Sacred Medicine Trees of North America

October 14, 2015 135 Comments

A year ago, I traveled north into the Klamath Mountains on the border of California and Oregon to meet with Native American elder, Dennis Martinez. Born of O’odham and Chicano heritage, Dennis has spent his life educating both native and non-native people in the practices of indigenous reforestation and wild medicines.

I had reached out to Dennis some months before to ask if he would share some of his ancestral knowledge with the Sacred Science community, and after giving it quite a bit of thought, he said yes.

The weeks leading up to our meeting were tinged with both excitement and an all-too-familiar undercurrent of anxiety. I could psycho-analyze the heck out of this, but for now I’ll just chalk it up to a deep respect for the original inhabitants of my homeland combined with a nagging sense of guilt at being associated with the colonialists who brought so much pain and destruction to these cultures over the past few centuries.

After shaking hands with Dennis outside of his mountain lodge, this tension dissipated almost immediately. There was a gentleness in his eyes and demeanor that dissolved any uneasiness I might have brought with me. We spent the entire day walking through the woods, discussing the medicinal plants of the Northern California highlands.

Today I am going to share a couple of the sacred trees that Dennis showed us and how they can be used for both food and good medicine. Various species of these trees grow across North and South America, Europe, and Asia, so this knowledge is relevant to many. These preparations are both safe to use and very effective for a variety of healing applications.

Let’s start with “The Tree of Life”.

1.) Oak Medicine

The oak tree, specifically the red oak and white oak, were so important to the first people of California and Oregon that they called it “The Tree Of Life”. Those in the know still rely heavily on these majestic trees for their abundance of health benefits, and for food.

Walking up to a large oak, he turned to me and explained, “Each plant has its own pace, its own way of living from year to year and producing nuts, seeds, and fruit – many of which are good food and medicine.”


When we entered Dennis’ house, one of the first things I noticed was a big basket of acorns by the door. He explained that all acorns are edible and delicious when prepared the right way. They were planning on grinding these up into a nutrient dense acorn flour and making bread from it. Growing up, we were told in school that this bountiful, everyday nut was inedible, even poisonous – yet another chapter that the modern world appears to have gotten wrong.

Oak bark:

The bark of the oak tree has been used for thousands of years for its medicinal qualities. For indigestion and bowel problems, the fresh bark is charred and made into a “charcoal soup” that alleviates the symptoms. A decoction of the bark is used to treat throat infections, kidney infections, and kidney stones.

Because of their styptic properties, the leaves and bark of the oak are made into infusions and used to treat burns and cuts.

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2.) Pine Medicine

During our medicine walk, Dennis pointed out a few different pine trees and gave us the download on the myriad uses that this forest dweller has to offer.

The pitch:

Scraping off a bit of the sticky ooze from the bark, he explained that this delicious smelling pine pitch has powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Dennis often uses this as quick wilderness first aid for cuts, slivers, and burns.

The bark:

The inner bark can be eaten as a survival food in times of severe hardship or if you are lost in the woods for an extended period of time. It can also be used as an expectorant to lubricate the respiratory tract and ease a bad cough.

The needles:

But the most cherished part of the pine, at least by Dennis, is the needle. He explained that the young pine needles are a great source of vitamin C, A, E, and a host of B vitamins. They also have strong antimutagenic, antioxidant and antiproliferative properties, which help in preventing the growth of cancer cells.

Dennis told us a few stories of western explorers who were bedridden on ships, dying of scurvy, who were saved by indigenous healers with spruce needles. He also said that during the Spanish influenza the folks who ate pine needles didn’t become ill, and the ones who didn’t did.

Dennis shared a ton of forest medicine wisdom that day, but as we were investigating a wild tobacco plant he said something off-hand that reassured me that he wasn’t giving away too much of his sacred ancestral wisdom.

Staring up into the trees, Dennis said, “There are certain plants obviously that can’t be shared with the masses, but these are not them. If they were, I wouldn’t be talking about them. They may be exploited and they’re that valuable. They’re both culturally valuable and commercially valuable – a combination that can lead to bad things.”

He told us that for a westerner to ever gain access to those types of secrets, they need to spend a lifetime building trust with the tribes again. A trust that was violated too many times to be given back lightly.

The oak and the pine. Two trees that most of us think we know, but perhaps we’ve only scratched the surface.

