Wisdom Of The Woman’s Heart

By Nick Polizzi
Woman's Hands Holding Womb Area on Flowery Dress

I write this piece with a humble heart, knowing full well that we men only get an occasional glimpse into the enigmatic depths that comprise humanity’s better half.

In one of the last interviews he ever did, legendary Lakota elder Russell Means once told our team,

“We men go from diaper to diaper – it’s a simple fact. You need a woman to take care of you at the beginning of your life, and at the end of your life. If you’re foolish enough not to recognize that throughout your life you’ll never know love as a male. You’ll never know love.”

It’s common knowledge in most indigenous cultures that the fully realized woman is the unshakeable foundation upon which civilization must be built. Being born female is the ultimate honor, beyond anything that male counterparts are capable of achieving – but it comes with great responsibility. Women are charged with giving life, nurturing life, and preserving the ways of the ancestors.

Maybe this is why the grandmothers are the traditional power brokers in tribal society. Because they alone know what it means to bring life into this world – the ultimate test of spiritual and physical fortitude – something that we men cannot possibly understand. A leader might think twice about sending young men and women off to battle if she herself had birthed them.

“A mother’s love doesn’t stop with her children, it goes to her mate. And to be a recipient… (Russell gets choked up for a moment) of that deep love, that is stronger than I could ever hope to be… wow, I am so blessed.”

I’ve seen this high reverence for “mama” in my travels, and received a heavy dose of woman’s wisdom in my first few Ayahuasca ceremonies, but I never fully understood the power of the divine feminine until my wife gave birth to our son, River.

Now, I fancy myself a pretty good dad and husband, but I’m blown away every day by the capacity Michelle has to stay present with our turbo adventurous little guy, no matter what he’s gotten himself into. She has an undepletable well of patience and warmth that I can only aspire to someday match. When Michelle is in her zone, she can shoulder the world and do it with joy, appreciation, and grace.

The divine feminine is a mysterious force that can’t be clearly defined by language, and is therefore overlooked in the modern manmade world – one of the casualties of the patriarchal society in which we live.

Most men, including those in positions of power, are never truly tested “the old way” as part of their rearing. Speaking from the perspective of a middle class, Caucasian American male who was born in the 1970’s, I can say with some certainty that my adolescence lacked any real rites of passage.

Sure, there were plenty of decoys – like the first day of school, first communion, getting a drivers license, being old enough to buy cigarettes at 18, and the golden drinking age of 21 (which never really made much sense, come to think of it). But this was a far cry from the meaningful coming-of-age challenges that native cultures designed for their young men to prepare them for adulthood.

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Terrence Mckenna summed it up perfectly when he said,

“Our style of society is the historical equivalent of a temper tantrum. It has no viability. It’s completely self-limiting. It’s destructive and hands nothing on to its receivers.”

Anatomically speaking, we men are built to wander and either conquer or be conquered. Roaming freely about the world, we build and destroy with relative ease, waking up each morning with approximately the same physical and mental assets that we had the week before. Our bodies don’t change much, and without some skillfully crafted interventions (rites of passage), our mind and spirit won’t shift either.

Women are an entirely different story. There is no taking an evolutionary “pass” if you inhabit a female body. The laws of the universe just won’t allow it. From early adulthood onward, a woman’s physiology attunes to the rhythms of the earth and moon and she goes through the process of metamorphosis on a monthly basis. Not to mention the whole “bringing life into this world” thing…

I’ve heard many men give quiet thanks to their creator for being born male – usually after watching their wives go through childbirth. To many of us, the burden of womanhood is almost too intimidating to contemplate, but like most things – the harder road yields infinite advantages.

The two most important words on the spirit path are encoded into a woman’s chemical makeup. Surrender and vulnerability. You know what it means to experience and hold the space of ultimate discomfort and uncertainty. It’s part of your birthright and puts you a lifetime ahead of us seed bearers.

