A Healing Tool That Many Have Forgotten.

August 22, 2015 96 Comments

Have you ever had a strange feeling that…

– A loved one was in trouble
– You needed to eat a specific food or take a certain herb or supplement
– There was something unsafe or otherwise “off” about a certain person or place

…that ended up being spot-on?

If you asked most Western medical doctors what role they felt intuition plays in modern medicine, you might find a few that recognized its value, but the majority would tell you that intuitive healing is a hoax. After all, intuition is about as conventionally accepted by science as ESP, seeing the future, or out-of-body experiences, right?

I used to feel the same way until an experience I had eight years ago reshaped the way I understood these kinds of unexplainable phenomena.

We were in Aspen, CO, shooting an interview with Bob Proctor, a living legend in the field of personal growth and achieving happiness. One of the final questions we asked him was, “How do one’s fears and anxieties limit the infinite potential that each of us possess inside of us?” Bob’s response was something that my friends and I still talk about to this day.

“First off, most of us don’t even know who we are.”, Bob began. “You’re Nick and I’m Bob, but those are just names that we were given. Who are you, really?  Once we get past the surface of who we THINK we are, the number of abilities we can access are terrifyingly infinite.”

Then he gave us a little demonstration.

“For example, I can tell you who you are just by looking at your face. Does this sound crazy? It’s not. We’ve dumbed ourselves down so much that most of us have forgotten half of the senses we were born with.” Bob then proceeded to work his way around the room and give us the lowdown on who we each were at our core essence, which was not the most comfortable process.  There were about 6 of us there, including a few well known “gurus” in the field of superfood nutrition and energy healing, plus our film crew. And yes, he was dead on with each of his 10 second assessments, although he had never met any of us prior to that day.

The most memorable of these “scans” was Proctor’s assessment of one of the other wellness celebrities in the room, who I will not name here. This outwardly gregarious figure had been waiting his entire life to meet Bob and was already sitting mesmerized in the corner of the room, watching with awe as he made his rounds. Proctor then turned to him and said, “You. People love you because of your pioneering spirit and the passion with which you speak to large and sometimes even unfriendly audiences. You are amazing with words and inspire people to take action. But, what most people don’t know is that you are actually an extremely shy, introverted person. You would much rather be alone in your garden than in the public eye.” Our friend’s face went flush as he nodded with a sheepish grin.

One of the many lessons learned that day: Never underestimate the gifts we are born with.

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Here are a few tips if you’re interested in tapping into some of what Bob Proctor showed us:

First, the unconscious mind (where intuition comes from) is not linear like its conscious (or rational) counterpart. We’re quite accustomed to the logical mind’s computer-like approach to navigating the world, but the intuitive mind operates on entirely different principles.  Time and space, for example, have no bearing on the non-linear behavior of intuitive thought.  With practice, connections to our past, present, and future can be made in an instant, resulting in an instant “knowing” of the person, place or thing we are focussing on.

Still with me?

The notion of intuition or “the direct perception of truth, fact, etc., independent of any reasoning process” is almost too much for the rational brain to comprehend. We’ve spent so much of our lives depending solely on a logic-driven guidance system that our more subtle, intuitive “sixth sense” has all but disappeared.

But like a muscle, this gift can be strengthened over time using a few techniques:

1 – Write it down. Your unconscious mind has plenty to tell you, but it needs to be acknowledged. Keeping a journal or log of the peripheral messages that you receive on a daily basis will encourage your intuition to speak up more often and much more clearly.

2 – Allow your inner voice to show itself. Often we are too embarrassed or ashamed to let certain thoughts or emotions show themselves, even in the solitude of our own minds. This is especially true of the more traumatic or limiting ones – and these are the exact areas we need to focus on if we want to heal.

3 – Create or find a space where you can go into a deep meditative state. Have you ever walked into a room or forest clearing and felt a welcoming tingle down your spine? This is the kind of sensation you want to feel when you walk into your own sacred space. This is your workshop and your chapel. Choose it wisely.

These three simple practices are a great place to start. Once you’ve begun honing this skill, you will probably find that your own intuition will guide you to the next steps. That’s how it unfolded for me.

Stay curious,

Nick Polizzi
Director, “The Sacred Science”

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About Nick Polizzi

Nick Polizzi has spent his career directing and producing feature length documentaries about natural alternatives to conventional medicine. Nick's current role as executive producer of the docuseries "Proven: Healing Breakthroughs Backed By Science" and "Remedy: Ancient Medicine for Modern Illness" stems from a calling to honor, preserve, and protect the natural healing knowledge and earth-based medicines that our ancestors passed down to us.