Stay curious,

Nick Polizzi
Director, The Sacred Science

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Nick Polizzi has spent his career directing and producing feature length documentaries about natural alternatives to conventional medicine. Nick's current role as executive producer of "Remedy: Ancient Medicine for Modern Illness" and founder of The Sacred Science stems from a calling to honor, preserve, and protect the ancient knowledge and healing technologies of the ancient world.

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  1. Terry says:

    Thank you for sharing this article Nick. I agree that trees are sacred. Working with people, it is quite common for people to disregard the sentience of trees. Your connection to the indigenous people is helping people re-learn what we have, as a Western culture, forgotten.

  2. Bree says:

    He also said that during the Spanish influenza the ones who ate the needles didn’t become ill, and the ones who didn’t, did. Are you talking about pine or fir needles here??

  3. Chris says:

    Thank you for this information. I feel honored that it was shared by the elders and I look forward to gaining more knowledge. We have a very large, old oak in our front yard. I don’t know what sort of oak it is..perhaps a “European oak…

  4. marie says:

    fabulous….love your experiences and sharing………………..thank you…………………..

  5. sha says:

    oops…. “Fun fact: The word “tannin”, which we commonly associate with wine, actually comes from the German word for oak tree – “tanna”. The bark of the oak is loaded with tannins which are thought to play a large role in their medicinal effects. ” “Tanna”, ie. “Tanne” is the German word for a FIR TREE, not Oak. “Eiche” is the German for Oak….Great Article!!!

  6. FAZIA says:

    Thank you. The pendulum has swung and many are in desperate need of taking control for their health with the knowledge of uses of what nature abubdantly provides. You do outstanding work.

  7. Liliya says:

    Through the time i have noticed,that Latvian elders have had the same knowledge,that Native americans has (I am llatvian origin)
    It is absolutely amazing!,how nature works!Nevertheless I am married to medical doctor,when ever i have health problem,I turn for help to the Nature remedies and it never fails…

  8. Veronica Smith says:

    Just this week, several tree spirits shared their medicine with me. I hope you continue this series!

  9. Lori says:

    Thanks Nick..and thank you to Dennis also for bringing forth the knowledge.



  10. Nurit Ward says:

    Hi nick. Firstly, I’m glad Dennis did not share too many important details although I was ‘dying’ to know. :).
    Secondly. The word Tannin in Hebrew is Crocodile. Just a though. 🙂

  11. Nurit says:

    Hi Nick
    I’m really glad he didn’t share too much information. Better safe than sorry.
    Also, the word Tannin in Hebrew means Crocodile.
    Just a though. 🙂

  12. rosemary Thomas says:

    I was recently river rafting on the Klamath River. What a beautiful place. The guides from”River Dancers” were wonderful, and passed on much indian lore from the area, and were very respectful to both the surrounding invironment and the native traditions.
    I am very interested in hearing more from you , Nick.

  13. Nicole says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH. If there is more of this to come, I can’t wait!!

  14. ashley says:

    Wonderful article!

  15. Laura Merrill says:

    Hi Nick. Thanks for your article. I’m writing and illustrating a series of books entitled “Secret Voices from the Forest: Thoughts and Dreams of North American Trees” and am currently beginning work on Volume Three: The East. Do you have access to any information of a spiritual, mythological or physical nature, from an American Indian standpoint, about trees that are native to the eastern half of North America? Thanks.

  16. Alexandra Telluselle says:

    Yeah, who doesn’t want to sit high up on a branch of the oak tree 😉 Never knew one could eat the acorn; would be interesting to try, just like one can make tea with pine needles. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Wanda says:

    Thank you for this beautiful post. I also have always felt wounded by the impact our colonial culture has had on these people who so sacredly live with the earth. May we all learn. Blessings.

  18. Melissa Morgan says:

    Nick Thanks for this article on the Pine and Oak trees!
    I always look forward to Sacred Science postings!

  19. Eloise says:

    Love reading all this great knowledge….

  20. HAYDEE says:

    Would you give me the scientific names of both species? One can not trust the common names, it can lead to fatal mistakes. Thanks.

  21. HAYDEE says:

    Would you give me the scientific names of both species? One can not trust the common names, it can lead to fatal mistakes. Thanks.

  22. Carol says:

    Your work and your passion to honor the true wisdom-keepers on our planet, always inspires me. I’m so honored to know your work and to spread the word!

  23. Thank you! says:

    I feel a sense of awe having read this. And am grateful to the Elder.

  24. gypsy lola says:

    Your articles bring light to my day. I am so glad there are people around with knowledge of our plant brothers and sisters. The collective guilt can be hard yet we’re all one and I imagine your interest andknowledge that has led to this career choice has ancient routes of knowledge and healing.

