevitable. I am working on setting up a nature based healing centre which is both near and far from the distractions of the nearest busiest city in Australia and revel everyday in the healing nature of nature as I listen to the early morning birdsong that welcomes each morning. peace and blessings to all.

  35. I need to talk or be in touch with the person that is in the film, my situation is not easy to decide to go or stay, I would like to be in touch by phone to talk about the illness of my son and to decide what to do. I appreciate your help.

  36. I have always done this particular exercise even as a child. People have always asked me how I was so happy all of the time. And I never get sick, but, maybe once ever 4 years. As I reach the age of 18, I traveled around the U.S. In nothing but a tent for several months. Going to nothing but primitive camp sites. I never felt better.

  37. I really enjoyed watching the film. My Papa is dying from Neuroendocrine Cancer. Learning a common way they die is by a Pulmonary embolism I found comforting. He’s in pain and we want him to go peacefully. I find spending time in nature on runs, walks whatever does give answers. It gives a lot peace being with Creation. Thank you for this basic yet powerful documentary.

  38. I am terrified of ticks after lyme disease so to spend 90 min. In the woods ,bare footed is not for me.

    Your articles are so basic and real. Thank you. “The Body Keeps the Score “

  39. In experiencing grief, it is best to be alone with your thoughts. . . . any distractions, including attempting to mask your grief with pills or alcohol, only makes one begin all over when becoming sober. No one and no thing can do this for you. The same goes for/with meditation. My church is the outdoor. I find dirt or grass, put my bare feet on it, walk around and look at all God’s glory in the sky, trees, flowers, birds, even squirrels can be cute if not entertaining. Transcend. Breathe and go to your happy place. Be. Be free. Let your mind go to where it needs to. When you come home, you’ll be more inclined to be kinder, gentler to all around you. Isn’t it a lovely world after all.

  40. They in my experiency watching in deep and early times wee must more fast than them but Ned’s team in same talent and skill ;’)

  41. How long does it take for your mind to become extremely quiet? If at all..

    – What triggers your mind to become hyper active?

    – What thoughts, positive and negative, begin to come up?i am dying i detoyured my body my muscles are going in my chest and my back and stomache its so painful i cant hold myself up anymore god no doctors and heal me its over for me

    – What can you sense about your immediate environment? danger

    – If you are working through a particular health challenge, what thoughts are coming up around this? no cure.. im doomed ,,,how do i ever live when i cant do a thing i self destructed and now i need to go … there is no way anyone can cure me you cant cure a whole body muscles mass going out and your lungs gone … OMG there is no faking this pain in myh body to anyone any more… wh did i do this.. MY RIBS ARE PULLING DOWN FROM MY MUSCLES INSIDE NOT BEING RIGHT THEY I DONT HAVE MUCH TIME LEFT

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