Healing With Your Hands – A Forgotten Art

By Nick Polizzi

There is a feeling that comes over us when we’re being cared for. A warmth that floods our senses when someone is devoting their complete attention to our health. A vibration that courses through the body. An inner sigh of relief.

The phenomenon of human touch is at the heart of the healing traditions we work with, yet many take it for granted.  We sometimes construe the word “touch” to be something overtly sexual, but what about the helping and healing kind?

Our hands are capable of so much more than we give them credit for.  Whether you are a Siberian shaman, Reiki healer, or QiGong master, awareness in your palms and fingertips is an unspoken job requirement.

My good friend Dr. Rosita Arvigo, founder of Maya Abdominal Therapy, captures the power of touch perfectly in her book entitled “Sastun,” when she says:

“My hands could see through flesh and tissue. Of this I had no doubt.”

We all have them, most of us two. Knuckled and nailed, lined and printed, our hands are incredibly complex precision instruments.  But through years of repetitive practical use, they have become so fine-tuned and efficient that their intelligence often goes unnoticed.

For me, the curative power of the hands was revealed in the most unlikely of circumstances – during my first Ayahuasca ceremony.

If you haven’t worked with Ayahuasca, the experience can be extremely euphoric, but more often than not, there is far more work than play during this eight-hour spiritual saga. This ancient Amazonian ritual is a marathon of the soul where deep fears and illusions are confronted – and it isn’t always pretty.

We were about an hour into the ceremony and I was struggling, to put it mildly.  I was caught in an existential tailspin that went on for what seemed like an eternity – until a sharp pain in my right foot brought me back into the room for a moment. I had strained it while running, and there was some lingering pain that had not yet abated.

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My eyes, which had been shut tight for over an hour, slowly opened into the darkened room.  The world was still loud and dizzying, but I had regained some footing, at least for a second.  I looked down in the direction of the pain and was somewhat shocked to see that my injured foot was glowing a faint blue in the blackness.

Without thinking, I lifted my right hand to my face and somehow “turned it on.” How did I know it was turned on?  Because it began to glow as well – white this time.  With childlike innocence I placed the glowing hand on my throbbing foot and decided to make the pain stop.  It was as simple as that.  The dull ache dissolved within seconds and the foot hasn’t bothered me in the many years since.

“The hand becomes an eye that fuses all five senses and sees things whole.”
~ Lee U-fan, Contemporary Korean Artist

We all have power in our fingertips that is just waiting to be harnessed to aid others.  It seems bizarre to be extolling the importance of such an obvious human action, but I think that many of us have forgotten the magic that exists within our hands.

The human hand is blessed with its own intelligence and familiarity with the subtleties of the body – and this understanding can be used for many purposes.  It can harm, hide, hammer, and hoist. But perhaps most importantly, it can heal.

Whether it’s muscular, skeletal, energetic, or otherwise, knowing when someone is in need of touch is an extremely valuable skill.  And we all are capable of learning it.  Better yet, remembering it.

“You possess the ability to tap a bottomless well of physical and psychic energy…. With it, you can harness the magical power of the universe. Yet most of us unknowingly block the flow of this power, and live out our lives not reaching the potential that we could achieve if we only knew how.”
~ L.V. Carnie, Author of Chi Gung

I encourage you to explore the possibility of allowing your hands to do more than navigate your day-to-day landscape.  Even something as basic as a shoulder rub can be extremely beneficial if given with full presence.  When we let our world go quiet and truly tune in to the health of another, subtle understandings – bits of healing code – become available to us.  This is where the breakthroughs happen.

The concept of touch is a very delicate topic for many, and I hope I have navigated it respectfully and in a manner that serves.

Stay curious,

Nick Polizzi
Director, The Sacred Science

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  1. Thank you, for sharing and reminding us of our full potential and innate abilities!
    Blessed are the people who share.

  2. Thank you for giving me words for service I pray to think, be, say, and do – “healing code”. Your message is well-said, and I am grateful to receive it today…a reminder there are many ways I can promote and inform healing in myself and others.

  3. Hi Nick,
    Thank you SO much for this posting. From a young age I had this knowing that our hands could heal and I began to explore that gift. But then I got side tracked with circumstances in life and I never gave it the time that I was drawn to give it. My story of how I was led to the knowledge of this gift was extraordinary but I will not share it here. I can tell you that while I am typing this message the palms of my hands continue to get warm and my finger tips are tingly, it’s a wonderful feeling and just as wonderful to remember that feeling. I want/need to thank you for reminding me of this wonderful gift. I am wondering if you have any insight into how I can get back in touch with this gift and further it ?
    I also want to share with you that I really enjoy receiving your emails and reading your posts, you are a beautiful writer.

    1. I could have written exactly what you did Deborah. I would love to know if there is a path to developing or going deeper into this gift. I’ve had it my whole life but only used on family and a few friends.

      1. take classes in shiatsu, reflexology, qigong, deep massage acupressure. simple as that.. do it…let your intuition guide you. nada from brasil

        1. Please also note that there are numerous healing modalities that use touch to harness the universal energy that is all around us. These modalities include Reiki, Quantum Touch, and many others.

    2. I found this energy as well coming and also feeling it from my hands particularly my fingertips. I researched it and studied the information I found is worth looking into type in reconnecting healing it’s very real and they have now have scientific data to back up this what we feel and put out is very real. Enjoy.

