A Powerful Habit I Learned From A Shaman

By Nick Polizzi
Man with Pancho and Hat Walking Through Sacred Land in Peru

A few years ago, a shaman in Honduras taught me an extremely useful technique that gives you clarity on your path and dissolves stress and anxiety. It’s had a pretty profound effect on my life and today I’d like to share it with you.

Like much of the healing wisdom that comes from native cultures, this teaching began with an observation about nature.

As we sat together, the curandero asked me how I felt about deer. Yes, our furry four-legged friends that frolic in the forest.

He explained that they are a mighty power animal and a great role model for us humans to learn from.

A deer knows it’s a deer. It has no inner conflict about its past, its purpose, its needs, or its destiny. It lives in the moment and is 100% resourceful at all times, minute by minute, its senses completely keen, its focus pure and unburdened.”

Can you say that you spend most of your day this way? Or even just an hour? Some might argue this is not even possible in today’s world.

While we may not be able to live with completely clear and open minds like our furry counterparts, we CAN begin to nurture longer stretches of this purity in our lives.

How do we do this?

An Ancient Technique:

The practice below is all about noticing and preventing yourself from being derailed mentally and emotionally.

What do I mean by the word “derailed”? I’m talking about any time you allow yourself to be distracted by thoughts that aren’t serving you.

For example, you wake up and are having a beautiful morning until you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and notice something you don’t like. “Wow, I’m getting… (fill in the blank with your personal peeve about yourself – old, fat, skinny, bald, ugly, pale, stupid…).”

This is the bright shiny detour sign that beckons you to stop traveling your peaceful path and start engaging in negative self-analysis. Most of the time we don’t even notice this road sign – we just fly right off the highway into the valley of the downward spiral.

This can be a 5 to 10 minute dialogue with yourself, laden with lower thoughts, that saps your energy for an hour, and sometimes the entire day.

The mirror is just one example, but it could be a phone call, a text message, a minor inconvenience that triggers a stress response, or the product of just overthinking your life with a busy brain instead of simply being in the moment.

So many ways to get there, but the destination is the same.


As you work with them, you begin to see these mental detours for what they truly are – invisible bars of a cage imprisoning your true self.

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Here is how I was taught to address these sneaky pitfalls and break the chains.

1) Pick an hour in your day. It doesn’t need to be quiet, or free of distraction. This practice is best done during your everyday life. You can be at work, with family, doing household chores, out for a hike ­– the only thing that matters is that you’re starting this hour in a positive and happy frame of mind.

2) The actual practice is simple. All I want you to do is proceed through life over the next 60 minutes, remaining as peaceful as you can. The only work you need to do is pay attention to your thoughts and gently note any times you find yourself slipping into negative self-talk, or getting derailed.

This derailing doesn’t need to be major for it to qualify – it can be as subtle as a 2 second judgment or brief moment of anxiety.

To be clear, this practice is not about working with the negative thought pattern whatsoever. We are simply taking inventory of what comes up in our periphery over the course of an hour of daily life. The more emotionally neutral you can be, the more information you will pick up.

The shaman gave me this bit of wisdom before I started:

“We are watching our thoughts like a child on a river bank takes note of what floats by. Curious, playful even, but unattached.”

You might want to write these negative triggers down so that they can be worked with later, but this is completely your choice.

This life habit has helped me in two key ways:

      • These points of disruption as we walk through life are great entryways or portals into deeper inner work LATER.
      • The simple act of observing and acknowledging your triggers with an open and neutral eye can bring healing to them in ways that your brain cannot quantify. The light of consciousness is healing in itself.

If you’re up for it I’d like to challenge you to one of these power hours of self-discovery. Anyone can do it, and the benefits to body and soul can be extraordinary.

Yes, this is work. But it’s some of the most rewarding work I know of.

Are you with me?

Much love,


PS: When I first started doing this I found it was hard to pick up on the triggers themselves. I had almost programmed myself to ignore these subtleties in my reality. But once I began tracing negative emotions backward to where they sprouted, I had a huge a-ha moment. Once you notice how and when the seed is planted, you can begin to do more conscious inner gardening.

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  1. So interesting to receive this today, as last night in my dream I had many deer in my house – so many that I was tripping over them. I let them outside to feed, etc., then opened the door for them to come back in.

