A Purpose Guru’s Prescription For Finding Your Calling

By Brandon Peele
Man Unlocking Door to Go From Darkness to Light

Are healing and embodying a powerful life of creativity, self-expression and freedom important to you?  If so, you may be overlooking an essential aspect of your journey.  Soul Medicine is the discovery of your unique life’s purpose as a governing principle for creation, embodiment and transcendence. It joins Body Medicine and Spirit Medicine to complete your tool-set to create a life you love.

The good news is that when you combine the realms of medicine – Spirit, Body and Soul – you can amplify your healing, transformation and awakening to unimaginable levels of self-expression. However, if you’re like most people you might only be working with one or maybe two of these.  Let’s explore all three!

Body Medicine

Over the last 20 years, there has been an explosion in whole foods, somatic practices and powerful plant medicines, as preventative and curative treatments to keep us physically healthy, remove toxins, add healing nutrients and awaken energetic lines of healing and growth.  Recently, this historically fringe health movement has ventured into the mainstream, rocketing beyond sustainable, organic and local food / medicine and into the functional and spiritual.  It’s hard to miss the wide variety of antioxidant rich ingredients like turmeric, kale, flax, chia, ginger, kombucha and bok choy  making their way into modern diets.  It’s also hard to miss the upswing in psychotropic plant medicines, especially San Pedro and Ayahuasca, whose benefits span all three realms.

Spirit Medicine

Just as prevalent is the realm of Spirit Medicine.  Many of you are already working with it, as you engage in ancient practices such as prayer, chanting, dance, art, mantra and meditation, calling forth the Great Spirit to heal you, to purify you, give you strength and connect you with your deepest spiritual identity.  Letting the power of spiritual, intentional medicine wash through you, heals and amplifies your physical / body medicine practices, creating new insights and getting to the root spiritual causes of physical illness.

Soul Medicine

However, very few of us are working with Soul Medicine.  Soul Medicine is acquiring the deep knowledge of who you are and why you are here – getting connected to your life’s purpose.  It is more than a reason to live, but a knowledge that your life means something to Spirit, that you have a task to do, gifts to give away, a vision to realize, things and people to transform, a message to speak, a song in your heart, and core powers in your possession to remake existence.  In short, it is the specific spiritual knowledge that you are not an accident, some fool destined to experience pleasure and pain randomly.

Connecting to this unique, individual truth via Soul Medicine is a preventative medicine, empowering you to make every sort of life affirming choice, insulating you from destructive behaviors, thought patterns and relationships.  Research from Harvard and Stanford affirms this, indicating your life’s purpose lowers cortisol levels in your body, extending your life up to 7 years, and providing powerful insurance against cardiac illness, depression and dementia. (Sources: http://ScienceOfPurpose.org)

After all, you’re on a mission, right?  You’ve got stuff to do today.  You don’t have time to be sick or off your game.  This truth is your permission to create a life in the flow of Spirit, to express and amplify the evolutionary impulse, as only you can.  But what does it actually look like?

Soul Medicine takes many forms, but usually has these four elements:

  1. Ego deconstruction – understanding the genesis story of your ego, how each part of your personality structure came online
  2. Soul revelation – with the space cleared and created in the ego deconstruction you can now connect to your deepest truth, your life purpose, via a number of soul encounter methods (meditation, plant medicine, visualization, karma yoga)
  3. Ego reconstruction – negotiating with your multiple ego parts to create a cohesive ego structure around your soul
  4. Life alignment – creating congruency, evolving your core life contexts (health, romance, career, family, community, finances, spirituality) such that you can live your purpose out loud in every moment of every day

Ideally, Soul Medicine unfolds in this order, but it doesn’t always happen this way.  Sometime Spirit reveals our Purpose before we are ready for it.  Sometimes, we prematurely, and/or without guidance, reconstruct our ego around a soul encounter.  Sometimes society or religion or consumerism gives us a brand, a war or existential dilemma that we mistake for our unique life purpose. Unfortunately, this is a tragically common occurrence.

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The War Against Soul Medicine

Since the advent of industrialized culture, the Northern Hemisphere has lost connection to this important ally in our healing, growth and transcendence.  After all, the appetite for afterlife narratives and ecocidal consumer goods falls off a cliff if someone has been transformed by Soul Medicine and is on fire with their life’s purpose.

In the last 2,000 years, we’ve accomplished a great deal intellectually and technologically, but not without incredible human and ecological costs.  Equally as devastating is the manner in which institutional religion and industrial human society has perverted the realms of Body and Spirit Medicine, and almost wholly eradicated Soul Medicine.  According to a 2014 Gallup Poll, 87% of humanity is now disengaged in their careers and lives, in accordance with Henry David Thoreau’s sadly sage proclamation, “living lives of quiet desperation”.

Reclaiming Your Soul Medicine

But the tides have recently begun to turn.  Humanity is experiencing a resurrection of science and methodology supporting this Soul Medicine.  Vision fasts, plant medicines, ancient spiritual schools and the number of wisdom teachers have grown substantially in the last couple decades to reconnect humanity to its Soul Medicine.

As a Purpose Guide, I delight in this, as there is much more interest in my craft, and therefore an even greater opportunity to help others.

To finding your purpose!


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3 Responses

  1. Always insightful, thank you for the time,
    Lacking in confidence,I search the reason why,
    Love & light surround you,
    Peace and healing,
    Glo x

  2. Thank you. What you have spoken and put forth here is profoundly important.
    The calling of the Soul has been torn asunder and suffocated by an enslaving system, and a victim mindset– by people who think they are appeasing Abundance, when they are in fact appeasing their overlords, when they “follow the rules” and pursue the “”success” they were externally told to pursue, rather than the ones their inner voices try to tell them to follow.
    We need Soul Medicine, now more than ever. A voice that has been muted needs to be given resonance once more.

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