    3. For more instruction I would recommend the accredited program through Institute for Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy. Great people and thorough instruction.

    4. Yes, the Rubenfeld Synergy Method is over 50 years old and there will be a training in the Fall of 2018 – the website is rubenfeldsynergy.com. This work is gentle, profound and uses talk and touch in the most respectful way.

  4. I have been so blessed for over 30 years to have been a Reiki & Reiki Shamanisn path. I have seen the beautiful healing strength of those that I have worked with. It is never the practitioner that is doing the healing. It is the sacred energy and the sacred being who do the work of healing. The practitioner is merely a channel. With all of my heart I am so grateful to you for sharing Sacred Science. Many Blessings always to each and every one of you.

  5. Thank you very much. So good to be reminded and made aware of this sacred power. I want to share and give too – this wonderful truth: “When you let me take I’m grateful. When you let me give I’m blessed.”
    Leonard Nimoy

  6. I was/am a hospice nurse…I made it my practice to say a prayer before the visit “leave ME in the car” and proceed with the visit…in retrospect there was a question or thought gifted during the visit…a lovely place to be…mj

    1. That’s perfect, I love it! I need to remember to do that in so many interactions. Thank you for your wisdom, and example.

  7. Your article was very enlightening. The Touch of Healing can be very effective. For years I have practiced the lost art of Jin Shin Jyutsu and experienced great results. It not only gives you insight into yourself, but others as well. We all have this innate ability. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Why “lost art”? I learned Jin Shin in the 2000s from someone who was a master of it. To the best of my knowledge, she is still practicing it. It hasn’t gone away.

  8. Thanks so much for this article. It has come at the perfect time because I have just been diagnosed with a brain tumor. The time has come for me to heal myself! 🙂

    1. Anne – it is always the perfect time and when I saw your post it reminded me of the book I just read – it could help you on your journey – I will follow My Inspiration to tell you about “Dying To Be Me” by Anita Moorjani. Follow your inspiration on if you want to read it or not 😉

      1. Yes!!! I totally agree with you, Birgit! As a cancer survivor and reiki practitioner who has investigated both the book, “Dying To Be Me”!as well as thetruthaboutcancer.com – excellent resources!!

    2. Hey Anne, thetruthaboutcancer.com is an excellent resource as is the book by Ty Bollinger, “Cancer Step Outside the Box”. All the best to you!

    3. Dear Anne
      Matrix Energetics website is matrixenergetics.com not matrixenercetics.com. Sorry for wrong spelling. Hope it is helpful for you.
      Best from

  9. I have a saying in my studio, “When the hand remembers, the mind is free.” Don’t know who to attribute it to, but it has always rung true for me.

  10. Thank you Nick, for this loving reminder. I am a massage therapist and have healed with my hands for the past almost twenty years. I am so grateful for having been led to a life path that has allowed such ongoing, daily, and sometimes profound intimacy with people. I too have journeyed with Aya and love your experience of self healing, wonderful! I’m inspired to set a similar intention for my next ceremony.

  11. Hi Nick,

    Thanks for getting this out!!!!
    I would like to experience a Ayahuasca ceremony some day to purge as well!

    Be Well!!
    Leonard Duffy

  12. Thanks Nick, I truly believe and have been experiencing the wonders of the bodies ability to heal itself on a daily basis.

  13. Excellent commentary. It is so important to recognition how powerful the sense of touch is. In our busy lives many people forget such a simple truth. This is a potent and respectful reminder.

  14. Thank you! are hands are so wonderful! I think now I will honor my hands more to day and always.
    Much love and light

  15. A well intentioned and written article. Thank you for focussing on a very important form of healing .

  16. Thank you for this. It is a timely reminder to me to re-open myself to opportunities to tap in to this valuable gift that I know lies in my hands.

  17. I know in my heart that I have power in my hands to heal. Not sure what to do about it. Thank you so much for sharing this. Much Love <3

  18. Thank you for sharing. I agree with you and I will add that besides the physical touch our energy is working to heal (or help to heal). What I mean is that is the touch itself added of our energy that promotes the benefit, and in some cases the touch is necessary / helpful but in others we can just share / give our energy by using our hands as a “Wi-Fi”, then we are giving our own energy and at same time, depending on our “spiritual development”, we work as a channel to the energy of Nature (Universe, the field, Love,…) flow to through us in benefit of someone else. Use our hands to heal is a blessing and a powerful tool.

    1. I totally agree Rochelle…the energy that flows through our fingertips and palms of our hands…is channeled from a higher source(God,The Universe). What ever your beliefs are…my fingertips are tingly as I read and type this message..”.Theraputic Touch” is another reference to the “healing “abilities. I too am researching…always!

  19. It is wonderful to ponder, but not all is as it should be, tempering curiosity with responsible caution. Yhere are many beautiful sporits out there, but the sad reality is that there are also the miguided and the nefarious. One must proceed with a healthy dose of caution in these arenas.

    1. Doing hands-on healing does not necessarily involve spirit contacts of any kind. There is no need to worry about those nefarious sorts in this context. People often generate fears of such things for no reason. Exercise reasonable caution but do not be fearful.

  20. So many people miss out on “touch” because of the misinterpretation that has been created around it. Touch speaks to the soul, as do your newsletters. thank you.

