The Power Of Purpose

By Nick Polizzi
Open Road Leading Into Mountains and Horizon

As the new year begins, many of us are reflecting on our lives and taking note of what is working and what is not. If you’re like me, you know that you can do better and are digging down deep to find new ways of stacking the odds in your favor.

But how can we hack the system? How can we overcome the patterns that might be holding us back from realizing our fullest potential?

Sometimes it’s extremely valuable to start with a simple question. What is my purpose? Yes, most of us will spend lifetimes examining and then re-examining this question. But here’s a little drill that can offer a fresh perspective to start off 2015.

Picture yourself years and years from now.

A much older version of you that has seen almost every grain of sand drop through the hour glass. This is the oldest version of you that will ever be, because you are about to die.

When you imagine yourself in that place, what do you see? Are you happy? Are you breathing peacefully, knowing that you are about to make the great transition after having lived a full life? Or are you anxious, resisting death with everything you have, wishing to right some wrong or lamenting that you’ve kept something within you all this time and are about to leave this life without having resolved it?

Meditate on this question. How would that “future you” want you to be living your life right now?

This isn’t about weighing the pros and cons of decisions made, or factoring in the realities that may be preventing you from living the life you want. This is about realigning yourself with your mission. It may sound crazy, but your purpose is a torch that, once lit, will illuminate a whole new world.

As youngsters, we aren’t always given the room to find out who we are, before being TOLD who we are. There are no real villains here, but there are certainly victims.  It is time to clean the slate and let the perceptions that others have of you
slide off your shoulders like an old tattered coat.

Think beyond your career options.  The current educational paradigm systematically assesses our raw abilities and funnels us into a few “one-size-fits-all” life paths without even touching upon the things most essential to finding our purpose.

What gives you the most joy in life?  What is the one activity that you always look forward to? What is the work you would choose to do regardless of how much money you were paid, or how others thought of you, the work you would do for the pure joy of having accomplished something important to you?

This is where we start.  If you’re already living your purpose, you understand how life-changing this simple exercise is.  And you also know how important it is to check back in with your purpose to make sure it is still as vibrant as it used to be.

Native rituals, ancient rites of passage, and sacred ceremonies are all centered on this inner work.   Who are you?  Why are you here?  What agreements did you make with yourself before incarnating that remain to be realized?

As the heat builds in the sweat lodge or temazcal, these truths begin to emerge.  In the Amazonian maloka, as our reality falls away in the darkness, all that remains are these unwavering threads of knowing.

At the same time, you don’t need an extravagant ceremony to do this work. Stay open and it will come to you when you least expect it.

Wishing you an incredible 2015 of service, consciousness, love, and gratitude.

We’re in this together,

Nick and The Sacred Science Team

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  1. It’s a great idea, but I’m in my 60s and have been looking for my life purpose for a long time. I think I must probably accept that it’s nothing very significant.

    1. sometimes in our insignificant actions, we do not know the impact that we leave others with. I think that you don’t give yourself enough credit. Take care

    2. Hi Ann. I believe that we are all here for a purpose however small. The Dalai Lama once told a man who was scared of his own mortality that he should focus on making others happy rather than worrying about his own happiness that way he would feel fulfilled on his deathbed and know that his life had not been in vain. Best wishes to you.

    3. Anne – Your comment hit home with me. I had a life’s purpose but it was taken away from me at age 33 (I will be 60 this year). More and more has been taken away and it seems that the more I try to create/recreate my life’s purpose, the more I am thwarted. So I struggle with the same question as you do. The other night I read a poem which consoled me somewhat – “Waiting” by John Burroughs. Do you know it? Read it and let me know if it has meaning for you…

    4. Dearest Anne, please know that being in your 60’s makes you many years the wiser and personally I would love nothing more than to receive an hour of your time in order to walk away with some golden nuggets of that very wisdom. Please consider meditating on what brings you joy. Then ask how you can be of service in that area. Small seeds grow and you could be too, even at your age. Heck, you’ve probably got around 40 more years so have faith and love will show you the way to your passion and how to share it. Peace and wellness to you, careoline

    5. I think if you guys are above 60s and can’t find your life’s purpose, then you should look back in your life and see what you have accomplished till now… May be it was your purpose what you have done in your past.