There is a phenomenon that occurs like clockwork in Amazonian Shamanism that speaks to this power of the woman’s heart. While most men (including myself) absolutely crumble in their first Ayahuasca ceremony, women tend to have a blissful experience right from the start. It took my wife Michelle about three ceremonies to even feel it!

I am in constant awe of the collosal yet nurturing force of the feminine, and between you and I, the re-empowerment of the grandmother as head of society might be the only hope our world has of righting itself.

Stay curious,

Nick Polizzi
Director, The Sacred Science

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155 Responses

  1. Beautifully written, I will share this with some awesome people in my life who will appreciate your words. Thank you.

  2. this is what GREAT WRITTING IS. Thank you for this and the appreciation you understand about women.

  3. Thank you for this very touching sharing of what the feminine means to you and would benefit the world!

  4. This has given me such I lift I cannot tell you, i agree with all that you have said and it is time women were respected more for what they truly are and what they give to the world.

  5. Thank you Nick for such a beautiful
    Compliment to woman. What’s funny,
    Is if men would realize that women find men
    That honor a woman so attractive, they would
    Have more woman then they would know what to do
    With lol!!!

  6. Thank you for you eleoquent beautiful writing. I also want to add that I loved the film and have since passed it onto several other people. Thank you

  7. Thank you for writing about me a woman and articulating it so very well. I hope more wome will read this. Thank you. PEACE & COURAGE Chipo

  8. Very well written showing great respect and sensitivity, to both men and women. Only a man comfortable in himself, quietly confident and positive ego is bold enough to pen this.
    Well done NIck! All the very best to you, Michelle and River.

  9. Does that mean that as a female who either cannot or chooses not to have children she is somehow less? It’s a lovely article, for women who are mothers – but for me it’s yet another declaration that society views only women who have children, or care for children, as whole women, and every other women, is less.

    1. You are what you believe. A fully realized woman of the divine feminine is not lesser than, any more than a man is any lesser who cannot sow fertile seed but who honours the divine feminine within and without. Namaste, sister.*

  10. This blog really touched me,Nick. I have never appreciated surrender and vulnerability,indeed have ranted and raved (in private) against being just that. Enjoy your site sooo much and see the reflection of your spiritual work. Thank you thank thank you. Tabia from Detroit. pe your comment here…

  11. Dear Nick
    I’ve read your blogs and recipe book with interest, and I deeply appreciated your film about healing. I recently had the great honour of smoking the toad under the guidance of the beautiful being that is Doctor Octavio Rettig. Have you met him, or heard of him? If not, I urge you to do so. He is serving the planet in a powerful, supremely transformative way with his ceremonies. As an appreciator of the wisdom of aya, I imagine the toad could call you powerfully. Google him and if you need, I have his email.
    With love from broadest perspective

  12. As a woman who often forgets the power I inhabit I feel seen and acknowledged AND inspired by this reminder of my who I really am. Ayuhuasca is in my future. Thanks Nick!

  13. The real Heart of a Man KNOWS the POWER ooof a COSMIC WOMAN thanks for the HEART felt TRUTH,Kwaame Sunhorsetype your comment here…

  14. Nick- even though I appreciate your ideal look at the feminine and it’s contribution to the whole, I must point out that it is the balance of the male and female that brings about a better world. We have not had this balance and that is what brings us closer to the destruction of our home. I must also point out that in many indigenous cultures the girls also have rites of passage ceremonies which are just as important in bringing young girls into womanhood and in modern society. There is a lack of those ceremonies for girls too. Young girls have been lost in understanding what the true feminine is all about – it is not what they see on TV or the movies. It is not just being able to give birth. It is not sacrificing for everyone. The true feminine is bringing in a balance of the unseen forces that are within all of us- male and female. It is the patience of giving birth to something beautiful and new. It is the beauty that is in the smallest of being within, on and above this world we are nurtured by. Our young girls need rites of passage so they can understand the sacredness of their existence just like the young men need to know they are the masters of their fate. Male and female roles and energy are very different but very much the balance that is so needed. Many girls go through child birth and never understand their place because societies around the world do not honor the feminine and its contribution. In fact it is afraid of its power and that is why it has been hidden, covered, harmed and shamed for so long. I appreciate you as a man honoring the feminine and encourage this kind of understanding but I think we must also be less idealistic in our analysis so that we can truly help the feminine to emerge within our future generations of both women and men. Thank you

    1. Thank you for bringing balance to this discussion. The real struggle is within instead of projecting it on to each other and the world at large.