  21. I have been in touch with my healing center, since very young. I remember the FEELING of being healed. As if very small, in a very large body. I give alot of back massages. People almost always feel like a million bucks when I am done.
    I contribute alot of this to a fever I had as a youngster. Think the fever rerouted my neurological routing. I also experience OBE’s Out of Body Experiences. I can’t not begin to tell u all I have learned from this! I feel blessed for hanging on to this. Lord knows People tried to change me. I just know this is who I’m suppose to be. Gods Love to all ☺

  22. Yes I am grateful to receive your message of encouragement too. It reminded me about the healing abilities I am aware we all have.
    Thank you

  23. I have been exploring the possibilities of healing, I just never knew we were all born with them, so thank you for that knowledge. It seems as though others want to charge a hefty price for people to learn, but once I have the knowledge to be able to heal myself and others I will teach people for a nominal fee or free if I can. I think it’s important. Thank you for staying in touch. I enjoyed reading your article.

  24. thank you I have just begun to work with healing touch and this article is a confirmation and gives me encouragement for continuing this work.

  25. Thank you & Bless you for sharing this – I look forward to reading the e-book…very much. And then, extending the Art of sharing

  26. When I was 10, I helped my Great Uncle get rid of a headache. I simple placed my hands on both sides of his head and let the headache leave him. I practice Polarity, Craniosacral Work and am a Reiki Master. Everyone can learn any of these modalities, you just have to apply yourself. I do very
    much encourage people to trust their instincts and innate abilities and Learn a practice. You can help yourself, your friends and family, animals and birds. I once revived a hummingbird that had knocked itself out on a slider window. When he/she came to, it was like holding Light in my hand.

  27. Thanks for sharing, Nick. I believe in this and understand that if we are present we can achieve success in navigating this empowered universe. We are the vessels and your story was beautiful. I wish you health and happiness.

  28. Hello Nick,
    Thank you for your emails…you write beautifully. I agree about hands; I massage my hands and feet every morning before rising. I have done 1 ‘aya’ session – would like to do another. We had begun ceremony; suddenly a full size black panther came at me face to face. First reaction – I moved my head and torso back, as I was taken by surprise. Then, I realised he /she was here to protect me – my power animal (since I was a kid, I loved black panthers – wanted one for a pet but wasn’t allowed…so I asked for a cheeta in place of…still wasn’t allowed. My now ex husband put some sort of poison/drug in my water bottle. lucky for me, my intuition told me not to drink much. Via a brazilian toe massage, I did for a friend’s mum, finding a huge block, which I felt through my whole body, I told her she had to stop smoking yesterday…she did and she’s now 88 yrs. Be well…

  29. Nick, you have ‘navigated … respectfully and in a manner that serves’ … if anything you might have been a little under stated … thank you for writing this :o)

  30. What a great experience and image to pass on to all of us. Thank God we are starting to awaken to our own healing abilities. As we evolve we can see that synthetic medicines cannot be our only source of healing.

  31. How beautifully written! Thank you for explaining something I have known deep inside as a health professional and healer for 50 years! Bless you, Nick.

  32. I loved your article, and it is very rewarding to know that we all have a point of contact. It is true, fingers and hands have eyes, they have a depth that know how to guide. Thank you.

  33. thank you for your generosity here and the reminder of the power
    in our hands and of the healing power of touch. i like the way you
    offered it and feel inspired to remember and explore.
    thank you again
    aho and amen

  34. 5th try. I am a person with no doubt about your claims. My family is a touch psychic, and I have recently been working with a medical intuitive. I really believe that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made”. I have been dx with ALS, the one nobody wants. I live in Seattle. This is not about platitudes, but reality that I write you. Know anybody in the Seattle area with whom I could work? And thanks for the posting and your courage to know…

  35. Dear Nick,

    Since I first watched the film and now read your blog posts, I have been celebrating the re-emergence of thecae ancient wisdom ways of healing. I have practiced healing ways for more than 30 years and have learned to call the work Metis Medicine Ways, because it is the weaving of ancient tried and true with emerging new forms that serve.

    I know I came here to be a healer for self and others, to help end suffering and to wake people up to who they really are: a spirit having a human experience, with a purpose to fulfill.

    Reading your blog helps to remind me too about my own purpose and I resonate with your intentions.

    Many blessings to you and yours,

    In Lak’esh,

    1. You facilitated my potentiaton a#of years back in Edm. I come across your name now &again in different posts/sites. Synchronicity! I am paying attention

  36. The power of touch has touched my life too. I’ve always liked acupressure and seek it out whenever musculo-skeletal problems arise.

  37. Hi……… I saw the spot that popped up on this page offering a free downloadable ebook…….but before I could fill the blanks in it was gone. I think I must have clicked on something wrong. Am very interested in the info! Thank!

  38. Thank you for your shariings. I am preparing for my second level of Reili certification. I am so very dedicated to the commitment to being present and loving and to positively make a difference in the lives I touch. I want my grandchildren to grow up experiencing loving, healing touch and know it’s power!

  39. Thank you, Nick for reminding me of the healing power of my hands. My circumstances over these past years have engulfed so much of what I know.. I am waking up again.

  40. This is a great reminder of how much our healing comes from within. I have some experience with Reiki and EFT also demonstrates this clearly. Thank you so much!

  41. I went to massage school after so many others told me about the energy they could feel coming from my hands. After training I realized that the true gift I could give others was my full presence during touch, which was truly a gift to me.