  2. Thank you Nick for yours and your team’s incredible service in 2014. Wishing you and yours and your team an incredible year of service in 2015, consciousness, love, and gratitude.
    Ann Schiller Koch

  3. Thank you for having touch my real me and awaking my purpose. Your timing is perfect. It is time for me to dress myself with a bright and fresh coat.. I know what moves me, I will embrace it.

  4. While life continues to be very full, as it should be, I think I am ready to begin my long distance healing program…if you are still offering it.

    Thank you, Mary Fenlon

  5. Hi Nick,
    This is my 4th attempt to leave a reply….keeps getting erased when I touch my touchpad on my MacBookPro. I love what you are doing…the movie was so powerful and I’m convinced the sound of the jungle was the real healer. 🙂 Also…today’s writing is extremely powerful for me. Thank you so much. I’m 60 and still beating myself up for not living my purpose. One of my goals is to discover how I can use the ‘real me’ talents I have. Your writing has had a powerful effect on me. Keep up your beautiful work. Love, Mary

    1. I am 66 and am also just working on finding my life’s purpose. I think I am narrowing it down and I also loved Nick’s movie and article. Your comment brought Grandma Moses to mind and I think her life can serve as an example to all of us “late bloomers”. Grandma Moses was born in 1860, married, raised 5 children, continued farming after her husband died and expressed her creativity through embroidery. When she was in her late 70’s, arthritis made embroidery too painful and at her sister’s urging began to paint. “She wrote an autobiography of her life, won numerous awards and was awarded two honorary doctoral degrees.” From 1938 she painted over 1,500 canvasses. In her autobiography, which she wrote in 1952 at the age of 92, she said “I look back on my life like a good day’s work, it was done and I feel satisfied with it. I was happy and contented, I knew nothing better and made the best out of what life offered. And life is what we make it, always has been, always will be.” Grandma Moses died in 1961 at the age of 101. I think her life serves as an example to all, and I think she would say “You are just a spring chicken so what’s stopping you?”

  6. Hi NIck. I agree with Mary below. I will turn 64 next month and am still trying to figure out my purpose. Hopefully this will happen before I exit this world. (loved the movie also). Thanks

  7. Hey Nick,
    Great post, I know finding my purpose has had me travel to many places however I have been challenged with many beautiful distractions along the way. I like when you say: “What agreements did you make with yourself before incarnating that remain to be realized?”
    I just finished reading the four agreements and its breaking old agreements that I am challenged with for 2015. I am not big on resolutions because they are not specific enough and our patterns and old agreements will sneak up on us.
    This year rather than a resolution I am setting a 6 week challenge for myself. From what I understand it takes 6 weeks (42 day) to create new neuro pathways in the brain, new habits. The bible says 40 days and 40 nights. So to start the year off my challenge (which ends Feb 11th) is:
    1. No Alcohol
    2. No Sex
    3. No masturbating
    4. No sugar
    5. No TV/Movies
    6. No complaining
    I do have a few exceptions, if I am in the jungle, lost and starving and I have to eat some fruit to live then I will. I will still watch documentaries, lessons and stand-up comedy. As far as no complaining goes I am really surprised about how many group conversations that happen that revolve around a commiserating complaint. I am reading the book “A Complaint Free World” and I am taking notes. I suppose rather than saying “no complaining” I could say “Learn how to not complain.” I am definitely more present to it now.
    I have told my friends and family about my challenge and having them hold me accountable and if I do not succeed I have to raise $2000 for a charity and volunteer 100 hrs. of my time (so win win).
    Once I do succeed my 6 weeks my next 6 week challenge will be: rather than focusing on the distractions I do not want to do, I will focus on the areas where I can give back and things I do want to do. I feel that being a monk for 6 weeks will give me some clarity on a direction for discovering my present purpose and the specifics for my next 6 week challenge… baby steps right?
    I am heading down to the Southern end of the Amazon next week and I will meditate on my future me looking back while I’m there. Thanks for the reminder!
    Beautiful and Authentic New Year!!!

