A Shaman’s Perspective on Health and Purity of Heart

By Nick Polizzi
Psychedelic Art with Jaguar and Owl Shaman Healing a Woman

Last week I had the opportunity to spend a few days with Roman Hanis, the lead shaman in our film The Sacred Science. He was in the country for a small window of time and came all the way out to our studio to meet with us – a true gift.

On the last day of his visit, Roman and I sat down for a filmed interview and he covered a ton of topics, from ancient Amazonian healing strategies to Jungian dreamwork. In the coming weeks we will be releasing these videos, but today I would like to share a special segment from this talk that really struck a chord within me.

In this clip, Roman goes into the inner practices he uses to keep himself healthy while he’s busy caring for others. An art that many of us could really benefit from.

Over the years, I have had the privilege of knowing many different healers across the world – and not just indigenous elders. I’m talking about Reiki practitioners, yoga teachers, QiGong masters – and many registered nurses and medical doctors who moonlight as spiritual seekers.

In speaking with these open hearted people who are constantly in service to so many of us, I’ve noticed that while they are doing a remarkable job of nurturing others, many often lose sight of their own health.

Check out Roman in action in our feature film

Roman’s insights on this blew me away. After a second listen, I realized that his wisdom on this topic is relevant to just about every one of us – healer and patient alike.

Let us know what you think!

If you would like more information about Roman Hanis and the Paititi Institute, go to this link to access their website – www.paititi-institute.org

Big hug,

Nick Polizzi
Director, The Sacred Science

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  1. I totally agree… the idea that one works towards having no separation between oneself and others is for me the most challenging aspect of trying to manifest my own healing… I think without this there is little possibility of being a clear channel… wow… I have a lot fo work to do… I bow to the wisom here….

  2. I love your posts, what you are doing is so inspiring; I am with you and Roman in believing that we must take care of ourselves first. As a Reiki Practitioner and on my journey to become a Reiki Master I believe that it is not right to intend to help others if I haven’t helped myself first. I am on a journey as well as anybody else; and the more I work on myself the more I can give to others. Thank you again for your inspiring work, I loved the film!!!

  3. Thank you for this interview. A topic that I have thought about many times as I have watched and witnessed colleagues who have succumbed to illness and death at an early age. I feel confident that I am following my true path as a healer as I strive to work on my own issues as well. My patients teach me lessons and/or are reminders of areas in my life that could stand some strategic work as well. I am grateful for all you do….blessings

  4. well, pleasant interview, but HOW exactly does he DO what he’s talking about? how does he APPLY what he is talking about?

    ps…every time i went back to edit my sentence, my entire comment disappears.

  5. I’ll go a step further and say that this Wisdom is relevant for anyone wanting to live an authentic Life, no matter what they have determined is their Life Purpose.

  6. It’s a wonderful reminder that our inner work is never done. I get caught in the trap of believing I need to reach a point of “perfection” before I can be effective bring my message and healing out into the world. In truth we never arrive there. Life is the journey. The big messy, beautiful journey. The point is to awaken and stay awake. The inner work we do is how we truly heal “All”. The way of healing is to awaken others to their inner work. How can we do that if we are not doing it ourselves?
    Thank you for this lovely share, reminder. : )

  7. Hi….I have been a rebirther for oever thirty years and am truly aware of how important it is to take the extra time in between patients to clear myself. Water and meditation have been my best results

  8. This Truth of Healers needing to continue the journey of healing and taking care of themselves is a topic needing much greater conversation. I applaud you for bringing this to the forefront if only for a brief moment of time. It may inspire a movement of Healer’s, Lightworkers, Spiritual Leaders and EarthKeepers to reflect upon their need to go deeper within and clear their inner connection to Creation to bring out more of what they have to give with greater clarity.
    Ancient Healer ~ Spiritual Mentor ~ EarthKeeper
    Healer of Healers

  9. well i think that we have all want to do too much; and forget that it takes time to take care of ourselves; i feel that we defeat the purpose when we overload ourselves; yes we want it all; but the best way is to take time for ourselves then we have more to give when we give to others.

  10. What Roman is say is so true. There is no separation. This is what all is leading to, the understanding we are all the same, that we are connected to everyone and everything. What better way to heal than from all things we are connected to. I thank you for the creation of Sacred Science and what you are presenting to the world. Namaste’

  11. it is only natural that we should have to deal with energy thefts of so many kinds….just try living with a pts lady for a long time!!!!!

  12. Yes, this man has made a good point. We are all connected, an it is so important to remain clear and balanced as positive force on this planet.

