Helping the Healers Who Help Us

By Nick Polizzi

A while back, we shared a powerful drumming ritual from one of our spiritual brothers, Dan Hull.  Despite the loss of use of his legs years ago, Dan has continued to heal many others through his powerful ceremonies. His dedication to spreading love and the teachings of the Red Road is as strong as ever.

Over the years, one thing that hasn’t been quite as strong is Dan’s hand-controlled van, which allowed him to remain independent and physically reach many people to assist them with finding their inner truth.

True healers dedicate their entire existence to helping others, and it’s only natural for us to return the favor. Reciprocity, after all, is a sacred concept.  So as a token of our gratitude, we wanted to spread the word about this campaign to help Dan acquire a used van in great condition that will serve his needs (repairing the old one would be more expensive).  And remember, even a little goes a long way, literally, as he’ll be logging thousands of extra miles on his journey to serve.

Click on the link below to learn more and help out:

If you’d like to see and hear Dan’s drumming ritual again, or want to learn more about him, you can watch or read below:

A few years ago, we were invited to attend a tribal meeting in Northern Wisconsin, called the Midwest Shamanic Gathering. When we were invited by the elders to film some of the ceremonial practices that were being shared at this special celebration, we jumped at the opportunity.

Many people associate this Great Lakes state with cheese, but for us this region holds far more meaning than that. The forests of Wisconsin are home to some of the earliest known indigenous civilizations in North America, some dating back to over 10,000 B.C.! Archaeologists know this from analyzing spear marks found on the bones of mastodon and mammoth remains in the region (yes, wooly mammoths! Who needs fiction when the truth is so incredible?).

Needless to say, this is sacred land.

The fact that we were allowed to document some of these time-honored ceremonies on film was a big deal, and an incredible honor for us.

One of the most striking figures we met was a man named Dan Hull, known by his Ojibwe name “Strong Hearted Bear”. Dan is known for a very particular type of healing ceremony that he performs, using a large drum and a circle of female healers. He has been hosting ceremonies like the one featured in today’s video for over 25 years and tells us that he still gets nervous before each one.

When you watch the video above, you will understand why. This sacred drum ritual is a very potent, unpredictable, and transformative practice.

Dan says that this particular style came to him in a series of dreams, during which he met with the ancestors and received a “download” on how to put this unique ceremony together. He was told that these healings were to be shared with anyone who was called to them, regardless of race or heritage.

In this video, you will see very distinct roles being played by the men and women who are facilitating the ceremony. Four men in the center of the circle, pounding the drum and singing the songs while six women move around the perimeter healing individual participants with eagle feathers, rattles, and chants.

Dan says that this is a working example of the balance between masculine and feminine in the Ojibwe tradition. Legend has it that the drum was given to man by the women, who promised to always be there to support the spirit that it evoked.

A big THANK YOU to Dan and the other wisdom keepers for allowing us to film this very intimate and profound council gathering.

Stay curious,

Nick Polizzi
Director, The Sacred Science

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  1. Wow, speechless…What a wonderful gesture of good will and gratitude. My gratitude is immeasurable.
    Much blessings my friends

  2. Thank you for this Nick, and thank you Dan too for your work and wisdom– a great big shout out from New England, and many blessings to all involved.

  3. I’m so blessed in this life to be guided to help others through the wisdom of my elders and my elder this drum. It has taken me many places and has brought so many fascinating and beautiful souls into my life. I’m eternally grateful for the wonderful, caring and loving relatives at Sacred Science and all of you who follow. A her at felt thank you to you all who have taken the time to give kindly to my request for help. Thank you again from my heart.

  4. Yes, we all can be educated in other alternative processes. Natures environment. Scared ritual. We all have different methods from different cultures . That are very similar.
    Respecting thier heritages . Our spirit is loving and healing. The heart beat of the drums brings you closer to your inner spirit. Enjoyed.. I have been in many drumming circles.
    Women meditation circles.