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For the past couple of years, my greatest number of Reiki patients has been those with a variety of cancers. Having worked in the field of oncology as an RN for nearly 9 years I can tell you that not all cancers are the same. Not all cancers are treated with the same drugs. Even for those individuals who have the same cancer and may be treated with the same drugs, their bodies may react differently in terms of side effects. By the time most people arrive at my door they are fairly beaten up ... [Read more...]

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This Energy Healer Wears A Nurse Uniform. Shhh…

What’s it gonna be, Eastern or Western Medicine? Which table do you prefer to lie on—the exam table in your doctor’s office or the Reiki table of your practitioner? I am both a registered nurse AND an alternative healer. I’m here to tell you it’s OK to lie on both. It’s easy for me to say but not as easy to accept, for some people. I found out the hard way. Practicing Reiki for over 15 years has been one of the greatest joys of my life. It never gets old; having someone come to you ... [Read more...]

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