  15. That is absolutely beautifully written and deeply appreciated. I have to say that this Mother’s Day represented a lot more to me than ever. The reason why is because so many women have chosen purposefully to not have children. Also, many women have not been able to become pregnant and have not had the wonderful experience of giving birth and of raising a child and later grandchildren. Thank you for you vision of the wisdom of women.

  16. My fiancée, Aaron, shared this post with me. As someone who has been sexually abused and assaulted, it has been difficult fully accepting my femininity back into my life. Knowing Aaron, as well as people like yourself, has given me hope. Hope that there are men out there that I can trust open my heart to, and trust that they will be positively influential fathers. Thank you for sharing your perspective and making me proud to be a woman as well as Native American.

  17. Thank you for this blessfull Writting,
    when I get your email I open it wright away
    your writting has something that is emergency to know
    Thanks again

  18. What a viscerally powerful piece Nick – thank you for wonderful words. Your innate timing has brought another aspect to the inner work I am doing in this very moment, healing an old wound. Million thanks to you, Michelle and River for providing the backdrop to the story. We need to resurrect The Crone fully into society and to have her held in deep reverence. It needs to be OK in society for women to age truthfully.

  19. Wow! So beautifully written. Your words are so inspiring and comforting.
    Look forward to your next news letter.
    Many blessings

  20. This is a lovely and reverent portrayal of the differences between men and women. It is no wonder that balance of the divine masculine and divine feminine struggle to be in balance. Thank you for this.

  21. Thank you for this beautiful writing many mans don’t appreciate the women in their lives, and I’m glad to see that some do.

  22. Thank You, beautifully written. Needed to hear this myself. Will be sharing with friends that need to hear it and some I am sure don’t want to hear it, but it matters. Thanks again.

  23. I have studied women’s spirituality (PHD from CIIS) and have been a psychotherapist for 41 years. I have sat in ceremony with natives and women my whole adult life. This is so beautifully said it brought tears to my eyes. It isn’t often we get to hear a man honor the feminine, who actually SEES women’s capacity for love and tolerance, who could so humbly acknowledge what we have to offer a man. We are the story holders but we are also bearers of the world. We surely would like to see Gaia thrive, her children learn tolerance, and for peace to blanket the earth….can you men make THAT happen so we can truly do our jobs?

    1. Hi Valerie – great to see your voice here! I’ve lost track of a lot of our WSD sister scholars. If you’re interested in one of my perspectives on this blog, my comments are below. Love, Lethea

  24. I so enjoyed reading this. It was beautifully written, and your understanding of women just gave me such joy. I too will share this with my daughters and sisters.
    Thank you..

  25. wonderful reading I shall share your words of wisdom, however I quake at the thought of my own mother being a font of all knowledge, quite the opposite, in fact by her lack of mothering I learned to become a better person and an innovative mother 🙂

  26. Today has been a hard day! Heck a hard week. Three weeks ago I had lower back surgery and staying in bed is a very hard thing for me! I have been ill since I was born in and out of hospitals but I have alway been a strong Aries fighter. Well my husband of 23 years is an amazing man he his been through it all with me and he has always been the strong one. Well yesterday I had to admit him to the hospital because he is very sick with acute diverticulitis. Alos my neighbors are away and know I’m healing from my back but only trust me to take care of their dogs for the 3 days they are gone. At first I was so worried how am I going to juggle the dogs my husband not relapse on my back and then I read your Blog and you gave me back my back bone and strength that I needed to get the Aries fighter out of the closet and do my job! So thank you so much!

