How Our Wounds Can Heal Us

By Nick Polizzi
Child Raising Arms Facing the Light in a Dark Canyon

I came across a quote a few days ago that stopped me in my tracks.

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” ― Rumi

The poet was probably speaking symbolically when he used the term “wound” above, referring to those places within us that have yet to be healed. But certain indigenous cultures take this concept much more literally and use these words of wisdom when treating their sick.

For thousands of years, people in the Amazon jungle have regarded physical dis-ease as something to be embraced, rather than feared. Illnesses are viewed as messengers of Pachamama or the earth mother, sent to humanity as teachers that can bring us closer to her and back into connection with our source, or “the Light”.

The shamans work with disease, not against it, listening for a specific message the health condition is trying to relate to the patient: What is it that must be confronted, changed, or healed on an emotional or spiritual level?

Once these underlying “wounds” are acknowledged, something remarkable happens to the patient. In the words of shaman Roman Hanis,

“When the individual has learned the deep lessons their disease has to teach them, they are re-birthed into a new, higher-evolved life.”

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The essence of this sacred interpretation can be applied to our everyday lives as well. Upon waking, you can either see the day in front of you as a buffet table loaded with painful and pleasurable experiences, or you can look at every encounter as spiritual training – with the goal being to become more clear and resourceful in the moment.

Here’s a little secret: children are amazing barometers of how we adults are operating. After all, they haven’t been conditioned by growing up – so they’re intuitive masters.

When my mighty four-year-old son, River, comes into the room and asks me a question, he immediately knows whether or not I’m giving him my full attention. He sees straight through any clouds of distraction and does whatever it takes to shake me back into the present moment.

On the flip side, when I am completely engaged in our interaction, River and I experience a fluid dance of souls. As we whirl, he teaches me things with his words and gestures that are too deeply gratifying to express.

Is it possible for us to tango with crisis and pain in the same way we would with a loved one? Seems kind of absurd at first, but the masters see the good and the bad, the light and the dark, the joyous and the terrifying as two sides of the same coin. They aren’t tempted by the fleeting comforts of the “good” nor are they rattled by the shadows that can sometimes be found in the “bad”.

Once we get past their foreboding exterior, we begin to see pain and crisis as something far more sacred than we ever knew. A shaman might call them a catalyst for spiritual evolution.

Answer this question honestly: Is there a point of pain or stress in your life right now that is actually a misunderstood doorway to your more evolved self?

There sure are a few in mine. 🙂

Stay curious,

Nick Polizzi
Founder, The Sacred Science

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  1. I was told I was giv positive sixteen years ago. I don’t like big pharm toxic meds. What can I do to return to being hiv negative? Thank you kindly.

    1. Don’t think about the diagnosis and go on living and have joy every day. You have already been living with it for 16 years. Be thankful for this and eat healthy food!

    2. Check out and watch youtube video, ” aids blunder with david rasnick and dr. Len saputo”.Hiv is a retrovirus. All retroviruses are harmless and do not cause disease including hiv. Hiv is not transmitted sxuallu or through the blood. Hiv does not cause Aids. David Rasnick suggests that if you tested positive for hiv, have yourself retested until you get a negaive result.

    3. Hi Winston,
      Buy the Book Called Medical Medium by Anthony William
      This book will assist You in Healing Yourself
      Love and Light.

    4. Hi Winston, I see you got a lot of great advice here. They are all right! On the physical level, buy a zapper. Cleaning your blood will bring your count to zero, and you will feel like a new man. The Bob Beck silver pulser(makes colloidal silver and cleans the blood) will dothe job. Wear it for 2 hours a day. No, I don’t sell them. I dissolved 3 tumors with it, reset my metabolism, and many other things. It’s no miracle, just killing unwanted things in your blood. If you search you will find the study he did with over 90 percent results that was squashed. The AMA refused to publish it. All the patients were (deathbed patients) with huge counts. I’m sorry,,,not here to convince you, just to offer up the best first aid kit you can carry anywhere. Results come very quickly, but you should be clean in about 6 weeks… I think you will find that it also brings a new clarity in thinking and an overall sense of well being. Repolarizing your blood cells is getting about as close to the source as you can,,,,,, makes the device. Wish you the best….

