How To Detox Your Body With Oil Pulling

By Nick Polizzi
Ayurvedic Healing

3500 years ago, a powerful detox practice was born in the heart of India.

Vedic folk healers learned that swishing a tablespoon of oil around in your mouth not only eliminates bad breath and makes the teeth stronger, but seems to speed up the body’s recovery from a number of major illnesses and also promotes longevity.

This method is known as “kavala graha” by Hindu mystics, but seekers in the western world now know it as as oil-pulling.

In Ayurveda, one of the major schools of traditional medicine, they say that oil pulling is highly therapeutic for over 30 systemic diseases. The technique is touted as a panacea, or cure-all.

So, how does it work? What makes swishing oil so medicinal?

There are a number of studies on oil pulling. One such study from the NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) states that: “Oil pulling activates salivary enzymes which absorb toxins such as chemical toxins, bacterial toxins and environmental toxins from the blood… Thus, oil pulling detoxifies and purifies the entire human body.”

As it is swished around your mouth, the lipids (or fatty acids) in the oil naturally extract these potentially harmful substances from your teeth, gums and saliva glands.

In Ayurvedic medicine the mouth is considered to be a “mirror” for the entire body, and when something is out of balance in the oral cavity, a Vedic healer will tell you there is most likely an illness brewing elsewhere in your system as well.

*This practice has not yet been embraced by modern medicine, but millions of people around the world use oil-pulling every day and swear by it.

If you want to give it a try, below is a super simple exercise.

As with everything in the world of folk-medicine, the best way to approach a technique like oil-pulling is to try it in moderation and see if you notice any positive effects. (I know my wife Michelle and I have!)

A Simple Technique for Oil Pulling:

#1 Place a tablespoon of your oil of choice (sesame, sunflower, coconut are preferred) in your mouth.

#2 Swish in mouth, forcing through all teeth and across all areas of your gums. (Really aim to get the oil into every nook and cranny of your mouth. This is very important. Billions of microorganisms dwell in the oral cavity and the mouth is the start of digestion.)

#3 Perform this for 5-20 minutes, ideally early in the morning before breakfast daily.

#4 Spit the oil out in a garbage can, not the sink. This avoids the risk of clogging your drain!

*For faster healing and recovery, do this before every meal or 3 times per day.

Some quick clarification.

For those beginning this process, swishing for 20 minutes is daunting and nearly impossible without incident. Start off with 5 minute sessions and gradually build to 20 continuous minutes. If your jaw starts to cramp or hurt, simply stop. This isn’t a competition – do what feels right for you, at your own pace!

On a personal note, I’ve come close to having oil go up my nose because I was not going to swallow it, but I could barely keep going for 20 minutes. My breathing got labored, I felt warm, and all I wanted to do was stop. But, I’m stubborn and did the full 20 minutes.

The first time is the most difficult. After that, it’s like going to the gym and you develop muscles you never knew you had.

*Again, it’s very important that you spit the oil out afterward (don’t swallow it, as it has now pulled unwanted substances from your body)!

Our favorite oils to use for pulling:

  • Sesame oil
  • Sunflower oil
  • Coconut oil


To the ancients and even to us today, sesame oil is incredibly beneficial! With an impressive array of vitamins, minerals, and healthful compounds, it is proven to display anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-anxiety, and anti-plaque effects.

Rich in zinc, sesame oil is awesome for longevity and vitality. Tyrosine in sesame oil is linked to serotonin and boosting mood levels as well as relieving anxiety. Sesame oil is high in copper, known to reduce inflammation and contains chlorosesamone, an antifungal agent. It’s also effective against S. mutans (strep).

You can probably tell which oil is our favorite for oil pulling (sesame!), but the other two we mention are great too. Sunflower oil has anti-plaque and beneficial gingival effects, and is effective against C. albicans (candida). Coconut oil has lauric acid which is anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and is effective against Strep, Candida and Staph. It’s also an antiseptic and makes for a wonderful cut cleaner.

The effects of oil pulling are often noticeable in as little as 7-10 days. But like all things on the healing path, patience and discipline are key factors here.