  27. Love this !!! Your words moved me and I so appreciate your sharing !!! Thank you so very much !

  28. Your words expressed an energetic vibration that will change many, as they receive your gratitude for the Divine feminine they bring forth into our world. Appreciation for this gift is what has been missing and is now coming into balance for all of humanity to fully experience. Thank you for having the wisdom to share it from your male vibration. With love and infinite blessings to you!!
    How blessed your wife is for your presence in her life also. You are a true gift!!

  29. I can remember when my first child was born and being in the room the entire time. The pain my ex-wife endured to finally give birth to my son. I remember feeling a real sense of love and renewed respect for what my wife had endured. I will always thank her for this life experience.

    Thnx Nick

  30. Your ideas are , as far as I enter into yout deep thinking , completly right , 100% .Women are so closed to the nature and and to its spirit that we men have to learn a lot instead of building more weapons and planning more wars .This reading gives me an idea .Why not to build a council of international 1000 wise men and women who will give to the UN advices like the Unesco?
    Le conseil des 1000 sages in french , the council of the Thousands Wise who will be the protectors of our little blue planet ?

  31. Thank you for this beautiful eloquent tribute to your other half! You have truly been given the gift
    Of appreciating what life offers. Your mother and grandmother and your wife- what fortunate women to live within your midst! I hope that your messages and. Awareness will continue to spread. And influence. People all around the world- of all ages! Thank you so much!

  32. Thank you for this article. I feel both blessed and burdened with the bounty of mother wisdom- and wouldn’t trade it for anything! Recently having a new granddaughter enter the world, my path changes from so much doing…to sacred being.
    I hope we, as a race, continue to strive toward a dynamic equilibrium between masculine and feminine- and in that delicate balance the world returns to its healthy, beautiful, astounding self.

    1. A poem of mine:
      Women- You are called


      the thin red reedy pin-point sound
      the throbbing deep green hum of chant
      the vast sea waves of white noise voice
      that seeks reflection
      on the ear drum gift
      of your body of clay
      awaits your attention.


      deeply on the silent part
      of you that knows without
      cultural censure
      without “shoulds”
      beyond the reason
      that chains
      the strength of the masculine
      into an extreme
      that is costing us this planet,
      this beautify-filled, sharp-edged
      particular channel
      of evolution
      to self-recognition.


      turn your intention
      into the moment to moment
      that only asks you
      to say yes…YES!


      the earth can only speak
      can only be willing to
      keep texting us via
      the ancient scars, the fresh
      pus-filled wounds
      that surround the greening energy
      of sustaining vibrancy

      ignore the overwhelming illusion
      of this modern world
      turn toward the bliss
      that whispers softly
      that pours wave upon wave
      on the shore of our hearts,
      reminding us that we
      are the ocean
      the sky
      the ground—
      we are the voice
      of being-ness
      that yearns to
      sing of its


      open your throat
      surrender your doubts
      face boldly your tethering fears
      embrace the flowing river of
      follow the strands of connection
      that leads to the
      of our being…

      Be SUNG!

  33. Thank You !!! These beautiful words of wisdom could not have come to me at a better time. Thanks for blessing our lives the way you do !

  34. This article could not have been more timely. Just yesterday I was not feeling very good about myself as a caregiver for my husband who has stage IV lung cancer. I really didn’t want to write the number IV but it was to give you the scope of what I am dealing with. He has been doing very well for the most part. Even the Doctor’s are impressed with how well he is doing through all his treatments. But I digress. This has taken a toll on our relationship and my husband feels that he can lash out at me because of his condition. Leaving me to feel less than and failing as a caregiver. But after reading this article I feel empowered as a woman. Men as I have often said are like little boys when they are ill. That is the way I have to handle the situation. I would never fault my child for not feeling well and being a brat. I cannot even imagine what he is going through but as his wife and caregiver I need to rise to the nurturing force of the feminine.