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  1. Jack says:

    I use the Sacred Science video in my Healing Strategies class at a local community college. It is awesome to view the many dimensions of the healing process in such a personal way. An awesome video!. Thanks for the notes on intuition; when regularly listened to, it rarely fails me, and is like opening another door or gaining sight through an inner eye. Thanks, and Peace, Jack

  2. Raederle says:

    Fantastic article, Nick. You’re an excellent writer, and I don’t give that compliment lightly!

    Thank you for this wonderful reminder. Lately I’ve been writing down my dreams. I find that the more I write them down, the more often I remember them. The more often I remember them, the more I recall. The more I recall, the more obvious the meaning of the dream is. And the meanings…! Wow! They just blow me away.

    My casual dreams are filled with my hopes. My nightmares are loaded with my most intimate fears, spelled out in clear symbols that are obvious to me (yet obscure to others), and all I have to do is listen. Each night I am solving my own problems in my sleep, but only if I am listening and writing and reading my dreams… Only then can I understand what problems I am actually having!

    And yeah… Like your un-named friend health guru colleague… I’d like to be alone in my garden too!

    • Marilyn says:

      I find your comment interesting. My dream life is prolific and not always pleasant. I’m going to try writing the dreams down and see what I can learn. Thanks for sharing your process.

  3. Muriel says:

    Thanks for finally writing about > A Healing Tool That Most Doctors Have
    Forgotten. Intuition.

  4. Lawrence says:

    Thanks for finally talkiing about > A Healing Tooll That Most Doctors Have Forgotten.

  5. Spyder says:

    Interesting. When I was in christian ministry, I was trained very similarly. The context and interpretation were completely different of course, but the core essence was exactly this. We would go down a line of congregants, and hold their hands or put our hands on their heads, and “prophecy” with great accuracy.

  6. Cynthia Winton-Henry says:

    Thank you! I am sharing your Intuitive Dashboard piece with Mystic Tech Followers!

    This week my spiritual director reminded me that most spiritual practices are rooted in two things: intention and attention—i think the supports intuition.

    I teach people to claim their body data (bits of noticing in the moment), body knowledge (patterns of what they notice) and body wisdom (choices). It helps a lot when people are paying attention to their body and believe what they notice. (See InterPlay.org)

    Thanks again for great shares.

  7. Coleen says:

    thank you so much, Nick. Your words of wisdom always seem to come when I need them the most. Coincidence? Definitely not!

  8. Nicole D. says:

    Holy guacamole!!! I LOVE this, I would love to have a mental journal (seriously, someone needs to invent); I will definitely need to practice writing these instances down!!!!
    Thank you

  9. Marissa says:

    Thank you for your super awesome article regarding intuition and the tips on how to hone them. I yet have to find that workshop though . .

  10. dan says:

    excellent starting point. thanks.

  11. Carol says:

    thanks for this. I know about my intuition which I use daily. I look to that first then if I am going to make mistakes that will be the time. Rule: intuition first…then think it thru.

  12. Carol says:

    thanks for this. I know about my intuition which I use daily. I look to that first then if I am going to make mistakes that will be the time. Rule: intuition first…then think it thru.

  13. Carol says:

    thanks for this. I know about my intuition which I use daily. I look to that first then if I am going to make mistakes that will be the time. Rule: intuition first…then think it thru.

  14. Kristjan says:

    Hi Nick. Thank you very much for sharing this wisdom with us all. 🙂

  15. Surele says:

    True – as always, and fantastic article. Keep spreading the light.
    Slowly we will influence our modern world!

  16. Hmm says:

    How come every time this is independently tested it ends up being a hoax?
    Not saying this is impossible, but getting something right every once in a while is suddenly proof of ESP?

    Sounds more like pure chance to me

  17. Tina Frisco says:

    Wonderful article, Nick! Thanks so much for posting it. Had to share. Blessings…

  18. Irene says:

    Perfect timing you tapped an eternal memory that I needed right here and now. I am grateful .

  19. lauren says:

    So true! I am an art teacher and incorporated into all our work is writing. We allow our inner creativity – an intuitive process – to guide us in our work. We write about the work and the process before and after and learn so much from the writing – without the writing we’d only know what we thought while creating. The writing gets to a much deeper truth. It’s like magic…

  20. susan says:

    thankyou. i always find what you have to say very inspiring and i am grateful for this connection

  21. Clave says:

    This was very affirming and enlightening. Thank you man!

  22. Malakiel says:

    Thank you very much for this confirming piece of Truth

  23. Maria says:

    Thank you for this article. It was very validating. I know that one of the great purposes of my life is to teach others how to develop their intuition and not be afraid of it. I am so grateful for intuition. I know I have only scratched the surface of what I can perceive.