    5. Thank you for posting the bio-oxidative sources (gave all my possessions away save for art books) and can not remember all from so long ago (yes many lose their licenses and I am now in a non medical freedom state WA). And enzymes (key to life on nutritional level and destroyed in most cooking – Gerson Stew the foods, low below boiling point) but all nutrients are needed.

    6. You don’t want to loose your HIV positive memory cells from your immune system as they will protect you if ever you are again exposed to HIV. What you do want to lose is your HIV viral load as then you are free. Clearly after 16 years of living with HIV you are not rapid declining, so keep your immune system strong so you can clear your viral load by consulting a Homeopath and using a homeopathic nosode of HIV.

    7. There is a wonderful book called Wild Fermentation by Sandor Katz who tested positive and also mistrusts pharmaceuticals. He might be a good resource for you.

    8. This is mesmerizing and very powerful, Fred….I will visit the sight…..the original email was,sent to me by my Reiki teacher who I have been discussing my 25 year journey with breast cancer….I have finally come to the place where I am the one in charge, not Western medicine….it feels good and very freeing…I am currently “free” of disease and working on the dis-ease of it all….thank you for your the incredible way you have expressed this….Namaste’

    9. Winston Perkins, to heal from HIV look into and study thoroughly the work of Dr Robert Morse ND.
      Look for his book, The Detox Miracle Source Book . It is possible to remove the HIV virus through proper diet , herbs and fasting. It is my belief that these go hand in hand with our inner emotional work. Also check out the book, You are the Placebo, by Dr Joe Dispensa .

    10. This is from the collective consciousness of Abraham: “Any illness, or departure from physical well-being, begins at a cellular level—but the overwhelming propensity of your cells is that of thriving. All day, every day, your cells are reclaiming balance at such refined and subtle levels that most people are completely unaware of the power and intelligence of their cellular bodies.
      Focusing upon good-feeling objects of attention is the most effective way of providing the optimum environment for allowing unhindered cellular communication and the ultimate thriving of your physical body.” …Abraham

    11. Hi Winston

      I was given up by my Oncologist three years ago. A year at the outset to live. Inoperable. No Chemo or Radio Therapy. Write your last will and testimony to your family. Then I turned to Mother Nature.
      A “raw” fruits, and vegetables diet, which include all kinds of fruit, especially berries and all kinds of vegetables. especially cruciferous vegetables “greens” Get your self a juicer. If you are seriously Ill don’t have any sugar, or sugary cakes sweets or drinks of any kind. Try and get some “Turmeric” natural food capsules at leased 10,000 mg strength, and natural Garlic oil at least 4,000 mg strength. to purify the blood. Drink only filtered water. It will not cure you but your health will improve a lot. For more information on Natural cures look up ” THE TRUTH ABOUT CANCER” by Ty Bollinger ” The Quest for the Cures ” and ” The Global Quest ” Good Luck.

  2. Thank you for this week beautiful words. It touched my soul and is a treasure gift on my path of healing.

  3. Thank you, Nick. This information is so timely at this point along my journey. I really love the way you expressed the experience of interacting with your son. I recall experiencing that with my daughter and also with my grandchildren. Thanks for your important work and bless you!

  4. woke up this morning from an uneasy disturbing night
    opened and read this and as always it’s a perfect insight to the present moment
    thank you

  5. Good morning!
    Yes, I understand but I have a question?…
    That is not, if you choose, to be going against your free will??? Free will sense of presence for what is to happen within the body… Again in this action goes against your free will then is it not invasive???

    I would definitely like some help on this question…



    1. Man – clicked the wrong button and twice deleted my reply, lol.

      i used to help people align their energy fields back in Mn. Started by meditating as the person lay down and became comfortable – hopefully meditated too. Then going where intuition pulled – usually crown down, sometimes the reverse, sometimes the energy sheaths, then the chakras – the sensing was simply an awareness.
      On the unspoken level, “my” consciousness asked the other person – “this is what is sensed with your energy system. Do you want or need this – or do you want to change this?” The changes done were by the person theirself on a subliminal level, and used the sensing of energy that was provided as an energy loop was sent through and measured on the return to gauge loss, addition, changes, flavor, heat, buzz, pain, etc.
      If you do something parallel – offer yourself the CHOICE to change or not to change (might be a learning experience you or someone else needs to deal with?) then you can safely not infringe on free will…

  6. Quite timely with this new moon. Being present is a constant challenge.embracing all that life has to offer is living not existing.

