Embracing The Unknown and Honoring Change

By Nick Polizzi

Change is coming and there’s nothing we can do about it. It may be a year from now, maybe a day – but most likely, it’s already begun. Though we crave predictability and would like to wake up each morning and know every curveball that life might throw us, the game doesn’t work that way. Nor should it.

Our current assemblage of understandings of how the universe works is a perfectly incomplete story, just waiting for more plot points to come down the pipe. Change, often through struggle, is how we grow.

We sometimes surprise ourselves with how well we do when the stakes are high and things don’t go according to plan. If we can accept change as a universal constant, we realize that our time is best spent learning how to be flexible (emotionally, mentally, and physically), to make our vessels more accommodating to whatever comes next.

Nothing can shelter us from change; no amount of money, no special medical procedure or age-reversing oxygen chamber. Like waves rolling toward the shore, changes are a natural function of the sea we swim in. Like any good sailor or surfer will tell you, staying calm and knowing how to use the tidal currents to your advantage is the secret. Resisting them, on the other hand, can be perilous.

In the words of Confucius – “The green reed which bends in the wind is stronger than the mighty oak which breaks in a storm.”

When we become emotionally and mentally flexible, we realize that the unknown is no enemy and stagnation no friend.

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Habin, one of the medicine men featured in our film The Sacred Science, shed some light on this for me. In his first few moments with Nicola, our patient with Parkinson’s Disease, Habin shocked us when he summed up every detail of her personal life simply by analyzing her symptoms. Clenched hands, tightened jaw, stiff musculature throughout the body.

“You are afraid of losing your children. You will do anything to keep them with you, but you fear they are slipping away.”

Nicola had spent the past two years in a brutal custody battle with an abusive ex-husband who was doing everything in his power to take her two boys away. Her condition had developed toward the end of her marriage, but had worsened significantly in the two years since the divorce.

We were amazed by the accuracy of Habin’s point-blank analysis, but he didn’t seem to notice. We found him in his hut a few hours later and asked him how he was able to interpret Nicola’s life challenges so accurately.

“Nicola’s story is a common theme among the Parkinson’s people I work with. Our children are the most important people in our lives, but sometimes we hold on so tight trying to protect and shelter them from outside forces that our bodies become rigid and tense. The symptoms tell the story.”

“We need to let go and be at peace in order to truly keep our children safe. Devoting her life to her family led her down a very fixed path. Our job now is to change that, to help her.”

Watching Nicola’s inspiring progress in the film, many of us are triggered by the personal realities she needed to confront and clear in order to heal. The notion of being “the protective mother” is one that most of us would consider justified and honorable. But what happens when we become too protective? Too cautious? Too untrusting?

I feel this in my own body from time to time. A stiffness and “clenched” wariness when my power has momentarily slipped away from me and the world outside seems unsafe and unpredictable. The answer seems to be to batten down the hatches and cling tightly to my most cherished relationships and beliefs.

But I’ve learned the hard way that this will only make things harder in the long run. If I have the presence of mind to ground myself in the moment, and ask myself where my pain or fear is really coming from, I instantly become more resourceful. From there I can make that inner adjustment, and see the adversity for what it really is, welcoming in the lesson it has to teach.

The good news is that, try as we might, we can’t stay stuck forever. The laws of the universe won’t allow it. The question is how will we respond to the countless surprises that the world has in store for us? Will we learn how to bend or will we resist with all of our might, until we break?

A question for you: What is one method that you personally use to calmly embrace whatever curveball life tosses your way?

Stay curious,

Nick Polizzi
Director, The Sacred Science

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34 Responses

  1. Thanks for a beautiful post, Nick. So fitting for this time. For the past week I feel like I have just been trying to hold on with all these coming global changes and energetic changes.

    For myself, sometimes the only thing I can do is just breathe. The breath is such a welcome, loving companion.

  2. I use the phrase “I am the creator of every situation I find myself in and those situations that involves others, I am a co-creator. Therefore I can uncreate any situation, allow the situation or create a new one with self or others.

  3. I ask “what is the worse thing that can happen right now”?
    Next I write down at least 5 things that I am really grateful for in my life.
    Lastly I breath deep and slow for a long time!

  4. Dear Nick, Your message on “Embracing the Unknown and Honoring Change” really spoke to me and is very timely. I am grateful. Thank you, Jacque

  5. Hi Nick,

    good article, but….