  25. Margie says:

    Such invaluable and inspiring knowledge – thank you Nick, for sharing with us. Would be great to know how to best prepare these God-given gifts for use. Very much looking forward to further posts. Grateful thanks also to Dennis Martinez for generously sharing some of this ancient knowledge. Blessings, Margie

  26. Judy says:

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful information 🙂

  27. Doris Schmidt says:

    Thank you so much for your work and for making it available ! I look forward to it and refer to it often !

  28. Dawn Cummins says:

    Thank you for sharing, well done what an experience. I went to Ecuador 18 mths ago again amazing experience. Blessings Dawn

  29. Peg says:

    Thx for posting…… I’ve heard many great things for pine tree tea. It’s healing properties are profound. I have several around my house. I will make some today. I’m sorry he’s very secretive about his knowledge. It could help some many. I guess I have a different view on helping . But everything is in its own timing how we can be comfortable to bring it forth. Much love.

    • Amy says:

      The native Americans were very open and helpful to generations of white settlers, but this attitude was not returned, which is why their culture is suffering today. The elder prioritises protecting the plants and trees from exploitation, and sadly from experience, has many reasons to be cautious.

    • Kathy says:

      I think Amy said it well. The indigenous people of this country have been so disrespected and taken advantage of that trust is hard to come by. I am glad that they are holding these secrets sacred. If they didn’t, then most likely what is happening in the rain forests would happen in Northern America. We’d see the assets and start strip mining all the resources and then they would be depleted for future generations.

  30. Kaja says:

    Thank you …good to know..

  31. Dina says:

    What a gift to learn all that is forgotten

  32. Mary says:

    Love to know if there is something natural for Lymes disease, other than antibiotics over a long period of time.
    Here in Australia it is not even recognised but it’ is here in a big way.
    Some government people and medico’s need to get their heads out of the sand.
    Thanks Nick for keeping us informed, you are a blessing with hope.

  33. Judy says:

    This is fascinating and most useful in knowing what has been standing right beside us
    Always, can also medicinally support our well-being. Thank-you.

    Also, how can I contact Nick Polizzi regarding a ‘health-related’ film?

  34. Kay Rice says:

    Awesome! I’m sharing your article on my FB Page, Secrets of Ancient Wisdom!…

  35. Annie Cooper says:

    Thank you so much, such valuable info.

  36. Jeffrey says:

    Thank you so much for continuing to share all this amazing information with us

  37. marcella loyer says:

    Get those others back in the amazon jungles for MORE TRUE TEACHINGS.

  38. marcella loyer says:

    Get those others back in the amazon jungles for MORE TEACHINGS on ‘origins’ and medicinal vertues of our eco-systems. Thanks to Mexico.

  39. Bren says:

    Thank you Nick for such a valuable information.

  40. Amy Garner says:

    Great article!! We must not let this kind of wisdom die out. Total respect for the elders. Will we ever be in a position to regain their trust? Its so sad what was done to them.

  41. Jacquie says:

    Dear Nick,

    Thank you so much for this wonderfull article ! And many thanks to Dennis to share some of his knowledge with you and with us !
    I am always reading your articles with great interest.

  42. Marilynn says:

    Thank you for this post. I grew up in NE United States. Since I w a child I loved walking in the woods. In MA and Southen VT. I found great peace and happiness. I love the smell of the trees and moss. presently, I live in Florida. The foests and plants don’t smell the same!

  43. Bradley Carleton says:

    Thank you Nick for this wonderful piece of information. Your articles are a light until the world.

  44. Analeise says:

    Just a great bid thank you for stepping up and into this kind of experience. Glad you are on the planet right now. 🙂

  45. carolin armstrong says:

    Thank you for sharing I am a holistic Healer hope to read much more x

  46. Stacey says:

    Thanks for sharing. I’m going to be sure I know how to ID these trees and give them thanks for their gifts. As a westerner with the same feeling of guilt and anxiety you describe, I would love to spend a lifetime learning from the tribal people all over the world. True wisdom.

  47. Sean Burr says:

    That’s awesome!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!! God Bless You Nick!!!!