If you’re looking for a widely embraced natural method for detoxifying the body, whitening the teeth and keeping your mouth fresh, this is certainly something to try out!

Stay curious,

Nick Polizzi
Founder, The Sacred Science

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    1. Definitely spit it out, preferably in the trash and not the sink as that will clog your pipe. Do NOT swallow the oil as it will have the toxins that you are “pulling out.” You can rinse with warm salt water after that =)

  1. Omg
    Definitely spit it out! Spit it in the trash can lined with a bag. Never spit it down your sink of you’ll need a plumber. After spitting it out rinse with warm salt water and spit that in the toilet several times. The oil will not mix with just plain water. If you swallow, you’ll get very sick. Good luck. Been doing it for years. Actually had a cavity that was remineralzed. 🙌🏻

  2. Hello Nick,

    An important note: Do NOT SPIT PULLED OIL DOWN THE DRAIN. Spit oil into a plastic container and store in freezer, and toss into garbage when container is full.

    Many thanks for your awesome work!


  3. Just as a note of caution: Those with Blood Type B should not ingest any of the three recommended oils here because they contain lectins that are damaging to the TYPE B digestive tract. Alternate choices that would be better used are almond, walnut or flaxseed oils. I have little knowledge as to what oils are recommended for other blood types. It’s beneficial for each person to know his/her blood type and what works best within their system for overall health and well-being.

    1. Carol, I have type B blood and have been following Dr. Stephen Gundrey’s lectin free diet for 4 years. He is a cardiac surgeon who has been studying the gut for over 20 years. This food plan eliminates foods with lectins and heals the gut and micro biome. According to him, sunflower oil is high in lectins (plant toxins), but sesame oil and coconut oil are not and are acceptable to eat and use. The oils you mentioned are also lectin free. My stomach immediately reacts if I mistakenly eat a food with lectins, but I use both sesame and coconut oil with no problem.

  4. The first time I tried oil pulling, I got nauseous after a few minutes and had to spit it out. I think this was because it had pulled so many toxins out of my mouth. After that, I had no nausea. I got out of the habit for a while, but recently I had a sore throat and swollen glands. I resumed oil pulling and within days I was well again.

  5. I am an elderly woman and have had no problem with oil-pulling, swishing the full 20 minutes from the first day. I did not fill my mouth with oil and allowed the saliva to join with it. I did it while taking my bath and getting dressed so the 20 minutes passed uneventfully. The hardest part is disposing of the oil… not down the drain for sure. It will clog it up in no time. I spit it into a non-recyclable plastic container with lid and tossed it when it was full. There must be a better, more ecologically sound way to dispose of it though. I found results almost immediately from oil pulling and would recommend it to anyone who is game enough to try it.

  6. When I first tried oil pulling I used the full tablespoon that was recommended. It was far too much for the size of my mouth and seeped out of the corners of my mouth and made a mess. So I use a small teaspoon now. I find a perfect time to do it is while I shower. When I step out of the shower I spit the oil into a container that was headed for trash anyway (a jar, can, ziplock, produce bag…anything that can’t go in my recycling bin). Then I use an Ayurvedic toothpaste to take the oil slick off my teeth. Bonus- oil pulling whitens and remineralizes your teeth.

  7. It’s amazing to me how many folks get positive results from oil pulling. I’ve done it two times on a daily routine for 3 months each time. No positive results were noted for me. Perhaps because I have amalgam and metal fillings, who knows. I have however had results with putting unrefined coconut oil on in my mouth and brushing and massaging my teeth and gums. My teeth have not remineralised at all, quite the opposite. My teeth are falling apart. The brushing with oil does make any nerve rawness calm down in my mouth when I use it that way. It is not a panacea for everyone.

  8. Definitely spit it out, preferably in the trash and not the sink as that will clog your pipe. Do NOT swallow the oil as it will have the toxins that you are “pulling out.” You can rinse with warm salt water after that =)

  9. Definitely spit it out, preferably in the trash and not the sink as that will clog your pipe. Do NOT swallow the oil as it will have the toxins that you are “pulling out.” You can rinse with warm salt water after that =)

  10. Yesss.. Yes indeed! This is great stuff:)
    My girlfriend a ND told me about pulling last year as I was telling her that I gargle peroxide occasionally as my father had. Of course Peroxide is pretty extreme and doesn’t have all the benifits of these oils. I was using Coconut oil for facial and other body cleansing and purifying needs, so and as it was her oil of choice I use it too. AWESOME!!!

