A Breathing Exercise To Take You Higher

A Breathing Exercise to Take you Higher


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  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful wisdom and for everything you do to help the planet and all of us living here. You are a blessing.

    • It is is standard protocol to address any treatment with your healthcare provider. This is standard practice that a person will encounter for massages, acupuncture, yoga, as well as the obvious, such as joining a gym, starting a new job that requires body manipulations, etc. It is also required in our litigious society, unfortunately we must protect ourselves. If anything is outside our scope of experience, knowledge or license, one must refer to a specialist to rule out possible harm.

  2. This is made more powerful if done in bath with Epsom salts, frankincense and Myrrh. Candle light and beautiful music create mind transcending connection with all that is..
    Thank you for sharing x

    • Yes! simple yet powerful. Thank you Nick for this article, in doing so you share ancestral wisdom: it still applies in today’s world; perhaps even more so.

  3. I have done breath work a long time ago and it was phenomenal. Thank you for reminding me about how powerful it can be. I will try this exercise and be sure to have a friend with me.

  4. I had detached retinas that surgery repaired…can you please explain why I can not do this exercise? I am intrigued but clearly don’t want to put myself in danger???

    • Its probably just a precaution – but with any breathing exercise, the danger is that it could change the pressure behind the retina. Chances are it won’t – but for example: weightlifters need to be really careful when doing the Valsalva maneuver to increase the weight they can lift… its a sort of holding the breath which puts a big strain on the retina, and its not uncommon for them to have detached retinas. My detached retina re-attached itself – but I’m always careful with weights / pressups / inversions. Personally, I don’t see such a danger in this breathing exercise, but I could be wrong!

  5. Really interesting article,I understand the reasons why one should not do the exercise except if one has osteoporosis. Please could you explain why. Thanks

  6. I am not clear why one cannot use this breathwork with cardiovascular issues. Breath is healthy. I practice a Toltec breathing exercise and I have a stent in my right artery so that labels me with cardiovascular disease. Anyway, I feel there is no harm but someone should be present when the exercise is being done. Thanks for sharing this wisdom.

  7. SacredScience is a blessing to us all. Thanks sincerely for sharing with us.
    I was wondering, however, why osteoporosis was included in the precaution list for this breathing practice.

  8. Hi: I’ve done this several times; they used to call it re-birthing. So glad it’s being discussed again. Thank you so much for telling people about it – I had experiences that changed my life and thinking. Now I want to do it again!
    Sat Nam
    Abhai Preet

  9. Many thanks to you for sharing. We are worth taking the time to show up for ourselves in breathing!

  10. Thank you. I find this article very interesting. I’ve had experiences with breathing that were transformative, but they involved deep breathing. I always laid down and just deep breathed. It would eventually slow down to about 3 or 4 breaths/min. When it got really slow, I became aware it felt like I wasn’t the one doing the breathing (not the physical me). A part of me was observing me breathing, and I felt so amazingly peaceful and yet so alive. It was simply effortless, and I felt as if I moved out of my way and allowed the soul/spirit that we really are breathe into my body. When I thought of someone. they instantly appeared before me in clear vision (like a TV screen). Even the very air I was breathing was different……more fresh/clean, even though I was inside my house. Has anyone else experienced something like this?

  11. I offer individual sessions as well as co-facilitate workshops as a Grof-certified Holotropic Breathwork facilitator. I also feel plants are allies when approached with the utmost respect. I’m happy to see the conversation continuing about the importance of breath as a tool for journeying. With the resurgence of people clamouring to join medicine circles, it would be wise to approach the inward journey with breath first…thoughtful preparation, safety is key, and making certain you have a certified “sitter” in whichever method you choose. We are all trained to assist the breather, only as they request it, to move beyond a difficult situation and encourage the release of energetic blocks through movement or sound. May we all continue to support one another through our awakening.

  12. thanks Nick for that article.
    I have participated in breath works before, and it’s awesome!
    I went right back to in-Utero, and being born again.
    It was an amazing experience!
    Thanks for reminding me about the breath, and how powerful it is, I haven’t done breath works for years.
    It’s time to do it again!
    Om Tat Sat

  13. Dear Sir, thanks for your amazing teaching, l have done breathing for some time, my experience is that I lose consciousness sometimes and began to dream one thing and the other. Please can you teach me more on breathing. or any tools that can increase my my spiritual energies and to increase my consciousness and and awareness.thanks

  14. This is wonderful. Please send the above reading on Breathing to my e-mail address so I man
    keep it for future reference. Thank you for your kind attention in this request.

  15. This is very similar to how we do our supernatural Healings, we focus on the breath as well and have done meditation practices along the same line as what you’ve described. Our teacher (from Java) told us that there are 2 other enlightened beings that practice this, He said that one of them lived in South America, I have the feeling that one of your healers could be this person. it is so good that we are awakening all together to heal each other.. This is our simple website, please have a look. Love and light. http://www.purimetamba.com

  16. I tried it alone yesterday before sleep after smoking a joint. The high transformed into a light-intense psychedelic high, and noticed I have done it other times by trying to do an astral trip, but because I hadn’t read it, I didn’t understand what happens, I thought before that marijuana was causant of this high, because of the way I spent it (lying with closed eyes) but by doing the excercise consciously I noticed what happens clearly. I just can’t figure out you how to thank you for this, I believe this technique makes your pineal gland release a bit of dmt, and marijuana (like with other psychedelics) maximizes the high. I do not recommend to do this before sleeping, because you may get euphoric and feel full of energy. I started to meditate about how life works, and it was all extremly clear to me and the feeling i got was just amazing. THAT MEANS DMT IS A NATURAL OCCURING NEUROTRANSMISSOR, AND WITH TRAINING YOU CAN THINK WITH IT WICH IS JUST THE MOST AMAZING THING I HAVE EVER DONE (or if it isn’t DMT, it puts your brain in psychedelic-like modus when high (i haven’t done it sober)).

  17. This is exactly what Transformational Breathing is about. Judith Kravitz has been teaching this for years all over the world and has a very effective method to work with the breath to open it up. It is truly amazing and I recommend it to everybody. Check it out : http://transformationalbreath.com

  18. I’m interested in doing breath work, however I read your warning about retina detachment. What is the reason not to practice if I have a detached retina, what would happen if I chose to do it anyway?

  19. This method of breathing highly oxygenates the blood. It’s slow motion hyperventilating. I would be surprised if one didn’t feel tingly and light headed after doing it for 20 minutes. The brain is bathed in oxygen. I personally like a 4-4-4 alternate nostril breathing that leaves carbon dioxide in the bloodstream during the four second “rest” between breaths. Very relaxing.

  20. Dear Sacred Science,
    Thanks for the wonderful quality of work you put out.
    I would however like to point our a correction that could be made in the article titled
    “A Breathing Exercise To Take You Higher” By Nick Polizzi March 2, 2016
    Leonard Orr, a Breathwork/Rebirthing mentor for 35 years. The spelling of his name is not Ore – its ORR.
    I also appreciated the movie of the Wisconsin healing gathering. As an ” urban Shaman” (not publicised – yet practiced) I love to participate in ‘healing ceremony’ . That ceremony was lovely and deeply felt.
    In Truth, Simplicity and Love in service to the Higher Path,