    1. Thank you for your great post. I live on an island with a lot of deer. We love their gentle presence and daily lessons. Sometimes I spend a lot of time simply connecting with them, watching, respecting from a distance and it is always so healing, clearing, grounding. ANimals are so powerful with their lessons. THank you for the reminder and the excercise.

  2. When I see deer, I am overcome with the same joy and awe I feel when I look at an infant. Now I know why. Much love back to you, Nick. Keep doing sacred things.

  3. “Dear-ailed” – when our thoughts are less than kind and loving toward ourselves …
    “Dear-healed” – when we regard ourselves with loving-kindness, body mind heart spirit “whole-d”
    Dearly appreciate this “dear-deer” reminder today! Thank you so much!

  4. I love this! The association of the deer’s ability to stay focused and alert and the ability for us to use this to help ourselves was an a-ha moment for me.
    Thank you so much!

  5. Deer weren’t in my dreams last night but a piglet and a young foal were… as often happens in dreams, strangely, I found myself unfolding the animals and once unfolded they filled out and went on to enjoy themselves playing…. nice to watch!

  6. Yesterday, the first thing I saw when I looked out my bedroom window as a young buck walking up the hill. I took a photo to share on Facebook.
    This advice you have shared sounds wonderful. I will start practicing today! Thank you!

  7. Thanks so much …..it is a challenge for me, but your guidance is always welcomed & inspiring. I’ll do my best…In Love & Light.

  8. Thoughts come and go… like visitors, sometimes you just have to kick them out. i just try not to take them too seriously if they upset me. If they keep coming back, I try to do something about it. I don’t judge myself for having them, I am very forgiving. It is part of my self-care routine.

    1. I like the way you seem to so easily forgive yourself and how you’ve captured this as ‘self care’….very lovely!

  9. Really glad to be on this mailing list. I’m gonna try this practice very very soon. Thanks for everything!

  10. It’s the “letting go” of the derailing thoughts/actions that’s the hard part. They tend to get into the autonomic, unconscious parts of our being before we realize it. I’ll try your technique. Thanks

  11. The image in my mind of sitting on the riverbank and just watching/observing my thoughts—without judgment or action—evokes a clearer understanding of meditation. Thanks!

  12. When i see ” sacred science ” appear in my mailbox, i am always happy and impatient to read your message. Tonight’s message is one of the most powerfull and has already an impact on me. Nick, thank you sooo much for sharing this deep teaching with us, and all my thanks to the Shaman.
    I’ll put it into practice right away, it came for me at the Exact Right Moment !

  13. I love this quote:“We are watching our thoughts like a child on a river bank takes note of what floats by. Curious, playful even, but unattached.” Really changes the perspective on those random thoughts.

  14. Thanks so so much.I really appreciate learning this info more than you even know.I will definitely apply these principles to my life.Thanks Nick.

  15. Love the post, and appreciate you taking the time to share and educate us humans that are trying to understand how to live in harmony with our surroundings

    1. Great description of mindfulness meditation, Nick. Powerful practice indeed. Hey encouraging to hear it from a shamans perspective. I learned it from a Tibetan lineage, practiced it at Hindu ashram, and when joined Christian in Centering Prayer. Out it’s so basic and so universal. Your post has motivated me to return to daily practice. And you make it so simple – no need to sit on a cushion or chant or anything. Love it!

  16. Looked at myself first thing this AM and thought oh my I am really getting old. This started the distractions about my weight, age, finances etc etc, as I proceeded to overindulge ( once again) keep thinking I must get up and start moving before I visit my son this year who lives in the Amazon. So, have put on my joggers for a still walk in our local parkland
    Thank you

  17. Dear Nick, perfect timing for me and others I know who’ve been derailed by the chaos and distractions. Thank you and blessings.

  18. The ashram I attend, you get to see many deer. They said that if a deer visit is because is blessing land. I believe that. Thank you for this teaching is like I was waiting for this lesson. Many thanks again.

  19. Perfect, I have practiced this in the past… But lately…na… Thanks for RE-minding me, Im onto it. Cheers. tp

  20. Thank you Nick for taking the time to share such a simple yet profound principle for peace. Our Western World is geared to telling us what we lack in order for us to buy and invest in the consumerism monster. This practise opens the door to the truth that we are even more majestic than the awesome and powerful deer! That makes us dangerous and exciting! Goodbye to the endless negative and hello to the truth which is always positive and full of possibilities! Bless you Nick for caring and sharing in such a beautifully simple way so we can start the year right!!