  7. Thanks for your profound message today, Nick. I so enjoy your “helpers to make us grow, spiritually”.
    I send you love, light and happiness for you and your family.

    Many Blessings,

  8. Wow! Amazing! Have literally known this intuitively all my life. Had a forty year career in the healthcare field, that literally left me saddened by the use of so many man made medications, with
    Horrible side effects. The only ones that healed were those that had the mindset to get well by prayer and meditation.

  9. This is so in line with what i’ve experienced for years. i can tactilely sense energy when intent is there (sometimes without, lol) and used to align chakras in a gentle manner. Then i kept getting the message that this was psychic bandaids, and i needed to teach people how to deal with their own energy. They didn’t – i stopped that practice and moved later.

    i have noticed however, that my bruises and injuries are where i need to focus. On one jobsite, an accident put a chopsaw partwas through the back of my hand below the left wrist – and cut off all feeling to the little, outside fingers. For two years, until i did the energy work to fix that lack of sensation. When i danced an L.A. Rathayatra festival in 79 i burned the CRAP out of my ear tops – flies STILL land RIGHT THERE all the time. Hmmm better get to work.

    It always seems to be pulling attention to where i need to adjust my energy field and spiritual focus – what does that chakra, “sub-chakra” energy meridian, etc deal with AND MEAN?

    Thanks for the reminder.

  10. Every event in our life brings an opportunity to grow, even sadness. Once we liberate our shadow and acknowledge its existence, we bring it into the light. It’s in the light that we discover something we can embrace to take back the power we lost while trying to keep it hidden.

  11. Thanks for so wonderfully explaining what I do in my healing sessions! The healing work is magical and profound!
    I appreciate all you are doing!

  12. I know this is true. How can my struggle with chronic insomnia heal me. What am I stuck on, what am I attached to, what is the BIG shadow following me?

  13. This is all new to me, but this post spoke to me. I don’t know where to begin trying to see/allow this new pain/illness/injury as a pathway/learning experience/evolution. All I can seem to see is the fear that maybe this back pain I’m experiencing is never going to go away, I’m never going to get better, get my life back and the thought terrifies me. It’s a very dark place and I don’t know what to do.

  14. Nick yes, as my life journey has informed me. I had a vision once (one of many) and asked “who am I” and reply was beautiful white/pink envelope of light with a “voice” stating you are the crystal inside the “Geod” (that cement looking rock) and all the layers (of cement) are just childhood dogma, teachings, societal so on (childhood of abuse which I thought was me). In natural therapies one often experiences what is called “a healing crisis” – that revelation (born out of end stage on many levels) was just such a “healing crisis” WAKE up call. Won’t go into more personal but many revelations along the way.

    Thanks for the work you share.

  15. The huge ‘Thanks’ coming from my heart to you, is for reaching the deepest insights you always manage to find and spreading its balm everywhere…

  16. Sacred Science

    Thank you, that makes sense. I am currently healing as naturally as possible from lung cancer. I had right lung removed 2 years ago, I was just 38 with a 2 year old daughter.

    I am now trying to heal the left lung as it is there also, I believe this has been the worst and at times most painful emotionally and physically, period of my life, however also a blessing in a sense that I have seen people for who they are, and how much I am loved. I pray every day to heal so I can be a mummy to my daughter, and fulfill my life purpose. Please help pray & put positive thoughts out for me so I can manifest good health. I believe in Miracles! Thank you, Blessings, Paula x

  17. what would the shaman say about a shunt put into the brain to drain the fluid out of your brain and catching c diff in the hospital and taking flagyl for 14 days. It’s been 2 month post surgery and just starting to get back on my feet. I’m 73 years young.

    1. I too have shunt in my head for the same reason. I too have experienced the trauma of C-Dif, as my husband went though it. After doing the traditional methods prescribed by Dr.s, we turned to Naturalpathic methods and kicked it. I too am interested in what a shaman will say.