  42. i love yor expression of healing. I always had the inclination to do this as I so enjoy helping others heal with wat God has given us (herbs,essential oils etc.) my problem is quieting my mind for meditation. It is something that I need to get to, thank u

  43. type your comment here…Great article, thank you NIck for sharing it. It has made me so much more aware of the inherent potential within myself to heal.

  44. As a BodyTalk practitioner I have noticed the sensitivity in my hands increasing and I am starting to understand the power of touch. Great to hear from you and your team about the secret healing methodes which have been around and which are being revealed to us! Thanks!!

  45. Beautifully told. Thank you for writing and sharing this piece. And… I haven’t heard a reference to Sastun in a very very long time. It was/ is one of my favorite portals 🙂

  46. Hands of Light are attached to everybody. We just need to real eyes our miraculousness. Thank you Nick

  47. thankyou for reminding me of this, the timing of reading this is perfect. your blogs are always respectful and sensitive so don’t worry about that. thankyou for sharing so much information that needs to be put out there

  48. I don’t know why your letters have found their way to my inbox, but I am loving what has arrived so far. Thank you 🙂

  49. Beautiful post about our natural ability to heal with our hands. I appreciate the insight you bring and the reflective thoughts you share. You are an amazing being!

  50. Thank you for writing this…I am about to endeavor in opening my own business of massage and movement….. and I really needed this from this perpective.
    I have learned to use Eurythmy movements of sound and color through my hands with the founder, and incredible woman, Tanja Baumgartner. We are using it here in the rural areas of the PHilippines. and soon I will be offerring my services of music, Alexander technique, eurythmy and eurythmy massage. If I may ask for your warm wishes and thoughts in this endeavor….i would be most grateful. Thank you again.

  51. I know 1st hand this is true. Laying your hands over and on the body, will find and draw out the heat, healing occurs. It sounds so simple, but with the right intent & spirit it happens.

  52. Nick, you have said it well. I have been a massage Practioner for 2 decades and just lately I am being led to trust the power of healing energy from my hands. Along the way of my past I picked up a false belief which caused me to doubt it for so long. Yours is another voice which is waking me up out of that sleep! Thank you so very much for your powerful reminder. With gratitude, Pam

    1. There are thousands, perhaps tens of thousands. Maybe start by googling Reiki or Qi Gong in your area.

  53. I have always believed that ‘Touch’ is most magical! THANKS SOOO very much for your information! I will start with my hands on my own body – where I have consistent pain!

  54. I knew from an early age let my hands to touch and make animals and people feel better didn’t understand what it was or what was going onwhen on with life just thinking this is normal everybody did it so stop doing it and went on that my hands wouldn’t stop so mid forties I decided to follow my hands and now I use my hands I haveI have touched and they have been like an x-ray machine I knew exactly what was going on in persons body in the even know exactly how to touch and heal that person or animalshow continue to do this rest of my life and I will always continue to teach others

  55. Thank you, for reminding us that all of us have this ability to help others. I really enjoyed this article and would like to learn more of this gift. I have been told that I have a very nice and healing touch.

  56. Thank you so much Nick for sharing and reminding us what we are capable of and how we should use it. I find your writing open and insightful, thank you.

  57. Thank you Nick for writing about such a basic yet wonderful concept. You gave me much to think about and I hope to incorporate your ideas and suggestions into my daily life. I always feel so peaceful and grounded after reading your blogs……..Blessings!

  58. Years ago I learned a technique called craniostructural therapy from the individual who created it; Dr. Dallas Hancock. I believe that the most effective therapies we can provide are those delivered with our hands, rather than machines.

  59. Thank you for the reminder that we ALL have this ability and to be more mindful of it in our daily lives.

  60. Wow! Nick this is beautifully written and truly inspiring. If only more people knew the potential within their own bodies. Imagine healing rather than stealing and helping rather than taking. What a different world we would live in. Maybe one day! Thank you so much.

  61. Thank you, I needed that message. I am a Third Degree Reiki Master and my hands are in need of much healing. Where can I get more info on healing of the hands?

  62. Thank you for this post! When I was in Massage Therapy School, one of the exercises was to do a massage blindfolded. It was amazing how much I could “see” with just using my sense of touch. Now when I am massaging I will close my eyes and utilize the seeing in my hands and fingertips.

  63. Thank you for that inspiring Story Nick. I used to be a massage therapist many years ago, and I also did Reiki, but have been away from that for a long time, so good to be reminded about this special power we all have.

  64. Thank you for bringing attention to what is so missing in our world and a pathway to world healing. We have the power and means to heal ourselves and each other. It would be wonderful to have this be common knowledge. Your work is invaluable.

  65. Thank you for your wisdom, for your curiosity, for your sharing caring soul. It has helped me many times. May you continue to be blessed and happy.

  66. After a 10-Day silent meditation retreat I visited a friend who’d been in a motorcycle accident the previous year and still suffered with head pain. I simply held my hands to her head for awhile and she was astounded to feel pulsing energy moving the pain out. thank you for reminding me of this. Perhaps the hands are a Chakra in addition to the ones that move up the center of the body.

  67. Thanks for sharing, to some this has been forgotten. For me its very real. To this day I’ve only seen this been preformed once when I was about 8 I seen a friend of my grandmother do this hand healing to someone I was amazed seeing this. I wish there was more info about this, I would like to learn more about this practice.

