2 Surprisingly Powerful Ways To Calm Your Mind

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We are living through tumultuous times. Between wildfires, viruses and pockets of violence around the world, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. I know I do.

Alarming footage is everywhere, there’s a hodgepodge of different ideas, and it seems like everyone is on edge.

That’s why it is incredibly important to cultivate a few practices that will calm and center you – within minutes.

If you’re in a constant state of fight-or-flight, your body’s vital processes slowly shut down, and your immune and digestive systems are the first to suffer. BUT – if you can catch yourself in those challenging moments before they turn into anxiety, your body can bounce back quickly!

Here are two of the biggest allies I have in my arsenal to nourish and calm my mind.

1) The Magic of Magnesium 

There are a lot of supplements out there and trying to find what’s right for you can be dizzying — but there are a few no-brainers. Studies have shown that up to 75% of adults in the US are not meeting the 320 mg (women) or 420 mg (men) of magnesium needed daily

Why is this a problem?

Magnesium is a vital nutrient that your body needs to make and use energy in your cells. It also stops your body from absorbing toxins that you come into contact with in your everyday life!

But the big reason you absolutely need magnesium is because it pulls the plug on your brain’s reflexive responses to stress, so you produce fewer stress hormones!

Otherwise, when you’re constantly stressed, your hippocampus creates an excess of cortisol, which eventually can lead to big problems like the inability to retain memories.

Here’s an awesome recipe for plant-based magnesium-rich granola bars!

Magnesium Power Bars


  • 2 ½ cups oatmeal
  • ¼ cup almonds – 1 oz, 80 mg of magnesium
  • ¼ cup pumpkin seeds – 1 oz, 168 mg of magnesium
  • ¼ cup cashews – 1 oz, 74 mg of magnesium
  • ⅓ cup honey/molasses/maple syrup
  • ⅓ cup peanut butter + 2 tablespoons, 49 mg of magnesium
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla extract (optional, but yummy)
  • ¼ teaspoon sea salt salt
  • ½ cup berries or chocolate chips (or both)


  1. Pour oats and nuts onto a cookie sheet and bake at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for 5 minutes. Shake the pan and flip larger pieces over. Then bake for another 3 minutes. 
  2. Combine liquid ingredients in a large bowl.
  3. Add in nuts and oats.
  4. Stir until completely combined.
  5. Transfer mixture to a large wax paper-lined cookie sheet and press flat.
  6. Freeze for at least 3 hours.
  7. Slice and enjoy

2) Deep Belly Breathing

First of all, what is “deep belly breathing”? Diaphragmatic breathing is when you breathe in with enough depth that your stomach (specifically the area of the diaphragm) expands followed by your lungs. 

According to a Harvard study, belly breathing helps oxygen travel all over the body. This calms down racing hearts and stimulates the vagus nerve which lowers the body’s need to produce stress hormones.

If you can get yourself into the habit of practicing deep belly breathing 1-4 times a day, you can ease tension in your body, decrease your anxiety levels, find deeper sleep, and boost your energy.

Here’s how to do it

  1. Find a safe place — somewhere quiet where you can lay flat on your back or sit with your back flat against a wall. When your back is straight, it’s easier to notice the depth of your breath.
  2. Take 3 normal breaths. 
  3. Place your hands on your stomach, just above your belly button.
  4. Breathe in slowly through your nose and try to expand your stomach so much that your hands rise with it.
  5. Hold for just a second and notice how far your hands have risen on your belly.
  6. Now breathe out slowly through your mouth.
  7. Repeat 5 times. Each time, try to relax even deeper into the breath.

These are two incredibly simple, and surprisingly powerful additions to your daily routine. Be sure to be kind to your mind every day, but especially during these stressful times.

Stay curious,

Nick Polizzi
Host of Proven: Healing Breakthroughs Backed By Science
& Founder of The Sacred Science

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  1. Laura, I believe it would just be one of the three! That would be way too much sugar if it were all three. 🙂

  2. I really enjoy all the knowledge that has been share for all the expert in wellness. I live in my wellness eating organic and meditation really help to improve my health mentally, physically and emotional.

    Thank You Nick!!