  24. Bill says:

    Thanks Nick, we celebrate your studies and honor you’re contribution to our planet!

  25. Christine says:

    Right on! It is always wonderful to write in my journal and “see” what comes out of my pen – I’m always amazed how much I really “know”. Deep down I am a very shy person too, but I do know that I have a mission in my life: Love and Forgiveness. I am many times passing it on with my violin and always am amazed how people “feel” my love which comes through my music. I am thankful for this tool – which is a beautiful gift that has been given to me. Thank you God.

  26. Nurit ward says:

    Simply loving it. All your emails/articles arriving exactly when I question the subject. Spot on.

    Thank you so much for being and sharing.

  27. Mary campbell says:

    This is quite interesting, I have had some experience with intuition but not on a regular basis. I will try it. Thank you!

  28. Barbara Sinclair says:

    Oh so true! We lead such hyper-busy lives but all we have to do is open ourselves up to the messages and then get quiet. I am amazed at what shows up for me. Great article! Thanks, Nick.

  29. Laura says:

    Thanks for sharing this great information .

  30. Judith Hadar says:

    Yes Nick I too am very intuitive! Have always been. I always listen to my thought with my heart, and to my body. I never thought it was silly or bogus. I trust in all my senses, that included to guide me in the direction of my own path. I talk to my G-d and to my long deceased mom daily.

  31. alison says:

    Dear Nick, THank you for the article, if only the medical students were taught intuition in medical school the health service would not be so over stretched. having worked with a shaman and develpoed a self help tool for patients to directly access their inner wisdom free health care is available to all. Children only need a gentle reminder and can do it so easily knowing how to fix any apin or problem.

  32. Kerry says:

    Oh dear Nick it looks like your bulls.it detector has gone down.That may be caused by an onset of greed.That old conman Bobby Proctor is one of the kings in online relativism crap.Your post the Sacred Science will be lost by definition, as meaning to science will be lost. Check out Terrance McKenna on Relativism.Good luck,you with keeping your science sacred,you seem like a good guy with good intentions.Also check Derren Brown out on how so called Physics intuitively “read”people. Bye.

    • Nette says:

      One of the issues faced by the world of Science is the inabiity to understand the Indigenous ways, the natural ways of the animals of the earth and the whole of the human potential in the mind. Given that western Science is a young field in comparision to the knowledge of the Ancients – which has been handed down for millennia – it may be prudent to open up your own mind to what it is you may know, that you don’t know that you know, and move on from there.

  33. Nette says:

    The skills of accessing the Intuition were taught to me by respected Indigenous Elders of Hawaii and Australia in 1998. Since that time I have intuitively followed my life path and am truly able to say it has saved my life and my sanity. My ability to get out of my own way by following my intuition brings many rewards. Namaste.

  34. rosa says:

    Yes I look at a person and if I feel the negative vibe the thing is they don’t believe me until it happens I tell the person that is with him or her I don’t feel you trust this person there is something weird about him or her and at the long wrong I was right.

  35. mary love says:

    Thank You. How good to read and hear more. blessings

  36. Roger Dwek says:

    Hi Nick,
    I’m a Bodyworker/Massage therapist of 20 years+ and I used to doubt my intuition and not speak my truth, I now have leant to trust my inner voice and ‘speak’ what comes thought me, during sessions, On some level It seems some what satisfying, sending love and friendship Roja x

  37. Dr S Vignes says:

    awesome would love to know more about

  38. HOMA says:

    I have ALS. IS THERE ANY cure for this one?

    • Natalie says:

      Hi HOMA,

      No promises, but if I were in your shoes, I’d try Rick Simpson Oil, a derivative of female Cannabis flowers. The US Federal government recently acknowledged that similar substances kill cancer cells without harming normal cells. It’s worth a try!

  39. Ellen Riley says:

    Have always used my intuition to find out more about my past life. Last year I ¨met¨ someone from my past life who just happened to be a cellmate of my boyfriend, in prison at the time. He was serving time for a murder; which was really self defense. My intuition says that this 71 year old man needs to be released. That’s a rap!

  40. Brenda says:

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  41. S. T. says:

    Thank you – very re-affirming – blessings & miracles

  42. Cristina says:

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  43. Anita says:

    How can I learn more about this healing clinic featured in your movie? I have been dealing with a chronic condition and really need help. Thank you for bringing this information to the world at large. Many blessings, Anita

  44. Manie says:

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  45. Mary says:

    Sounds interesting

  46. Glen says:

    type your comment here…You talk about gifts we are born with. How do we know what these gifts are?