  68. I use my hands everyday to impart Love to all that I touch(I am a Hairstylist) I have been on many journeys I learned not to speak of these experiences just do my work silently. Love reading your articles. Andrea

    1. Andrea, i was just thinking in the last week about the magic touch of hairstylists. They probsbly don’t realize how wonder it feels.

  69. Great article, so true. We learn touching this that is yucky as toddlers, we are so filled with false believes, that a lot of us don’t let anyone touch us easily without the yucky feeling. Needless to say I never had a massage, physical therapy on a Lyme disease infected knee was torture, and when I finally saw a spiritual healer, it took a little while of relaxing and trust to get over the discomfort of a stranger touching me in a loving kind healing way. Of course no one teaches the difference between universal love and sexual love in average childhood either.
    But it’s true. Hands can do a lot of things. Now I can feel energies from healing stones and crystals and hope in time will remember a lot more of all the forgotten human skills.

  70. Thank you for this post and for Sacred Science. I would love to be in touch. The resonance is high in our paths. AloHA!

  71. Thank you for such an inspiring post. I have been using my hands for over 30 years and like everything else .. the more you use it.. the greater the potential .. thank you All Is Bliss!

  72. The truth about cancer is a wonderful documentary and with the power of healing hands one day we will be healing with natural therapies. Thank you

  73. Thank you Nick. I offer Reiki and often feel the power you speak of. It seems so natural to touch wherever we feel pain. It’s so valuable a reminder you have given us. Thank you again.

  74. Lovely prayer by Sturt Wilde, Blessed are the hands….your words are another reminder and my friends though around my shoulder last night…Very special in deed….

  75. I have discovered that I have the power I tried it on my dog to start with and seemed to work. I have done it to humans and it works for them I have taken pain away. I can feel the power in my hands it is very warn in the right hand and seems to be cool with the left. I would like some words of wisdom how to use and direct my power. It gets stronger.

  76. Laying on of hands can be powerful. Jesus Himself said, “You shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.” (Mark 16:18). This past year I decided to take a bold step to believe His words and go out in public to lay hands on the sick and injured and pray for healing in His Name. There are times when I doubt and get nervous, but so far I have seen 2 knee braces removed and the pain leave (one was at the mall), back pain leave instantly at the gas station (the woman said she felt something happen as soon as I placed my hand on her back), and just 2 days ago a man walking through the parking lot was limping due to an achilles injury. After placing may hand on his ankle and praying, he was able to put full weight on it and walk away normally, pain free. Thanks for the blog. God bless everyone.

    1. Anthony, it is good to hear abt your accomplishments with your healing hands. I am always talking about the accomplishment of mine. Yes i think, after reading this, i must pass on my wisdom. The world needs it. People like us should be the norm when we do this important work.

    2. Blessings to you Anthony! Continue listening to the spirit, and then acting upon it as you are led to do!

  77. At the age of 52, I retuned to school. A vocational college, and I studied to become a Certified and a Licensed Massage Therapist. I am also a Certified Reiki Master, and the two fit together perfectly. My clients “love my therapy”, and always leave without the pain they came in with! That’s a good thing!

  78. dear Nicky thanks for the reminder…. ages ago i got the insight (in an astrology class, that i was suppoeed to heal with my hands… besides massage, jin shin jyutsu and just touching peiple… ya ya, i need to expand on that – xo 🙂

  79. Hi Nick, i really enjoyed what you wrote because you sre so right. I have done massage for a very long time and realized this about the hands and this is why my massage work is star quality. I have tried to pass this along to others and am now going to step it up because i may be retiring in 15 years and that comes fast.

  80. The message touches the essence of my spirit and reiterates my own feeling that our hands are not only powerful but are meant to reach out and be a healing, comforting touch for everyone..

  81. Your article made me think how much I take my hands for granted. Life happens and we can forget. Thank you Nick for your wonderful article – as my hands do the typing – I will take care of them more often now and have more awareness of their importance.

  82. Thank you Nick for this great article…I am a masseuse, specializing in trigger point therapy. I have often had amazing experiences through the gift of touching, and knowing, as you mentioned. Often the energy waves cascade down my arms and into my hands when working on a client…and for this I am always grateful. Tapping into the source – the energy which permeates all of us-all living things-is a most wondrous thing!

  83. This is a beautifully written post, but I’m very surprised that you have referred to the subject as “a forgotten art.” Here in New Mexico just about everybody and their cat does some form of hands-on healing. It’s anything but forgotten. I get the impression from the comments, though, that this isn’t so true in some other places.

  84. Recently returned from the Peruvian Amazon after having an experience very similar to yours. Knowing that our hands can heal is a beautiful revelation.

  85. Hi Nick,
    Thank you for all the information . I really enjoy to read them and go to research a little bit.
    Have a wonderful Day.

    Gerdi Voltz

  86. Is Ayahuaska available only in the Amazon? How do we find a ceremony here in Canada?

    Kind Regards,

  87. Thank you for your post. I’m struggling with a decision of putting by horse down. I gave him a massage with essential oils yesterday. He is better and running around like a colt today.

  88. I enjoy reading your articles. I have practiced jib shi do and Reiki for most of my adult life. Currently practice Reiki in a local hospital. It heals me as well as the patient. God Bless you.

