Spiritual Daggers: The Power of Thoughts and Words

By Evelyn Brodie
Street Art of One Human Yelling at Another

Do you think it matters what you say and think about others, whether good or bad? Do you believe in the power of prayer or the power of ill-thoughts or curses – what some might call ‘black magic?’ Interestingly Western, Judeo-Christian societies have always accepted the power of prayer, but there has been much less acceptance of the possibility of doing harm to others through our thoughts or our wishes.

The indigenous peoples, however, have always acknowledged that we can help or harm people ‘non-locally,’ whether the distance is in space or time.

There seems to be an entanglement between particles in what is variously called the Akashic Field, the holographic universe or the inforealm, amongst many other labels. Stemming from this work the concept of a field theory of mind and consciousness is gradually gaining ground, with supporting evidence emerging from a variety of scientific disciplines. This provides a very clear description of consciousness as a field, in non-local space, with the brain serving only as a receiver of the waves of information which are stored outside the physical body.

Two Way Radios

To connect with what Dr Larry Dossey terms Era III healing, the non-local mind, the world of the inforealm, of the shamans, we simply need to be sensitive and open enough to receive and acknowledge the waves and the impulses that surround us, omniscient and omnipresent, that we are constantly capable of accessing if we so choose.

For most people, this access is most easily achieved exogenously through plant medicine, or endogenously through experiences such as meditation or ecstatic dance, but many more ways are being recognised, such as holotropic breathwork, hemi-sync sound, NLP, EFT and even simple intention.

The acknowledgement that we are capable of being receivers, downloading information from a universal consciousness, immediately allows the possibility of the mind changing much more quickly and radically than most neurological and psychotherapeutic theories allow. Our neural networks and limbic attractors are capable of tapping into a much wider perception of the world and knowledge base than that which comes solely from a person’s own individual life experience, or indeed that of his therapist.

This gives us the possibility of taking much more responsibility for our own health and wellbeing than we usually assume is possible. It also opens the possibility of healing past lives and karmic wounds, working with and for the ancestors, as well as healing others non-local from us in our current lives. That is the potential, the up-side.

But of course if we are receivers, we are also constant transmitters of information from the brain outwards to the inforealm. Once we start to acknowledge that, then we need to be much more careful about what we say and think as both have consequences permanently stored in the universal consciousness. That is the down-side and is why there has always been a knife-edge in shamanism between service and sorcery, between the curanderos and the brujas.

But at least the indigenous people work with the brujas from a place of intention. In the Western world I believe we frequently project ill-effects onto others, in a kind of unconscious sorcery.

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Weapon of Choice

As soon as we talk about someone behind their back, wishing them ill or judging them, we are engaging in this sorcery. If you listen to gossip you are just as guilty as the person who is doing the gossiping, for you are fuelling those negative statements and intentions. Be careful what you say, be careful what you wish for. You may not think you are doing any harm but as soon as you recognise the ripples every thought and every action has in the inforealm, you must also accept the responsibility of being are capable of interfering with others, hurting them through what are known as psychic daggers.

We send psychic daggers when we wish ill on an ex-partner or friend. When we say or even think things like ‘I hate that stupid bastard. I hope he suffers like he has made me suffer!’ Or, ‘She’s so arrogant. I hope she gets fired!’ This energy vibrates into the cosmic consciousness where it is stored and then can be picked up and taken into the recipient’s energy field leading to genuine distress. It is particularly likely to resonate coherently when the two people are still connected by the energy cords that grow within family entanglements or close relationships, romantic or professional.

Perhaps less obviously, without any intention of malevolence, and indeed even with an intention to be of service, as soon as we decide there is something ‘wrong’ with someone and we try to ‘fix’ them, if we don’t have their permission to work with them, we are also engaging in sorcery.

I am aware that this is a contentious statement. Many Reiki healers believe it is fine to send distance healing to people that have not requested it (perhaps because the family or friends of the sick person want to send them healing and have requested it, without asking permission from the sick person). Many Buddhists send healing thoughts to people that have antagonised them in some way, and to people they don’t even know, in a practice known as Loving Kindness or Metta Bhavana. The intention of these practices is undoubtedly benevolent, but if they are being done without the permission of the recipient they are interference in another’s karmic path.

So with power to access the inforealm, comes responsibility. And one of the most simple, yet powerful ways we can access an altered state of consciousness and intend to influence our health non-locally is through ritual, which we’ll discuss next time. Until then, remember to pay attention to your thoughts and actions, and their respective energetic repercussions.