  21. Dear Nick, Thank you for sharing this teaching, I desire with all my heart to start to practice this technique, you don’t know how much it means!

  22. It’s going to interesting trying this and I think I’ll try while walking in the woods. Trees are my go to to be energized and relaxed at the same time.

  23. Thank you for reminding me, it’s so beautiful to reach that place of peace in our life’s when we live in the now.

  24. Thank you I think I heard this just when I needed it. I have been rather off balance and critical of myself lately and well this exersize is just what I need to be doing right now. So again thank you.

  25. I appreciate your gentle way of passing useful information. Thank you for quality posts and for the work you do. God Bless.

  26. Thank you I will try it…just last week on the way home when everyone is rushing I passed a beautiful deer with antlers that has just been hit and killed minutes before. I stared right into his eyes…I was so upset and felt I had to pull over in a quiet place on the side of the road the moon was bight and I cried thanking the deer for his life for being so beautiful and peaceful … Maybe this is his gift back to me

  27. How appropriate it was for me to read this article today. I woke up feeling OK, then took a look at the mirror and noticed all my wrinkles – gosh I’m 77 – what do I expect. I noticed how the next thought followed on from that and on and on it went – until I became unconsciious again. I’m so understanding what thoughts do now. I can get an instant fit of anxiety, go hot and then terribly cold and realise I’ve been thinking ‘that thought’ again. I have to work hard to lift the rails to my brain that have been so well entrenched unknowingly at the time.
    Thanks Nick for sharing your wonderful gems with us. It is much appreciated. Many blessings to youl.

    1. Oh my Marlene ,we are reading from the same hymm sheet!,
      Good luck on your journey, all the best, your a star,
      Peace and healing,
      Glo x

  28. I appreciated you actually telling us what to do. I need to work on this. Hope it’s helpful. I have chronic pain and chronic insomnia…so I could really use the help. Thank you.

  29. To enlight pure human rational being ,wisely you have exalted >deer< pure animal being ,both created by pure almighty creator. The deer is attached to its nature. May I submit ,the pure human rational being is being victim of engulfing consumerism alarming materialism , so languish.

  30. Thanks, my dear Nick,
    This is very helpfull.
    I live in the now in LIGHT and LOVE, and will look 4 these moments.
    This Mr. Pedram brought Me interesting excercises, but never respondet on my questions. I deleted Him. In respect. I love U! <3 <3 Have a nice sun(ny)day. From germany, where father suns shining through the clouds 2 tell Me: its oké, Ur doing well. What I learned from 1 Shaman: every morning at sunrise I go out barfeet greeting and caressing mother/father earth and the plants,talking with the birds and stay some time hand in branch with a bush, feeling eternity and whatever comes. 1 day there came 1 white light., that filled Me.

  31. Thank you very much for this lesson.
    This is what I really need at the moment. I will integrate it in my life.

  32. Hi Nick, thank you for sharing your experiences of which I am willing to give a go/
    I know deep down inside that it makes sense.
    Many Bright Blessings.

  33. You always do it to me!! How you manage to give the right message at the right time that is. You must be on your way to becoming a shaman yourself, and this is evidence of it.
    May your life be filled with good hearted people just like you, who are there to offer you well meant advice when you need it the most too!!!!!

  34. Thank you for posting this. I’ve struggled for decades with depression, anxiety, and self-doubt. I’ve discovered some major triggers, but never associated the tiny daily negative thoughts with how I feel. It seems totally do-able & hopefully effective.

  35. Many thanks for this and all of the other great stuff you guys have given us recently.

    My friend unfortunately hit a deer on his way to work last Monday and is still in a state of devastated shock, so I will pass this exercise on to him to help with his healing.


  36. Thank you for this post. I never thought about being such a great animal. However I will watch them more closely now. Because of there strength I will remember that I have that same strength. I will be more conscious from this day forward. The pass is behind me the future I can see, however the present is where I want to live going forward.

  37. Hi Nick, thank you for sharing your story and experience of inner work. When I was reading this post right after reading the steps on what to do for this practice, my mind suddenly switched to positive mode. In our busy daily lives we get so caught up in our minds and the things that don’t matter around us. We need to pay more attention to nature that surrounds us and remind ourselves to be living in peace as the deer do in their natural habitat. Thank you for reminding me to reconnect with nature. I will start my practice today and look forward to that one hour to feel completely happy, and hopefully that hour will add up each day until it become a full day of living In peace.