  89. I remember healing my mother in law from a chronic migrane and it all started with a massage. She was the one to noticed this ability besides I can tell you in advance something that might happen. I am wondering if you have any path or insight to recover or get intouch with this blessed ability.?

  90. I fully believe in the healing that can come through the touch of hands. Someone said something about nefarious spirits too. I understand that too as I’ve also had that experience through healing touch/prayer. So do discern before engaging I can only emphasize I’ve had much good come to
    me through it as well over the years.

  91. Iknow I have healing hands but is embarrased to suggest it. I find it easier to do it for someone further away.

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    Thank you for sharing

  94. Its so wonderful to learn of this potential we all have, but how do we harness these powers with our hands?

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  97. So TRUE.
    I have always “known’ that I was somewhat unique or different but never had any exposure or experience with Shamanic or Metaphysical teachings. And therefor denied it all for many years, but it keeps knocking on the door and eventually you do manage to embrace your gifts. My hands were my revelation, so to speak. At first I again denied this but time and again I found my hands being able to assist and Heal others. I just had no idea what I was doing. And then I had another revelation, Its NOT about me!! I am simply a vehicle that facilitates the Healing process. And in my case it is my hands. Thank you for a wonderful article.
    Love n Light

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  99. I have these hands that are often hot as fire, I’ve read a lot about healing hands. I thought it was rubbish, but it’s not. I had a similar experience had a back ache put my hands there for about 5 minutes and the pain went away and has not returned. That’s been over 1 year ago. It seems that something as extraordinary as this should be put to use. How to you help others? This started before I found out that I was clairvoyant as well as clairsentient. Any suggestions?

    1. I have healing hands as well. I’ve only used them to heal others, but recently, they helped me. This is a new experience and I am grateful that they continue to evolve, as does my clairvoyance. It’s amazing what I can see inside the human body!

  100. hands healing they have the encoding of our soul. With intention hands have the magic of healing.

    I am a thai yoga healer. We all the ability to heal.

  101. Throughout my life I’ve experienced energy in my hands and try to focus all others in healing. A lot of times I have had success but many times the world interrupts my thoughts and I cannot receive I believe in what you say I have felt it.

  102. Thank you!
    I was just sharing with another how deep my passion goes for bodywork. I haven’t officially practiced massage in awhile, but this article sums up how I feel when someone is under my touch.. Especially Dr. Arvigo’s quote. Thank you for bringing these words to the forefront of my awareness. Thank you for helping me remember..
    Be Well

  103. greatness found in the bottom of our hands, healing that seeks importance in the presence of absolute isolation, healers comes and go, but lets not forget our roots

  104. Thank you for this. I have thought for many years about the center of my palms. I can feel heat from another’s sore muscles or strains and pain. I have wanted to investigate this further, but have no one to ask.

  105. I’m loving the info and have tremendous energy in my hands, I absorb it through sound, passing by vehicles, the planet, the stars, and various other sources, I’d love some hands on with professionals in my devotion and excitement to be able to heal people, my belief is strong, I just don’t have any experience in the practice, I do inspire people however with my honest words of wisdom and desire to create opportunity and understanding for people with a positive mentality

  106. Long rationalists established as a long reason that they should cast entry thoughts upon people as their long incarnative only reasons to put up with LOng reasons to trivialize the only reasons against people as long and dirty rather than unclean and already healed.

  107. I don’t know if it’s wisdom or a curse I have healed preachers and priest that we’re with dire needs I touch the bare feet before they were in for surgery they went in and the surgeon would find nothing the priest and preachers threw the year’s had addmitted to after my touch they all said the same they said ” they new they would be okay” and peace ran threw there body’s. But I was overlywhelmed and oh so tired for 3 days I couldn’t function. I want to know what is happening to me?

  108. Thanks nick for this nugget of info
    Whenever I massage my girlfriend she always says that my hands are hot although I feel no heat at all
    So maybe your right we all have the power to restore energy
    I will try to practice more see where I end up
    Again thanks

  109. I noticed as did my father an ability to stop a dog during his athsma attack. Then my gram bbq daughter with a bump on her head.

    Is this psychology to help others heal themselves? Or is the physical probability really happening?

  110. When i was 23 i ran a marathon and broke small bone in foot that doctor ultasound for 6 months did not heal
    I suffered to walk i was desperate
    An add in paper came upon me
    “Healer, 25 dollars”
    Went there and instantly got foot healed
    The lady had candles lit and soft music
    I laid face up on table, she touched my heart and my sore foot, imediatley a warm rush went from my heart to foot
    Got off table and no pain ever since
    25 years ago
    What did you do i ask “i gave you love”
    Dont know how they do it and i never question this stuff again
    My faith in peoples ability changed that day

  111. I know how to heal with hands, if anybody needs help don’t hesitate, i was thought by Zdenko Domancic, there is science behind it and you can check it on his website or youtube. Hand healing method is here and now with us.

  112. I am energy healer both hands & remote healing. I was trained to do the former but received the latter as a gift from another healer. The gift was given so I could pass it on to others which I did in a group years ago.

  113. I am unable to download my free ebook..I keep getting hackers could be using sacred scienceemail address..can you please check your system for me ..my computer will not give me access

    Thank you

  114. My hands naturaly get very hot in as much if they are the reflection against my normal body temperature I would be dead. I can put my hands above a fire longer than most people & the heat retains itself within my hands for hours even hotter than before. Is this normal?