  47. Judi says:

    Am studying at the University of Sedona for my Bachelors in Ministry. Concentrating on methods of meditation at this moment. Your information is extremely valuable. Thank you!

  48. Roree says:

    This information I receive for you is both validating and interesting. Thank you.

  49. Marsalee says:

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    [email protected]

  50. Tina says:


  51. Alba says:

    I usually know something is wrong with loved ones not excluding friends. When I call them they always confirm my concerns.

  52. Aurelia says:

    Thank you Nick for this magic reminder!! I love to read your words!!!

  53. vanessa crittenden says:

    I just spent three weeks in Peru working and be honoured hy the Shamans as a Nootsa meaning healing princess and a very powerful one. I want to come and work with you. I have teained in Reiki in Japan as well with one if the Grand Masters. and also under Caroline Myss. Please I want yo either work or volunteer for Sacred Scoence in the jungle or do something with you. I am a healer and I own it and I want yo help on a large scale. Please how can we do something yogether. Thank you. Vanessa Crittenden.

  54. Diane says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more 🙂

  55. Maureen says:

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  57. Paul says:

    Thanks Nick, I think we have a lot of subconscious inspiration and pass it off as “I have just had a brain wave” which in a way amounts to the same thing. 🙂

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  62. Paula says:

    I am deeply grateful that you and your team have exposed this information. Intuition is the gateway to greater knowledge and the vastness of our inner selves. Thank you so much for your humanity and for sharing with all of us.

  63. Mary Campbell says:

    type your comment here…

  64. Louise says:

    Hi Nick,
    I just saw your film the Sacred Science. How can I find the shamans in the film, to get some healing.
    Thanks and blessings,

  65. Saul says:

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  66. Thomas Thatcher says:

    Good Words of Truth…

  67. Joanne LaCarrubba Steenberg says:

    Thank you for your great article. I teach workshops to folks that focus a lot on intuition, and you have made it so accessible and easy to understand. I will share with my classes. Thanks for your great work in the world. Keep up the good work! XO Joanne

  68. Shane king says:

    Wow Nick respect for you and your work. The film was amazing and your personal insights have been fantastic as I journey my way…… cheers from the Ozzie in austria

  69. verna says:

    r healer herbalist

  70. Petra says:

    Brilliant article!

  71. Sarah says:


  72. Lady Lillian Walker says:

    Nick, I would love to have you as a guest on our show to talk about developing our intuition and increasing God-incidences aka coincidences, serendipty or miracles. Loved your Sacred Science film. Great Job!

  73. Jeannine Skead says:

    I am very intuitive but do not speak out as often as I might. Sometimes others look at you weirdly.

  74. Carla johansen says:

    Odd, the value on this type is so light I can barely see my words! I am very imtrigued by your words. It is like watching a strange bug on the wall.

  75. Elsa says:

    Love Bob Proctor after being introduced by Mind Valley. Listening to his “Eleven Secrets Forgotten” in reference to “The Secret” has sustained me like a ship weathering many storms before arriving to the designated shore. Your article validates one’s intuition. Looking forward to learning more about my inner gifts my intuition has harbored! Thank you.

  76. Lourdes de Jesus says:

    Love this kind of topics. Love wisdom!!!

  77. Denise says:

    What an eye opener for me

  78. Elane says:

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  79. Nikki says:

    I love sacred science. You always have wonderful insights. Thank you so much for Sharing. You are making a big difference in people’s lives. I admire your kindness.

  80. leslie ecsedi says:

    very interesting also true

  81. Daniel Ortega says:

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  82. Ann Moore says:

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  86. Marianne says:

    Thank you Nick
    Bob Proctor’s 3 practices will no doubt help me to propel to my next level of intuitive abilities.
    Your sharing is very helpful

    love and light

  87. France says:

    Maintenant je suis rassuré
    Merci du fond du coeur

  88. Angelleighia says:

    I have found this to be true. All of my life I have been searching for the right words to what I do. These are it. Thank you for sharing this to-the-point message.
    Blessed Be also.

  89. Barbara D. Jacobsen says:

    Thanks so much, Nick. I journal twice a day but need to focus more on your suggestions about recording my peripheral intuitive messages. I love you and your work!

  90. Johan S says:

    Great post. We are discouraged from considering the value of intuition, but it can be one of the processes that helps us the most.

  91. Evelyne says:

    Have just discover the sacred science thanks to my very dear niece Nathalie. I’m curious of everything you investigate and graciously share.
    Thank yououououou!

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