A Heal-All Garlic and Olive Oil Topping

Assorted Bulbs of Purple Garlic

Today I’m excited to share a delicious condiment idea with you. This must-have concoction is not only a family favorite, which I learned from my Italian grandparents, but it also includes one of the most powerful herbs on the planet.

An herb that has been used for thousands of years to enhance flavor, as well as treat a variety of ailments.

I’m talking about GARLIC!

We Polizzi’s love garlic. And not just because it tastes good and makes the house smell wonderful, but because it’s nature’s medicine. And science agrees!

I’ve shared the recipe for our homemade garlic – olive oil topping below, but first let’s dive into some of garlic’s superpowers!

Garlic is part of the Allium genus which includes onions, shallots, and leeks. Its major active component, the amino acid allicin, is enhanced when garlic is either crushed or chopped. It’s also what gives fresh garlic its pungent, mouth-watering aroma.

Allicin from garlic has proven to be antibacterial and antiviral, making it a natural remedy that wards off all types of germs. It increases the production of white blood cells – the very cells that fight off infections. This alone makes garlic perfect for keeping the immune system strong and healthy during the wintertime (or really any time of the year).

And on top of its immunity-boosting benefits, garlic has anticancer properties and has been shown to kill certain types of cancer cells, including lung and prostate. It’s also proven to be effective at preventing and treating heart disease — specifically helping people lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

It makes you wonder what this little bulb can’t do…

A Family Recipe

The best way to reap garlic’s medicinal and antioxidant benefits is by eating it raw (in small amounts). In it’s raw form, garlic offers many prebiotic properties, which help to feed the good bacteria in your digestive system keeping your gut in optimal health.

However, not everyone is up for the pungent, spicy garlic challenge – so adding raw garlic to dips, dressings and toppings is a bit easier on your taste buds.

Which leads us to today’s recipe!

My favorite way to enjoy raw garlic and reap the benefits of its medicinal components is via my family’s famous garlic spread, which also includes olive oil (another healing powerhouse all on its own). When you mix these two and let the garlic marinate … well, the results are mouth-wateringly delicious.

In our house, we use the simple topping (below) on a bunch of different foods. We add a spoonful to the top of pasta dishes, soups, and salads (after they are on the plate). Or, once fully refrigerated, you can spread it cold across your favorite type of toasted bread… If you’re like us, you’ll be finding new ways to experiment with this one all the time.

Ok, without further ado…

Homemade Garlic & Olive Oil Topping


  • 3 Bulbs of Garlic
  • 1 Cup of Olive Oil
  • 1 Glass Jar, with a lid (10 to 12 oz is ideal!)


  1. Break each garlic bulb into their separate cloves and carefully peel off the skin.
  2. Place garlic into a small food processor, until fully minced. (You can also use a kitchen knife and mince by hand.)
  3. Transfer minced garlic into your empty jar (again, 10 to 12 oz works great).
  4. Pour olive oil over top of the garlic. We fill the olive oil all the way up to the top.
  5. Fasten the lid on top of the jar. Turn the jar over a few times to fully combine the olive oil and garlic.
  6. Enjoy!

(Make sure to refrigerate after each use.)

Stay curious,

Nick Polizzi
Host of Proven: Healing Breakthroughs Backed By Science 
& Founder of The Sacred Science

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17 Responses

  1. Hi Nick,

    Hope your are staying safe.

    Just one question regarding the Garlic & Olive Oil Butter recipe?

    How long can this concoction keep in the fridge, since it contains fresh garlic and it is not processed in a water bath? I’m worried about botulism.

    Thanks in advance for your help. Mary

    1. Hi Mary,
      Good question. The main concerns with garlic in oil would be when storing at room temperature. If wishing to go by some official guidelines, the USDA recommends refrigeration for no more than 7 days, though it can be frozen for a few months. Michigan State University gives the recommendation of 2-3 days in refrigeration. You may make only as much a you’ll use in a single sitting.

    1. Hi Jean,
      Yes you can. This would be a compound butter. First, let the butter sit until room temperature and softened. You would still mince the garlic then add to the softened butter (not melted). Simply mix them together in a bowl with a fork, then place on parchment paper and roll up into a tight tube. Or you could place in a small glass bowl with a sling top. Put this back in the fridge to harden. These make great holiday meal additions. Enjoy!

    1. Hi Ruth,
      Yes! You got it – this recipe is quite versatile. Use this as a savory addition to your meal.

  2. I’m curious as to why you don’t add the olive oil to the garlic in the processor…?
    And how long is it good for in the fridge?

    1. Hi Judy,
      You certainly may add the olive oil to the food processor step. This would slightly change the texture of the spread as the oil would be whipped a bit creating a thicker medium. Either way, this recipe will last in the fridge for 2-7 days, or months if placed in the freezer. This depends on the quality of the garlic and purity of the olive oil. Use there freshest ingredients you can. You’re basically creating an infused oil that is prolonged by the refrigeration process.

    1. Hi Kathleen,
      This recipe will be good when refrigerated properly for 2-7 days. Depending on the freshness of the garlic, the purity of the olive oil, and keeping the jar lid tightly secret – these will all extend the shelf life. Enjoy!

  3. My mother in law puts minced garlic right into honey, lets it sit for months in its preservative then later use as cold and flu destroyer or add a bit of soy sauce and BAM, teriyaki. No more vampires either. Thanks Nick, stay safe out there.

  4. Pretty boring salad dressing recipe, here’s a popular one;
    2 gloves crushed garlic,
    Cup olive oil
    A teaspoon French mustard
    3 tablespoon vinegar ( or to taste)

    Additional to vary – half cup plain yogurt

    Mix or blend

  5. I love garlic and this recipe sounds delicious. But how long can you safely keep this combo? I’ve heard that keeping succulents, like garlic, in oil can grow botulism.

  6. I am Italian and a combination of south(where my dad was from) and north(north where I was born) and eat raw garlic every day adding it to everything just like I do with CURCUMA(Turmeric) which I don’t like but add to everything I make covering the taste of it with other flavors like garlic and balsamic vinegar.