  115. It all started 15 years ago with a question planted in my mind about reality vs the abstract, because of a person from Spain, Alejandro, he came to my home back in Ecuador for some days, note. Alejandro out of nowhere he show up, left never saw him again.

    One day I saw him moving around and moving his arms like picking something up in the air and putting in his body in a way more like a choreography for a dancer. I asked him; what is he doing, since there was no music, he stayed that he was energizing himself, with my mind of the moment, I said it looks more like your wasting energy as this is how metabolizing works, he said is not the energy that you think, so instead of me explaining to you, he told me, why don’t you do this with me and see, only condition is to really thing is doing you good and believe in it.

    It took me a wile to learn precisely the movements and I did the steps. After all that, we went to a room, since it was about to get dark, you can only see in a low light Alejandro told me to close my eyes put my hands together and rub them, then put them apart until I feel them tingling, I did it until I fell the tingling, then he told me to open my eyes, when I did, I was able to me see energy between my hands, it was like spider web stock to my hand and fingers moving, that night I saw like an ocean of energy waves going from right to left,

    the next day when Alejandro was about to eat an orange from our garden, he was apologizing to the plant, I asked him why the eccentricity, he told, their energy is alive and since I probably have energy still store in me, to go around the plant and frute with out touching them, I was able to feel the energy from the tree and the fruits, then he said that is why, because is a living energy been. He told me that that experiment that he did with me, to see and feel energy is very rare to happen and specially in one session.

    This event took a turn in my life, without noticing I was feeding my intent with the questing why I saw something that people say that was imposible, because Is not true, no one can see that, so I started my journey for the truth, started to read lots about all that has to do with the religions, practices, the abstract, agnostic thoughts, books from the Bible many in between to Carlos Castaneda.

    Time pass by About 11 years, I had the opportunity in those years to do ayahuasca sections many times with specific intent, but it never transcended, no more that fell good and see the world different. Then when I least expected, 4 years ago I when into a deep depresión so much that I seek help from a friend of mine in Peru, an English Dr. Psychiatrist, he took me to a shaman in PERU Don Francisco,

    The first ceremony in the jungle of Iquitos, nothing happen for me not even a vision, but something wonderful happen that night for my future. The second ceremony three days after , the shaman don Francisco, told me that in the last ceremony ayaguasca told him to give me an special portion, did not make nothing of it until the ceremony, that has literally change my life and it can help the world to look at the magic of the energy from a different perspective.

    That night my portion was clearly and overdose, that later I find out it was even dangerous for me, but it was requested to give me according to the shaman.
    I felt my stomach sick almost immediately no more that 10 minutes into it, my visions were very cleared, I saw o felt the presence of the serpent, to my left there was a head with a long arm like scanning me, after that I saw a 10 foot blue men like, standing out side the structure where we where, that is visions later I find out because of paintings done by shamans, that many people see similar, specially the blue men. What Happen later was very out of the ordinary, and is the reason for this approach to the world with my story.

    Same night when the sounds of Icaros started, (icaros songs by Shamans in the ceremonies are what connects you to different ralms according to shamans in PERU) so when the music started, is when all the magic started,, is like opening a wire to the universal cloud is a guide to your intent to get you what you deep inside want in my case answers.

    I had and obsesión of seeing again the visions I watched before, that I did no notice that my hands and arms were moving by them self’s cleansing me and aligning my charcas in a way that was crazy, obviously radical behavior that my friend questioned me about what am I doing, then is when I realize that my hands where move by them self’s. I was so much under the ayaguasca that I let it happen, when the sounds of Icaros stoped, the arms stoped, when the Icaros start again, the hand started to move again,, the next day I told don Francisco what happen to me , he said that I have I lot of energy in my hands and because of this I was given a gift. Now I started to understand what Alejandro told me that is very rare to see and feel energy just like that, and it was because of my hand always had the ability of being energize.

    After we left the jungle and went back to Lima, my depression was gone never had it again till this day, since then it has being a wonderful life without attachments living with passion a detachment in the moment.

    While in Peru, I thought that the ayaguasca will be in my system still, so I look for something in youtube similar to Icaros by typing ayaguasca Icaros, I found the same sounds, so I close my eyes and started to listening to it, after some time, my hands started to tingle and then they started to move again by them self’s, I started to worry, but then I let it happen, since I did not know what they where doing, I started to count the movements and all movements are in intervals of 7 and I counted more that 36 diferente movements then and still counting.

    I said still counting because since then 4 years ago, each time is more intense, at this moment am able to see energy as it flows in the universe, I see what my hands do and the energy they collect and work with , I see how I spin peoples charcas to over pass their mind and go to their energy of life directly to make them change, the person feels change of mind without noticing or self analyzation , people get heal by change their charcas spin, this is good for healing depressions, at least that is my experience working with it.

    We are like computers that also programs can be down loaded to us from the universe, I still trying to learn the hand movements that is another reiki science, but I know that is a beautiful gift that only I can understand so far. We are energy connections with unlimited probabilities this life is just the first step to move up in the game level of our existence and there are many.

    Thank you sincerely Byron B

  116. I wish it would work on me and would cure all of me most call me a walking dead man I have and will try anything that the pain I go through every day wake up in pain go to sleep in pain sometimes I pray that God would just take me home
    To much pain year after year last 40years
    Need help

  117. This is very important for our health how I wish I can get a chance to be trained in the art of using my hands to heal people.