A former economist, journalist and live financial TV correspondent, Evelyn Brodie had a life-changing experience, prompting her to embark on a dual track quest for shamanic knowledge whilst investigating the science (quantum physics, psychoneuroimmunology and neurobiology) underpinning this ancient and re-emerging practice. Now a modern day shamanic practitioner, she lives and runs a successful integrated healing practice and training programme in London, England. Her website is www.balanceandpurpose.co.uk

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21 Responses

  1. I am in total agreement I sent my boss positive thoughts and it is amazing how differently she responds to me so it works

    1. Indeed, there are all sorts of methods of protection we can use. I personally work with bands of protection from the munay-ki tradition of the Andes and Alberto Villoldo, but there are alternatives, including the Cho Ku Rei of Reiki. I advise all my clients to use these rigorously, feeding them every day!

  2. Whilst I can relate to your story and comments. I need to also disagree but also hope to enlighten you. I have spent the good past 40 yrs working with very traditional Aboriginal leaders, elders and medicine men and women, having been initiated into ‘the all that is’ In 1985 I became interested in Reiki as it seemed to be very closely related to the Traditional way of Healing that I had gained with my Aboriginal teachers and family. My elder gave me the blessing to study Reiki. It took me a while to find my teacher and to report back to my elder, who also needed to accept them as my Reiki teacher. 1985-86 I did my 1&2 through a student of Beth Grays. My Master teacher 10yrs later was also a student of Beth Grays…she was rigourous in the 5principles and a true master will develop them withn their student, this is also true for Traditional Aboriginal teachers & masters, over 20yrs I have also studied EFT, NLP, Tibetan Healing techniques in the Art of healing, numerous psycic surgery practices and I could go on…I was in search of to prove Traditional Aboriginal teaching over a very long period of time becomes your way of life, the same as the principles of Reiki…through my teachings in Reiki I was taught to muscle test when I asked for permission to do an absent healing by request if I got back a NO it was a NO I never persisted I also learnt this techniques first in my Traditional Aboriginal teachings as I went through my initiation process’s as to pass through into other worlds/dimensions safely and to return safely, to understand and read off the signs of nature, to listen to the birds talk and what message they had for me and to understand the powerful teachings of the Dreaming times and stories that connect us to All That Is…The quieter you are the more you hear, see and learn…These days I think there is far too many shortcuts being taken by flash in the pan training weekends including online certification and students are missing out on having very important knowledge passed down to them verbally and one on one, which include the power of your thoughts without opening your mouth. I must sound like I am rambling, if I had a wish to be on the other side of the planet now, I can be there instantly…!. Think of your bed while you are physically 1000 miles away-instantly you are there aren’t you…my old elder said these simple profound words to me which used to frustrate me to know end…he said “see that leaf on that tree (any tree) when you can feel the heartbeat of that leaf beat the same as yours well then you will know’ Not only that there is just way way too much jargon used in these modern days that must become totally misleading and confusing in the way some healers interpret traditional knowledge of the healing arts, but I guess its as hard or as easy as we want to make it for ourselves. Lori

    1. Dear Lori
      Thank you for your reply, and I agree with many of your comments re not working without permission, not doing online certifications and being able to work outside conventional three dimensional (or even four dimensional) time and space. I am not quite sure what your disagreement is with my posting?


      1. Erika – thank you for your kind words 🙂 My daughter actually lives in San Francisco and I would love to do some work at the Institute of Noetic Sciences at some point, so California is not out of the question, especially if you know enough people to put together a workshop 🙂

  3. “we simply need to be sensitive and open enough to receive and acknowledge the waves and the impulses that surround us,” All communications go through mind1 – encode1 – transmit1 – noisy medium – receive2 – decode2 – mind2. all the 1’s are uniquely different from the 2.s. Meaning only exists in minds, so no meaning is exchanged. The listener interprets with his or her own private experience his or her unique reception and decoding, necessarily different from the sender, as has been well show through twin studies. No “meaning” exists in the environment.

    1. We live in physical (which includes symbols) environments, symbolic environments, and semantic environments (meaning). Symbols are physical tokens that we learn to associate behavior with (speaking, hearing, reading). Symbolic environments include the individual’s language experience, unique for each individual. Semantic environments include the individual’s totality of experience with life and symbols, again, unique to each individual. What we share is behavior, and we learn to create and associate symbols and individual meanings with the behavior. We have established common behaviors through generations of consensual validation, but the “meaning” we create in our brains cannot be examined directly, but only through the individual’s choice of symbols and behavior. Vibrations, whether sounds or physical, electromagnetic whether light, radio waves, or electric or magnetic fields (propagated by light), or chemical density oscillations in time, in themselves are just “signal noises” until someone matches a pattern to the memory of something he or she observed previously and learned to associate with a particular behavior in the past. Such a recognition evokes “meaning” previously created in the person from past experience. As the Sufi say, “In order to understand something one has to have been previously exposed to it.”

