A Morning Prayer To Start Your Week

By Nick Polizzi

With the onset of autumn here in the northern hemisphere, the cold dark mornings can make it difficult to jumpstart your day. This is where a morning mindfulness prayer can really come in handy.

I recently came across a beautiful, short Ayurvedic prayer that is a reminder of the beauty and wonders of the world. Its few short lines speak to our most basic, human concerns. It manifests joy, love, and peace. And most important—it reminds us to express thanks and gratitude. After all, no matter our circumstances, there is always something to be grateful for.

Before you reach for your cell phone or begin mentally listing your daily tasks, we invite you to give the first moment of the morning to nurturing the communion between you and the universe.

While still in bed, say this prayer and start your day in the most harmonious way.

Take a few deep breaths and recite the following:

Dear Great Spirit,
You are inside of me, within my very breath,
within each bird, each mighty mountain.
Your sweet touch reaches everything and I am well protected.
Thank you for this beautiful day before me.
May joy, love, peace and compassion be part of my life
and all those around me on this day.
I am healing and I am healed.

Repeat, if you like, to really let it sink in. These words seem so simple, but make no mistake – they carry power.

Have a beautiful joy-filled day,

Nick Polizzi
Founder, The Sacred Science

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62 Responses

  1. Yes, I also would like to say “thank You” for that wonderful prayer to start the day. As a very spiritual and prayerful person, I embrace those powerful words as I begin each new day. Once again, “thank You”.

  2. This has become a daily practice for me. I modified it somewhat but the essential intention flows through. With gratitude.

  3. Hello Nick.
    I read your post a few years back and this prayer stuck with me that I do say it every morning. I was wondering if you had the original version in Sanskrit for the above Ayurvedic prayer?
    Thanks so much.