  38. Thank you for this wonderful message and exercise. I am struck by how simple and honest it is, yet aware that the healing can go very deep.

  39. Loved the Powerful Habit and the analogy of the deer. I started today. So helpful and powerful. You sent an email regarding your Dvd and I wanted to let you know I have already purchased it, and “the
    Sacred Cookbook.” I am enjoying both immensely. Thank you so much.

  40. This came in the right moment, the same day I’ve asked myself exactly how to overcome stress. Thank you very much.

  41. I see deer near my home several times a week. They always make me smile and remind me to be gentle with my words, my behaviour, my actions…often steering me away from thoughts that are negative and harsh. For this reason, I always feel blessed to catch sight of them.
    This is a lovely idea, to spend some time simply observing our thoughts without judgement.
    Thank you as always!

  42. Dear Nick – thank you for this e-book and for sharing sacred secrets. I have Native American ancestry and send you heartfelt gratitude for this special gift. May your work continue; may you feel appreciated for what you are doing; and may abundance and inner peace be with you always.
    Light, Love & Peace 🙂

  43. Sounds like something I need in my life. When I got older I thought things would get easier. Not so. I’d like to be able to ignore all the politics being thrown at us and thinking I’m to stupid e
    To understand it all.

  44. Thank you dear Nick for this information especially about the raindeers because when I was under a lot of stress I kept noticing raindeer images. Perhaps, some inner healing was taking place… Sending LOVE and LIGHT!

  45. Thanks for this lesson. I have noticed how often this thinking can lead to spiraling into an entire play in my mind.

  46. Thank you so much for sharing your story. My ancestors come from Honduras., My grandmother was a Curandera … We lived in Island of Amapala ( La Tigra) I have that gift ” El Don” like we say it in Honduras….I’m exploring every bit of… Thank you for the reminder. ❤️ ❤️

  47. YES, synchronicity. I just recently spontaneously started this! Certain useful info including your article have appeared. Ha!

  48. Recurring dreams of my Gradmothers home….. a deer met me outside a hospital while I was awaiting robot surgery to remove my uterus. … I knew I would be ok….and I was.

  49. It seems that I drive parallel lines of thought with you. The reign of consciousness is very wide. It requires a defined intention to spell out all the trash that postpones our real freedom in all dimensions. Once this illusory garbage is eradicated the path is open for us to reinforce our clear choice. I found a very interesting article and a shamanistic perspective of cohesiveness with nature. We, ‘civilized men’ should think and act that way too for the sake of our planet. Thank you for your effort.

  50. Thank you for this i did this sppntaneously at work last week and it was very powerful. I too love deer they hold a very special place for me but I don’t see then so often as I am in Australia.

  51. Hi . This is a beautiful technique and I confirm its efficacy. We practise it in yoga also. After being established, it can be extended to the whole day, and on enjoys perennial bliss. Thank you

  52. As simple as these instructions are, doing it consistently can be extremely difficult. I hope to make it a routine that supports me every day of my life. I’ve realized that paying attention to myself in this intent way is a doorway into my very soul and into knowing myself. Thank you Nick, for the inspiration you share, the source it touches and the love you exude. Many blessings…

  53. I find I do this so often in my day. Distractions, negative thoughts, multi-taking…
    I will try this, thanks Nick

  54. Nick I live in states and have a second home in Honduras
    Is there a way j can contact this shaman when I’m in Honduras thanks Justin.

  55. In the midst of a life threatening illness and rolling with the sea waves, I suddenly found myself in the oceanic fury of all the unfulfilled desires of my life and the unslaught of financial worries…Major Triggers which will not likely help me heal other than to bring HUGE AWARENESS TO MY PATTERNS.THANK GOD A TREE DOES NOT CARE IF IT HAS WRINKLES .Does it worry that it has no lover….I am walking my path.Sat Nam.

  56. Pingback: A Powerful Habit I Learned From A Shaman
  57. I’ve been doing this for about a year now and it seriously has been a game changer for me emotionally…..I can now control my temper and my inner sadness because I have traced my thoughts back to the root o them and done the inner work……Shamans have always intrigued me and I have much respect for them….I just wish we had more connection with them and their ways so I just try to spread light and wish for everyone to find their inner shaman as I’m learning to invoke that into my own life…..Thank you Nick! As always it’s another beautiful,post full of integrity and honesty. You’re a beautiful soul Nick…..