  8. ah! Just did the meditation and alignment and it felt very good–I felt a “direction” forming — even if i don’t know the details. Thank you! Done daily, this will be quite a gift.

  9. Thank you for this inspiring article and for your emails that I always look forward to reading. We def need more consciousness, love and gratitude in this life. Let us hope that 2015 can bring about some big shifts… In gratitude for your beautiful work Silvia

  10. Dear Nick and The Sacred Science Team,
    Thanks for your work and inspiration for us all to become conscious dreamers, and to add our light and love to the collective dream. May this new year aid us all in lifting us up closer to who and what we truly are. May I succeed, with the aid of my allies and helpers, to bring forth my gifts and talents to aid the whole. Blessings, love and light, Anne Lise

  11. I’m not sure my typing is actually entering. It’s far too faint for me to see…. But a note to Mary. I began my wonderful study of Energy Medicine at 69. I love it. Do what you are lead to. Blessings, Patricia.

  12. This is a timely message for me in my senior years.My purpose is to “be the peace” for those in need

  13. Helo Nick,
    Thank you for these beautiful and powerful words. I’m just with these questions, it has sometime and I’m trying to have the answers to come up. Thanks really. You and all Team are doing a important and significative work. Have All a great and beautiful 2015. Love, Rosara

  14. This is a great message one that I have been dedicated for the last 10 years. To find my porpose, was knowing that mine is helping others in every way I can.
    Thank you to put this in words

  15. Thank you for your inspiring words !
    The activities that have mostly felt: “This is what I am meant to do!”
    have been situations with other humans who could find in me, my words or my gestures or doing, keys or catalyzers to facilitate the handling of their heavy issues – which were always facilitating me taking the steps I needed.
    An interaction that confirmed our commitment to this life in mutual connection with the whole of humanity and nature.

  16. Sometimes its hard to approach a question as big as what our life’s purpose is because it may be more of a process of unfolding rather than a direct answer. I think that our soul resists being reduced to a purpose. That’s not to say that we can’t live our life’s purpose and find guidance in alignment with our purpose though. I like the question: “What is the most meaningful thing I can be doing right now?” because it allows the answer to spring from this moment and allows our life purpose to unfold in an evolving way where we can connect with ourselves directly rather than in an ideal future self.

  17. Thank you very much for sharing.
    I have done a similar tipe of exercise, but the one you propose is more thorough.
    Thanks again and Happy each day of your life every year!

  18. Perhaps we should stop thinking and just BE. If we are luminous beings having a human experience we will come back into the Singularity as one like a puzzle being put back together to form the whole picture. The purpose is already known when we stop talking and stop thinking.

    1. Greetings Grand Father Cloud, Your words resound within me. Our luminous nature expresses itself and acts in accordance with the Singularity and leaves no discord. Therefore there is no need to think. Just act from that Place of Luminousity. Is that what you mean? kc

  19. I would also like to hear some comments for those of us that are older. There is so much talk about life purpose. Is it possible our purpose could just be to live a happy healthy life?

  20. Thanks Nick. To live simply and leave clean footprints. To do that, keep releasing the dross. Remain conscious and hold those unwavering threads of knowing like a beacon on the path. Its doable. Hugs to all.