  18. I thank you so very much for all your interpretations, I added to my list of experiences, but most of all, I believe that everything happen in due season. Love and Light

  19. The answer to the question : Yes there are a few ; in each n every one of us ; it is how we triumph , each time every time in the now Nick Polizzi dear – Jai Sai , Jai Trevo


  20. POWERFUL! At just the right moment I read this, incredible how the Universe supplies what we need❤️

  21. I received the gift of your blog, today as I read, I have been in prayer for a friend since yesterday , Mother DAY, I felt drawn to call an old friend I haven’t heard from in over a year, only to hear her sobbing in fear of a very large mass they have found in her uterus. i sobbed with her, not knowing what to say, so I ended our conversation and asked her if I could pray for her healing. I felt like I hadn’t done enough, & then I read your Blog today. What a blessing ! TY

  22. My friend is gone with a bad woman. They are spiritual. My ex-friend have done bad things sexuel. And now the pursuit me. And also maroccains pursuit me. My ex-friend do this all. It is a good organisator. I stay at home. I go somestimes with my other friend Arthuur when i must pay my bills. But my friend is nog also not easy. My life is a hell. The maroccains are also spiritual and they do me bad. Looking in my eyes and other things. I run away when i see them. Now i stay at home. The bad women go nog liife longtime and thand stops it all.. Maria

  23. Just want to say I love this blog and newsletters. The only one I have no desire to unsibscribe from. Delight ful.

  24. My hands are healers of some sort. When I lay them on my dog and talk to someone I Call Spirit, ask for guidance to heal her heart who have a hole, it heals, and there is no more hole. She is now growing old, and I want her to live on for as much time as possible, I`ll lay my hands on her today after Reading this “Sacred Science, and ask for what she needs. More energy, lust for life and so on.
    I have done it With People and it Works, but I have allways been a litle sceptic of calling myself a healer, but that is what I am when I let myself go away and let in the light or whatever one will Call i
    come inside of me, doing the work. Not me, but something I have no Words for. Thank you for sending me this It`s just what I needed to start all over again.

  25. This has spoken straight to my heart. I have been involved in a painful scenario involving my ex wife and son. At first I enjoyed the role of victim, missing no opportunity to heap blame on her. This actually increased my discomfort to the point that I knew a new direction must be chosen. With some winks from God, I went inside to take full responsibility for everything in my life. I had to be honest about what I saw, recognize it for what it was and surrender to my powerlessness over it. I have developed a new path rooted in love that I will follow in dealing with her, keeping in mind my son’s best interests. I am going to ask for forgiveness for every wrong I have ever done to her, in a heartfelt manner. Then, vow to her what I am going to change about myself going forward to work with her as a team in the best interests of our son. This is truly an opportunity that I am glad I didn’t miss given the intensity of the discomfort that I experienced. This concept is Truth and we are called to live it as our personal Truth. Thanks Nick!!!

  26. The absence of my father has caused so much bitterness in me, which I didn’t know about until 2014. Little did I know that all the bitterness and resentment was being projected on every man who came my way trying his authority stunts. I would just tell them where to get off! I had been married for 6 years when I applied for a divorce, I was just sick and tired of being sick and tired. “I don’t need a man in my life” I would say. 2 days before the final court date I was facilitating a peace and reconciliation workshop when the revelation that would change my life dawned on me…….”You have been bitter towards your father all your life, therefore you resent every man who comes your way, it’s either your way or the highway” the little voice in me narrated. It was hard for me to accept that about me because I know myself as a very fair and loving person. Today being 2 years later, I am still married to the same man, my journey is that of a new dawn every day with new insights, having to learn to be patient with myself so to be patient with others. My husband still has to face my projections, mistrusts, and fear of rejection. Still he narrates……”even if I were to choose a wife again, I would still choose you”. I have accepted that I have a deep spiritual wound that is slowly peeling, bleeding and healing. I refuse to stay victim because I AM victorious! By the way, I still do not know my father!

  27. Thank you for your message…with which I especially connect at this point in my life and also after being at the very especial dentist who has just fixed two parts of my mouth which were getting worse every day. And it really reflects how difficult it is for me and my husband of 31 years to continue as we have been. I hope I listen to the dental signals today and follow them to finding a healthier, more soulful, and mutually understanding relationship.