  58. Thank you so much for this-I am being presented with this knowledge in so many different ways over the last while. I am grateful for the different perspectives and the reminders. Your site is one I highly value.

  59. This is how the deer gets shot and his head gets mounted to the wall above somebody’s
    fireplace. He stands there, like the deer in the headlights, and makes for a perfect target.

  60. Very useful reminder. I have come upon this practice on my own, after making an abrupt change in lifestyle, and geographic location. It forced me into living in the present moment, and in doing so, I began to notice how much of my thinking was useless, which was disrupting my present experience. The result after 3.5 years has been an illusive feeling, most of my life (I’m 72)…I am happy. I am peaceful. I am.

  61. I can see that the deer is not worried about its past and the other things and is completely present at any given Time. To me this means it is also switched on to its fear of would be predators if the deer is living in a tropical zone. That means that the shaman has not chosen the correct animal – an elephant or a lion or a crocodile may have been good examples to my understanding. In documentaries of wild animals one can see the same traits as humans. They do worry about the future – especially mothers with babies who have to keep moving their babies every few days to avoid them being killed by other predators – how different is that from our forward planning? I may be wrong in understanding the shaman however I loved the meditation thanks

    1. I must be one of the few who has to disagree. First I have never seen a wild deer ,only on wildlife programmes on TV. In the rutting season they fight furiously to be top dog and the winner has a docile band of females followers. My main objection to the analogy is as follows, deer do not know they have limited time on this earth, so dont worry how short life is, they dont have to buy their food or pay to keep a roof over their heads, I could go on but you get my drift, May be you caught me on a bad day, and Im just in a bad mood, but all this sweetness and light is not reality. M

  62. Thank you!!! At around the age of 19, I had about a 10 minute experience of looking in the mirror and seeing myself as a deer! It was so intense that I told all of my friends who I was hanging out with that night to look at me and tell me if they saw it too…and some of them did! So this was a beautiful message and practice to come upon today. Thanks again for your work!

    PS. I am also having a session with my Shaman today for the first time in years!

  63. Thank you Nick, The deer is so sweet and precious. Great wisdom, I’m doing this exercise starting today. Perfect for me, not enjoying the derailment at all.

  64. Thank you! A big YES! and I will! I was ignoring your mail for a long time,but some reason I read this and there was a message . Thank you again for sending it in a way that I could understand what it is so important for me to practice about every moment of my living to become a better and capable human.

  65. Just what I needed to read today, Nick, as I’ve been having challenges with my meditative silences lately. Thank you

  66. I’m with you, Nick. Thank you for this since I especially appreciate being able to integrate this into my everyday activities. I am focused on eliminating toxicity from my life and this practice fits in beautifully. I feel challenged to establish a peaceful center amidst the bombardment of negative energy that is so pervasive right now. I am living in the “valley of the downward spiral” much more than I want to be and so your words are a guidepost to getting back on the path. Blessings to you. (Let me take this opportunity to thank you, also, for introducing me to Nick Ortner and the Tapping Solution!)

  67. Very much a classic mindfulness practice. Formal meditation helped me build the capacity to just sit by the river and watch the thoughts go buy, without a) following them (they have velcro on them!), or b) judging them. It’s taken me time to just let my thoughts be thoughts, with no need to believe in them or act on them. He’s a wise shaman, to be sure.

  68. Fantastic Nick … such a great reminder. If you can follow these when they happen sometimes, you will begin to realize these are things being done to us, to keep us from becoming used to our presence of our personal power. These are veils being worked on as we speak. By us, I hope, by Angelic sources, … to dismantle or to quiet the volume of these exacerbating waves (12 things you should know about scalar waves). There is so much I do not know about these things, but keep the mind open, open to Truth, any and all Truth, then love whatever it is you are shown. And speak with love for all.
    Love and Light

  69. Thank you for this article.
    Last year spirit suggested i become aware of my criticism and judgements of others. As a result I have noticed a long time knee pain has subsided considerably. I have also added, verbally, expressing gratitude for such such as:
    the blue sky, rain, remembering to bless those less fortunate when encountering them, having sight, being able pay for what I need and also for pinching my finger, being able visit the dentist……for each and every experience joyful or painful.
    Thank you , again. I know this works.