  21. Since early childhood I have always consciously been open to upgrade whatever I do, whether it’s baking a pie, taking care of my teeth, or personal growth. Upgrade may not be the right word here but as I was writing I saw a step climbing up meaning that I had never wanted to be stuck in doing the same thing the same way over and over. Whatever I do should always be done the best way I can and in so doing bring me a step closer to whatever my quest is. I have fought every day of my entire life not to be put in a mold and be labeled which our society is so much geared towards hence the cause of so much misunderstanding eventually escalating to wars. I change every day, part of me dies and part of me grows, so I am never the same. My grade 3 teacher once said that every day you see something you have never seen before and you do something you have never done before and I thought what wealth I should reap by the time I am old and I don’t mean material wealth. I come from a large French Canadian family living in a farm in rural Northern Ontario. My very first job at 18 was with a UN agency based in Montreal and I was impressed with all the different nationalities and cultures I came across. I didn’t want to hang around only with Canadians ‘I won’t learn anything’ I thought. I was always attracted to different people no matter how odd they would appear. My experience is that you never know what riches they hide within them. So many times they are not aware of what is there. My job brought me to different parts of the world and I was infused with everything I observed and cherish so many of those moments. I must have moved over 50 times in my life never settling in any one place for very long. My goal now is to live off the grid, be self-sufficient in every way – spirituality, health, lodging, food, etc. and service others wishing the same. If I can’t do so in my country, I will simply go elsewhere in order to do so. I am a citizen of the world and I can be at home anywhere, at least where there is love and sharing. So I welcome Sacred Science in my life as it is just a continuation of my forever learning and sharing. I have just received the Secrets of the Ancient Healers material and will be looking forward to sharing it with others. I will be 70 in a few months. I don’t feel it and don’t look it. A few years ago I found a little property (my very first) and have been transforming it into a neat little nest. When I will finish fixing and paying it off I will be ready to take up the pilgrim’s staff again and continue to travel and share what I am with people of other cultures with always a little nest to come back to and share my findings with those around me. I’m still too young to retire and so retirement is not in my dictionary.

  22. I like this piece and agree. I have just retired from a government job, because I realise I need to be doing what I love. I have a part time social marketing business which I am very passionate about, creating healthy homes one at a time. I am also loving creating my garden of flowers to enjoy at breakfast each morning with my beautiful rescued cat named Toby… is grand

  23. Having lost my entire family and then my husband over the years, now I have more time to contemplate my purpose on this earth. I always put everyone else first and I wouldn’t change that, but now feel like I am trying to find myself. I lost me along the way and I do have a plan. I have worried over it but have thrown caution to the wind as I won’t be around much longer anyway. I am 63.

  24. I was not really awake the first 3 quarters of my life, I awoke slowly and even made peace with my past the good and the bad. I am very grateful I am still here and believe I will enjoy the last quarter of my journey and I’m grateful for people like you and your team that I am learning new ways of living life and finding purpose, etc., So thank you and your team and wish also wish you all an incredible life.

  25. I wanted to say thanks you for the email that arrived in my inbox today. Not sure how I am on your mailing list – but it would appear that all is well and in Perfect Timing. Time for me to start trusting the Universe again. 🙂

  26. Thank you Nick for the message! You are doing a great job. We all need the optimism of the chance to find our purpose and live the life of joy we deserve and was meant for us to live. Be well!

  27. I don’t think about death, because I am eternal and the body that I have was designed to live forever. So, I put my thoughts into motion to direct my body in Self – generation daily through meditation. If you think you will die, then you are continuing the program that has been generated for generations ; however, we have the ability to change that program through our thoughts and meditation. I recommend a book that would help those in their self-realization – Sacred Self, Sacred Relationships by Blackwood Jones and Gina Jones (2000). It is an excellent book. I use my paradigm teaching – Roadmap for Life to enable me through the processes of life and the choices I make. If you want to know more about this paradigm teaching, contact me at [email protected]. Thanks.

  28. I will be fifty soon and still have no idea of my lifr purpose, I do know that if I had the means I love helping people

  29. I will reflect on that because I’m going through that feeling. What is my part here on earth and how do I do it? I’m in and out of depression. Right now!!!!!!

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