    1. I have learned the hard way. Don’t treat him as if he is broken. Yes, he can be angry. NO, he cannot treat you disrespectfully. It’s okay to set boundaries. When you take good care of you, everyone benefits. Taking care of you becomes a priority. I hope this helps. You have a difficult road ahead of you. May you find support for yourself. Love yourself even more.

  35. Hi Nick
    As both a mother and a grandmother I thank you for your beautiful words. Lately I have begun to feel moved to start a Women’s Circle in my humble little village in the Uk; I have realised that we seem to have lost the valuable tradition of women coming together in a positive energy of empathy and cooperation so I’ve decided to get something going to empower the women of my community so that together we can empower our communities. Your message here has given me even more inspiration! If you or anyone you know want to offer any suggestions I’d be very grateful to hear them.
    Once again a heart felt THANK YOU xxx

    1. SETI I hear you. This was my response to the article. I’m inN Yorkshire
      Wow – I’ve always known all this.
      When we recognise one thing in our lives weduddenly see it everywhere, a fact of growing awareness. I awoke in late 2011 experiencing what I see now was a powerful & literally teeth rattling ‘Kundalini’ awakening, healing shifting rapidly layer from layer & awoke to my deep intuition which many already saw- but now I felt it. Fully flowing with the Tao’s energy. Many people said to me I needed medication but I knew I didn’t & trusted & still trust the process. I am here now at the stage of The Change in my life at 51 & strangely it seems that all around me many women are experiencing this shift — it’s a powerful unified energy that can isolate as we fall into floods of tears & floods of blood & floods of heat.. In childbirth it’s called the transition before birth. After reading your essay,I suddenly saw a Mexican wave of women experiencing this. Just as the moon pulls our tide around the Earth. Millions of us are going through The(Great) Change.. Becoming Grandmother. I knew from the start that I feel I’m moving into my true power now – yet this knowledge is shifted deeper as we left go of our individual suffering in this & take the hands of those women around us & unify our strength with the great Mother as the Crone which in our society can be a disempowering place – but only if we do not take our own inner strength & see & feel the Oneness of this time. ThanQ for your part in this <3 you sowed a seed of the new layer !
      Apologies for the typos but I find typing in this pale grey almost impossible to read!
      Love & peace

  36. Thank you very much for this important message. As an elder and Shamanic practitioner who has been with many tribal leaders and done their medicine, I appreciate your wisdom.

  37. This is so beautifully expressed!
    Thank you for recognizing, honoring and sharing this truth.
    Much love and joy to you and your dear ones.

  38. Nick,
    Thank you for your kind words. Many women…especially us more seasoned ones know these truths, however, it is always good to be validated and appreciated. I trust we are heading into a time where the Great Feminine will rule and we will know gentleness and peace.

  39. A wee written script. One can never understand the complexity of women. We can only appreciate their versatility

  40. I loved this blog, so beautifully written I could hear my Mom through it somehow!
    Thank you so much for all the wonderful things you do through Sacred Science!
    The movie was awesome also!

  41. I wonder, how does anyone feel about a woman who never gave birth and doesn’t wish to? Never had that experience? I my self have birthed EIGHT! and full of love and compassion, and have been put down by some women for doing so who never had any children. What the heck?

  42. Wonderful article! It beautifully described the narure, power / strenght and love of women. Thank you.

  43. My grandmother’s wisdom had fascinated me all of my life! She was the one I could not learn enough from! Now I’m a grandmother and share my wisdom! I’m very happy to share that article! It’s beautiful written!

  44. Beautiful! I shared the link to this post on one of my own blogs. Thank you for this touching and most respectful perspective.

