A Powerful “Heal-All” Herb From Hawaii

By Nick Polizzi
Woman Showing Turmeric Roots to a Man

There are thousands of medicinal herbs on this planet, but one in particular seems to be all the rage these days… I’m talking about turmeric, also known as the “Golden Goddess” in India.

Today, we’re going to bring you all the way to the small Pacific island of Kauai to give you an up close look at this powerful “heal-all” herb.

A number of years ago, my friends Genna and Doug moved their family to a large and lush farmland in Kauai, Hawaii to start cultivating their own home-grown medicinal plants. Now, their humble farm (known as Kauai Farmacy) has grown to a home for more than 60 herbal plants!

Among the many green medicines they grow is the cherished Olena (or Hawaiian Turmeric) — long-used in this region for its wide array of health benefits.

In the video below, we go behind-the-scenes to learn about (and munch on!) this powerful plant.

Doug, Genna and the Kauai Farmacy team radiate so much love for their medicinal plants that they’ve become my go-to stop for spices, tinctures and salves. And they have some pretty amazing turmeric products.

As a special gift to The Sacred Science community, you can get 15% OFF any of their potions and blends with the code turmeric15. 

Click here to see their turmeric line

This essential cure-all root is one that you’ll want to keep in your medicine chest for sure. I find myself going back to it again and again, all year round!

Stay curious,

Nick Polizzi
Founder, The Sacred Science

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  1. I have been following Sacred Science over the years via email up until where it is now. I have picked up bits and pieces of knowledge or “nuggets”, along the way, that have been simple, yet remarkable. This is just another example. I discovered the spiritual connection, reverence and healing power of turmeric, especially amongst the spiritual leaders and indigenous, when I went to Hawaii in the beginning of 2019. Thank you for this great reminder!

  2. A very interesting video…I live in a northern community, so not sure about being able to plant turmeric. I use it almost daily in many dishes, however just use organic powder to sprinkle in, so thanks for sharing the many uses and how it is grown.