  118. The other day my wife had a spiritual reading, which by the way was extremely good, at this reading she was told that he husband had healing hands but never uses this gift. I have always had this tingling feeling in my hands some days stronger than others. My wife suffers from a very bad back and has done for some time. I thought I would have a go and see if it made any difference, I used my right hand on the base of her back and straight away felt this tremendous heat, she started sweating from her forehead and I kept my hand there for only a few minuets then stopped. Wow I thought what a feeling. The next day I asked my wife how she felt and to my surprize she said great no pain. I now need to find a good course to develop this. I feel sure that I can help people.

  119. I understand that Reiki uses the palm of the hands for healing purposes and treats people even in far locations through names or pictures. I just wanted to know if Reiki can also cure through or by using the eyes and just by the mind alone? Please forgive me by being to blunt with my question, but I do hope you’ll understand that we can never stop searching for answers.

  120. I have no wisdom, I wish I did. I do however have a problem. My son is 34 yo and is down syndrome. He’s had a hard row to hoe since birth
    We have been fighting boils for a while now and I need help to cure him of these horrible, painful things. Antibiotics are a laugh. Can you tell us what to do, or who to contact???? I would very much appreciate it

  121. I keep seeing Ayuascua references around me today. Hours before I attempt my 4th rehab for opiate addiction.

    I don’t know how many characters this comment box has but I know that I meant to have an Ayuascua experience.

    I think my calling is to help people, I came to this page because my addiction is derailed my life, and I hope to start my path to healing is a drug alcohol counselor and move from there, I wish I could marry spiritually healing with psych in the US.

    I think my first major spiritually eye opening experience was in 2012.

    And this past year I’ve started to recognize my own gifts, my sense of intuition always seems to be right And I can feel healing energy from my hands, my fiancé can feel it too and I’ll test it by trying to pass on healing energy imagining this the only energy coming from my hand to her ha and I can feel healing energy from my hands, my fiancé can feel it too and I’ll test it by trying to pass on healing energy imagining this the only energy coming from my hand to her head.. and even if she’s not looking at me, she can feel the vibration too.

    So I hope that I can get some more resources for this page because I know the universe meant for me to find this.

    Thank you for sharing!

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  123. Hi there; my name is Linda Margrave & I am assisting my holistic community in Colorado Springs, CO through these challenging times. I have opened a business that offers therapeutic services to children (called Pediatric Holistic Wellness) and we have a network of therapeutic practitioners called: the Holistic Networker’s Association. The reason I am reaching out to you: I am (frankly) an amateur in creating internet influence -so to speak- and I found the image you have above as being fundamentally inspiring and helpful to our online newsletter that is just starting. I hope you don’t mind; but just in case… I will be “copying” said image (the one with the rainbow colors over a hand) and will leave your URL in the image credits part to be sure I’m giving your site credit for the image. If that is not okay with you… OR you have any interest in collaborating with a wider geographical collective; please contact me! Much Love, Peace & High Blessings! Namaste.

  124. I’m very interested in healing ailments that my body has with my hands. Are there any books on this subject that will give me more information on it?

    1. Yes, you may look into materials on Medical Qigong, Reiki, or Healing Hands work. Donna Eden and others have written much on these subjects.

  125. I have had this thing that I really don’t speak of in fear that if I acknowledge it it will fade away . Its my hand I can feel a tingle that I bring from down deep in my body and I can feel every bit of its path of travel through my body and I can feel it leave thru my fingertips into another and its healing my kids will be sick and then automatically be better, they are not aware of what I’m doing when I do it cause I don’t want it to go away. For a while I just thought I was crazy but my b wife feels it to, and the reason I say that is she will be in a deep sleep and ill put m yhand on her face or back and as soon as I feel the tingle leave my fingertips her body Jerks or muscles thiwth. Its something that I have gained control over over time and I can make it happen when I want to all I have to do is concentrated and it starts in my eyes then runs thru my body and out of my fingertips. Someone please tell me I’m not losing my mind

    1. Wonderful share! This is something we each have to varying degrees. You may wish to explore Medical Qigong, Reiki, and other hands-on / hands-off healing arts that have been developed by our ancestors. There are many folks out there that have a similar capacity to you. Plenty of ways to continue to develop this gift!

  126. As a child ,age 5, my mother, at church on Sunday would have me rub the elderly women’s legs and arms. I did this, constructively from my mother. , l did what she asked of me. I later learned from my mother she somehow knew my hands were able to heal those wom5 through my hands and not k yoi able to know why , but she, did. Please help ne.


  127. Thank you for this beautiful reminder that is very much unknown or at the least, unrealized at this time. Did you know that newborn babies will DIE without touch even tho their physical needs are met? It hurts my heart to relay that but it is important to know. How anyone wouldn’t want to hold, caress, rub, kiss, pat, etc etc ALL BABIES on earth just astounds me! But ppl did not and someone made a note of it and somehow I learned of it and now I’m telling you. So, if perhaps those babies that were left alone had a mighty purpose after all. Perhaps we can all share the physical touching like hugs and holding hands and the like and even heal someone with our next back rub. Me first. No. I meant you rub my back. Yeressss…! 😁

  128. To Ann Jerome who commented below…my friend’s family had many brain tumor problems…and they lived in a tick prone zone…turns out it was borrelia infection of the central nervous system…Lyme treatment helped…

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