  70. Thank you, Nick. Your blogposts are always timely and enlightening. I truly appreciate reading them. Be well and happy… much love… rayne

  71. Thanks Nick, sounds a lot like taking inventory of the soul and recognizing when we are in error. Love is the only truth, everything else is created out of ego.

  72. I already know one of my triggers is a slow internet. It may be a modern marvel, but apparently
    I want to move faster.

  73. Thank you for sharing this idea. I love it. I’m looking forward to making this a daily practice….it’s so easy to let random thoughts take over our lives when we are unaware.

  74. What a perfect timing for this suggestion to practice! With all the negativity bombardining us from all sort of ways, radio, news, talking to others etc. this should be a mandatory practice against self induced depression. I do thank you Nick, from the bottom of my heart.

  75. How very interesting…..I live in central British Columbia where deer are plentiful…..however I have just come back from a very isolated area of the Fraser River where we saw too many deer to count. They do make one stop and be in the moment. Thank you for sharing this story.

  76. Hi Nick,
    This post seems to be the right message at the right time. It clarified my thoughts immediately because it gave me the words to describe what I was thinking.

  77. OH! JACQUIE,
    This reminded me of your bike rides and time in your backyard. I think of you everyday.
    My best friend’s cat died yesterday while he was on a trip to relocate his husband’s mother.
    I’m thinking of The Rainbow Bridge prayer.

  78. OH! JACQUIE,
    This reminded me of your bike rides and time in your backyard. I think of you everyday.
    My best friend’s cat died yesterday while he was on a trip to relocate his husband’s mother.
    I’m thinking of The Rainbow Bridge prayer.

  79. Thanks Nick for this wisdom. I appreciate hearing your persepctive. May your work prosper! The deer is my sprint animal. He brings me great wisdom and strength.

  80. Thank you Nick. Your e-mail has arrived at a very significant point in my life and this daily exercise should be very illuminating.

  81. It’s so lovely to read the comments and to realise how many of us find these words and practice relevant in our lives right now…pool of consciousness or what…if we needed convincing. Just love it !

  82. Thank you for the beautiful way to bring ourselves back into the moment and appreciate all that is around us. Also to clarify our negativity. Very insightful. Thank you again.

  83. Thank you Nick for sharing this. It is a beautiful way to ground ourselves and learn to pick out when and where our negative thoughts start. It quiets the mind, brings mindfulness to the front of our thoughts. That can only be helpful. Getting rid of the negative is much harder but recognizing it and when and how it starts is a great help. Thank you again.
    Love and Light to you and yours,

  84. I wish I could live life only minute to minute like that of a dear, without that much of a care and absorb God’s beauty and nature all around me. If only I too were a dear. I am going to try to begin thinking like one so that I may enjoy my journey more. Thank you for your words of wisdom.

  85. To be here, to be now. The present is the presence. Aware of these happenings – knowing this is the moment of importance whereby all coming linear time is directed.
    The article is wisdom, thank you for it.

  86. This us getting wrote down on some nice paper and hung on the wall in my apt. So I see it until its in my head

  87. Before I came across this site I always had the feeling there was something more to me than meeting the eye, up on till now I still am confused about what it is, I do have almost all the symptoms of a shaman I might need all the help I can get…..

  88. I agree with everything you said. I need to get my 32 year old daughter to start to practice this.
    She seems so uptight. Her job, the boyfriend, the traffic. When i talk to her on the phone….the first thing i say, calm down and breath!!

  89. Thank you for this exercise! Will start to implement in daily activities. I love nature and find deer to be an amazing creatures. They are so peaceful and beautiful.

  90. hello nick. i injoy the info that you give. especially since i cannot visit many of these places and meet these wonderfull healers right now. what i am interested in knowing is why the names of the folks who give this knowledge is often times not mentioned? do they wish to remain anonymous? i am jaded when it comes to indigenous knowledge being usurped by others who wish to spread the word but not pay homage to where they got the word from. because over time it will seem that those spreading the knowledge came up with it. i hope you can understand what i am saying. thank you. injoy!!!

  91. Nick, please accept my thanks for your invaluable work in this wonderful Sacred Science.
    I am full of thoughts that I would love to express but the words….so suffice it to say I love what you offer and am full of gratitude.

  92. Its called stalking ourselves.. We must do this if we wish to learn how to live a life of peace.. and inner knowledge.. I do this daily.. In negative times.. I am especially aware of my thought patterns.. it is not easy to keep it up.. how ever it is easy to learn how to do.. Being consistent is the key

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