  3. I’ve increased my medical wisdom through you Nick. Thank you for Sacred Science and Remedy using ancient wisdom with 21st century ethical science.
    You are one of my heroes Nick, because of your tenacity, creativity, and generosity. I am sure we are all inspired to do just as you have because today you look the picture of health and joy.

  4. Blessings 🙏🌈🕊🦅😇🌿🍀💡🎼🌲🎉💕💰🙃🌻 The Word Blessings Has Almost #1,000. Mega Hertz

  5. Add Vitamin D(3) – important for all cellular processes/metabolism
    Add Calcium, the primary source being our skeletal system, which performs various roles in electrical conduction by mass (other than by electronic means)
    Zinc – for immunity, acting in concert with Magnesium (you would know of its benefits more than I do, 🙂 )

  6. Looking forward to trying the recipe for Magnesium Power Bars…sounds yummy!

    Deep breathing is critical for our well being.

    Thank you for some wonderful ideas.

  7. When I am feeling especially anxious, which rarely happens, I name everything I can see around me. Sounds odd, but it takes your mind off what is bothering you.

  8. Thanks for health bar recipe.
    Just checking the different amounts of magnesium, it adds up to 371 magnesium.

  9. Is there a way that I can sign up for alerts or emails for new posts? I love your vision Nick! I watched and purchased your Proven Series. Powerful infomation!

  10. Hi! Good advice to start with to battle stress and stress hormones (aswell as the conditions they cause such as Anxiety and/or Panic attacks, Skin conditions like Eczema, Psoriasis etc).
    Even ensitivity to sunlight when at its worst can develop into PLE (Polymorphic Light Eruption) which when I had it neither my Doctor or the Dermotologist I was referred to had a clue what it was..
    Porfyria was discussed even but no prognosis and ev. it went away with 20 years of GAD trying so many meds etc from 1.5week of 5min/day breathwork I made myself after studying up on Dr Butekyo research, Wim Hof’s method and various elements from the 5 Prãnas(Breath/spirit) of Pranayama. ^_^

    An additional benefit from Magnesium is that it’s calming and great for your CNS!

    Thanks for these shares anyway Nick & Co!
    I also had one question, you’re basically saying the yogic breath (diaphragm+chest) and “Belly breathing” said here mean the same?
    (In Pranayama there’s f. ex “Bellows breath” raising your temp like crazy and Singers are taught by vocal coaches to breath with the *stomach* – to sing longer on each breath.

    Good article anyway since alot aren’t even aware that they breathe, leaving it to the reptile brain – The breath is very powerful though, on all levels as long as you’ve started to get to know it:)

    Good luck, may you be healthy!
    Namaskaram. 🙏🏼

  11. Hi Nick,
    Really appreciate all your helpful emails. The bars look good I’ll defiantly give them a try.
    Have the best day you can!
    Chef. D

  12. Sitting before the Blessed Sacrament knowing God is working all for good despite our having free will is very comforting. Knowing you can throw anything at our Lord and He will take it and will make things all for the best so that people will learn the lessons of love, that faith does it for me.

  13. For the magnesium bars I’m trying to find sprouted pumpkin seeds that aren’t grown in China, but I’m not having any luck. Do you know of a good source?

  14. Thank you Nick for ALL of these wonderful suggestions. My Daughter is in the hospital, cannot give her Mag. but will make the bars you suggested. They will force her to take the jab, any suggestion to neutralize it other then praying??
    A concerned Mom

  15. Hi! Thanks so much for the Mag Bars recipe and all of the tips, hints, traditions, wisdom and other practices/topics too many to mention! Here’s my quandary: The recipe for the Magnesium Power Bars doesn’t mention proper storage. Once adequately frozen, can the bars be brought out and stored at room temp when put into an air-tight container, or do they need to be kept frozen until ready to thaw and eat? Looking forward to a reply from the Sacred Science Team!

  16. Melissa asked about sprouted pumpkin seeds not from China. I buy mine at Costco and they are distributed by Hello Delicious! Brands (844-845-4544/[email protected]/hellodelicious.com).
    And if you’re near a Costco, check to see if your location has these sprouted pumpkin seeds (22oz). They are currently on sale until September 26, 2021. Go Raw is another brand currently on sale at Costco, but not always available. Both are Certified Organic.