How to Illuminate Your Intuitive Dashboard

By Nick Polizzi

On the healing path, a few well placed words of wisdom can sometimes trigger a much needed “a-ha” deep within that brings everything into focus.

One of the most powerful lessons that I’ve been taught is this:

A true healer doesn’t actually heal us; he or she simply helps us remove the blocks that are inhibiting our ability to heal ourselves.

The philosophy that our individual organisms prefer to be in healthy equilibrium and can often times spontaneously cure themselves comes as a big shock to many people.   It is drilled into us that our health conditions are simply unavoidable, fate-driven occurrences that can be remedied only through external interventions like surgery or prescription drugs.

The greatest casualty of this limited way of thinking is the death of our sense of responsibility for our own well-being – a very dangerous thing to lose.  When we stop listening to the subtle bits of information that our bodies are sending us, the lights on our internal dashboard shut off, and we are essentially driving blind.

I’ve heard it said in many different ways by many different healers that YOU are your own best doctor.  But what does that really mean?

To me, this means that I need to nourish a rich and intimate inner dialogue with myself.  An ongoing conversation with that subtle voice that exists in the periphery of my awareness – which is amplified when I am in solitude.  This might sound “woo woo”, but once you start engaging in your own healing process (whether it is physical, mental, or emotional) and begin listening to your personal navigation system, information begins to present itself.  Sometimes subtly and sometimes not-so-subtly 🙂

Over the years I’ve noticed a very tricky — yet beautiful — aspect of this inner healer that exists within all of us.  When we are in a centered state of mind, we can turn on our intuitive dashboard rather easily… and what a thrill it is!  However, this illusive interface can disappear just as quickly, especially when the daily grind of life begins to take hold.

Even the most evolved spiritual leaders regularly find themselves “detached” from their true essence.  Presence is a sneaky thing – we absolutely know it when we are in the flow, but there is no warning signal when we fall off and get into our heads.  I don’t know anyone who has figured out how to live in uninterrupted peace – but many of the healers I’ve met use specific techniques to ground themselves and get re-acquainted with their inner voice in times of hardship and challenge.

Here is one that I just used today.  The concept is called “Entry Points”.

A very quick way to get back into relationship with your inner guide is by finding the right “point of re-entry”.  This can be done in a number of ways but here’s a great one to start with:

Throughout the day, begin examining the behavioral patterns that you are running until you notice a particular action or strategy that is not serving you.  The idea is to find a tiny habit to improve upon.

This is easier said than done.  We are very pattern-oriented beings and take great comfort in our routines — even the ones that are hurting us.

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Let me give you a personal example.

This morning I was moving a bunch of things into our work space, which involves a few flights of stairs and some heavy metal doors.  I was in such a hurry to get the rest of my day started that I opted to try taking some “acrobatic shortcuts”. Instead of taking the time to prop each door open beforehand to make the my life easier, I attempted to juggle the first load of boxes on my knee while fumbling to open each door.  Smart, right?

As I approached the second door, something inside me said, “You always rush things like this and it never leaves you in a peaceful place.”  I almost ignored this quiet insight, but it triggered me just enough to stop what I was doing, place the boxes on the ground and begrudgingly prop open all the doors, from the curb to my office.

Now, this seems like an obvious course of action, but I literally had to force myself to do it.  Again, old patterns are hard to break.

Once the doors were open and I was on my way down for the next load of boxes, I began to feel a lightness of spirit, almost as if I had crossed a major life threshold.  At the bottom of the stairs, the inner voice came back and said:

“You don’t help anyone when you rush through life. Take the time to attend to your path and you will be happier and more beneficial to everyone around you.”

As I began climbing the stairs with a new payload of gear, it wrapped up the lesson with:

“Now, apply this knowledge to all of your interactions today.”

Everyone is different and communicates with their intuitive self differently, but for me it is always very literal and almost audible.  Once the navigation system is illuminated, it’s with me throughout the day – until it isn’t 🙂  Then it’s time to find another entry point.

So here’s the technique again:

                • Run a personal system scan and locate a subtle tweak that you can make right now that will change your life for the better.  This can be something as simple as cleaning your garage or writing that “thank you” letter that is long overdue.  The key is that it must be something that you have been resisting for whatever reason.
                • Find this habit and begin to manually adjust your behavior – physical tasks are great ones to start with!
                • Last but not least, keep your intuitive ears open to any internal dialogue that begins flowing while you move.

This is what some call an entry point into your inner healer.

Please share your thoughts and experiences with us below!