    Great to see you sharing this info too as it is a great way to love our bodies!) <3

  11. Don’t forget to scrape tongue first with a copper scrapper to prime mouth for oil pulling. Part of the Ayurveda steps to oil pulling. Namaste, Tammy

  12. what about olive oil? and also, for Carol below, what about Blood A and other types? which oils are recommended?

    what a conversation this thing sparked 🙂

  13. Just wondering about brushing teeth after oil pulling. I have just started and prefer to do it at night before going to bed. I typically brush my teeth before bed and was wondering if I brush my teeth after oil pulling will it hinder the results. If I do it in the morning before breakfast or any other meal, is there a time period before eating or drinking my morning lemon water?

  14. I received thru the internet a booklet concerning detoxing your mouth with oil and coconut flakes by chewing this concoction each day. Either the oil or the coconut oil from the flakes has actually helped with cleaning my teeth and gums. This I guess is similar to oil pulling in that you chew it for about 5 minutes or so or until it becomes softer. Now I am going to do the oil pulling with sesame oil and see if there is a difference. Thanks for this free info. The other info was $69. Silly me.

  15. Thanks for this post. I started back on oil pulling with sesame oil recently. I do it about 10 to 15 minutes in the morning. I put little less than a full tablespoon of sesame oil on a spoon and sometimes add a couple of drops of therapuetic grade peppermint oil or Oil of Oregno. After spitting out the oil/oil mix, I rinse several times with very warm (but not hot) water, then brush my teeth. It has really been helping me greatly.

  16. I’m wondering if things get worse before they get better. I started oil pulling and my hemeroids flared up, I got a head cold that moved down into my lungs and turned into bronchitis and I got these weird infections on my face. Is this just the toxins leaving?

  17. As a Greek and a son of a mother that treated herself for 20 years (diagnosed at 34 with only 8 months to live) having severe cancers throughout and healed herself only with phytotherapy back in the 80ties was no sinecure… My mother had her garden; a 2000 square meter plot that had been transformed to a world garden as she called it. The plants came from all over the world but mostly from the islands in Greece where she went to listen to the woman. My poor mum passed away when she was only 54. But she taught me the power of the plants, seeds and oils. Bless her soul! I did the oil pulling at age 7 already aswell as the olive oil enemas. Keep those tips coming Nick and prove modern medicine wrong…

  18. I think coconut oil is the best o the three and would be best for this, will try it tomorrow. I use coco oil in ointments both for myself as well as animals because it is antibacterial with numerous good benefits

  19. Don’t you worry that readers might select an oil that is GMO, or refined with high Omega 6 content or rancid low quality oils? Taking your advice just on the face of it with no cautions could make things worse.

  20. Oil pullng …start with tea spoons …that is really all you need ……coconut oil is less harsh and you should use a disposable cup to spit the oil in case you need to talk or cough….you do not want to swallow it or spit it in the drain …it will plug the drain …..I have been oil pulling 8 years ….I read this book The Stealth Killer by William Norquist a implant surgeon and biologist …..along with his knowledge and my history ….I have thought that all disease,starts in the mouth ….and this oil pulling is like a act of eating ….Oil pulling activates the bacteria …brings this bacteria out to eat ….they are deep in the teeth , gums , sinuses …..In lyme bacteria there maybe 30 life cycles …it may take years to destroy this life cycle…..There maybe billions of life like this in our bodies …some beneficial some not so much …..

  21. Ayse, to your comment about Blood Type A appropriate oils: Olive, Walnut, Flaxseed(Linseed), Camelina, Black currant seed, and Apricot kernel. Hope this helps. I have been following the Blood Type suggestions for 20 years, because I saw such a great improvement in my health when I made the changes. If your interested in further study check out Eat Right 4 your Type, by Dr. D’Adamo.