  28. This would have been a perfect topic, for my poem, Naked philosophy…
    There is no evil…
    Instead of trying to “figure out” all the questions, (disorders,) in life, we should simply dance with them…
    So I guess I’m confused, when you said you’d make a folder, and use them where pertinent…

  29. The deepest wound I received was a door to the greatest evolution of the Self. And to this day, emotions continue to seep into the wound motivating me to make changes in my spiritual being.

    1. Self observation, mindfulness and gratefulness brings deep awareness and clarity. Truth, light and love always brother.

  30. Wow, amazing how this knowledge is passed on. My friend has a painful physical ailment and is mourning her brothers death. I sent her truth, light and love with a message about transforming her physical and emotional pain into positive energy as a healing process. Her drama moved me to tears feeling her pain. Now comes awareness of Pachamama to this consciousness. A healing process with the Mother Earth. All my relations, Hunabku.

  31. I have been suffering panic, anxiety and agoraphobia for years….started around age 2..I am 55 and still can not figure it out….any insite would be helpful since I am now headed down the other side of the mountain so to speak…I would really like to know why I decided to be born to suffer my entire life.

  32. Well done Nick — you continue to articulate what many recognise but may not allow themselves to acknowledge. Keep up the good work!

  33. Hi Nick-

    I always appreciate your words of wisdom and insight. Thanks for showing up in my inbox today. I was pondering that quote from Rumi a few days ago. It is a beautiful truth.

    I am currently being treated for breast cancer. My experiences during the past 9 months have allowed me to stretch emotionally and grow spiritually in ways unknown to me before the diagnosis. I am grateful for everything that I have learned and experienced. And, all the kindness and wisdom I have received from mother earth and a whole lot of other beings, including you.

    Enjoy the day! much love… rayne

  34. Hiya Nick I love listening to your stories about you and your son River…First of all what a beautiful name for a child….I am/was a single parent of 4 lads who have alk grown up and are aged 42,33.32 and 27 years….I vividly remember them when they were children and the absence of a father did make it hard.
    However my eldest son had a different father and when Mark was 17 he went and lived with his father in Berlin…He now lives in Vrighton and is head chef for a big company….My other 3 children have only left home in the last few years…The youngest still lives with me and he is the 27 year old….The 32 year old is buyoong his house with his girlfriend..My 33 year old just recently acquired a house and is waiting for his girlfriend to return from Australia.
    Nick it gives me such a warm feeling to listen to your interactions with River and I can not deny I would have loved if my boys would have had that experience…They are in contact with their fathers since they got older but I suffer with ongoing depression and I am going to buy myself a Yurt so I can meditate in the garden
    I am 63byears of age Nick but I was a child of the sixties and I believed it was such a good era to have been around….There was definitely people sharing Love and perhaps it was a bit OTT but when I look at the world today it really is in a state of mourning and loss. Anyway Nick I like reading your posts and can not believe River is four years old…I remember you talking about him when he was maybe 8 months old….Keep up the good work Nick and finally because my house is less busy then I find myself being able to work on my problems a bit more because being a parent is a lifelong commitment but what a wonderful one….Just to finish when I gave birth to my last child the ambulance men were on strike and I really felt the baby coming down through my inside (because if one is in hospital one has a choice of different ways and James was breech so the doctors gave me an injection in my spine to numb the stomach area and James decided to come out bum first lol.
    My first child was born in hospital and in those days wiman were given an enima….charming lol….When baby George was born he had the chord around his neck twice abd cane out with two black eyes because the midwife did not help me with contractions then he was in intensive care for 6 weeks….which was awful….But my last child was such a beautiful experience as it was not planned and it was so nice not to be tied up to machines etc. It was a beautiful burth and I felt so proud as a mum lol.
    Anyway Nick I love your friend Anne Marie with all her lovely natural skin products…..Please keep doing what you do Nick as your posts are always inspiring…I try to work on any inbalances I have and believe it is an ongoing process..
    Have a lovely day

  35. Awesome Nick, Out of all the emails I have to delete because of not enough time in the day, I always make it a point to stop the rushed life and read yours. This one on how wounds can heal us brought me mostly back in tune from an intense overwhelming Monday. And I love the shared Wisdom from Claudia, John and Fred Thank you guys so much. Lots of Awesome insights

  36. Nick, you are awesome! Thank you so much for imparting your wisdom which is always pleasantly wrapped in wonderful stories….such a pleasure & honor to read….keep them coming, I’m listening 🙂

  37. Your continued quest for deeper spiritual living, growth, and meaning is an inspiration to my life. Thank you with all of my heart and being.
    May you continue lighting the path for us all.