    Nice interview–short and to the point!

  13. A cancer cure: A man had colon cancer which had spread to his lungs. He heard about the following technique, since the doctors told him he had about three months to live. The man juiced 5 lbs of carrots everyday for two months. He went back to his doctor. All of his cancer was gone! The only side effect was that his skin took on an orange tint. This returned to a normal look once he stopped juicing. Of course, all cancers and pains in the body are creaated by our lack of forgiveness for ourselves. So Roman is quite right!

  14. This video came at the perfect time for me as I am finding my path as a healer of healers. I want to share my gift as a Reiki practitioner/Teacher and therapist with other healers to encourage them in finding balance. In this video Roman identifies the reasons it is important to maintain the balance of caring for oneself as a healer and caring for others. Thanks Nick!

  15. This is amazing! I can actually feel my body saying YES! I totally agree with what he said. How can we actually achieve this though? I have been struggling to know myself as one with all. It is truly my hearts desire to be in this way.

  16. a very big issue arrises here…
    being one.no separation.heal by inner strength.
    a “language” I can understand and I need by all means.
    to avoid verbalism,Nick thanks !!!
    this is food for my confused soul.

  17. I think what you are doing and have done is just so wonderful. I didn’t get a chance to get the cookbook because I needed a number to call and there was only ordering via internet. Hope to be able to get it in the future. The last movie was excellent, and I am looking forward to the next. Thank you for all you do.

  18. Exactly what I needed to hear today!! As a healer I was taking on certain peoples afflictions/illnesses and am right this moment working on clearing myself of something. Your words came at the exact right time.

  19. I love the synchronicity of the universe. About 2 days ago, a fellow Reiki practitioner and i were discussing the importance of living our lives with the awareness that we are all part of the One. Our actions, words, thoughts affect not only ourselves but all! To be a healer means to be a clear channel. Caring for this channel is crucial to the healing of all. many blessings

  20. Being as clear a channel as possible, absolute dedication to this, is EVERYTHING. Roman’s humility is a cue to that state of Being. Thank you all so very much….

  21. Thanks, enjoyed seeing this and look forward to more – actually I couldnt
    Agree more – anything that isnt growing is stagnant and that applies to the hearts minds and spirits of healers as much
    As anyone – i love my work and the people I am able to be of service to
    – i say to heal we need kindness compassion and practical help and from someone or someones
    Who have their egos out of the way and ‘feel and know’ the oneness of us all – this was my experiere many years ago in recovering from a chronic illness and continues to inform my work in Esogetic colorpuncture in NZ – thanks again – love, light and service Moira

  22. I’m upping my weekly self-healing self-examination to daily. I admire Roman’s integrity and sense of responsibility.

    I’m sharing his interview topic on self care with my colleagues.

    For me the challenge is to admit I’m not a clear channel on any given day. I want to be able to say that I take some action to clear myself each day – not of someone else’s stuff but of my own stuff that stuck to their health issue like a burr and made me uncomfortable.

    Seeing Roman so clear and wise makes me know that constant work upon self does make an obvious difference.

  23. II feel drained after 4 years of caring for my stepfather as care worker, and helping my mother who also has health isues, it is true that the separateness manifests instead of oneness, kind regards conrad

  24. Roman Hanis seems to be saying he extends his healing of a patient to include himself, and all others. What an amazing idea!! Reminds me of a drop of water extending circles outward until it’s entire surface has been included.

  25. Nick, thank you for sharing the inspirational messages with so many. The feeling I have is that just being in Roman Hanis’ vicinity or presence would be healing even without him uttering one word. He seems to personify peace and compassion. Blessings to you. From Helen.

  26. Very wise and insightful. All that we can give or love or heal is connected to out own state of being.
    I am ill and have had fear and overwhelm about my own inner processes. it is hard to be strong when one is ill. That is why a healer is needed… to bring more of the aspect of grace into the process.
    thank you for your work and the heart that is put into it.