  45. I have recently spent four days at Lendrick Lodge,a retreat in Scotland with Lucinda Drayton.Normally Lucinda would only work with women.It is a great honor to be allowed into one of her workshops and have an amazing experience with Lucinda and eight other girls.You are right to say Women have unique way to connect with them selves,and to be a part of it is some thing special.I will cherish this weekend for ever.

  46. So beautifully spoken. I was so happy to read it because I have just written a book about the path to womanhood for the young girl as she gets her first moon.
    Yes, I believe we have it in our makeup but I also believe that as a modern society we are losing the ability to step into it fully. Girls are influenced in so many ways to dislike their moontime, fear birth and enter the mans world.
    I feel this is the time for us to reclaim the full understanding of the feminine power and gifts and to let go of competition with one another to find the sisterhood that is the essences of who we are.
    That I you for bringing attention to this rememberence of who we are and acknowledging that this is something innately within us. My hope is that it becomes something that is fully felt and embodied within our young women. How amazing would the world be then.,.. X

  47. This writing is so beautiful. Thank you, Nick Polizzi. I don’t think that I’ve ever read an article with so much understanding of the feminine power. Your great compliments went straight to my heart. Sincerely, Elisabeth Barry

  48. really nice article..thx for sharing. ps. I did the social network, however, it never shows up on the counters..fyi.

  49. Beautiful thoughts expressed beautifully, thank you for sharing and by that helping me as a women to stay strong yet humble, an to be able to tune into and appreciate my feminine power!

  50. Thank you so much for such a beautifully enlightening article. My motherhood and later grandmotherhood have been great Blessings in my life
    As I become older (now in my eighties the love expands and grows and is shared more and more freely.

  51. Nick, I could read your articles all day; honest, important, grounding & plainly wise. Thank you for all your work. Blessings x

  52. Thank you for your beautiful spirt. There many things i want to say but in the i just dont have simple words. There is a fire in your soul burning as you feed it more knowledge until you cant help but become a lantern in the dark. With love Barbara

  53. Such a profound and well-written article. Thank you, Nick. You never cease to amaze me 🙂

  54. Thank you Nick. Didn’t realize I needed to hear this until I read it. It went straight to my soul!

  55. What an awesome article. I am 73 and I am so aware of everything you mentioned, but I know that close male family, including a partner have no idea what you are talking about. On the other hand, my 22 year old Grandson and I have the most amazing conversations and he makes it quite clear to,me how he appreciates my ways and calm wisdom. We spent a day together and he sent me a message how grounded he felt when we were together. Thanks for your article.

  56. I really enjoyed this, very well written and Thank you, i got massive shiver when i read the part about surrender and vulnerabiltiy.

  57. There is a group of empowered women who meet in my small town and we listen to recorded tlaks of aboriginal elders from north west Australia – and the story is the same.
    The indigenous cultures knew. We are just staring to re connect.
    Thank you Nick for sharing this profound perspective.

  58. Wow – I’ve always know all this.
    When we recognise one thing in our lives weduddenly see it everywhere, a fact of growing awareness. I awoke in late 2011 experiencing what I see now was a powerful & literally teeth rattling ‘Kundalini’ awakening, healing shifting rapidly layer from layer & awoke to my deep intuition which many already saw- but now I felt it. Fully flowing with the Tao’s energy. Many people said to me I needed medication but I knew I didn’t & trusted & still trust the process. I am here now at the stage of The Change in my life at 51 & strangely it seems that all around me many women are experiencing this shift — it’s a powerful unified energy that can isolate as we fall into floods of tears & floods of blood & floods of heat.. In childbirth it’s called the transition before birth. After reading your essay,I suddenly saw a Mexican wave of women experiencing this. Just as the moon pulls our tide around the Earth. Millions of us are going through The(Great) Change.. Becoming Grandmother. I knew from the start that I feel I’m moving into my true power now – yet this knowledge is shifted deeper as we left go of our individual suffering in this & take the hands of those women around us & unify our strength with the great Mother as the Crone which in our society can be a disempowering place – but only if we do not take our own inner strength & see & feel the Oneness of this time. ThanQ for your part in this <3 you sowed a seed of the new layer !
    Apologies for the typos but I find typing in this pale grey almost impossible to read!
    Love & peace
    Gaby <3

  59. Besides the beautifully written articles you always write, I’m curious about the usage of the pronoun (me, myself and I.) Is it new school to use (including myself) instead of (including me) which is old school? Thanks.