    I agree that change is a contant factor in our lives and we must cope with it. If we don’t or try to hold it off, it will come to us later, and with more vigor.
    The Dalai Lama once said: “the best time to correct a problem or embrace a change, is now.” I agree as well.

    What I don’t agree with, is that we wouldn’t have any influence on our lives and the inflow of change. In my opinion, our own actions are the cause for the change.
    Pro-actively evaluating Your environment and setting new goals into Your Matrix, defines Your new future direction and circumstances.

    That is the whole purpose of being here in the first place. Our creator, including the inherent collective consiousness => “us”, wishes that everone of “us” makes “what-happens-when-we-do-this-or-that”-experiences and learn and explore and be curious about our potential. Everyone is unique and therefor has a right to be here and enjoy his/her potential. Our decisions and subsequent actions are the caus of the following outcome. Each and everyone is the architect of his future circumstances, most humans unconsiously, several of us more consiously. The mirror, that reflects the exact image of our physical body, only does this, because the physical body is built according to the original image, which we, consiously or unconsiously, we have in our minds.


  6. I allow, allow, allow. Whatever is coming my way I accept. Sometimes it takes some moments.
    I know I am the creator of my life. Whatever happens is a reflection of me.
    Once I didn’t like to live in the darkness of this time in this dark ‘civilization’. I decided to get over that and now I’m living amongst good friends and living off grid, off corperative US.
    I got use to bend my mind around uncommon concepts. I really enjoy that. And guess what: I even see a possibility that our planet will splitt in two – according to Dolores Cannon

  7. Once I “come down from the ceiling”, I do a meditation/visit with the “me” that exists beyond time and space; the me that lives in calm wisdom. This can take days of intermittent “visits”, but the fear does eventually calm and a reasonable resolution does settle in.

  8. I´ve learned to trust in what ever comes/happens to me, is for my best. Even if I not always understand I still know it is for my best.

  9. Mahalo Nick for posting this well written, much needed to read at the time, article on here. A friend of mine who resides in Florida had sent me an email expressing his views on what seems his continuous resentment of the Democratic party in this nation of ours. I, as I’ve done in the past, responded with what I see as being a bunch of corrupt politicians on both sides of the aisle being responsible for these policies we are all dealing with. Knowing that I personally can’t do much about any of this, still can’t help but become annoyed with it all. So I write my congressman, and Senators to get a response that doesn’t make me feel any better for doing so, left to wonder what tomorrow will bring ? I’ve worked hard to get where I am presently, and am pissed that these fools, along with others like them, are putting humanity in such harms way. What to do, other than let go and let God… is what I got you say.

  10. I take a mini cleansing breath break whenever I feel that familiar clench of anxiety. It centers and grounds me. I also try to sense which chakra is involved to guide me in understanding why I feel anxious.

  11. I have found that it helps when I am going through a challenging time to keep asking myself what is it that I should be learning. What should I learn from this. The quicker I find an learn the lesson, the sooner I can get through the challenge usually.

  12. When I find myself tensing up in fear, the first thing I do is energetically clear my self: I ask my angels to clear my body, mind, and soul. Breathe deeply, ask what lessons I’ve been given to learn thru these circumstances OR if my ego self is just freaking out! Trusting in God to handle all the stuff that comes my way has been a saving grace.

  13. Thank you Nick…great minds think alike.
    To answer your quesion… I meditate daily and rely on the energy from the universe to guide my day. It’s amazing when you let go and follow the path that is meant just for you.

  14. Thanks Nick for e-mailing all these informative articles. For me they are greatly appreciated. Keep them coming. What an inspiration!

  15. I take a walk up into the mountains where I live, and sit in my favourite spot by the river, and feel at one with nature. It always works!!!

  16. Tapping. Brilliant and works very quickly to help calm you and affirm your deep love for yourself and then give another perspective on the problem.


  17. excellent. i resonate with this deeply. for me, ive started saying to myself , when i feel stuck or overwelmed by something, i say to myself ‘can you let this go to be free?’ …this question came up after a ceremony and ive been using it ever since. it is very effective and frees me even for a moment to see the worries that come up are all a choice.