Stay curious,

Nick Polizzi
Director, The Sacred Science

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52 Responses

  1. This is so useful. I have always maintained that the body has an infinite capacity to heal itself. if we can just tune in and listen. I just had a great example forced onto me. Ijhave been meaning to go for a full medical check up for ages, but never got around to it. Then I developed a shrp pain in my right eye and was forced to go. Long story short, tests revealed I am teetering on the brink of diabetes. So now I am prepared and can make the lifestyle adjustments necessary. I enjoy your posts. Thanks.

  2. I agree with you Nick.This is a real innner voice, I call him the Holy Spirit.He is with me all day 24/7
    leading and guiding me and very real.This is my comment,which I was allowed to post.

    I teach that the only way to reach a high standard of blessings and healings and victories in life is by being sensitive to this voice,and obeying what he tells us to do,For only he knows whats best for us.We can share our experiences, but each of us must learn to follow the guidance to become our best possible selves.We have to get rid of the clutter, junk food,and excess in our lives to hear his voice more clearly.Forgiving, beibg grateful and thankful are powers that also make his voice clearer.
    Blessings abounding to you,

  3. Thank you nick I’m going to try this with exercise I’ve been putting off and I need to do it can you also give me a tip about driving getting anxiety a lot can’t figure out why had accident about 20 years ago but thanks for your help much love kathy

  4. Love this…. all of us have had this kind of experience. self care is such a loving act with a ripple effect that touches all around us. Thank you <3

  5. I have these moments too – where the inner guidance comes in clearly and when I have honoured it , there has been a shift for the better , always.
    That is how I said no to chemo therapy when faced with a 4th stage cancer diagnosis in april 2010, and continuing to do everything that the inner doctor told me; I was totally out of all symptoms in 6 months :))

  6. I am grateful for your incredibly poignant post , it had impeccable timing. It was just what I needed. Thank you for being my healer today. In love and gratitude.

  7. Hi Nick, Thx so much for a great common sense approach to mindfulness, major step to enlightened thinking. I shall remenber your wisdom! Peace & Many Blessings, Meredith

  8. Thank you for sharing this. I will become my own best doctor. I really need to hear this, my week has been reinvigorated..

  9. Thank you for sharing. It has inspired my to clear my desk and set up a new filing system. Been avoiding doing this for a year. My life will be less complicated and will flow more easily. Thank you for the inspiration.

  10. I do this regularly but have never been able to fully explain it. I love your guiding words. Thank you so much. It’s such a freeing and empowering way to walk through life and so much more gets accomplished with less stress and less exertion!

  11. I use entry point when in sourcing circles with others to determine the optimal subjects about which to receive information or about the greatest need in the circle, or in the world, and how it can be met. Lovely to see entry point in the way you are using it. Thanks Nick!

  12. Hi! Good point and glad you brought it up. It seems we consume the emotional feelings that make up who we r and they start to develop their own power. One small step to tweaking our inner dialog is huge. If I thought about all the things I didn’t want to do all day I probably wouldn’t get out of bed. I guess it’s all about momentum…and appreciation once u overcome the little grating obstacles of life. I think that is really our only challenges in life to overcome. We aren’t really in this world to strive to build tall buildings. We just need to put a fresh coat of paint on our outhouses…

  13. hello there
    a great zen article!!

    here is something instead of thanks.
    “Be true to the thought of the moment and avoid distraction.other than continuing to exert yourself,enter into nothing else,but go to the extent of living single thought by single thought.”

  14. Thank goodness I read this e-mail this morning – it was definitely an aha for me. I’ve been thinking I need a way to improve my life and that I was having a difficult time being in the flow. This will definitely help and of course I can think of several things I’ve been resisting now to pick one and do something about it. Feel lighter – Thank you I’m grateful for the tip.

  15. I tried to leave a reply but each time my paragraph was deleted… Regardless, thank you for your contribution to the transformation of consciousness on our planet at this time of mass awakening.

  16. I love this kind of info. It shows me that others are coming to similar conclusions about health and longevity. I too believe inner dialogue is vital to our health.

    Have you considered our DNA is quantum, therefore intelligent in ways we cannot understand with 3D reality? Perhaps if we “talk” to our DNA and give it instructions as to what we expect, we could see positive results regarding healing.

    I have only recently learned of this, and began trying it out. I just successfully eliminated having to suffer through a difficult cold/flu that my wife and 6 year old daughter have had for over 3 weeks by telling my body to heal itself quickly. End result was one day of feeling miserable.

    Rather than discount this info. as “woo-woo” – why not try it?