  4. Dear Myrtle
    Thank you for your comment. Please do visit my website where there is also a lot more information about our trips to the Amazon and the Andes to work with the plant medicine 🙂



  5. Yes we need to ask for permission before we send even good thoughts someones way. If we don’t we are interfering with thier work, and we create back karma for ourselves in the process. i always ask someone first. And I know from experience that thoughts have power. when I was a child, I wished bad things on two people in my neighborhood, and it happened to both of the people. I somehow knew that I would have to be accountable for that attitude, so then I began to take steps to change, and over time I became a positive child. Now I am a positive adult, but my lessons now are harder. I have more to deal with, but I still remain positive in my outlook.

  6. Wonderful article. One note, though. We cannot get the permission of everyone we wish well-being for. In lovingkindness orientation, it is simply offered. We can smile at a person, a group, the world with unconditional love and all is well. It’s only when people *push* other people that it becomes an intrusion, or black sorcery. Be like the sun shines; give freely of love, but be without requirements. This makes all the difference. I can wish my friend healing but he is free to reject it. If I push it on him, he is still free to reject it, but I would be annoying him and maybe even harming him. It’s all in the intention, the attitude. If I sit in meditation and say, “I love you, dear sister. I wish you healing and wholeness,” and don’t push, she can use the energy (if she chooses to receive it) for whatever that means to her. I would not know what “healing and wholeness” would mean for her, only she would know. It might mean moving on. The point is, yes, it is not only fine, but very important to be a natural transmitter of healing, as long as it’s unconditional.

  7. I know this is an old post but I’ve just seen it now.

    Evelyn, while you make a lot of sense, you also make none in your statement of Buddhist Loving Kindness meditation having the effect of “interference of another’s karmic path”.

    Karma by it’s very definition refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect). In relation to Buddhism – deeds, intentions, actions of an individual influence the future of THAT individual…….. not another individual. Karma of another is not at play wrt Loving Kindness. The only individual who can change my Karma is me, so if I am to actively project negative thoughts onto another like your statements “I hate that stupid bastard. I hope he suffers like he has made me suffer!’ Or, ‘She’s so arrogant. I hope she gets fired!” suggest one is doing, then the karmic effect come to the person originating the negative thoughts. Just the acidic enzymes running riot in your body as a result of an (internal) fight with another individual is enough to have negative side effects on you.

    The Loving Kindness meditation in Buddhism or Ho’oponopono, the Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness, can effect positive change in another because they are based on projecting the purest of love onto another. There are no negative side effects to pure love, none, absolutely none whatsoever, even if the person being meditated on does not consciously accept or give permission for your “help”. Love conquers all is not just an overused a cliche. Humans are designed to respond positively to pure love and kindness.

    I don’t like to disagree with someone who has written such a good piece on the effects our negative thoughts have on those around us, but on the point mentioned above and on the effects of Loving Kindness meditation, I am afraid I just have to because I feel so strongly.

  8. I found this because I dreamt of a doctor I know who was removing daggers from the walls of my home…he handed them to me they were made of crystal. I think I can heal myself…at least that was what the dream was for me.

  9. I enjoyed reading these statements very much and wonder where I am in the scheme of things as I
    experience (I believe) past lives some good and others quite bad in my judgement. So I am quite curious as to where this is leading, a pipe dream or a trip to reality now that I am 97 years old.

  10. Hi Evelyn
    A most insightful and well written article. Thank you. Serendipitously I arrived here via online research into understanding the significance of being handed two daggers during a shamanic initiation. Lo and behold you’re the partner of George an old friend of mine from Edinburgh. It’s a funny old world. Blessings to you both.

  11. Just read all your information. Thank you so much for all the illuminating information!
    I am very grateful because I very much needed something to help me make sense of these difficult times and ways I , without intention, could be complicit!

  12. Dear Evelyn, You mentioned that “many reiki” practitioners send healing thots without being asked to by the potential receiver.
    Two points: healing touch and other disciplines do that, so why single out only reiki practitioners? When I learned reiki, I was taught that was wrong. Also, I’ve taught reiki and meditation for 45 years and have certainly never taught that. Instead, i emphasize if someone wants to send healing that’s uninvited by the actual potential recriver, the most they could do is have thrir own higher soul offer the healing to the higher soul of the potential receiver, under the condition that it’s entirely up to the potential receiver to accept or deny the healing/message. I would hope you consider clarifying your comment about “many reiki” practitioners, to include other disciplines as well. Thank you.

  13. What about thinking bad thoughts or wishing bad things on people who commit evil acts and harm others? Does this negatively impact the world in some way or produce bad karma? Say for example, to wish someone like Hitler or Stalin would become critically ill. Or is it better to pray for their seeing the light and changing their ways, even though we know that will likely never happen? I generally just ignore the day to day personal injustices that are perpetrated by others but I on the other hand I hope the bad people running the world and who commit crimes against humanity all fall in a hole and just go away and let God sort them out. Turning the other cheek to true evil will do nothing to stop it.

  14. Yes i totly believe in possitive thoughts help from also prayer, and guardian Angel’s amoung us. Id love to get more infomation on this

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