  60. I appreciate your article.It was good to hear a man extolling the sacred feminine and the wisdom of the grandmother. Thank you

  61. It’s all very well to pay tribute to these many virtues that many (not all) women demonstrate, and at the same time it’s important not to forget that these are HUMAN capacities and behaviours that men can cultivate in themselves as well. The world will be a better place when both women and men are free and encouraged to develop the best qualities of the so-called “feminine” and “masculine” — and then we can focus on becoming “divinely HUMAN” and get rid of those divisive terms. Here’s to evolution of our consciousness, behaviour, and language!

  62. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I was wallowing this morning…wondering how much more I could give to some of the men in my life which right now seems like an endless one way flow. You reminded me that it is my strength. That I just need to find the “zone” and I can carry the world with ease. Stunning article. Made my day. x x

  63. Great one
    Thank u
    Especially cause you are a man and u saw all theese about us and you have the power to revealed them , to write about them and to bound about this power of the woman.
    Thank u again.

  64. Thank you for this very nice article After watching the movie I was wanting to go down to the Amazon and experience what the people in the movie did . Is there anyway that I can do that ? do you have a specific website or a person I could look up?

  65. Wow. That was a beautiful thought pattern. Truly touched my heart. Will be sharing far and wide. I know a few who could use these uplifting words of the feminine right about now. Thanks. One of your best by far.

  66. Thank you for writing this! It touches me deep in my Soul, as my true Being, as well as me as a woman. You speak of a profound Truth! Thank you for sharing this! Liane, Netherlands

  67. Thanks for the article Nick. Not sure whether this is the right place to ask the following question: has anyone heard about this medicine, taken from the root bark of a tree originating from Africa, named “iboga”. Feedback is welcomed!

    1. Iboga. Is it possibly Ibogane? My friend went to Mexico where they administer it to help get through issues like alcoholism. Look it up online. There is a youtube video of a guy who wants to get through his dependency on alcohol on Ibogane, it shows the entire thing and he talks about what is happening to his mind.

  68. Sure there is some truth to the article, but immediately I felt a sting at annoyance, at “humanitys better half” comment I dont really care if a man or a woman wrote it, its still sexist, and people complain men are sexist, but I see sometimes more sexism from women and of course the knights in shining armour men who dont like men…I love women too, but why insult men?

  69. It is so commendable that you speak in this way. <3 A'ho! What more can I say as a woman. Wado. (Thank you in cherokee)

  70. I completely agree! I am the STRONG FEmale -the DIVINE FEMININE in my household…. my male partner is 63 8yrs older, yet still a 5yr old in his tantrums:( thank you for sharing your Wisdom! I see the Balance of the Divine Feminne & Divine Masculine in your Creativity! with Love Light & Gratitude BrigitteXXX

  71. thank you for taking the time to write this piece … sometimes you come across something that qualifies any/all emotions you may/may not even know are trying to cross your mind .you have done that for me right now , much appreciated…again thanx

  72. beautifully expressed, feminine energy is nurturing and brings solace, both of which are desperately needed in these materialistic and violent times. I hope you message has a resounding impact. Thank you.

  73. i am interested in the treatment protocol for diabetes, does the cookbook provide this information? will you be going on any follow-up journey’s with new patients? what is the cost of participating in one? thank you in advance for your attention and response to this.

  74. It is the maiden, mother, grandmother or crone.
    WE are Goddess! We are the only hope for the world

  75. Thank you for expressing what I have known all my life and the reason for the love, respect and gratitude I still feel for my grandmother. She set the tone and pattern for me to follow in my life and I still send her love everyday as a grandmother myself.

