The Science Behind Shamanism – Non-locality.

By Evelyn Brodie
Light Spiraling Out from a Human Figure's Heart Center

What if there was concrete scientific proof that shamans, energy workers, psychics, and other traditional healers were truly tapping into a higher realm to help others? Well, it looks like we may have finally gotten there.

For centuries, scientists have been searching for the ultimate ‘theory of everything’ and there have even been times when they thought they were getting close to that holy grail. Only recently have we really begun to appreciate the extent of what we don’t know, as space probes and telescopes have expanded our access to the macrocosm whilst quantum physics and nanotechnology have expanded our access to the microcosm.

Today, we have proven the existence of ‘non-locality’ – the implication of the mathematics underlying quantum physics that led Einstein to reject the theory because it led to quantum entanglement, or as he described it, ‘spooky action at a distance.’ As this appeared to contradict his belief that nothing could travel faster than the speed of light, Einstein rejected quantum physics. But technological advances have given us proof of non-locality in the lab as well as in the world of abstract mathematics.

Spinning Wheels

Simplistically, if you shoot two electrons out of a single source in opposite directions, and then change the direction of spin on one of them, regardless of how distant they are, the other simultaneously changes direction as well. That is non-locality.

But how does the one know what the other is doing?

An early answer was energetic entanglement at the quantum level. Professor David Bohm explained this using the metaphor of the holographic universe (which has many names such as inforealm, collective consciousness or Akashic field, depending on the branch of science). Metaphysically it is an aspect of God, Brahman, Spirit, Creator.

The basic idea is that if a hologram is smashed into millions of pieces, each contains the whole picture but from a different perspective. This non-locality theory started to explain how each one of us, as a shard of the holographic universe, is capable of accessing all the information that exists – if our brains can tune in at the right frequency.

Much of the recent research has been pulled together by Professor Ervin Laszlo(1,2). He writes, “Just as electric and magnetic effects are conveyed by the EM-field, attraction among massive objects by the G-field, and attraction and repulsion among the particles of the nucleus by quantum fields, so we must recognize that a universal in-formation field conveys the effect we described as ‘nonlocal coherence’ throughout the many domains of nature.”

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A Deeper Dive Into Consciousness

The concept of non-locality is spilling over from physics into a field theory of mind and consciousness.  I want to briefly mention three lines of investigation.

1. Pim van Lommel is a Dutch cardiac surgeon. He writes, “Based on my NDE research, I conclude that our waking consciousness, which we experience as our daily consciousness, is only a complementary aspect of our whole and infinite nonlocal consciousness. This consciousness is based on indestructible and constantly evolving fields of information, where all knowledge, wisdom, and unconditional love are present and available, and these fields of consciousness are stored in a dimension beyond our concept of time and space with nonlocal and universal interconnectedness.”

2. Neuroscientist Karl Pribram initially proposed a model in which the brain and its distributed memory storage are likened to a holographic storage network with memory encoded in the brain’s synaptodendritic webs. As with an optical hologram, every piece of a long-term memory is distributed over the entire dendritic arbor in a neural hologram so that each part contains information about the whole event.

Later, Pribram questioned whether the holographic wave-patterns are actually stored in the brain at all? He concluded that the brain is a receiver and interpreter of wave-forms rather than a storage system. With David Bohm he described the brain as picking up wave-forms from the ‘implicate order’ of the super small, multi-dimensional quantum scale, rendering them ‘explicate’ in three dimensional everyday reality.

3. Physicist Sir Roger Penrose and anaesthetist Dr. Stuart Hameroff have collaborated for many years to investigate consciousness. They developed the hypothesis that resonant microtubules within the brain are the physical body’s link with consciousness – the mechanism by which the holographic storage is downloaded. Hameroff elaborates in great detail in a highly technical website paper(3) with a very specific description of how the brain’s microtubules send and receive coherent waves which link from the supersmall quantum scale inside the brain to the surrounding in-formation field.

He writes, “In a panpsychist view consistent with modern physics, Planck scale(4) spin networks encode proto-conscious experience as well as Platonic values. Particular configurations of quantum spin geometry convey particular varieties of proto-conscious experience, meaning and aesthetics. The proposed Orch OR events occur in the brain, extending downward to processes in an experiential Planck scale medium. The basic idea is that consciousness involves brain activities coupled to self-organizing ripples in fundamental reality.”

Why Should We Care?

Most non-local effects have been assigned in the Western world to the realm of the paranormal and have frequently been ridiculed. But being able to tune into the inforealm is exactly what the shamans and healers have done for centuries. It’s something we are all capable of.

If we can learn this access, then healing non-locally outside conventional space and time becomes possible, including work with karmic and genealogic ancestors. We step into co-creating our health and wellbeing instead of being victims of our conditioning and society.

Interested Now?

A former economist, journalist and live financial TV correspondent, Evelyn Brodie had a life-changing experience, prompting her to embark on a dual track quest for shamanic knowledge whilst investigating the science (quantum physics, psychoneuroimmunology and neurobiology) underpinning this ancient and re-emerging practice. Now a modern day shamanic practitioner, she lives and runs a successful integrated healing practice and training programme in London, England. Her website is

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  1. type your comment here…This has definatly convinced me, at the perfect time might İ add to go to Lendric Lodge, Scotland to train as Shaman. Thank you so much for post it is appreciated 🙂 *

    1. Dear Christopher – Good luck at Lendrick in Scotland. I will be interested to hear how you get on there.

  2. I’m so glad to see this article.

    I work as a Health Kinesiologist. In this modality I believe that I reach back in time to recreate the exact energy pattern of a traumatic event, then do a correction using the energy meridian system. This correct will return the energy system to a normal function which no longer has the need for the language of present day ‘symptoms’.
    This is in line with the Troop theory of early 1900’s. I love the stuff that’s freely available to back up these ways of wellbeing.

    1. Evie – excellent! This sounds as if you are doing an instantaneous reprogramming of the neural pathways – something that is becoming increasingly accepted as possible and to which I will return in future articles. Blessings on your work 🙂

  3. Yes, there are so many scientific data points that confirm the bigger, non-positivist/non-material viewpoint, these are some excellent ones. The patterns would be obvious, if our systems didn’t work so hard and so well at keeping us looking in a fragmented fashion

    Thx, will check out the site further

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