  48. Angele says:

    i would just specify for the pine that there is one tree that people might mistake for a pine that shouldn’t be eater. The yew tree, which has small, spruce-like needles that fan out flat instead of round like a true spruce. Those ones are toxic! Pictures might be nice to go with this descriptions 🙂

  49. Sue says:

    Very interesting. The state tree of my home state, Colorado, is the Blue Spruce. The state tree of my current state, California, is the Oak. My life seems to be guiding me toward Native American heritage. I so respect that life and those people. Thank you for sharing this, Nick.

  50. Bethanie says:

    Thank you for sharing

  51. Tammy says:

    Thank you Dennis, but mostly thank Elder Dennis for trusting enough to share this information, I enjoyed the article and look forward to more.

  52. Josa says:

    Trees are a huge part of my life. I am much more connected to them than humans. It is very good to know that there are still native elders carrying the ancient living wisdom of nature. We will all be in a position to access this knowledge again very soon.

  53. Dj says:

    Thank you for the lessons.

  54. Denise says:

    Just want to say thanks. I dig Native American traditions and medicine. I wish I could experience the world more through their eyes. Cool teachings. Thanks again.

  55. Mahashi says:

    thank you for this very inetresting articles. I would like to learn morer about the plant medicines of the northern hemisphere . As i am in the UK that would be of particular interest. Does ajnyone know where I can obtain the relevant information and learn from the plants.

  56. Tina Post says:

    Thank you! I very much enjoyed and appreciate this article. This is my passion, to learn, live, heal, teach the real ways of healing as our Ancestors did.

  57. Pat says:

    Pine needle tea, while an excellent source of vitamins, should not be consumed by pregnant women as it will cause spontaneous abortion. Pine tar, if consumed, may disrupt menses in humans and affect the heat cycles of animals. I learned this from my grandmother who was an herbalist and natural healer.Be well.Patrick

  58. mieke says:

    Much gratitude

  59. Janice Snyder says:

    I wish I had every kind of tree in my yard. They are so beautiful. Thank you for teaching us what each tree does for us.

  60. Michelle says:

    Awesome information thank you so very much

  61. Pollyesther says:

    Thank you for sharing and bringing back some forgotten memories.

    This knowledge is not exclusive to native Americans, it seems, as this article reminded me of a childhood Summer holiday in Austria. I was invited by the local children to join them gathering the new shoots of the pine trees. We walked straight up the mountain, with no real tracks to follow, which was a big adventure for me as I dared not do this without them for fear of getting lost.

    The bag, filled with fresh pine shoots, was handed to their grandfather, who was a highly regarded herbal healer for local livestock and people in those days. I am sure he has passed away a long time ago, but who knows there may still be some people around in Austria today, that have the knowledge he had?.

  62. Lyudmila says:

    I am originally from Ukraine, we used pine brunches in sauna with wet steam as a massage and to make a fermented drink full of vitamins.Great article as usual,thank you.

  63. Denise says:

    Thank you for these blessing

  64. Kaye says:

    With discernment honor and respect to all living beings I share this medicine info. May we live in harmony with Earth

  65. George Morris says:

    Check out the Censored Cancer Cures of Dr. John R. Christopher

  66. Donna Hughes says:

    You have to do a lot of processing to leach the tannin out of acorns before they are fit to use.

  67. Barbara says:


  68. Savitri says:

    Thank you Nick for sharing your valuable work with the elders and imparting their wisdom and guidance to us of the Western world. The ancient ways and sacred communion with the earth are the healing information that is required for Humanity at this time and I am Grateful to have your emails as a reminder of all that we have forgotten as the Human Race. Thank you !

  69. Jill Larking says:

    I LOVE trees knowing we have a symbiotic relationship with them in order to breathe. Isn’t it a shame that because of past ignorance and fear our generation on both sides are reaping the fallout from it. Such beautiful knowledge that could save us all could be lost to all but a few. I also acknowledge the sacredness of such knowledge and the reasons why it is safeguarded. I yearn for the day when we can all trust each other again when truth falls from everyone’s lips for the benefit of all. We live in sad times but am ever hopeful. Thank you for the information we have been given

  70. Joe says:

    One of those plants is probably Ginsing which is being dug up by poachers on private land in North Carolina mountains!

  71. Jan says:

    Thank you for your interesting blog. I live in Torbay England and believe that trees can feel a persons psyche .

  72. Jeanntte says:

    Great information Nick

  73. Juli says:

    Thank you for sharing Dennis’ wisdom with us. I, too carry guilt for what atrocities were inflicted on the Native Americans by those coming to the new lands. I met a gentleman in the Taos Pueblo who told me that the past was gone and can’t be changed. It is how we move forward that is important.