  18. I just pray and focus on what to hold on to; ie the good things; beliefs, faith and love; who I am and so forth. I also look to Mother Nature. By directing my attention to trees, birds etc, I remind myself of the seasons and also to detach myself from human made drama. Let go of fear, but hold on to love. Let go of persons but hold on to the positive emotion, is my remedy. Aloha!

  19. The answer, for me, to the question you pose, Nick, has been
    reading a book by Gary Renard, “ The Disappearance of the
    Universe”, followed up with taking up the self study of
    “A Course In Miracles”.

    It has led to a retraining of my mind, and to experiencing

  20. I say, “I don’t know what you’re doing, God, but I trust you, so I will keep getting ready.” Then I continue to do what comes naturally, and ask God to bless my efforts at making an income, and to open doors for me; To open my eyes to those who would help me. And remind myself of all I’ve survived and am now surviving

  21. Ultimately, love is the answer to everything.
    The choices you make are either based on love or fear.
    I find it very useful to step back from any tricky situation and look at it from a loving, higher perspective. Tune in through your heart. Then your next move usually becomes obvious when it is based on love.
    Thanks Nick for your wonderful post.

  22. Feel whatever is coming up that needs to be released. It wouldn’t feel like a curve ball unless there was something in me that is resisting it. And breath.

  23. I use tapping to clear my negative energies. Breathing is also a great reminder that the Divine flows through us always and we just need to remember it. These things are especially helpful when other people like to throw their neediness all over you. Tapping and breathing ensures that it doesn’t stick… at least not for long!

  24. Nick thank you for your work that you put out into the world. It is always thought provoking and yet thoughtful which I truly appreciate. I felt the need to comment today and just say “thank you” as well as adding a response of my own regarding your question on the subject.

    I find it so encouraging how the universe will place in front of you whatever you need in order to get something so that you may get through it….it’s always there if you pay attention. Your article is just one of those things for me at the moment….struggling with yielding to change and letting go of the control that doesn’t really exist in the way we would often prefer.

    In response to your question….my personal method that works for me with success is part in parcel many of the things that others have commented about already….breathing, nature, meditation, getting ego out of the way, etc….but in addition to those things I have found that just allowing yourself to truly feel, in your mind and body, whatever it is that is making you feel a lack of control and making your life less than easy-at-the-moment, without judgement or interpretation, is key to accepting what truly is at the moment so you can move into letting go. I believe we need to “hold ourselves” individually as the universe does in that way collectively. Cry, shout, be silent, fume,etc….(not to other people) and be there for yourself, acknowledge, love, and move forward to accept the change. I think it’s important to remember we don’t have to “like” the change to have it serve us well.

  25. Thanks for your Knowledge & Information as well as the ease with which you share it. Forgiveness & faith offer an opportunity to let go of as much as we want to.

  26. Hi Nick, Thank you so much. your article came right on time. I am also an over protecting mother. I love my children so much and can’t let go of them. I must find a way out for me and for them too. I am going to Tap on this tonight ( Thanks to your friend Nick Ortner I am a regular Tapper.) Thank you so much. I am grateful to you!

  27. How I perceive change is entirely within my control. Staying present with myself as change occurs allows for me to experience it from a place of stillness. I am the observer of my experience as well as the participant.

  28. Your inspired and inspiring continuance via your site is truly appreciated.
    Cool heads ARE PRESENT upon our world at this time and shall continue also.
    My embrace is to request and request my sudden “curveballs of life and living” from the freedom of Universal Truth and I weather perhaps an hour or a day or more and suddenly, as if I were set free my own self of being, I become aware of an understanding which is not meta(beyond)-rationale used by our human psychology, Rather, I sense the universal being which is the connection point. I and you, and all of us as human creations have a divine flame of purification which DOES answer and the understanding, the instant comprehensibility of the entire process, almost as if known only by what we call our God or gods is apparent.
    It is a constant, and not a presence.
    Thank you for allowing my comment.

  29. I physically sit myself down (hard though it may be) and stop everything. I breath deeply and become aware of each breath. The mind usually calms in a short time. I FEEL whatever is registering in the body. I allow it all to be including resistance when that is present. I do not move until the ‘charge’ dissipates. Usually there is a tremendous release and clarity of action or non action that appears. I rest in that. thank you for asking. and thank you for your wonderful article. flexibility, inclusion and action based in love is certainly called for now. thank you for all you do!

  30. Thank you Nick, I cope by being aware of my breading,then think how my actions or thought can influence the situation.

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