A Native Sun Prayer To Brighten Your Day

By Nick Polizzi
Person Standing on Large Canyon Rocks Facing the Sun

Something stunning happened while I was driving my son to school yesterday morning. My eyes were fixed on the dark, dawn-lit road ahead as my mind was busy mulling over the various things on my schedule for the day.

Then I noticed a gigantic ball of flame creeping over the trees into the sky.

A sense of simple amazement coursed through me as I tried to comprehend the existence of this yellow dwarf star that was creating another bright day on my home planet.

Without the light of the sun, life on Earth would not exist. Our ancestors were closely connected to this simple truth on a daily basis, but we modern humans often forget to notice the larger cosmic dance that makes each breath we take possible. Maybe it’s time for us to remember.

The Choctaw sun prayer below honors the sun for all that it is. Enjoy!

Sun Tracks

The track of the sun
across the sky
leaves its shining message,
us who are here,
Showing us we are not alone,
we are yet ALIVE!
And this fire…
Our fire…
Shall not die.

Stay curious,

Nick Polizzi
Founder, The Sacred Science
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3 Responses

  1. “You, who are the source of all power, and who illuminates the world, illuminate also my heart, so that it too can do your work”