  38. I LOVE this article. Leonard Cohen; “there’s crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”.
    I’ve been having dis-ease for 2 plus the better part of 3 years. It involves pain and tissue destruction. As I’ve gotten better, worse, better, etc, I’ve had experienced a lot of changes. I’m more internal than external. I am more grateful. I’m more patient. Got a lot of need for dis-ease to help me move toward healing my heart and soul.

  39. Dear Nick,

    For a long time I’ve been meaning to write and say thank you. Thank you for your wisdom, generosity of spirit, compassion, and honesty. And, adding to all of that, you are a beautiful writer. I believe our wounds are meant to trigger us into becoming inner alchemists, by turning that painful lead into gold. Blessings,

  40. Hi Nick
    First of all thank you for the email that you sent me.
    I will go by my own own experiences in life. The ones that have transformed me physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually I have told you in a previous blog that I have lost my sister, my wife, and
    [almost] lost my own life to the big C. I was sick mentally, emotionally and spiritually and did not want to live anymore. True wisdom often comes from painful experiences. I have found in life that
    you have to get to the root cause of any illness before it can be healed, otherwise you are wasting your time evn with the best medical care or alternative treatments. In my case guilt because I had an argument with my dear wife of ” over forty years ” over cigarettes destroying her health before she
    died. I could not forgive myself. I was heart sick. One year later the oncologist told me I had Cancer level three and progressing into level four. My wife came through to me in dreams and by contacting clairvoyants. She has told me not to worry, and that she has forgiven me. And she has told me to forgive myself. My Cancer started to get better and although the doctors had given up on me. care only or pallative. I was in a long black tunnel with no end in sight, or light at the end of the tunnel.
    I was too Ill for surgery and was given no Chemo or Radiotherapy. this was over three years ago, and I am feeling good with no pain at all in my body. If I were to sum up this life changing experience It would be my wife’s love and forgiveness from the spirit realm. and the belief that life and love or consciousness goes on after physical death. “Love Heals” After all, are we not ” Spiritual Beings” having many “Human Experiences” on Earth. God Bless. Love light and continuation of life. John

  41. “The Source of all that is”, was and ever will be, lies silently within and outside”all” of it’s creations.
    In every corner of the Universe.There is no place where it is not. And all lower and higher spirit realms too. Waiting to be realized by the soul personality. ” It experiences It’s self through it’s own creations” It is beyond the understanding of the mere intellect of the human being. So “Vast” that “It” can create multiple universes and withdraw them into “It’s” self at the end of time, boggles the mind. “It ” can only be known by direct experience, by the higher mind or “God Within” Not by the intellect. Can we understand the origin of cosmic consciousness. Or Universes being created out of the “Void or Vacuum, From nothingness. Through us “It’s” highest creations on Earth “It” gives “It’s grace.
    which is “It’s Love”. in eons and eons of time we will once more merge with this pure light and love.
    The great saints of all religions creeds and races have realized this ” ABSOLUTE REALITY ” not by dogma or reading religious books but by direct experience. It is our purpose for being here.

    The One is within All and All is within the One. AUM

  42. Very very odd since last few days i m also going through the same phase after my father aged 87 suffered brain hemorrhage, having paralysis on right side of the body. Keep pondering on why and this situation is trying to teach us what with complicated behaviour of different relatives.

  43. I always though I was misunderstood by people who are close to me. My children use to tell people that their mom was a good witch. I dont have evil thoughts for anyone. I’ve always told ” you are so spiritual” , ” you are so sensitive” I know I always attract what is needed. Many peoe have been healed, I use to get a little ill after diffrent people ask me for healings!
    Where do I go from here. I talk to people in the grocery store, to make them feel better, or to lift their spirits. The above ten, described me to a T. Seems like I can do more. Where do I go from here? All of my life I’ve always said this world is not my home, and I’ve been hear for thousands of years, and this time I will graduate. I need to help on a larger scale
    Where too know that I know this power is a gift.

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