  22. have known about this technique but was informed that if you have amalgam fillings, you shouldnt do this. comments?

  23. I’ve tried this a few years ago. I could never do 20 minutes.. it feels really gross after about 3 minutes. One part of the problem is that a person needs to create the 20 minutes to do this. Sure you might say you can do it while getting ready for work or whatever but it’s harder than you think – especially when spouse and kids want to talk or the phone rings. This practice bumps up against other morning rituals people have that make it hard to do.

  24. Thanks for the reminder. Oil pulling is a great way to whiten teeth, apart from anything else. Sadly my teeth haven’t turned a shade lighter, but I carry on for the other benefits.

    Apparently it is important to use ORGANIC oil, whichever oil you choose, as you are trying to detox. This won’t happen if the oil already has toxins in it.

  25. Could you please comment about coconut oil possibly causing dental fillings to loosen because of the cleansing agents in coconut oil? I use to do oil pulling but stopped because I had a filling fall out.

    I had read that this can happen.

  26. I have been oil pulling for a number of years and now do as an upkeep practice…weekly. I love how clean my mouth and teeth feel afterward. I would add castor oil(great whitener) to the list of healing oils. The mouth is the beginning of our microbiome so obviously a great place, to begin with, taking good care of ourselves. Great article.

  27. I started doing this about 3 weeks ago. I put a drop of peppermint and clove essential oil in coconut oil for mine. Very refreshing!

  28. I did not know it was recommended and safe to do 3 times daily. I have been doing it with coconut oil first thing in the morning for a couple of years. I am 69 years old, and knock on wood, I ‘never’ get sick! I was originally told to rinse with my mouthwash after the coconut oil pull. Do you recommend that as well? I use SPRY mouthwash. Love it!

  29. For the centuries that the Hindus used oil pulling it was sesame oil. They had access to coconut oil of course but sesame is preferred. You don’t swish hard but a gentle flow, or yes your jaw will get tired. 20 minutes is truly what you need to do as 5 minutes doesn’t do that much. This method pulls toxins all the way from your liver and other organs too, one of the reason 20 minutes is so necessary. I had pain and swelling in my jaw and my jaw shut closed-I could not open it due to an infected tooth. I was told that I needed oral surgery and so I did this technique twice a day, before I put anything in my mouth in the morning and before I went to bed. I was able to get all of the swelling down and heal the area in 5 days! I never needed the surgery or anything else. I now use this method daily. It truly is miraculous!

  30. Thank you for this because it will be a very good practice and I will start tomorrow with this So cool so simpel so effective That is so beautifull that is the way we need to do it

  31. Thank you Nick, my grandmother did so, she took sunflower oil and kept in her mouth as much as she could. I completely forgot about this effective detox, but you brought it up.

  32. Re ridding the oil from the mouth afterward: spit it out in the sink: add single drop of dish soap. Run the water for 5 seconds and it totally drains easily without clogging 😃👍

  33. Curious if you have to pick one oil, or if you can alternate between the 3 to get benefits of each?

  34. Hello Nick Pelozzi,
    Thank you soooo much for all the work you do and have done for us all.
    I have just started the oil pulling and intend to do it a few times a day before meals .
    Because I am 90 years young at August End, have been focussing on healthy aging for many years, I REALLY DO VALUE WHO YOU ARE AND WHAT YOU DO.
    One of the common Parasites have been sharing my dinner for probably many years and I only discovered it in 2017. I am much better but they are still colonized and move around.
    I plan to focus heavily on wild fermented vegs etc from now on. Do you have a good Company….hopefully USAcertified organic?
    I send you
    Love Light and Blessings
    Esme Jacobson

  35. I bought silicone candy molds in heart shapes that each hold a scant tablespoon. I heat my organic coconut oil in a glass measuring cup and fill each section of the mold. Then I add essential oils to each one: clove, peppermint or whatever ones you like. Then I refrigerate until solid and pop them out into ziplock type bags and keep them in the freezer ready to use everyday! Quick and easy. I read from Mama Z that you do not have to swish vigorously for 20 minutes but just gently swish to keep the oil moving around in your mouth and it will continue to remove toxins. And yes, doing it in the shower is great because most people do not bother you in the shower, especially if you get up before the others! PS it helps to have the mold on a flat dish/pan for transporting to the refrigerator.