  76. type
    jacques lavariere
    16 mai 23h53

    Merci Nick Polis pour votre responsabilité sacrée.Je comprend votre transformation parce que je suis moi aussi en processus de transformation de ma conscience( Le Soi-Âme ).De manière différente.Le principe féminin(la lumière,la terre)et masculin(le son,le ciel ) en d`autre terme c`est comme le Yin et le Yan………Essaye Nick le chant sacré de l`Univers le HU se prononce youuuuu……..avec un sentiment d`amour envers la terre et le ciel et soyez encore plus heureux.Cela est mon coup de coeur pour vous.Je suis curieux de recevoir votre livre.Merci.your comment here…

  77. Thank you for sharing. It is magical how we are transforming under the cycle of an Earth and a Moon. They saying that giving birth is the most spiritual transformation for a women in her life. And being a Mum of 3 month boy and how much he wanted to come to me is incredible experience.

    I belive working as one – woman and man together. Supporting each other in a sacred union of life and love.

  78. I agree, being a grandma and seeing our world going in the wrong direction for so long, I can only hope our grandchildren hear what is being said to them..

  79. I think this is true, and I thank you for sharing your truth in such a beautiful way! The circle of women holds hope for the world!

  80. Wow, thank you for this beautiful article. It’s really nice to hear a man express such appreciation and understanding of the importance of feminine energy. I believe that the healing of our planet can be accomplished when women reclaim their power and the balance between masculine and feminine energy is restored. One of the most rewarding things about my work as an energy healer is assisting women in reconnecting with their true selves and thereby reclaiming their power.

  81. When thought is inspired by the inner Spirit, then change can come about. When thought is shared and explored, through a ‘rite of passage’ or symbolic enactment, then the change that is brought into being is more mindful, rounded and balanced. I am so pleased my daughter shared this link/your words with me. May your God or Gods be with you in all you do. ~A~

  82. Thank you… I hope your beautiful words translate into real action that heals our world.
    All the light and love from the Mediterranean <3

  83. To quote Emanuel Swedenborg—-The nature of the feminine is DISCERNMENT..AND MALE IS INTENTION. Thank you for a great incite in human nature.

  84. Thank you for reminding women who they are. I am a performance artist and one of the women I portray is Susan B. Anthony. When I wrote the script i included the following statement when Susan B. Anthony is describing her best friend, Elizabeth Cady Stanton. “……..she seven times performed that miracle usually attributed to God and the miracle I speak of is the ability to bring forth life into this world……” Susan B. Anthony didn’t really say this, but I felt women should hear it an realize how incredible they are.

  85. May you reach many men. In 7 days I return for my second Hanblecha. It has been a journey into mother a recognition of what it is to be womyn. I feel in my heart we could heal if the divine famine was held in honor. This means we much guide the future generations.

    Many Blessings

  86. I too am a grandmother of my immediate family, my earth and animal and bird family and the universe at large family. Thank you for this article…

  87. Beautiful and thanks! I was taught that being female I was a second rate person. My stupid father.

  88. I so enjoyed reading your article. Society doesn’t realize that it’sthe women that canmake or break the world by the way they raise their children who make a difference in shaping society. It was also a woman who gave birth to The Lord !

  89. I very much appreciate your words. I was a female pastor of a Methodist church who was accused of witchcraft by a few congregants, ending in a trial. After several years of grieving, I wrote a book about the divine make and female (an ancient belief). If you email me, I will gladly gift you an E copy. Now I work internationally, supporting women who find they have a disease, which, though known s never taught in med schools. My work this lifetime is to teach about patriarchy of the church and medicine. Thanks for your awareness.

  90. Wow. Thank you for the elegant expressions of your heart! I fee honored and seen in a way that is truly rare in our modern world. Thank you for sharing this with men and women everywhere.

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