  17. A voice, almost audible, said, “Frances, CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE.” I couldn’t quite grasp that until reading your message. Look at everything from a different angle; change my perspective on even the smallest everythings; turn the dial; see broadly…..

  18. My husband forwarded this to me. Bless his heart!
    I found it very insightful and encouraging.
    Thank you so much!

  19. ‘Balance’ is the word that came to me on Monday, with that i quit my job where i had been working 50-60hrs a week. 4 weeks of intense head and neck pain and no time to do what i enjoy i.e. reiki, massage, aromatherapy. 2 weeks ago people were knocking on my door asking for treatments, i had been away too long..i have a new job to start next week which is ‘not all work, and no play’ i have gained the ‘Balance’ back in my life which is so very important for my health. excellent and timely post Nick 🙂

  20. Thanks for this, Nick. I’ve had similar experiences where a simple, mundane activity can yield profound insights into my patterned behaviour and bring peace when I release it. Thanks again for the much needed reminder!

  21. This is so interesting because I have a habit of rushing as well

    I have to remind myself of the difference between moving quickly and rushing

    Moving quickly is a physical act, while rushing is a mental act.

    For me, I find that due to my competitiveness nature and my desire to be challenged, I do similar things to what you did.

    I will try to hold more objects that I can handle…just to see if i can do it. I want to challenge myself




  22. I love your woo woo! Yes, it is easy to fall out of our flow and I have yet to learn what takes me back into my entry points although I feel this quite clearly when I am in that flow, besides done thru meditating or being outside in nature on my own. Going to try your way too!

  23. Thanks so much for the real life examples. It’s so much easier to understand when explained in this way. I’m gonna give it a try!

  24. I live in western Canada.After losing both my mother and my husband, walking on the beach in
    Australia has brought the light on my dashboard.

  25. type your comment here…Hi Nick – thank you – I really needed to read something like this right now – much needed guidance – thank you again.

  26. Your intuition prompted this article at the very right time. I’ve been a tad unbalanced as of late. Thanks for following your intuition that others may follow theirs.

  27. I have recently started listening and following inner advice. I find it to be most helpful and very accurate. I always smile at the results and notice the results when I choose not to listen. I have discovered it works out better for me when I listen. Your article needless to say resonates with me and my experience. Namaste

  28. Thanks so much for sharing. I haven’t heard from you in ages and was quite excited to see an email from you in my inbox as your emails are just so full of wise and interesting information!

  29. I used to do some healing and than my live got to busy and painful that I forgot until a few weeks ago lying in bed in the morning I could feel energy coming down from over my head down into my body and realised that I had forgotten , it had been with me , but had been to wrapped up in myself to notice it until now

  30. Thank you. I’ve got a few things on my list that I could do. I’m stuck, feeling anxiety about being alone. This is moving forward.

  31. Yes , you are so right ! And also if you say , ” i can not do it ” , what ever it is , you can not !
    I tell my sister to be positive , but she does not believe in what I tell her . so she is in pain and can not walk properly but I can and without pain !
    And I am 8 years older than her !

  32. Thank You, Nick, for sharing some much needed wisdom I needed to be reminded of once more. Even though it’s a cliche’ today it fits all too well…..”when the student is ready the teacher will come”. Today your blog is exactly what I needed to read and remember.

  33. Thank you for all these posts
    I get the email post but hadn’t gone to the website
    Did just now and am pleased to say that I am impressed with several of the special whatever the things with pictures are called …the one re hands/touch was one that I haven’t read those words before in all the literature from the 70s on….and this one by urban monk…
    All to say
    I am glad that you are doing this collaborative collection of people’s consciousness work and want to have you look at the whole biochemical medical work by William Walsh M.D……….simply to say that we are finally talking about life as what it is….

  34. Yes, Nick, I have the same habit. I seem to want to be somewhere I am not and am rushing through the moments to get there, haphazardly arriving with stubbed toe, bumped head, broken article, lost item, etc. That inner navigator is always nudging me into being WITH myself in the moment and be at peace. There is no thing that will bring me to this point of NOW but my attention and if I am rushing to get somewhere, or done or………..where am I really?

  35. yes, Nick the inner voice is always with all of us and the only to fiend it is to be aware of our bodies, and the spirit is with you! Love you mucho.👍

  36. I love all the stories you put out Nick, some I thank you for, when they arrive at the right time & I have found the time to sit & read them. I Thank you……> Lila

  37. Well, I cannot thank you enough for the inspiring and heartfelt wisdom that all of your presentations present. Truly the clearest and most beneficial presenters and information on my decades of this incredible journey. Thank you all SO VERY MUCH

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