  36. I have also found that coconut oil is great as a lubricant for cathing (I’ve had to for 20 years after an injury resulting in paralyzed bladder/urethra muscles). The lubricant that comes with the catheters is a terrible irritant for me (probably for others too),creating inflammation and subsequent infections. coconut oil has all the properties you mention and works wonderfully/healingly!
    Now I’ll try sesame oil pulling in my mouth – thanks for the info!!!

  37. As a holistic practitioner, I recommend this practice to my clients constantly. I would say, though, that 1 teaspoon of oil is sufficient, and as you salivate, it tends to get bigger and bigger in the mouth, making it difficult to swish for very long if you already start with a lot.

    Second, I recommend testing the pH of the oil you are using. I have found that many oils are acidic, which will erode the enamel, but if you use an alkaline oil, it will help the saliva to constantly remineralize the teeth. pH is super important in dental health!

  38. Have been oil pulling for 5 years now. I had cavities and teeth sensitivity. After a few months, no more teeth sensitivity and haven’t had a cavity in 3 years. the dentist laguhed at me at first for doing this. Now I don,t mention it anymore as I am nit leaving him big chunks of money regularly. It has also helped with sinus problems. I swear by oil pulling now.

  39. Before oil pulling, I recommend that you awaken yourself and remember who you are! That might be a challenge, but relaxing never the less, so take some Me time, while in this phase a desert spoonful of virgin coconut oil should be taken off the spoon and swished gently around the mouth, gums, teeth, swallow a tiny amount to cleanse the throat area, retain the rest and gradually increase the pulsing level of mouth swishing….pausing, then just allow the “pure, virgin, coconut oil to stretch and relax your mouth cells……remember Me time while you are cellularly relaxing, your three trillion cells will do the rest…..after five to twenty minutes increasing the time period with practice…it is time to expel the cleansing oil into your Vegetable recycling carton for disposal…and enjoy the wellness that is flowing, more unhindered than one might expect….. Me time is now refreshed, and it takes such a short fraction of your sixteen wakening hours…No, no it is only necessary to use the process once a day…..Quality not Quantity. RDR

  40. I have been doing oil pulling for quite a few years now. It is an essential part of my daily practice and cannot recommend it enough. Not only it’s health benefits but how clean your mouth feels. Nothing else comes close.

  41. Magic!
    Thanks doe everything Nick & team!

    Can a person rotate the oils?
    Is there any danger in rotating the oils used?

  42. I found it MUCH easier to pull for a longer period by doing it while in the shower…time passes more quickly LOL

  43. I use coconut oil and add CTPG essential oil too, such as lemongrass, melaleuca and onguard as added fight again gum disease. I know its not necessary, but I figure if Im doing this for 20 minutes, I may as well get extra benefits.

  44. Ansr to Ayse: flax, Almond, & walnut oils are good for A, O, & B blood types.
    Caution: too much of a good thing is not a good thing. I think we need to think “moderation”. I don’t think it should be done daily. Our mouths have their own good bacteria too, and I dont think good bacteria should get wiped out daily…Maybe I’m wromg here. It feels wrong to oil pull every day…

  45. Hi Nick, first of all thank so much for all the ancient knowledge you share with us.
    Regarding the oil puling, I have to ask you, please, this clarification: after doing the coconut oil pulling for 20 minutes, we should not eat anything for near 1 hour. Is this the correct way?

    I do oil pulling in the morning before breakfast. Then I wait for near 1 hour, and then I brush my teeth and have my breakfast. Is this a good procedure?

    Some time ago I read about oil pulling and that after doing it, we should wait for 30 minutes or 1 hour to give time to the bacteria to settle down in our mouth.
    I noticed you don’t mention this time in your article.

    Grateful if you can clarify.
    Deus te abençoe – God bless you in Portuguese.