  27. Thank you Nick for all the hard word you’ve been doing in helping everyone around this wonderful world of ours!
    I would also like to thank Roman for sharing his knowledge……doing energy work should never drain you and after doing this practice for 6 years now, I found that the most effective way of feeling the bliss is by asking mother nature to help heal my clients. Roman mentioned we are all united as one and he’s absolutely right. The great thing is that you don’t have to use your energy for healings, just ask for help! Whether it’s mother earth, the angels, universe and so on, you let their energy move through you. In the end, you should feel invigorated and energized. Never neglect yourself, we are all vital to this earth and we deserve to be healthy and prosperous in all ways!
    Thanks again Nick for your time and energy in putting everything together!
    Love n Light

  28. Ive just asked myself this question “Should I be sharing what Ive learned? I feel so much better, so happy, is it my job to share?”
    And no, its not the right time and Im not being selfish. The video clearly says to me that Im not ready yet. Many, many thanks for this insight x

  29. Thank you for your wisdom. You also seem to exude patience and tremendous kindness in a very hurried and angry world. More, not less from Roman Hanis…

  30. Imagine the clarity and authenticity of his message. He sees life as it is not as it appears. A jewel of a man shining like a beacon in the jungle!!!

  31. Hi Nick, and thanks for this – it’s so honest, and so true – I’ll just share with you a little piece that I wrote on this topic a number of years ago… be well and keep up the wonderful work.
    My thoughts on transparency.

    Are you a clean pipe?

    I like to think of ourselves as a pipe, or rather a part of a pipe. A pipe which connects the divine to the mundane, the spiritual to the physical. A pipe which connects generations since the beginning of time.
    When I come into contact with another person, no matter his level of intelligence or stature, whether a lawyer, doctor, prime-minister or rabbi, the first thing I sense about him is “how clean is his pipe?” How freely is energy flowing through him, or how stuck. How transparent is he, or how much of himself is getting in the way.
    And this is what I strive for in my own life – to be a clean pipe. To get out of my own way, and allow the G-dlyness which is our source to shine through me.
    I also believe that this is one of the big secrets of raising children. We are but a piece of the pipe, connecting the generations before us, to those that will follow us. All the energy is flowing through the pipe – our job? Don’t block it! Does this mean we should take a passive role in life? No. We have to do what is requested of us, but without getting stuck in the belief that this is all about us, that this is in our control. Visualize the pipe, allow the guidance to come through. Feel yourself as but a link in the chain between His will and its manifestation down here. We are but His messengers, sent down to earth to create more divine presence in the world. The more we clean our pipe, the more the light can shine through us.
    I feel this very strongly when I sit and try to help another person. The more I try to be the one who is using my own intelligence and know-how to help this second person, the less I achieve. The more I withdraw my own input, and just feel the care, and allow the words to come through me, the more effective I end up being. Because that is what the other person needed. They didn’t need ME – they needed the connection to the G-dly part of themselves, to their real selves. And the more that I am connected to my real self, the more I allow them to connect to their real self.

    1. Thank you Surele for these beautiful insights. If you don’t mind, I am going to post your words on our Facebook page – very relevant to all of us! ~ NP

  32. What a blessing you are to me. The insight you have to the needs of others amazes me. Each msg you send delivers me a dose of medicine so I can mentally and physically continue my work with others. I thank you, my friend. Sending much light your way.

  33. This is very true. I have always believed that unless you are whole yourself, you cannot possibly help someone else. This is when you damage yourself and become drained of energy. The better you are holistically, the more effective the treatment of others. thanks for a great clip.

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  47. He is right on. Spiritual based homeopathy is the same way. You have to get your self out of the way to see your way clear to the other person to help them. That means you you have to defeat your own demons first so you can see them in others,otherwise they will be a distraction to you in your work.

  48. When Jesus healed – the person responded as rapidly as a healthy person. Here are the steps he used for healing: (1) Do not see the person as being sick. (2) See the person as being. Being makes mankind one. (3) Visualize a tranquil serene sea. (4) When you gaze at people – see the sea.
    (5) Remember that Jesus calmed stormy waters in the same way that he healed: Jesus had theta
    brain waves that looked like a person in a coma – brain waves that had no waves – just smooth.

  49. Very Wise Advice=] I help others as much as I can and there are times I want to carry there Suffering or absorb it.=] I just started Earthing and I love it’

  50. Roman’s message really hit home with me because not that I’m a healer for many in a profession but a healer for my husband who’s been an accident that has left him with a disability that he has yet to overcome. I have found that working through this process with him, I need to take care of myself just as much. I saw my health going down and my attitude towards dealing with all this that it has brought on to me and my family. As soon as I started to focus on my healing, things have become a little better. I will continue to try to take care of myself in every way I can so I can be a better healer to my husband and my family. I loved reading your book, “The Sacred Science”. Thank you for all your work.

  51. The owl shaman artwork you’ve used on this article is by a woman named Katherine Skaggs . You could have at least credited her with a caption under the photo of her painting that you are using here .

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