How To Hold Healing Space For Another

By Evelyn Brodie
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Have you ever felt drawn to or repelled by the space a healer holds for you? Well more and more evidence, from a wide range of disciplines, points to the idea that one of the most critical aspects for a person to reach true healing in a session, is how safe they feel in that space. This requires the practitioner to do their work while remaining in a state of empathy without becoming entangled in projection or transference with respect to the client.

The renowned psychotherapist Allan N. Schore PhD writes,

‘The therapist’s ability not to dissociate from the patient’s communication of overwhelming negative affect is key here. In this heightened affect moment, will the therapist retain an empathic resonance or defensively dissociate?’

And trauma specialist Peter Levine PhD observes,

‘In the therapy situation, the therapist must strike a balance between mirroring a client’s distress enough for them to learn about the client’s sensations, but not so much as to increase the client’s level of fear as in contagion panic. This can only happen if the therapist has learned the ins and outs of his or her own sensations and emotions and is relatively comfortable with them.

Unfortunately however it seems as if many therapists have not done nearly enough of their own inner work and rather than being able to step out of the victim, perpetrator, rescuer triangle, they remain in it, frequently desiring the rescuer position, but unconsciously becoming entangled with the client as victim or perpetrator.

Knowing That We Don’t Know

Shamanic practitioner Simon Buxton speaks of  ‘a protected physical and emotional space in which the transforming work of healing takes place through learning and teaching.’ This appears to be what is required for clients as they enter the shadows to work with what is usually kept suppressed because it is painful, difficult, shameful, fearful or any of the other emotions associated with what keeps us stuck. This is arguably even more important when we start to work in any of the altered states of consciousness (including shamanic practices) that allow us to access non-local information, including past lives and work with the ancestors.

In order to create such a space, it is best to step into the beginner’s mind, seeing things as if for the first time, making yourself available for new experiences, knowing that you don’t know. We don’t want to get entangled and stuck in the stories, in the old attractor pathways, in the old beliefs that have now been superseded. We need to keep our minds open to new possibilities, new ways of thinking, new ways of being in the world.

When we connect with the inforealm, the field of information surrounding us which is omniscient and omnipresent, limiting beliefs can be released instantaneously. Everything is possible, all knowledge is available and it is our intention and attention that collapse the probability wave into an observable event. That event may well come from the tail end of the distribution curve and so have a low probability, but is still a possibility.

Moving Forward

Shamans and other healers who can connect with the inforealm don’t collude with the old stories, the old beliefs. Instead they help people to change their perspective to manifest immediate change at the mythical and energetic levels, which is brought into the physical through ritual. They can ask for guidance and knowledge and receive the answer to any question.

Professor Ervin Laszlo writes,

‘The recognition that the Akashic experience is a real and fundamental part of human experience has unparalleled importance for our time. When more people grasp the fact that they can have, and are perhaps already having, Akashic experiences, they will open their mind to them, and the experiences will occur more and more frequently, and to more and more people. A more evolved consciousness will spread in the world.

My wish is that everyone will dive into their own experiences of the inforealm in whatever way they find most accessible and then talk about these experiences and spread this knowledge. As we do so the willingness of others to experiment and question the system that keeps us small will increase and the pace of change within the medical and educational paradigms will accelerate.

If you are reading this I hope you will risk stepping into the shadows to do your own healing work, shedding your limiting (not limited) beliefs and societally induced conformities and connecting with your true potential. Then, if it draws you, expand your work to the ancestors.

Finally, if you feel this is your path, take your place in the medicine circle of integrated healers. Give thanks for the joy and beauty of this life, in this body, at this time, on this amazing planet, where we are allowed to work on behalf of ourselves and those we encounter.

Yes, I have choice. Yes, I am autonomous. Yes, I can be a part of the change that is very desperately needed on earth today.

A former economist, journalist and live financial TV correspondent, Evelyn Brodie had a life-changing experience, prompting her to embark on a dual track quest for shamanic knowledge whilst investigating the science (quantum physics, psychoneuroimmunology and neurobiology) underpinning this ancient and re-emerging practice. Now a modern day shamanic practitioner, she lives and runs a successful integrated healing practice and training programme in London, England. Her website is

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