  46. Interesting about the blood type…. I have AB RH D NEG Blood group, any idea what oil I should use ?

  47. i started doing this many years ago. during my search i found more info which was very helpful… i do not see you mention what grade of oil…refined verses unrefined, rinsing your mouth with warm salty water which also has its benefits, and last “*For faster healing and recovery, do this before every meal or 3 times per day. ” iDK?? it seem like an overkill.. I did it 2-4 times per week and had great result at the time fighting gum issues. A friend was doing it every day n he didn’t see much difference. please give more info as not to mislead some readers…BTW I appreciate the your comment regarding NOT to spit it out in your sink…excellent point!

  48. Hi, does a person need to stop oil pulling after a certain amount of time(weeks/months..or be on/off it alternate weeks for best healing results?) Is it alright to oil pull multiple times a day, everyday for the rest of a persons life?

  49. Dear Nick SALAM from Pakstan, I am your regular reader and consider you my Manture on health issues
    I was expecting that you will mention clove ol for oil pulling and I have personally experienced that it works with mouth and teeth very effectively . But before I forget , how about mixing backing soda , a lttle less than half tea spoon (For teeth shine),and other preventions and by guarentee you stay freshm Please accord your professional input and revert back. Hope I will be guided.
    With my thanks and profound reverence.

    1. Hi Shahid, Thanks for connecting with us! You bring up some good points 🙂 Yes, one can add some essential oil to their oil pulling regimen. We do not necessarily advice that here as potentially ingesting essential oils is controversial to many aromatherapists and essential oil experts. I do prefer to use baking soda in a toothpaste for pre- or post- pulling.I do suggest doing a warm water + salt rinse after oil pulling to remove any remaining substance. Hope this helps!

  50. Dearest Nick Polizzi,
    I am so grateful for everything, I have learned from you.
    This blog was so clear and full of wisdom, I just had to let you know.
    I am 94 years old and hope to live productively for the rest of my life
    Blessings as you continue to share and impart this great knowledge.

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  52. I always enjoy your articles and your plain spoken, common sense approach to writing and life in general. A curious person by nature, I have given many of your suggestions a try. I have been struggling with some long Covid symptoms — perhaps oil pulling will help my body get over this final hump in my recovery — fingers crossed! And thank you.

  53. Great review- thanks. Do you have any views on natural ways the body can heal from neurological challenges like a movement disorder.

  54. Thank you Nick for all you do and may your days be full of wonderment joy and good health!
    Additionally if you were to make it to Gainesville Florida we would love to have you as a guest in our home so blessings to you from Journey 💚🌎🌿

  55. Hi Nick,I just wanted to tell you that you are the best go to for my info,and I archive some of your stuff! So I can go back and see some of your Prayers and ancient wisdom and recenter myself when I’m stressed….and all for free,when all the other guys n gals charge for thier info and some of it useless!!I can’t thank you enough for all you do! Keep up the great work my man! MIKE G.

  56. Hi Nick,I just wanted to tell you that you are the best go to for my info,and I archive some of your stuff! So I can go back and see some of your Prayers and ancient wisdom and recenter myself when I’m stressed….and all for free,when all the other guys n gals charge for thier info and some of it useless!!I can’t thank you enough for all you do! Keep up the great work my man! MIKE G.

  57. Thanks a LOT, dear Nick!! Congratulations on your fantastic and most important work, keep it up please, and God bless you, your family and what you are doing!!! You are not only helping all of us who read your emails and watch your videos and docuseries, you are helping save our ailing world!!

  58. I’v been doing oil pulling(once a day with olive oil) for 20 days.Have noticed benefits and it does get easier to do the full 20 minuets.I plan to get sesame oil for the morning session-thanks for the info=most valueable.

  59. I tried it with virgin coconut oil. It didn’t last long as I threw it up, then had dry heaves. Not sure if it means I really need it somehow or if it just grosses me out. Any suggestions woudl help. I have bad yeast in my mouth from asthma inhalers.

  60. There is no note of when to brush your teeth? Is it assumed you brush after the pull? The only note specifically said before breakfast, so does that imply most people brush their teeth after eating? Please elaborate.

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