Seeing The Invisible

By Nick Polizzi

A few months ago, we had the rare honor of sitting down with master herbalist Stephen Harrod Buhner to document his wisdom for our upcoming film series on herbalism.

In the middle of the interview, Stephen dropped some unexpected wisdom (as brilliant thinkers often do!) about seeing what cannot be seen. He took us down a beautiful rabbit hole on soul essence, perception, and also shined a light on a sacred interaction we all experience everyday, but lack the language to describe.

Ready for knowledge?

Stay curious,

Nick Polizzi
Founder, The Sacred Science

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50 Responses

  1. Beautiful, I absolutely love this! We live in a sea of invisibility, which fills me with so much awe and wonder, and makes me even more curious to explore and understand… Thanks for sharing Nic

  2. What was the word for the energy exchange process? It sounded like thesis, but the definitions I found for thesis do not match his metaphysical definition.

  3. This resonated so deeply, it brought on tears! Thank you for this word ‘aesthesis’ (sp?) and for sharing the video.

  4. Wow! I have felt this my whole life & never knew this ! I just knew there was a burst of joy when smelling a flower or hugging a tree. Never thinking there was a connection between the two of us. This is so wonderful it brings tears to my eyes. We have lost so much in this so called modern normal world.
    Thank you for sharing ! ❤️

  5. I would like to learn more about ancient medicine. I lost one of my three daughters of pancreatic cancer.
    My second daughter is having serious problems with her kidneys and needs a transplant. She is diabetic and also have that strange illness
    Guillan Bare.
    I am desperate looking for alternative medicine to save her.
    All these causes cronic acid in my stomach, because Im scare.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing insights and wisdom beyond words.
    Love and appreciate your sharing.
    Indeed I experience so often the energy burst while I dance Argentine tango, but wasn’t able to describe.
    It’s beyond words.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  7. this is so true! I am a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist and I often experience things with my clients that we have no vocabulary for!

  8. As consciousness increases so will the understanding of energies. The flow of energy comes in many forms from the basic energy of the food we eat to the higher forms developed with empathy. Every living being gives out energy and we are affected by the flow even if we are not aware of it.

  9. Lovely video, Nick and as I am extremely deaf great to have good subtitles so I can get what is being said.

    You might say deafness is a bad thing to have but like everything it is also a blessing .

    How so ? Because if you cannot hear somebody, you tune into their energies and start using another gift you did not know you had.

    I have never had a word for it but my wife and I call it “talking over the top”. So you might say communication is not direct face to face or eye to eye but instead goes up there and comes back down with any intuitive understanding were perhaps words are not required.

    Best to you and keep up the good work !!


  10. Do I believe in fairies? I believe in feelings. There are sensations I get when I am in a forest where the sunlight shines down between the tree branches. I become stimulated by something unseen when I explore a flower garden. This word aesthesis helps me to understand my other senses and maybe even my belief in fairies.

  11. Omg I love that analogy. Its exactly what we experience with our dog multiple times of the day and when we first picked her up as a puppy. Adding language to the invisible makes the invisible more visible in our world. Thank you so much.

  12. Stephen Harrod Buhner is the best! I can feel his love and wisdom pouring out of him in your wonderful video!
    I have read his amazing book “Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm”. Insights and magic on every page, and plenty of science and documentation to back it up. Read any of his books, people! : )

  13. I love Stephen Harold Buhner and have several of his books! Love plants, love the amazing biodiversity on this incredible planet! And thank you, Nick, for bringing this lovely interview to your readers.
    Om shanti!

  14. What a wonderful inspiring gentleman is Stephen. Even the frequency of his voice informs! I agree with his sentiments and I often feel it with birds that visit my garden or my walks. Animals, plants, trees, insects, (l have even experienced it deeply with lizards) definitely gift the frequency of joy of life; when I see the dolphins in my hometown I feel connected and often chant to them as my heart communicates my joy at their presence. Thank you for your site Nick and know it reaches Far and wide. Blessings from Australia

  15. eva pedilla

    try shungite
    it will help you where you need help
    its not expensive but very effective


  16. Thank-you very much. Hmmm…thought provoking interview. As a minority woman I have sat in groups where we tried to speak about a special awareness experienced between minority folks when we see each other in public venues. A special felt sense can sometimes be felt. Possibly the sensation relates to a something called “We-ness”. It’s likely related to a “Knowing” of similar past experiences between strangers. I may not be explaining the sensation well. Let me say it resonates without words and uplifts. Thanks for encouraging me to explore with you. BBG

  17. Via Kelly Brogan MD’s website I purchased the new book The Sacred Science. I am an avid wellness reader and this book’s content was excellent but what struck me was the manner in which Polizzi expresses himself. Rarely do I read a book that is very difficult to put down. I wish he would somehow introduce kinesiology into his work and filming. Maybe in a book sequel that cannot come soon enough.

  18. So funny you should post this. I studied with him years ago and at the end of a day sitting with plants and writing down my experiences he told me “don’t lose the information through lack of articulation”. I remember how I felt when he said that. Kind of tired, a little sloppy. Those words lit a disciple or fire in me to dig a little deeper and find the expression of what is being shared from the “invisible”. Thank you for sharing this! What a wonderful reminder.

  19. I love Stephen Buhner. Several years ago, on a strange whim, I bought his book Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm (I think because it sounded cool), and ended up loving it. It was one of my first intros to learning about the unseen world, and it launched me into this whole world I didn’t know anything about before. Deeply grateful.

  20. I am very impressed and touched by this man’s warmth and depth which comes through in this video, as well as his authenticity and wisdom. Thank you for sharing

  21. Yes, we are all energy that’s for sure,but many people they have no idea that all that’s alive it has energy and we are connected with the Universe! Thank you so much for making these possible.😘👍🙏

  22. Nick,
    Thanks for your post. Has this documentary been finished, or is it still being completed?

  23. I enormously admire Stephen. One foot in science and one foot in spirit!
    Also, your Graham Hancock interview was (is) wonderful. Thank you!
    Can you get a message to him for me, please?
    I wonder if the cataclysmic event 12,800+- years ago might have been caused by a species (perhaps like humans) whose martial mind caused an earth-shattering nuclear disaster (perhaps also explains “background radiation”). And here we are, teetering on doing it again.