  74. Madeline says:

    Thank you ! With Love and Gratitude . Madeline

  75. JB says:

    WOW.I almost by-past this article. glad I didn’t.thanks for sharing

  76. Rei says:

    Great info, thanks so much for sharing. This does make perfect sense because in the natural wirld all creatures are fed by the earth.

  77. Jollean says:

    Please share with me what are the medicinal properties in turpentine, which comes from thepine tree?

  78. David says:

    Trees are good to us and for us.

  79. Diann Dowell says:

    Thank you for Nick for that. Even more thankyou to Dennis Martinez for sharing your ancestral wisdom. After all that has happened over the decades. I totally respect that information and you.

    Love and light

  80. Caroline says:

    Thank you for sharing that. I’m 67 and have always been fascinated by the awe inspiring knowledge these ancient peoples had.

  81. Alder says:

    To eat acorns you must leach the tannin out of them first. If you eat them with the tannin in you will get sick. You can find many ways to leach the tannin on the internet.

  82. Amabel says:

    I am not a spammer.
    I admire your work. The information is always very good.

  83. La Apache says:

    Thank you for sharing I/we have known since I can remember passed from generation to generations all our ancestral relations

  84. karen says:

    Thanks so much Nick, for sharing this valuable information. Thanks and blessings to the One’s who entrusted you with it. I am truly grateful for people like you who have the consciousness required to protect and preserve natural medicine(s).
    Thank You!

  85. pat says:

    this is wonderful information—-I respect the wisdom of not giving too much information as they will be exploited—this has been done too many times —- the pharmaceutical companies’ greed and control is not a good thing!!!!!

  86. suz says:

    thanks Nick for your continual wonderful sharing of wisdom.
    This is beautiful too, however we are in Australia and we have various species of Oak and Pines.
    Do you have more detailed ,clearer photos please, so we can indentify the correct one, as it is possible we have the same here.
    all abundant blessings for you,

  87. Sari says:

    Thank you for the information. I know that all trees are sentient beings, and sacred. I share your underlying sense of guilt for my ancestors (Anglo-Saxon, aka. WASP), who have wrecked such havok around the globe. We are living in a time when many secrets will become known, not only helpful ones, such as those you share here, but also the shameful truths oozing out from under the endless lies that have endeavored to hide them. Best I end this. Thank you and bless you

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  89. Jamel Thompson says:

    Thanks for sharing! This reminds me of Carlos Castaneda’s “A Seperate Reality” where he visits the shamans of the Iroquois Native Americans. I love this stuff! Keep up the great work!

  90. Monica says:

    it seems to me that you have posted the picture of a spruce, not of a pine. Even if they are part of the same family, “pinaceae”, and many mix them up, they are very different, in their appearance, character and effects.Can you please confirm which tree is it, the article refers to?

    • Wendy says:

      For some reason, my broswer is only showing an actual pic for the banner, and the rest are just showing image names: the “pine” image is named “douglas pine”

      –I’ve never heard of a “douglas pine,” but I do know of a “Douglas fir.” The firs produce flat needles (won’t roll between your fingers), while the spruces produce square needles (will roll between your fingers).

  91. Kayleigh says:

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  92. Connie Surall says:

    Thanks Native American Indian Dude for all of your knowledge

  93. Karen says:

    Thank you for sharing. I truly enjoyed this article.

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  116. jimmie webb says:

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  117. Jennifer Robb says:

    Hi there, I’m working on a children’s story and I need a picture of a tree to inspire me. Can you please tell me what type of tree is shown in the photograph on your cover page.

    Thank-you, Jennifer

  118. Wendy says:

    Okay, you say “red oak” and “white oak”–that’s specific enough, but then you got on to talk about “pine” and then refer to “spruce” needles. Are you just using “pine” generically to mean “conifer/evergreen”? Or are there specific types of pine (white, jack, etc.) that are better than others?

  119. Wellness One says:

    Nick. You are a true Quester and Wisdom Keeper! Keep on exploring the truth in the trees. Fellow tree hugger. Robert

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  121. […] the antibacterial properties of pine pitch to cough suppressant qualities of the inner bark, humans have been using bits of […]

  122. Tom says:

    Great article, thx. I’m writing a book that includes certain Native American references and can’t seem to find a native word or term for the white oak tree. Anybody? Thank you

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  124. […] Sacred Medicine Trees of North America […]

  125. Marilyn Ferrell says:

    Where is the oak tree? I would love to visit it.

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